Friday, November 17, 2017

Congressional Franken Privilege

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"Your honor, I'd like to present exhibits A and B!"
The roulette wheel of celebrity hanky-panky has clattered to a stop again, and this time the silver ball has landed on Senator Al Franken, who is accused of asking a woman to kiss while rehearsing a comedy skit, but then sticking his tongue down her throat without having received written permission to do so.

Later, while she was sleeping on an Air Force transport plane, a picture of Franken was snapped in which he appeared to be gleefully groping her breasts - or at least, as close as you can get to groping someone who is wearing a heavy flak jacket.

So, did Al act like a jerk with sophomoric humor? Clearly. Did he violate his victim to the extent that he should be thrown out of the Senate? No - although there are plenty of GOOD reasons to toss him into the street.

We're tired of this played-out round of celebrity "gotcha" which is (quite deliberately) distracting from real news. When the crimes are real and substantiated, there should absolutely be appropriate punishment. But until assholery itself becomes a crime, it's time for the media to let go of their current obsession with this particular genre of shiny object.

That being said, as long as we've already done the Photoshop work on Al, we thought we'd have some more fun. See, we like sophomoric humor too!


A few folks have asked about the current state of our remodeling, and Friday seems as good a time as any for an update. Mostly because we can then drink all we want without worrying about messing up a work day.

Here is our splendid, all new Kitchen...

We cleverly went with an all white and brushed stainless steel look so, in the eventuality that we're murdered in our sleep, the police will find scads of fingerprints in here. Seriously, this is all quite pretty and we're already sorta kinda using some of the baffling new appliances in extremely cautious ways.

Follow us now to our elegant Living Room...

Notice the exquisite (and expensive) wood-look porcelain tiles, which now extend through virtually the entire house. Notice, too, that there's almost no real furniture in there because we gave most of it away. And that odd little rug is actually an indoor/outdoor mat which is sitting there for no particular reason other than to make any Islamic guests feel comfortable at prayer time.

Meanwhile, we're more than ready to entertain in our sumptuous new Dining Room...

Whether you desire a box lunch or a table for two, we're ready to handle anything - including a pre-wash cycle for your dirty dishes courtesy of Penny, the official dog of Hope n' Change, who has officially regained her full measure of piss and vinegar.

Notice the newly painted walls, and the "living color" which changes before your eyes - depending on the light and time of day - from a warm beige to vanilla ice cream, then to milky cantaloupe with occasional suggestions of actual human skin. The color is technically a neutral, meaning it can't engage in political arguments.

And how about this stunning Breakfast Nook...?

Okay, technically the only one having breakfast in here is Penny, whose bowls perfectly accent that same expensive porcelain wood-look tile. We used to have a table, chairs, and hutch in this spot - but we gave them away to starving orphans before starting the remodeling, because that's just the kind of people we are.

Still, this spot will give us a great view of our well-sculpted (and intimately sized) back yard, as well as panoramic vistas of the famous scenery of North Texas. Which, in other states, they call "clouds."

And after a long day of living in luxury, what could be better than a Cozy Bedroom...

You know what's great for a good night's sleep? Stretching out on expensive porcelain wood-look tiles with an old sofa pillow under your head! Not tired yet? Then enjoy sorting through multiple boxes of Wires from Hell!

Anyway, you get the drift. We've now got walls and floors (and working kitchen and bathrooms) but haven't made much progress on finding new furniture, getting plantation shutters for the windows (those aren't racist, are they?), and squaring away all of the mess that is still sitting around in boxes.

As we've mentioned previously, our process (not to be confused with Mrs J's process) for sorting junk from treasures is less than perfect. Today we went through a box of knick-knacks, geegaws, and oddities and found a small box claiming to contain a pocket sized HD video camera. "Wow," we said to ourselves, "this is hopelessly outdated, we never used it, and could never conceive of a use for it." And then we gave it to Goodwill - right? Wrong! Because first we had to check to see if it worked (it's just wrong to give broken electronics to starving orphans) and secondly we had to check to make sure it didn't contain any videos of our coven dancing naked around a bonfire. BUT...the camera's internal battery was dead, so we had to find a USB port somewhere to plug it in so we could try it later in order to determine whether it was A) Trash, B) the only Christmas present some orphan will get this year, or C) incriminating evidence. And the camera is STILL charging, so we didn't exactly get a motherlode of clutter taken care of today.

We did, however, actually visit a furniture store today and found ourselves simultaneously over-and-underwhelmed. For one thing, we wanted to find a replacement for the kitchen hutch we gave away, and were informed that no one makes kitchen hutch's anymore. Next we'll be told that we're out of luck replacing our pie cooler and the ice box.

So our next big adventure will be joining forces with a design consultant to help us populate our renovated home with eye-catching, functional furniture and bold, trendsetting objet d'art.

We plan to begin with a giant wheel of Jarlsberg cheese on the living room wall.


JRMD from Virginia said...

Stilt, Your remodel job looks great. Especially those tile floors! I was building up courage to do it until you starting posting your adventure. Now I think mine can wait a while longer. Maybe the delay will outlive me….

As to the Franken fiasco, what's it going to take for the idiots that vote for him to see what they have?

Regnad Kcin said...

The appropriate retribution for Sen. Franken's deviant behavior would be the administration of the pineapple enema as seen in the movie "Little Nickey". Nothing is too good for the distinguished gentleman from Minnesota. Lather, wash, rinse, repeat as needed.........

Mike aka Proof said...

The remodel looks great, but one of your refrigerator magnets is crooked. Just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Franken performing Seppuku = best apology ever...

Unknown said...

Stilt, the re-model looks terrific. As for Al Franken, I'll say this. I understood that he preferred boys, to girls. That being said I can't believe anyone, anyone with good sense would grope Pelosi, or Clinton. My, the thought of that just before breakfast is horrific. I'm a little disappointed that, with all the sexual assaults that have taken place, I haven't had the pleasure of being a victim. Maybe "Machine Gun" Mitch McConnel would have an answer. That guy makes 7 day old puke look good. Have a good day, and a Cutty for my horses and men.

Dilbertnomore said...

Hey, it's just 'theater'! Franken was just channeling Steve Martin in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid":

Rigby Reardon [Steve Martin]: [voice-over] Was she real? There was only one way to find out. But I remembered Marlowe's words.
Rigby Reardon: [a picture frame on the wall reads "Don't Fall in Love with a Client. Marlowe"] What the hell does Marlowe know?
Rigby Reardon: [voice-over] She was real, all right.
Juliet Forrest [Rachel Ward]: What are you doing?
Rigby Reardon: Adjusting your breasts. You fainted and they... shifted all outta whack. There.
Juliet Forrest: Thank you.
Rigby Reardon: You're welcome.

Franken was being the good guy here! Al was expecting appreciation, not approbation!

Rod said...

Great minds think alike; I was just wondering how the house was going. So... What's the problem? We used to have a LOT of book-box furniture. And it looks good in your re-do. I believe it's the contrast with the nice floor. I've never understood my wife's habit of selecting carpet or tile that look like bare concrete, especially in some slab houses where that's what we started with.

Geoff King said...

Al Franken has been, and always shall be, that drunken baggage handler in "Trading Places" to me. Therefore, I have viewed his role as senator as just another poorly acted comedy skit.
Nothing he does is worth more than a mild chuckle.

PaBlum said...

Now to hang your "cartoons" all over the walls!

Dan said...

Remodel looks good. Congratulations.

It gives me hope for ours -- we start our Kitchen Remodel on Monday. Gee. I wonder if we'll be done before Thanksgiving? Right now we have boxes stuffed everywhere in the house. Cabinets, lighting, sink, disposal, grout, backsplash tiles; gives the place a real lived-in look.
That ceramic wood-ish tile looks pretty good. Can you say where you found it? (And if you can, would you post it here?)
And the banker-box decor look very stylish. Are you planning on improving it with cinder blocks and planks?

I don't think we could put up with a whole-house remodel.

You're a braver man than I am.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get the glass door debacle resolved?
Hope you did.

Unknown said...

Looks fantastic. The kitchen is the most aggravating at first remembering where you put things after having other cabinets for about 40 years, was for me. Finally, use to it. Your remodel looks, fabulous love, the wood looking tiles they are so easy to keep clean but have to watch out if you spill anything to not slip.

Pete (Detroit) said...

I agree, by elevating 'harassment' to the level of 'assault' we're in danger of 'dumbing down' or diluting actual rape...
Is having someone ram their tongue down your throat when you don't want it the same level of violation as having a finger or other protuberance stuck into an other orifice? How do we compare a 'boob grab', sophomoric as it is, to the shirtless bra caress upon a 14 year old (assuming it happened, which personally I doubt)? At what point does "groping" become "assault", and when does "assault" become "rape"? And what are proper consequences, personally, professionally, politically?
We, as a society, appear to be beginning to engage in this dialog, and all I know is that the two extremes of "You'll take it, and shut up" and "you looked at me, you rapist" are both really twisted and wrong.

THAT being said, Kinda wish Frankengroper HAD put the squeeze on Hillary - chances are, she'd have been 'honked off' enough that we'd no longer be talking about him...

Also, as far as consequences of being a habitual groper, don't let's forget Creepy Unka Joe... young, old, thin, fat - if it's female and he can get close, he's touching, sniffing hair, or just good old dry (we hope!) humping them.
Biden 2020 - the ads will write them selves.

#meetoo claims another victim - woman claims GHWB "groped her buttocks" at a re-election rally in 1992. Looks like HIS games of 'I'm rich, powerfull, and you're CUTE' have been going on for quite a while. As much as I'd like to pretend it's something he's picked up w/ onset of dementia, that appears not to be the case.

Remodeling -
Love your kitchen cabinets Stilt - they look much like mine, a 'custom job' done by previous owner, in his own wood shop. They may / not be original 1938 vintage (he built the place for his mom, moved the family in when she died, and I don't know how much of the building he actually did himself, But as one of the cabinet doors does not QUITE match (bottom of 'frame' is wider/taller) I'm pretty sure he did them.
I will also confess confusion as to why someone would go for a 'wood look' ceramic tile as opposed to other forms (or, God forbid, actual WOOD) but I'm sure you have your reasons (Durability, ease of cleaning jump to mind) and it DOES look good.

God luck on your hutch, and furniture hunt. If you live in a demographic area that supports it (and you're not TOO fussy about stuff 'matching'), you might enjoy estate sales. I got a LOVELY china cabinet from a friend, that is making a perfectly nice bookcase (and VCR tapes store nicely in the 'linen' drawers...)

Glad Penny's feeling better, and a great weekend to all you cheezy types!

Unknown said...

Frankenberries" probably kept his berries to himself, but that would make a cool cartoon if not, eh Stilton? By the way, I love the corner windows in the LR... perfect place for a Christmas tree.

Sodagrrl said...

Hey, Stilt - my dear husband wants me to thank you for proving that starting my long-desired renovation of our home is far beyond the abilities of mere mortals like ourselves, and it would be best to resign ourselves to appearing on an episode of "Hoarders" at some point in the not-too distant future instead.

I'm tired just looking at the work still left to do. Not the least of which is making many, many MORE decisions about furniture & gee-gaw distribution.

Seriously, it all looks lovely. Kudos to you and Mrs. Jarlsberg!

NaCly Dog said...

Your remodeling looks very very nice. Even better, you are still married to each other.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JRMD- We were especially worried about the tile floors; there's just no way to really know how they'll look until they go down, and we deliberately picked a pretty bold look. Fortunately, we're very happy with it. Outside of the fact that the hard floors aren't easy on our aging joints (but that will change when we get some rugs).

As for Franken, he IS a fiasco - but I look at this alleged sexual kerfuffle as a nothing burger. This is a woman who posed nude for Playboy - is she REALLY offended by a photo that shows Franken acting like a jerk, but not even physically touching her well-hidden assets?

@Regnad Kcin- I've never seen the pineapple enema you refer to, but now I've got to seek it out. For viewing, that is.

@Mike aka Proof- Ha, ha! A crooked magnet! It's not like I have OCD or anyth.... hang on. I'll be right back.

@Anonymous- Last words "Knife knowing you."

@Thomas Beechler- Perhaps the appropriate punishment for Franken is forcing him to grope Nancy and Hillary. Or, if he prefers, he can just have his hands cut off.

@Dilbertnomore- I LOVE that Steve Martin scene! In fact, I love the whole movie!

@Rod- There's a warmth to a wood floor look that we really like. Although the tiles are ACTUALLY cold. Penny tries to spend as much time on the furniture as possible now.

@Geoff King- The only really funny thing about Al Franken, back in the day, is he had a really goofy grin. That's it - he wasn't particularly clever, but his face was a sight gag. And it's now one that hasn't aged well.

@PaBlum- Actually, I have some hand drawn cartoons from famous artists that I'd like to finally frame and hang. My OWN stuff I can see anytime.

@Dan- I'll post info on the tile a bit later. I went out to the garage to try to read a box, but had to turn my head upside down to read it and now I'm dizzy.

Jon said...

You left out the "f" in objet d'art

Rich T said...

Stilt, you are making way too much money on this blog to afford such a nice floor. Seriously, everything looks wonderful. I am getting ready to join in the remodeling hell you just went through. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

John the Econ said...

"Did he violate his victim to the extent that he should be thrown out of the Senate?"

That's a hard one. After all, it's been Al's cohort on the left that has been defining what constitutes "sexual harassment" over the last quarter century, and what the punishment should be for it, at least if you're not a highly-placed Democrat. Remember, these are the people who argued that both Clintons were presidential material while Mitt Romney was a misogynist pig just for having his "binder full of women"'s resumes.

As I pointed out yesterday, there's a high-stakes came of chess going on right now in Washington. The Democrats know that they're toast at the mid-terms as long as women and millennials remain disgusted and alienated by the rank hypocrisy represented by continued presence of the Clintons and their enablers. The Democrats really need control of the Senate if they're going to have any hope of putting the brakes on Trump in any meaningful way for the latter half of his term. The Clintons have now officially been declared "toxic", so now it's not only safe but soon mandatory to call out Bill for 40 years of sexual misconduct. They're clearly willing to sacrifice Al Franken if it means it takes out Roy Moore for a tie, but they'll consider that a win because they also think that doing so will buy some moral capital for finally getting tough on sexual harassment in their own ranks.

As for being tired of it all, I can't say that I am, yet. I don't think the Democrat's strategy will work because we won't let it. They think they can literally erase the last half-century of tolerating their frat-boy misogyny going back to the Kennedy's and buy a shiny new, virtuous legacy like they did with their horrendous civil rights record. (It's a different world today than it was when the current Democratic leadership was in its prime, so I don't think that will work)

In the meantime, I've got my giant bucket of popcorn, and am going to enjoy the Progressive exercise of self-destruction that they've either wittingly or unwittingly released upon themselves. If this is part of the "winning", I'm not tired of it yet.

mamafrog said...

Dear God, don't tell me you're some of those people who don't believe in curtains? I so love looking at other people's houses because they believed some decorator who said curtains are passe', and then scream about no privacy in their lives. Nobody needs to see all the boxes (So. Many. Boxes.) I'm still sorting through from a recent move. And replacing furniture...sigh. Do try Craigslist, btw, for some. It's very useful for that, at least.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Looking really good.

Dave N. said...

I read a leftist media account of the Franken episode. They tried to excuse it with a comment about the times and culture being different. But the double-standard, hypocritical left doesn’t use that same rationale in other circumstances, like tearing down statues. I hope people in this country vote out all incumbents, and we can start over. Can’t do much worse than we are now. I was reading about FDR and Lucy Mercer, Eleanor’s secretary. Politico magazine referred to President Harding as the “horniest President.” There are also references to George Washington and Sally Fairfax. And then there is JFK and LBJ. I guess the power of the presidency is too easy to use and too strong to resist. How refreshing it would be if a politician, sports figure, or entertainer were only accused of skipping church choir practice.

Dave N.

Shelly said...

Stilt, have you tried Nebraska Furniture Mart? It's my new favorite go to place. It is huge and has a great selection of, well, everything. Your floors are beautiful. I went with luxury vinyl plank flooring on my reno and they are beautiful, as well as durable and very comfortable on the old joints. I think they have a bamboo backing. Your kitchen is much like mine, a mixture of white and SS. All in all, great job and I'm guessing the pain of the remodeling is abating.

Colby Muenster said...

What Franken did is a nothing burger (especially compared to Slick Willie or Teddy the Swimmer), BUT I hope he gets lambasted for it only for the reason that Democrats are so damn quick to lambast a Republican who does the same durn thing.

If this turns into a "I'll trade you a Franken for a Moore" by the Dems, I say BFD. Minnesota will just elect another flaming, unqualified Democrat, and Alabama will just elect another good old boy Republican.

The house looks great! My hat off to you two for making tasteful choices, and surviving the remodel process without committing murder or suicide. Don't sweat the furniture, but for God's sake, always pick comfort over looks. And the tile floors will be a blessing when you have to shuffle everywhere in your slippers.

Regnad Kcin said...

SJ------ Harvey Keitel is the Devil and he sends his goofy son (Adam Sandler) to NYC to retrieve his two brothers who are terrorizing the Big Apple. Meanwhile, the minions in the Underworld are having a good time by making all the denizens pay for their lives of sin. One involves Adolph Hitler, dressed in a French maid's outfit, bent over a table while an over-sized pineapple is being readied for rearward insertion. Lots of rude humor for those who can appreciate it. The foul-mouthed devil dog is priceless, too. I just reordered it from Netflix again...

MAJ Arkay said...

Stilton, I love the corner windows. Wish I had a corner in my living room, but it's in the house center. Lots of sliding windows, though, for the views and the air circulation.

And Mamafrog, I am of the no curtains sort. Living in the country, far from a road or prying neighbors (unless they're using binoculars or a telescope), they are simply unnecessary dust catchers or cat scratching items. And after working in secure facilities without windows for well over 30 years, I want all the light coming into my house as is possible. If that means a distant neighbor sees more than he/she/it expects, too bad.

Studebaker Hauk said...

At some point while reading Tom Davis' book "Thirty-nine Years of Short Term Memory Loss" I came to the conclusion that Al Franken only ran for Congress as a prank on the good people of Minnesota. Unfortunately for all of us, the "good" people of Minnesota stayed home and didn't vote that day and now we're all stuck with him. But hey, I'm from NY State and we're "proud" to give you Chuckie Schumer. Please! Take him!

RomanoCambozola said...

From some reason lately, when I do a post from my i-phone, nothing seems to get through although it has is the past.
Sooo ... here we go from my desktop into which I have inserted a quarter and the winding key and have cranked its mainspring to the stop:
If you are interested in a kitchen hutch then you should check out Hunt Country Furniture in Wingdale, NY. Beautiful, hand-crafted stuff that will last forever. You will pay for what you get but what you get is awesome.

John D said...

The remodel looks fantastic! We've had the wood look porcelain planks in the dining room for 7 years. Since we are on a heated slab, there is no option for wood, but we like the look of wood. The ONLY problem we have had in that time is when our grandson dropped a piece of tungsten rod I had sitting around on it. (Lead 11300 kg/cubic meter, tungsten a whopping 19600 kg/cubic meter.) Only plutonium is more dense and tungsten is really hard and the edges are sharp. Anyway...We have a few extra porcelain pieces and grout, so it was fixed in half an hour. And I couldn't blame the boy for playing with the tungsten, it's so heavy for it's size, that you keep looking at it and saying, "that can't be right". And then you drop it and the tungsten doesn't break, whatever you drop it on does. Long story short, you'll like it!

Valvenator said...

Studebaker Hauk said...
"But hey, I'm from NY State and we're "proud" to give you Chuckie Schumer. Please! Take him!"
Hey, we'll throw in Mario Cuomo too for good measure.

Wahoo said...

With those countertops, the new Kitchen sex will be phenomenal.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dan- Okay, I'm still not finding the name of our tiles, but they're porcelain and manufactured by Daltile, they're 8 x 20, and there are a dozen or so variations in the wood prints to give it a more natural look. Also, the tiles themselves are relatively inexpensive, but if you work closely with a contractor you can manage to pay a lot more.

@Anonymous- No, I never got the glass door issue resolved. There was so much crap going on at the time that I needed to let some things go rather than have an aneurysm. So far, the weather conditions that created the fogged glass haven't recurred, so the next test will be to see how the door copes with winter cold.

@Barbara Fort- The tiles ARE easy to keep clean, but BOY does that dark wood show dirt and dust! And more importantly, dog hair! It's everywhere! We're using Swiffers and vacuums and steamers ("Oh my!") to keep up with it.

@Pete (Detroit)- Very well put. We need some perspective about this whole sexual brouhaha. I saw one news account (granted, the term "news" is now meaningless) saying that the picture of Franken was proof of sexual assault. Well, no - it's proof that a guy whose career is acting goofy to try to get laughs is willing to pose for a silly picture. And I'm sorry, but after doing a little Internet research on the "victim" here, I found photos of her posing stark naked on a beach except for a starfish over her hoohah region. So I'm guessing she wasn't really "traumatized" by the stupid picture of Franken.

You're right that this frenzy could end up devaluing real claims of sexual assault, in much the same way that the Left has flogged alleged acts of racism into inconsequentiality.

Regarding the cabinet fronts in the kitchen - yep, they were custom. And the reason for the porcelain wood-look tiles rather than actual wood is that we've had moisture incursion problems in the past, and needed some extreme measures to combat that - including a new $5000 moisture barrier under the tile.

And yes, we enjoy estate sales though may give a designer a try to at least get us started.

@Sandy Link- You have correctly identified where our Christmas tree goes every year (and pretty soon now!)

@Sodagrrl- It's a lot of work. And a lot of money. And a lot of cheap scotch. I keep telling myself there will eventually be an end to this process, but I'm not sure I believe it.

@NaCly Dog- Apparently remodeling can really be hard on marriages. We did fine, although we twitch a little more than we used to.

@Jon- I gas I did!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Fine points across the board, and I particularly agree that the Dems are expressing outrage (no doubt short-lived) about Franken ONLY to buy a little credibility for their continuing attacks on Trump and others on the Right.

@mamafrog- It's not that we don't believe in curtains; it's that we got rid of them all so that we can have plantation shutters installed (we're just now starting to look for bids). In the meanwhile, I keep people from peering in our windows by walking around naked. I'm not heartless, though - I leave a bottle of eye bleach by the front door.

@Woodsterman (Odie)- It's coming along@

@Dave N.- Oddly, it seems that men have been sexually attracted to women for a long time now. Nature, it seems, lacks political correctness.

@Shelly- Actually, I was on the phone yesterday to Nebraska Furniture Mart to ask about their Design Gallery service. Basically a designer comes out to your home (at $100/hour) to scope things out, after which they pick things and do layouts and then do a grand presentation at the store. We'll probably give that a shot. By the way, the fee is only for the in-home visit, after which the services are complimentary. Except for the part where they pick out the most expensive furniture in the store (grin).

@Colby- I'm thinking I should get some dust mop slippers so I can clean up Penny's fur as I shuffle about.

@Regnad Kcin- I'll check it out! Rude humor is fine with me as long as it's funny.

@MAJ Arkay- One good thing about our house is that it lets in a LOT of light, which we like. Small rooms, but big windows. Hopefully the plantation shutters won't cut down on the brightness too much.

@Studebaker Hauk- Even now I can't take Franken's political career seriously. As I mentioned above, he was never adept at creating jokes...he was the joke, with his goofy sh*t-eating grin being the only thing he could bring to the table.

@RomanoCambozola- Thanks for the tip, I'll look them up. I intend to keep spending money on this house until it raises the GDP by a full percentage point. No, no - don't thank me, I'm just trying to do my part for America.

@John D- I guess from now on, I'd better only throw Penny's tungsten dog toys when outside...

@valvenator- You do have kind of a surplus of idiocy up there.

@Wahoo- Well, we just took that for granite.

Anonymous said...


I've redone a number of houses, old and new.

The most depressing are the ones when a long-time tenant has moved out.

Start with shovels and huge plastic garbage bags, then the sheets of drywall, then the gallons of paint, then try to make the floor look OK.

Actually, we usually start with the top floor, with a graden hose and a broom. The filthy water runs down into the room below, and we leave until it dries. Then we move down one floor and repeat.

My one question is why would you throw out your furniture? The furniture in the house I live in has memories attached. When I look at it or use it, it's like opening an old photo album. Kids, friends, get-togethers, the memories come back.

Just My Thoughts,
Bill Moore

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Well, I feel a little better now since we didn't actually have to use a fire hose and shovels to start our remodeling process (grin).

As for moving the furniture along, some of it was 30 years old or more and showed the effects of hard use and several dogs with furniture privileges. The other pieces just didn't have the look we wanted anymore (and they, too, had already had years and years of use). So now those pieces can make some happy memories in other people's homes.

Dan said...

@Stilton -- Thanks for the info. Commencing Bing search in 5, 4, 3...

Jack Colby said...

Congrats on the great re-model! We did the same thing 10 years ago and everybody asked why we didn't just sell & buy something more suitable. Which begs the question: is there anything 100% "suitable" out there? Of course not. You sell, then buy a new place and then you spend an arm & a leg to make it "suitable" anyway. And, in the meantime, 2 realtors are sending their kids to Ivy league schools. Also, make sure all the nits are picked before the contractor leaves b/c he ain't coming back if he can at all avoid it ;-)