Monday, September 10, 2018

Taking A Week Off

We're taking this week off to attend to some necessary chores. Nothing's wrong, but there's just way too much to do. Besides, thanks to idiots like Cory Booker, the news is already pretty hilarious without our needing to add anything to it!

As always, the comment section will be open and we'll jump in if we get the chance. See you here on Monday the 17th!


We don't normally publish material from other sources, but this was just way too funny not to share. Brilliant!


Sortahwitte said...

Is that the most ignorant man you have ever heard from? I like the word moron to describe most of the great left wing unwashed, but I wonder if I myself, tend to over-use it. Is there a thesaurus aimed at describing stupid people? I believe I shall try to find one.

Dan said...

Well, at least you're not in the hospital (or worse) like happened to some of my other favorite bloggers.

Have a good week.

Unknown said...

If the great (and seemingly never ending) Obama can be elected by this country (twice), Booker is a shoo-in.

AmyH said...

His is from Reason TV on Youtube. Hilarious. Sums up the whole Kavanaugh hearings.

AmyH said...


M. Mitchell Marmel said...

If you need some fill in strips, drop me a line. I'd be more than happy to help out! :D

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sortahwitte- Booker really IS an astounding jackass.

@Dan- I'm fine, just too dang busy.

@Section147- And God bless us, every one (grin).

@Samuel Price- I'm not sure Booker would be a shoo-in because he's already shown himself to be an arrogant and aggressive jerk, whereas Obama was (originally) a complete cypher, promising to unite the country. Then again, Barry eventually left office with the country dangerously polarized. In this climate, a frothing blowhard like Booker might be just what the Left wants.

@AmyH- That video is great! I just posted it on the Facebook page. In fact, I think I'll add it to today's main post. Thanks!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I appreciate the offer!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Enjoy your well deserved time away, Stilt!
We'll be here when you get back..

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Stilton-It's the very least I can do, after all you and the Place readers have done in my time of need. ^.^

mjloehrer said...

Congratulations! It's a classic

Rod said...

@stilt: Welcome to my world. I often don't see how you continue to do this so consistently and still with both substance & wit. Have a good productive "catch-up" week.

Tots said...

Thanks for sharing the video Stilton. Last week was a mess and I really needed a laugh.

Now where's that bottle of Wild Turkey I have stashed in my desk?

james daily said...

Ya know, we all have to chill out sometimes and now it's your turn. I thought is was telling that the Expresident only drew an audience of 750 in CA. Typical, as now he cannot give anything away. It was also typical as he wants to take credit for President Trump's supercharged economy. He had 8 years and just decimated this country and now he wants credit for the positive that has came after he was benched. Have a good, productive week. Those chores are pretty wearing at your age.

John the Econ said...

For a supposed day off, I'm glad I came as I was laughing out loud. I watched bits of the Kavanaugh hearings last week, and they were not any less absurd than anything in that Reason video. But the point the Reason folks are making isn't so funny: For all the Democrat's talk of "democracy", there is a good reason why they've become absolutely unhinged regarding the Supreme Court, and why they feel they need to get Trump (and any Republican who follows) impeached or otherwise removed from office asap.

Over the last generation, the legislative branch has effectively ceded legislating to the Supreme Court. Democrats know that the bulk of their agenda (Communism, gun confiscation, open borders and mass immigration, etc) is largely unelectable on a national basis, so they seek to get bits and pieces of their agenda implemented by fiat through the courts. But that simply won't happen without activist jurists on the bench. This certainly wasn't seen as a problem when Hillary was inevitable, and likely to have an opportunity to pick at least 2 or 3 replacements. But with Trump already having picked less that 2 years into his administration, and likely to get to pick at least one more, the left is in crisis mode. They will have lost the Progressive advantage in the court for at least the next generation.

If you think you're seeing an unhinged circus now, just wait until the Notorious RBG goes.

The Success of Obamanomics: Guess who's taking credit for the great economy.

Trump Claims Credit for the Economy. Not So Fast, Says Obama.

That's right. After almost a decade of "recovery summers", Obama is only now taking credit for an economy that is finally paying off for people who aren't already rich, on Wall Street, or are the Obamas.

This only makes sense if you suffer long-term memory loss and have forgotten that barely 3 years go, Obama and all his "smart people" were telling us that Obamanomics was a raging success at 2%, because a post-manufacturing America in a globalized economy would never again be able to do any better.

Poor Democrats, that's your problem. You simply weren't confident enough in your capabilities! Now Trump gets to take credit for your success!

Rod said...

It's awkward to now try to take credit for an economy when one is on record while still in office as having stated that we're not going to see that old one again.

@ Barry: You're just a citizen now; an unproductive one at that; and still a taker, not a giver. And as a proven liar, deceiver & failure in these things, how about you just STFU and sit down.

Colby Muenster said...


I hope you have a productive and maybe even relaxing week, but damn! I feel like an abandoned child!

How many times must Booker plant his big, fat, stinky foot in his mouth before Democrat voters see him for he buffoonish turd burglar he is? My guess is.... in the neighborhood of 1,487,936. In other words, they will never see it. If he was so damn smart, he would learn from his mistakes (and so would his supporters).

Dear Barack,
You refused to take blame for the economy that tanked the very month you were elected (it was Bush's fault), so you don't get to take credit for the Trump economy. Please go back to Indonesia, or at least Hawaii, and spread your great, infinite and omnipotent wisdom (aka bullshit) there.

On a selfish note, y'all please pray for us out here in NC and SC. We are about to get blasted with some serious rain and wind. Florence can just go back from whence she came!

John the Econ said...

@Rod, Democrats are like animals that only know how to live in the now, which requires no memory. Nobody cares what was happening or not-happening 36 months ago.

As for what Obama is doing today, you really can't blame him. "Community organizing" is all he really knows how to do. Private industry has no use for him other than as a prop.

@Colby Muenster, you are in our prayers. (Mrs. Econ works in the disaster response world, and many of her cohort are already preparing to deploy)

Of course, you do realize that according to some experts, current and future hurricanes are punishment for voting for Trump.

None of this would be happening had Hillary been elected and Trump had not pulled us out of Paris, or so some people would like us to believe.

ringgo1 said...

For our Jewish readers: "L'shana tova!" (Roughly, "Happy New Year!")

Regnad Kcin said...

If Cory Booker had two brains, then, the other one would be lonely......

Gee M said...

ringgo1 said...
[For our Jewish readers: "L'shana tova!" (Roughly, "Happy New Year!")]

Todah rabah!

(Roughly, "Thanks a lot!")

DougM said...

Glad to know you're takin' some well-earned time off, Stilton.
But you're still gonna post stuff, right?

Pete(Detroit) said...

Amy H - that was hysterical!

Sortahwitte said...

@Colby. Oklahoma Baptist Relief is gearing up to head your way on Saturday. No details yet, except for the date and to expect to be gone 10-14 days. We can feed 10,000 meals per day. Also, we are bringing water purification units & trailers with washing machines and dryers. Stay safe and as dry as you can. Prayers going up for you all.

Ken said...

Ha! I used two plastic straws today ... I AM Spartacus.

Joe Jetson said...

"Spartacus" spelled backwards is "Suc-A-Traps". I would argue that is a much more accurate description of Cory Booker.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Sortahwitte: Bless you and yours. You're good folks. :D

james daily said...

This is the funniest one I have came across in a while:
RS Gee •

All I've to say is..Obama taking credit for Trumps economy is like Hillary taking credit for Monica's BJ's

Colby Muenster said...

@John the Econ,

Thanks for the good wishes! And...

I really glad you posted that link; I am grateful Jennifer Lawrence explained how hurricanes operate. And all this time, I was under the impression that global climate change (aka "weather") was caused by the forces of nature. Now I'm set straight; Trump obviously built a weather machine in his hollowed out volcano, launched it into space in a rocket that resembles male genitalia, and is using it to punish black people and Democrats with hurricanes. Bwaa-haaa-haaa.

At any rate, I've learned my lesson. I'll only be voting for Democrats from now on, now that so many of them have pointed out how totally stupid I am.


Thank you for the prayers, and it's always refreshing to hear about folks like the Oklahoma Baptist Relief taking action rather than expecting the gubmint to "do something." I'm guessing FEMA will show up here around Christmas, although Trump may have 'splained things to them.

Geoff King said...

I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could find a world where actors only acted, athletes only played sports, newscasters only stated the actual news, the average person only minded their own business, and only politicians politicized everything.

Gee M said...

I just watched "13 Hours" once more...feel rage, have respect all over again.
Like waiting hours after school for your Mom to come get you, but she was sleeping it off.
I clearly remember Rice, Clinton, and Obongo passing it off as another reaction by Islam to another insult, this time a video on Youtube.
And Obongo is outa his cave again lying to America. No SHAME.
I'd like to see Delta sent to rescue the honor of our country by taking those terrorists out.

Geoff King said...

To the memory of those who gave their lives 17 years ago today, and to those who gave their best to save them. Many of us will never forget.
Unfortunately, we have a new clueless generation that will never remember:

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Great comments above. It pains me to be taking these days off when there’s so much going on, but I AM getting a lot of other stuff done. As always, 9/11 is a very emotional day for me. Not for the first time, I’ll point out that Hillary was among the first to politciize this horrendous event by standing in the well of the Senate and displaying a tabloid headline saying “BUSH KNEW!” (About the 9/11 attacks and did nothing to stop them). What a whore.

John the Econ said...

I find it ironic that in this age where information is so easily and quickly obtainable, our history is being erased faster than ever.

For example, just last week we discussed the expungment of the American flag from the Armstrong biopic. The new "Year Zero" movement is clearing the nation of statues of anyone who can't live up current Progressive piety. (As if any living being possibly could) The Holocaust is being erased in Europe. And just in time for 9/11, we have this:

Organization Claims College Banned Students from Hanging 9/11 Memorial Posters, But School Denies It

Ripon College is banning the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at the school from putting up “9/11: Never Forget Project” posters, claiming, “Students from a Muslim background would feel singled out and/or harassed,”

When YAF asked the administration about the matter, they said the posters creates an “environment” that makes students "feel like they are not able to learn.”

Gee. Too f***ing bad. If you are so intellectually or emotionally fragile that a mere poster is going to prevent you from learning, you really don't belong in anything calling itself a "university". And if a supposed school caves to this sort of nonsense, then it's not a serious school, which today I am afraid to say, most no longer are.


Sortahwitte said...

I'm happy that the guy that writes/draws Johnny "O" didn't take the week off.
Wait, wait, wait. Are those re-runs?

Stilt, I agree with you on the descriptive word 'whore' about Felonia. Her whole history as we know it has always been "I'll spread my legs and do anything for a buck or a beer."

Colby Muenster said...

There is a special place in hell for low life's like Shrillary, politicizing horrendous things like the 9-11 attacks. Then she got all huffy and arrogant when anyone dared politicize Benghazi.

And speaking of 9-11, Mrs. Muenster was telling me about an article she read about the thousands of people who have died since 9-11-2001, attributed to breathing the dust, fumes and smoke.

@John the Econ,
The rapid decline of maturity levels at our colleges and universities is a sad, sad thing. How the hell do these widdle snowflakes handle college level courses? Yes, there are plenty of dumbed down courses available for people getting useless degrees, but most colleges still have the tough stuff that you need to get a real degree that will get you a real job. Please tell me they haven't dumbed down chemistry or engineering (or worse... pre-med requirements)!

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, the Progressives have owned the "soft" subjects for decades now. Now they are starting to target the hard ones:

Say Goodbye To X+Y: Should Community Colleges Abolish Algebra?

Because people who are functionally illiterate are the easiest to Progressives to lead.

And that same decline in maturity is now filtering out into the rest of society:

Norm MacDonald Told Not To Show Up To Jimmy Fallon. Fallon Said Macdonald Made His Senior Producers Cry.

“People are crying.” I said, “People are crying.” “Yeah,” he said, “senior producers are crying.”

Seriously? Can anyone imagine anyone working for Johnny Carson or Jay Leno crying at work? And if they did, could you imagine them working there for very long?

Advice for Jimmy Fallon: Get some new staff, and try adults this time.

And remember, they all work for the network that sought to bury the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Perhaps that's what they should be crying over.

MAX Redline said...

@Colby Muenster, best of luck. Looks like the rains and storm surge will be worse than the hurricane itself - especially when those hog manure pits flood out.

Sortahwitte said...

I think that is a great new name for the arkansas slut: "Hog Manure Pits".

REM1875 said...

This came in late the other day but I sure think it's worth repeating and Thank you Whoopie for that 2 thumbs up report on Clan McGregor

Blogger Whoopie said...
A little off topic, well, a lot off topic but... I have a lot of respect for the opinions of Mr. Cheese and so on his advice I bought a bottle of Clan McGregor scotch whiskey and I have to say that, now I know why his left hand is trying to kill him in his sleep. That is without doubt the worst rot-gut evah. It has the bouquet of embalming fluid and goes down like swallowing a ball of steel wool and it even leaves an oily, 10w-30 after-taste in it's passing. I've heard it said that in Hell, it's always happy hour, but all they have is warm cream soda, to that I'd add, warm cream soda and Clan McGregor.

Colby Muenster said...

I appreciate everyone's good wishes and prayers for us folks in Florence's path. the winds have died down a bit, but we are still going to get slammed for about 3 days straight.

@MAX Redline,
Well, ain't THAT stereotyping! Not everybody in the Carolinas has a hog manure pit, you know. Sometimes the cornfield for the moonshine doesn't allow room for a hog manure pit. Just kidding, that was pretty funny, and yes, 20 inches of rain combined with knee deep pig shit ain't a pretty thought!

@Blogger Whoopee,
That is friggin' FUNNY!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Hi, gang! Now that we're back in stately Jarlsberg manor, I can say that for the past several days Mrs J and I were having a U-Haul "adventure in moving," to help daughter Jarlsberg move into a more spacious abode. So as "time off" goes, it wasn't exactly restful (I'm getting WAY too old to wrangle furniture) but it was a great visit and quite nice to help her start turning Giant Piles of Stuff from her previous apartment into an actual home.

I am absolutely brain dead, so there still won't be a new post tomorrow (Friday) unless I get an unexpected second wind. Don't bet on it.

Though I'm plenty honked off at this new idiocy with Diane Feinstein claiming that an anonymous woman has made unspecified accusations against Judge Kavanaugh in a letter that can't be revealed. The scoop so far is that this may well be a #MeToo moment going back to Kavanaugh's high school days. I doubt that there's anything to the accusation, and furthermore think a man's life and career shouldn't be ruined if he somehow got to second base as a pimply teen.

The Democrats are despicable. And the more they pull this crap, the more I wish the Supreme Court WOULD turn into the anti-woman nightmare that the Left is fearmongering simply to spite them. And I can make that rhetorical wish only because I'm so confident that Kavanaugh would (make that "will") be an absolute champion of women's actual rights according to the Constitution. The made up "rights," maybe not so much.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Stilton: Felicitatons on daughter Jarlsberg's move!

As for Pelosi, Joseph Welch said it best in an earlier era: "Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness...Let us not assassinate this lad further, senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?"

Unfortunately, we all know the answer to this already. :/

John the Econ said...

It warms my heart to know that daughter Jalsberg is doing so well. I know it warms yours.

Despicable DiFi: High school? Really? That's all you got DiFi?

This latest stunt should't be too much of a surprise, considering that DiFi is currently in a bit of trouble herself. For one thing, the Progressives of California have decided that DiFi isn't Progressive enough for them anymore, so she'd under pressure to up her far-left bonafides to beyond the level of crazy they were at previously. And of course, there's still the issue of the Communist Chinese spy she had in her employ for the better part of the last two decades.

So anything that gets people's attention moved away from those issues is a good move, from her perspective. Too bad it won't make a difference in Kavanaugh's nomination. Quite frankly, America is over this sort of silliness and the Democrats need to move on to something new before the election.

And since @Stilton is kinda back, perhaps a little spin on this insanity closer to home:

School lessons on the Alamo should cut 'heroic' description, Texas panel advises

Removing the word “heroic” to describe those who protected the Alamo was among the items included in a report penned by an advisory panel to the State Board of Education on how to structure the curriculum, Dallas News reported on Friday.

Now that most of the statues have been vanquished, it's time to get to the history itself.

Rod said...

5:20 Friday morning where I am. Got up to pee and check on the Hurricane. When Stilton said he was going to take the week off I figured that's OK. But there's nothing new on the site now and I'm starting to feel strange. I may just watch The Weather Channel for a while to see if a flying piece of corrugated roofing will hit this highly excited weather reporter.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Preview of this week's "Couch Kitties":


Sortahwitte said...

@Colby. Baptists are leaving in the early AM. OG&E(Oklahoma Gas & Electric) and their orange trucks are already staged in SC. The convoy looked to be about 100 line trucks and service vehicles. The Oklahoma branch of the Cajun Navy is also there. Those in this nation that build up will all be there. We continue to pray and lift up those in harm's way.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...


Said it before, I'll say it again: God bless you and yours. :)

cintaroja said...
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cintaroja said...

If any of the recent polls are to be believed, I fear for my beloved country's future.

Stilt, I've missed you terribly. You're a ten million candlepower light shining through the terrible liberal darkness.

Here's an uplifting and encouraging piece for you-Cheers!

Amazing Grace! Britain's oldest person reveals the secret to a long life is a dram of whisky a day as she celebrates her 112th birthday today

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@cintaroja- I hope I live to be that old just so I can give people absolutely terrible and debauched "secrets" to living a long life. It would be, as they say, the "last laugh."

Rod said...

Can't remember is this was joke or a true story but recall there was a big-to-do about an old timer growing so very old (over 100) and the gathered were very still as he was asked "What your secret? How to get to be this old?". The old-timer leaned up to microphone, cleared his throat and oh so very slowly said: "Well... I don't really know for sure... but I think it's because I was born a long time ago."

james daily said...

Read a funny about Christine Ford: She is mad because she only had three dates in HS: The football team, the basketball team and the band.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Christine Blasey Ford has been trying to cover something up:

See the first comment. Also, it's awfully convenient that she has a problem with BK NOW but says nothing--which she could have done months ago when he was first nominated--until the last minute. Oh, wait--Feinstein had the letter back in July. I smell a rat.

John the Econ said...

@cintaroja, remember that these are the same polls that told us that Hillary was "inevitable". The pollster community has credibility on par with weather forecasters and climate scientists.

Kavanaugh: Since the Borking wasn't working, they're moving on to the Anita Hill strategy. It's my current understanding that this accusation is from "repressed memories" that have been restored via a marriage counselor's notebook. Or in other words, less credible that pollsters, weather forecasters, climate scientists, and Anita Hill.