Friday, April 16, 2021

Fried Day Follies

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We're letting the cartoon do the talking today because we're honked off on too many fronts to concentrate on just one of them. Plus, we're a bit burned out from finally completing our tax calculations for the wretched year of 2020 and (we pause to choke back bitter tears) writing a check to Uncle Joe.

It would be indiscreet to say how much that check was for, but after having done some quick research online, we can confidently say our income tax this year could have paid for two fully-loaded 2021 Toyota Camrys. And who knows, maybe Biden will do just that with the money - after all, he could use two cars to house about 97 more foil-wrapped children whose parents abandoned them at our southern border. 



M. Mitchell Marmel said...

And we tick ever so closer to bloody civil war... (sigh)

Dan said...

So if the Dems get to add SCOTUS justices, does that mean when the Republicans get back in the majority (eventually) they can start reducing the number?

Also, if the Dems were to appoint four more associate justices, will we have to have a whole redesign of their building's interior? Where will the clerks sit?

Jim Irre said...

You forgot to mention being honked off at Pelosi's husband buying $10 million (that's the number I saw) of MS stock a couple days before the big gov't contract was announced.

Jim Irre said...

Almost forgot - put a picture of Slo-Joe next to a pic of Jeff Dunham's Walter. You'll see where Dunham got the idea.

Alan said...

Taxation without representatiion. I'm pretty sure that ain't the way it's suppose to work.

Fish Out of Water said...

I must admit I am just so overwhelmed by this week march of semi-religious woke fascist madness. Each day I hold the hope the chickens will come home to roost in abundance at the mid-term elections.

Elbarto said...

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” – Ayn Rand

TrickyRicky said...

@jpb252- Rand certainly knew of what she spoke. After wading through Atlas Shrugged some time ago I certainly had no idea we would be living in John Galt's world in my lifetime.

Ashli Babbitt....SAY HER NAME!

American Cowboy said...

Will Ashli Babbitt be to January 6, 2021 America what Crispus Attucks was to March 5, 1770 colonial America?

Unknown said...

As much as I enjoy Stilton's Place, I am rapidly getting to the point where I find no humor in what is going on in our country. I believe God is punishing us for our actions on so many fronts. I truly fear for the future our children and grandchildren face.

rickn8or said...

@Jim Irre: Except Walter is smarter and more ethical.

John the Econ said...

Black Robes Matter: Wasn't packing the Supreme Court something that supposed fascist Trump was supposed to do?

Afghanistan: And in only a year or so it will be as though other than the thousands of lives lost and trillions spent we were never there.

CNN: If we were to have an official state media in this country, I'm not sure that we'd be able to tell the difference.

Disney goes Woke: How long before there's no longer any point of going there?

Violating Civil Rights: Now entirely defined by either skin color or political affiliation.

Your Tax Burden: In a more gracious time and place, the beneficiaries of government largesse would be grateful for you dutifully paying your taxes. Unfortunately, all they can think is that you haven't yet "contributed" enough.

Feel the Bern: Sounds like you have.

Colby Muenster said...


Don't feel bad about your contributions to the gubmint. They will spend your money wisely, I'm sure, on much needed "infrastructure." You know, banning guns, gasoline, dissenting opinions and freedom.... important shit like that.

@Jim Irre,
Wow! What a fortuitous, totally unforeseen coincidence for the poor, downtrodden Pelosi family. Maybe they can use the money to buy an electric airplane for Nan's trips to and from the District of Corruption.


"Taxation without representation. I'm pretty sure that ain't the way it's supposed to work." That depends on if you're an American, or a Democrat.

@John the Econ,

If the Dims are successful in adding four more lefty activists, and the Republicans somehow manage to wrest control back, what's to stop them from adding five or six Conservative justices? In 20-30 years, could we see a Supreme Court that has a hundred justices? Madness! Too bad the founding fathers didn't limit it from the start, but then again, they would NEVER have even imagined the situation we have today with a complicit media helping socialists in a takeover.

Now where's that Clan McTurpentine....?

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, isn't already obvious? If the GOP were to do this, it would be like Hitler! When Democrats do it, it's "restoring democracy". In fact, as the New York Times put it, the GOP didn't even need to expand the court to wreck Democracy. Just appointing non-activist Consitutionalist justices did that.

Willie said...

If you ain’t woke, you can’t be right.

Rod said...

Since SCOTUS is Currently about 3 / 3 /3 Liberal/Moderate/Conservative ; it seems it's damn near prefect and indeed Trump had a lot to do with that. Now liberals etal say it's now 3 Libs to 6 conservatives (even though they NOT been ruling that way) because if the Proposed new justice justice is not 100% compliant Liberal and unquestionably loyal to THEM... well then, that nominee is all bad. Well isn't it just a shame it's not that way. And such thinking is disgusting.

So: If we added only 2 more justices 9 (AND BOTH LIBS): As THEY SEE IT it would be 6C to 5L and they're still SOL.. So it has to be add 4 LIBS for 13 (a huge change) to give them 7 to 6 advantage.. And this is said to be "Restoring Democracy and to Correct TRUMP's bias. What a crock.

I've not ever heard such absurd analysis on such an important topic. This not only shows what they want to do, but it also shows how they think; and it's dangerous. They deserve nothing more. Not on any front. Ignore them now; and start voting them out in 18 months. This is... if some of them they can't be tried for past crimes, convicted and face the consequences before that.

rickn8or said...

But Rod, I don't want them to "Restore Democracy". I want my Constitutional Republic back.

Fish Out of Water said...

Wonder what's going on with Lefty Lucy? She must be overjoyed to the point of bring incoherent over the events passing before our eyes.

Stevarooni said...

So expanding the SCotUS is a jobs program, you say?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Feels that way, doesn't it?

@Dan- If the Dems change the number from nine justices, then anything can happen in the future (and will). As far as changing the building, why bother? According to Fauci, everyone is now going to work remotely forever.

@Jim Irre- There's a long, long history of the Pelosi family benefitting from insider trading. By which I mean "theft from shareholders." As far as Joe Biden looking like Jeff Dunham's Walter, I think I did a cartoon showing that back when Joe was still the idiot Veep.

@Alan- That does have a familiar ring to it...

@Fish Out of Water- I hope the mid-terms will help ease our pain, but I'm keeping my optimism in a jar by the door (ala Eleanor Rigby). I'm not sure the chickens can be counted on this time around.

@jpb252- Boom. Ayn Rand nailed it.

@TrickyRicky- I'm very pissed about how Ashli Babbitt and her legacy are being treated. And now the "thorough investigation" into her death is being kept from the public while the office is completely exonerated without explanation. Bullshit.

@American Cowboy- The history hasn't been written yet, but I think it's possible.

@Unknown- I hear you. I can try to add a spin of dry (or bitter) wit to the news, but it's not funny and not encouraging. And I don't personally think that God is punishing us for our actions, but rather letting those actions - initiated by peoples' worst qualities and instincts - play out. And I, too, worry a lot about future generations.

@rickn8or- Agreed!

@John the Econ- Good points all.

@Colby Muenster- Yes, it's a great comfort to know that the government will spend my money in a frugal and effective way ("Hey, illegal alien teens! We're putting you up in a suite at a 5-star hotel with free room service! It's on Stilton!

@John the Econ- I saw some Democrat scumbag on TV saying that stacking the court would only be fair since Trump "stole two appointments." I loathe these assholes.

@Willie- I would never have guessed, even a few years ago, that at this point in my life I would consider the word "woke" a vile obscenity.

@Rod- Good analysis. And a key difference between Conservatives and Liberals is that we want appointees to follow the Constitution rather than any ideology, while the Left wants exactly the opposite. That's why their Justices can always be counted on to vote their politics, while our Justices are (usually appropriately) unpredictable. We see the Supreme Court as two entirely different bodies.

@rickn8or- I hear "Amens" being called out from all the pews.

@Fish Out of Water- I'm overdue to invite Lucy back to explain how wonderful things are now.

@Stevarooni- It makes sense. Look how long Ruth Bader Ginsburg was shovel-ready.

Rod said...

OMG that rely to Stevarooni is hilarious. Dark but funny. You're on your game.

Jim Irre said...


Unknown said...

I would just like to know how a person can be guilty of murder (intent) and manslaughter (no intent) at the same time?

Michael Riles said...

I wonder what the chant will be in Columbus when a girl with a knife tried to stab another girl.

"They should have let her cut her, what the F(BEEP)"


It's just a knife, she had issues, you did not have to SHOOT you BRUTE!

Again---911 calls to these locals? IGNORE THEM!

Then: Hell no we won't go. Vietnam
Now: Hell no we won't go---police when 911 says to go to a “certain” local where
people watched what boomer men used to call a "cat fight" involving a near knifing
as the BALLESS (men included) JUST WATCHED? WTF!!!

“She had issues yes.”
The aunt of the girl shot dead before she stabbed another girl to death.

She should have said “Give me some money.” Richard Pryor on HBO