Monday, January 27, 2020

Here's Looking Atchoo!

While this promises to be a week of interesting news, none of it has actually happened at the time of this writing. So we're just letting the cartoons do the talking today...along with whatever YOU have to say in the comments section!

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stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, trump, impeachment, trial, cowboy, horse, fart


SpectreRider said...

Schiffhead is correct that any R Senator not with PDJT will have their head on a pike. He just mistakes who will put it there. Constituents do your duty!

SpectreRider said...

Also... Based on the smallish number of foreign visitors to the Wuhan region and the number infected, China is lying about their number of cases.

Rod said...

OMG... I'm starting to fall for an idiot liberal cutie who is about 1/3 my age. That one is well worth the six panels.

ncsercs said...

She's as smart as a bag of Schiff.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

"Ya know, Horsey? That was the MASKED MARAUDER!" -Brooklyn's Fighting Cowboy, Red Hot Ryder

TrickyRicky said...

The uncertainty regarding this virus in it's early stages is troubling. It's been a while since I read "The Hot Zone" but maybe it's time to read it again.

Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt, you're a whole lot more informed about the virus than all of us simple minded rocket scientists, dentists, CPAs, and the like. Could you please give a rundown of the dos and don'ts to keep us safe and what happens if we should catch it. Thanks in advance.

Colby Muenster said...

Not to worry; I have a crystal ball. The R's will spend the next two days stating their side of the story, repeatedly bashing, trashing and casting doubt on the D's twisted version of things. As enjoyable as this may be, it will accomplish nothing (except maybe, and hopefully, in the mind of Chief Justice Roberts).

Wednesday, the Q&A begins, and the D's will start screaming for John Bolton to testify. The R's will refuse, then along about Friday, McConnell will call for a vote and the whole damn shebang will be over, just like that. Trump will be forever impeached, but also forever exonerated (well, THIS time anyway).

Wait, did I say over? Nope, then the "outrage" stage begins, with every moonbat, Democrat, and news outlet screaming bloody murder. Facebook and Twitter will light up like a dozen Saturn V rockets launched simultaneously on a moonless night. "He's a dictator!" "All of the Senate Republicans are his henchmen!" "There is no law in this country anymore!" "How can the President do things without Congress consent?!"

Do the Dems have enough time to squeeze in another impeachment before November? Maybe so, especially if they just skip all the so called "due process" that they faked last time.

I'll bet y'alls crystal balls are showing the same thing.

Hope you get healed up for good, Stilton! And next time, wear a hockey mask when you play with Penny. And it will also stop the Coronavirus!

Jim Irre said...


DougM said...

Know what I think?
[spits, re-lights pipe]
Reckon this here virus scare is
more like a plot to git feemales
to wear hijabs, 'at's what I think

John the Econ said...

I've got little to add this morning, other than I came across an assessment of the corona virus situation that is a bit more dispassionate than you're likely to find anywhere in the MSM:

The 2019-nCoV virus shows that we’ve built a better world

The problem is that there are still too many unknowns, and by the time the unknowns become knowns, it's too late. Incubation of this virus can be as long as a week and a half, and it's not yet known how easily it's transmitted, how it's transmitted, or at what point after infection does a victim become a transmitter. It's possible that someone could be spreading this thing around for a week or more before they realize they are infected. If it's transmitted as easily as the measles are, a single individual jetsetting across the planet could unknowingly directly infect thousands before they become ill, and each of those thousands infecting thousands more each. Any of us could be infected at this point.


Bolton: Have you ever seen such an extreme love/hate relationship as the left has with John Bolton?

Of course, Bolton is no fan of the Democrats, and as much as he may have had personality clashes with Trump in the extreme, I doubt Bolton is enthusiastic about what the Democrats are doing to Trump. So now the Democrats are now excited about a supposed extract of a manuscript that has been leaked to the New York Times which they think is a gotcha and want Bolton to testify. (After demanding for weeks that there be no new witnesses)

Could it be that this is a trap for Democrats? Bolton certainly knows about all of the funny business going on in the Ukraine involving other Democrats.

This might actually be fun to watch, and not what the Democrats expect or want.

Boligat said...

RE: the impeachment vote. The D's are the same people that 'demand justice' for _______________________ (Fill in the blank, Michael, Trayvon, Freddie, etc. etc. etc.) What they mean is that they want Wilson's and Zimmerman's, et. al. heads, regardless of the facts of the case.

You can bet that if the Senate votes against removal, there will be wild protests that the MSM will cover incessantly and will stir up in anyway they can to keep the show going. I say 'IF the Senate votes against" not 'WHEN the Senate votes as I am still leary of Romney, Collins, Murkowski, and a few other.

Rod said...

With time to watch the Republican side of the case today (because weather is not cooperating with what I have to do next)... Trump's team is quietly & thoroughly making it's case no in 8 hours they pretty well destroyed everything the Dims have tried to build. They started with Impeachment history, then got into the detailed presentation. Defense is built firmly upon Constitution law, past impeachments, evidence; logical and witnessed explanations of Trumps actions which are not criminal nor impeachable; and only the mildest of accusations of bias and zero partisanship by the accusers. Except for Quid Pro Joe and his asshole son that is; who they nailed to the wall. 16 more hours should settle it.

And what were ABC's lead off all-excited, piss-in-Muir's-pants items for the evening news? (1) Kobe Bryant ad infinitum. Why were the flying in VFR conditions, rough terrain, and when even the cops were grounded? And who are the last 2 of 9 dead. Why is that still not known? The Sikorsky S-76 is a fine, proven, durable night & = VFR proven dual engine & very capable aircraft; I've flown in them many times since the 1980's and I'm pretty sure the aircraft per se was not the problem

(2) The Bolton Bombshell: What could be more expected? : Who trusts him; & that asshole is selling another book. PLUS: What he has to say has nothing to do with the issues.

And (3) the latest of many Chinese viruses. OUR stock market has already been talked down ~500 pts. Just to settle things down and be safe.. Close all the ports-of-entry or all traffic originating in or transiting in China in the last few weeks until this blows over.

The "news" is not. I turned all that bullshit off to post this.

John D. Egbert said...

@Rod, re Kobe Bryant: What I've heard is that the pilot filed a VFR flight plan, then took off into IFR conditions (heavy fog) into the Callavaras (sp?) mountains. All local LE and traffic report flights were grounded at the time. My surmise: they encountered cumulus granitus -- to the detriment of all aboard.

Buck said...

Silt, while Lefty Lucy ain't got nuttin' on Busty Ross, I will say that lil liberal looked mighty hawt in her Mardi Gras mask!

Also, how do I nicely say I'm over the death of Kobe (and the little-spoken about 8 others).... His daughter, two of her friends, her coach, and others all died in a flight that SHOULD NEVER HAVE OCCURRED!!!! The helo should have been grounded. The way I read it, Kobe was leading a mission to save 500 drowning babies from a boiling ocean with ISIS all around the hot LZ...

I hate to say it, but I have to wonder if the pilot said words to the effect, "I'm sorry Mr. Bryant, we're fogged in and should stay on the ground...." And it's in the realm of possible Kobe said, "fly the damn helo... I'm paying!" Just saying, and we'll never know anything other than 9 people dies FOR NO DAMNED GOOD REASON AT ALL!!!!!!!!

Semper Fidelis, Buck

Regnad Kcin said...

After Monday's latest episode of the DC Circus, all the Trump Derangement Syndrome has been finally exposed for all to see. The foaming mouth-breathers are up against the wall and have run out of bullets. The Bolton Bombshell is nothing but more hot air from the running dog lackies who are just throwing one turd after another against the wall to see what sticks. I understand that when Mr. Schiff-head's interpretation of DJT's phone call to the Ukraine was read aloud to the room, all the blood drained from his face. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall for that scenario. A couple more days of the Demtards dismantlement by POTUS's lawyers will cause them to grab their bugout bags and head for the exits. 9 months to go and all will be resolved....

Rod said...

@John D. Egbert: Yes, thank you for the correction; that's what I've heard as well. My memo above did not contain a simple Typo, it was a brain bubble Error in thinking while typing. Conditions seemed to be IFR and the aircraft was probably instrumented for IFR. Don't yet know about the pilot or pilots, of which there are usually two on an S-76. It could have also included some problem unique to the this flight, such accident are sometimes the result of complex daisy-chains of omissions, errors & mistakes.

As for Kobe Bryant I agree it's a tragedy & a shame; he was a good man but most news is mostly all about him and HIS child. Others were taken as well. It's a terrible thing & especially moreso with the children who would not have maturity & experience to speak up about the flight.

Fish Out of Water said...

Anyone wanna bet you'll see Bolton on MSNBC/CNN before you see him on Fox again?

John the Econ said...

Kobe: Being a pilot, I tend to resist speculation on crash causes until more investigation has taken place. But also as one who cut his teeth flying in Los Angeles, saw the weather reporting, and has seen plottings created from the radar track of the doomed flight, it looks like this was likely a fatal case of "gotta go-itis" and resulting later in spacial disorientation after flying into clouds.

Few people were flying VFR (visual flight rules, which requires remaining clear of clouds) that day, or should have been. IMHO, that flight should not have happened. Reported ceilings were low, and ground fog was all over even before the flight departed. "Gotta go-itis" is a big thing in general aviation and especially the charter world, where affluent, powerful and high profile passengers paying big bucks for a flight puts extra pressure on the "go" aspect of a pilot's "go or no-go" decision making process. This isn't to say that Kobe personally pressured the pilot in any way. (He may not have, although that happens, allot) It could just have been that this particular pilot did not want to disappoint his famous passenger and that was just enough to push him to the "go" decision when "no" was obviously the prudent choice.

Flying along the coastline which would have been the shortest and usual route was obviously not possible this day. The pilot flew inland and it appears as though he was hoping to follow the 101 freeway west through the Calabasas pass. But as the pass kept getting narrower and ground kept getting higher, the clear space between the ground and the overcast layer got narrower and narrower, and it's possible that at the pass the pilot flew into a solid wall of cloud/fog. The last seconds of the flight that were recorded show that the pilot was executing a turn to the left while climbing, likely attempting a 180-degree turn to escape the clouds he had flown into and while trying to climb above the terrain he knew was all around him. Suddenly, the helicopter looses altitude before the track ends, suggesting that he may have suffered spacial disorientation and lost control while turning. VFR flight into IFR (instrument flight rules) conditions is one of the leading causes of fatal general aviation accidents.


Meanwhile, here's the latest entry into my "Want more Trump? This is how you get more Trump" file:

America, this is what CNN thinks of you...

Yup. A yuck-fest at you. These guys think everyone here, (or basically anyone who is not them) are knuckle-dragging ignoramuses. The funny thing is that I'd be willing to bet that a year or so ago, few of these idiots could find The Ukraine on a map either.

Keep it up, guys. We'll see how funny you think it all is come next November.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Well, damn it - once again, Life has kept me too busy to respond to all your great comments. Mind you, there's not anything exciting happening in my life, just too many little things that have been stealing my time.

Fred Ciampi- I don't really have a lot of advice about the coronavirus other than to prepare for a scenario in which you may be housebound for several weeks (or more). No need to go crazy, but lay in supplies of things which you're likely to eat in non-emergency times (and rotate these regularly). For me, and I'm no expert, I've got canned beans, canned refried beans (spicy), canned chili, canned soups, ramen, boxed mac & cheese, peanut butter, granola bars. I also have salt, sugar, cooking oil, some water (not enough), white rice, as well as things like vitamins, antibiotic creams, aspirin (and other pain relievers), and I'm trying to keep my med prescriptions up to date.

It could also be useful to have some masks that are capable of filtering out viruses. The surgical masks you see a lot of people wearing are better for keeping an infected person from infecting others than it is for preventing infection. And if you're really being careful, you need your eyes covered if in a situation where someone might be coughing/sneezing poisons your way. Fun!

General notes:

• I'm not a sports fan, but I'm sorry to hear of the horrific accident which took the lives of 9 people. It's not up to me to give an opinion on the cause, but this is tragic for too many families.

• The impeachment idiocy is numbing. And John Bolton's book doesn't concern me. His allegation sounds plausible (in general, I like Bolton) but it really wouldn't matter. If Trump believed Ukraine was involved in corruption and election interference, then investigating that - including using the pressure of a quid pro quo - was appropriate.

• I think China is lying its ass off about the extent of the coronavirus. ASSUME it's coming here and prepare accordingly, albeit without panic. And oh yeah - lay in some toilet paper and booze (grin).

AuricTech Shipyards said...

At work today, I slightly rewoded the ending of one of my favorite scenes from Red Dawn:

"Well, who is on our side?"

"600 million screamin' Chinamen."

"Well, last I heard, there were a billion screamin' Chinamen."

"There were. Atchoo!"

Joseph ET said...
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Joseph ET said...

I've been a private pilot in my youth. I think that @John the Econ is dead on. I was taught and frequently reminded that "gotta go-itis" is a killer.

It was sometimes hard to say "No Go".

John the Econ said...

Since I wrote the above, I caught a glimpse of the crash site released by the NTSB. Upon hitting the ground the helicopter totally disintegrated, suggesting that it was totally out of control at the moment of impact. It reinforces my opinion that the pilot suffered spacial disorientation after entering the clouds and attempting his turn and lost control. Tragic, and unfortunately too common.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Regarding Kobe Bryant, I am reminded of the question: "Who has promised us tomorrow?" Everybody's going to go some time. It's extra sad that someone as young as 13 died, but everybody will die some time. There's no way around it.