Friday, November 3, 2017

Donna Brazile: Hack Attack

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Those who have always felt there was something a little "off" about Hillary's rise to her party's Presidential nomination are now having all of their suspicions (and more) confirmed in a new book by the soon-to-be-late Donna Brazile, who headed the DNC in the final days leading up to the election.

In her book, "Hacks," the title of which apparently isn't meant to describe sleazy political operatives such as herself, Brazile says that Bernie Sanders never stood a chance because early in the primary campaign Hillary essentially bought the entire DNC and thereafter made all decisions to assure her eventual candidacy. She did this by providing money to the impoverished DNC (bankrupted by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Barack Obama, according to Brazile) from her own deep campaign coffers. And all the DNC had to do in return was look the other way while populist favorite Bernie Sanders was screwed into the ground by the Clinton machine.

Of course, we'd be more impressed with Donna Brazile's sudden attack of conscience if she hadn't actively helped with the cheating by, among other things, funneling Hillary debate questions ahead of time.

The really interesting question is why Brazile is now throwing Hillary under the bus, and how she expects to get away with it without being Vince Fostered in the dark of night.

Our guess - and fervent hope - is that Brazile knows that real, indictable dirt on Hillary is about to come out, and she's written this book to try to keep from being dragged under by Clinton's Titanic-sized undertow.

Just one more rat deserting a sinking ship.


We had a disconcerting revelation today while reflecting on Tuesday's horrendous terror attack in New York.

We're always told that in the face of such attacks, we need to stick to our usual routines, hold our heads up, and be unafraid.

But we're not unafraid. Mind you, we've got no particular fear of wild-eyed goat-screwing pube-faced radical Islamic terrorists. But we are afraid - for our very country and way of life - when we hear the mainstream media's reactions to a crude act of terror.

On one alleged news network, a talking head opined that the truck-driving, "Allahu Akbar" shouting killer "could have just as easily been a Catholic two weeks ago" before becoming radicalized. Another outlet immediately started worrying for the umpteenth time about a possible (yet never actually occurring) backlash against Muslim Americans. And despite the murderer's sworn allegiance to ISIS, multiple outlets were still declaring this to be a "lone wolf" attack which certainly shouldn't be connected to any particular religion or ideology.

So here's a thought: why don't most of us go on doing what we've always done without fear, while the mainstream media completely changes what they've always done in order to make future such attacks less likely.


REM1875 said...

Arkanside is such and ugly thing --- 8 rounds of 12 gauge to the back of the head- had to stop and reload- self inflicted wound ...... oddly enough they are usually friends of the klintoons.... must be something in the water.....

Jim Irre said...

You can imagine Brazile will get a good stern "talking to" by some hooded guys in a black van.

Barry said...

Even Old Nick himself must be reconsidering the contract he made with the Hildebeast!

Geoff King said...

Since the Clintons have skated on the dozen or so other scandals they have been involved with in the past, I will not hold my breath on this one making any difference.
However, this may be the first time they are involved in three separate scandals at the same time (DNC funding against Sanders, the Trump Dossier, & Uranium One), so perhaps they will actually get their greedy criminal hands lightly slapped this time.

Fred Ciampi said...

Arrrrggghhhh, I was going to talk about Donna's upcoming suicide but now I don't have to. Nice job.

And speaking of sexual provocation, the picture of o'boner is the biggest turnoff I've seen in a while. And that's counting all of my ex wives.

TrickyRicky said...

Regarding the hoped for Clinton de-deification...better stock up on popcorn.
Regarding our vile, worse than useless "media"...I may be a simpleton, but for some odd reason, I'm not so concerned about being attacked by some wild-eyed Catholic wielding rosary beads and reciting Hail Marys.

Snark said...

We are slowly discovering what HRC has known all along, and why she was so distraught on the night of Nov 8, 2016. Her future both as a politician and as a freely mobile individual hinged upon her winning. Now her future as a politician is sealed, her presence is toxic and her mobility beyond the walls of a prison is threatened. Unfortunately for her, the list of people that she might think needs a case of Clintonitis is becoming too long even for her reach.

The "moral equivalence" excuse offered by too many progressives, especially in the lamestream media, would have you believe that everyone with any religious tendencies are the same. As obnoxious as the Westboro crowd might be, I haven't noticed any of them driving through bike lanes, slitting throats or shooting up nightclubs. They don't even protest at nightclubs, gay or otherwise, much less shoot them up. Islam isn't a religion; it is an ideology based upon deceit, subjugation, fear, pedophilia, misogyny, theft and murder. It uses elements of worship to masquerade as a religion.

Bruce Bleu said...

Sorry to dispute your typical "right on" comments, but I must insist that to call lamont "o'boner" (kudos on the lower-case "o") because the requisite phallus must be visible WITHOUT magnification. Due to the years with magilla it is obvious that hers was bigger than his, (gorilla vulva photo in green dress), ergo, he should be referred to as "o'bonerette" to reflect his diminutive "member", (and this doesn't address his lack of testes either).
You, of all people, know very well that lamont would not have his bare ass exposed with a penis-wielding man in the room sans serious anal penetration, but I appreciate the tasteful decorum of not showing the obvious.

Bruce Bleu said...

Your evaluation of mooselimism is DEAD ON!!!! (pun intended) That definition is the most concise and accurate I have ever seen, and should be broadcast to the world as the ONLY explanation for the followers of moHAMmed!

james daily said...

"Oh what a tangled web we weave
When we first practice to deceive"
I imagine all the sympathy for this group of politicians would fit in a thimble and rattle like a b b in a boxcar.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Snark - Living at Ground Zero in East Dearbornistan, I can assure you - Not ALL Muslims are evil. But Islam is.
Convert, Submit, or Die - what is difficult to understand?

Jack Colby said...

In my humble opinion(and I have a million of 'em) what we're witnessing is the Dem party trying to expunge themselves of the Clinton crowd. Were the heights they experienced during the 90's worth this agony? Memories fade, after all. The MSM must decide if they're loyalties lie w/ the Dem party or with the Clintons. If I didn't fear for the future of our Republic, I'd be enjoying this.

Jacj Colby

Stinking Bishop said...

Donna Brazile has been a Clinton operative for decades. If there's anyone who has the classic "safety deposit box to be opened in the event of my death," it would be her. Whether this will prevent her from having a weight-lifting accident remains to be seen.

Fred Ciampi said...

Bruce, I agree 112%, approximately. And o'bonerette it is!. And barry is, for sure, the bottom.

rickn8or said...

And the usual call for gun control by di Blasio and Cuomo after the truck attacks...

Emmentaler "I Like Shawarma" Limburger said...

Like @Pete, I live in the area having the one of the largest middle-eastern/muslim populations in the US. I have not witnessed any acts of violence or aggression from them that I can personally recall. I've been far more threatened by the illegals from the south of the border than these people, and there are far fewer of them. In any case, I call many my friends and neighbors, and hold no ill will to them.

It is their religion, and the parts of it that they choose to ignore that concern me. Even beyond that, though, there is the problem of invasion by birth, as we've seen in Europe. Once in a majority position, the whackos seem to pop up like dandelions in my front lawn forcing their agendas. Is this by design? Do these sleeper "whackos" number among those we call friends and neighbors until such time as their numbers or other circumstances activate them? Dunno. But on the surface, for such a large population, I would expect far more "jihadist" activity than we see here if the prejudices were true...

Democrats: The left is destroying itself at an incredible rate. This, in answer to many of our prayers. The RISK is that they recover the juggernaut before it totally self-destructs; finding a demeanor and a "message" to repair the brand, if you will, It's my fear that, managing to do this, we're doomed as a country, as now the instinctive beast will become a rational, scheming beast. There are those in the fold who are scheming and rational; however, they are currently vastly outnumbered by the irrational, knee-jerking variety...

4sleiborg said...

That someone thinks that photo might be sexually arousing says more about them than it does about the photo. By me, it's right down there in H. Clinton - Maxine Waters territory.

Colby Muenster said...

Could it be?! Are the Demorats really starting to turn cannibalistic on poor widdle Shrillary? I'm praying this snowballs to the point where Arkancide (tip of the Muenster hat to Geoff King) is not an option for the old hag anymore due to too much press coverage. Yes, I know the Clintons own most of the press, but if one or two wolves start eating another of their kind, the rest of the pack will join in.

Speaking of wolves, I saw this posted somewhere the other day:

"After the London 'Lone Wolf' terrorist attack, government officials have arrested at least eight other 'Lone Wolves' who had conspired with the original 'Lone Wolf' in planning the 'Lone Wolf' attack. Even though all involved are Muslims, you can be assured, the 'Lone Wolf’ attack has nothing at all to do with Islam, just like the other 1000 plus 'Lone Wolf' attacks by Muslims, are completely unassociated with Islam."

Anonymous said...

We Catholics often pray for the conversion of evil people but Hillery is looking more every day like a shoo-in for the fiery basement.

John the Econ said...

The fact that the only two "competitors" to step forward to challenge Hillary for the nomination were a former mayor nobody outside of Maryland have ever heard of who's city had just burned to the ground and a socialist who didn't even belong to the party was proof that everyone who was anyone in the party knew not to bother because the fix was in. Campaigning for President is an incredibly expensive and exhausting 2-year long endevour, and unless there's something big in it for you (and your backer$) there's absolutely no reason to go through the exercise. The popularity of Socialist Sanders was a complete unforeseen surprise, just as the popularity of Trump was. Had the Clinton cabal and the DNC foreseen that, they certainly never would have allowed Sanders into the party. (And they certainly wouldn't have initially supported Trump as the supposed spoiler to the GOP either) This is just one of the countless examples of how Clinton and her bubble-dwelling cronies were so completely convinced of her inevitability, and the country's growing discontent with the machine that runs DC. It was her turn and the plan was so simple, so how could it go so far off the rails?

The popularity of Sanders drove Hillary so far to the left as to be unbelievable to the coalition of moderate and blue collar Democrats that made Bill Clinton possible a quarter-century earlier. As the primary got closer, the shenanigans that they had to employ (the fraud of the "superdelegates") got more and more transparent. The only thing transparently "inevitable" about Clinton anymore was the corruption of the ironically-named Democratic party. Everything the Clintons touch end up with their stink all over it. Fortunately, that will now not include the whole country.

So why is Donna Brazile, who was an active participant in the fraud now throwing Hillary and the DNC under the bus? Perhaps she's looked at current field of leading Democrats, mostly over-80 white fossils and the comical supposed rising stars of the moment, Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson, and came to the conclusion of "Hey, I'm clearly more credible than any of these clowns. Perhaps it's time for my shot at the top spot" Maybe she actually cares and knows that the Democratic party is going absolutely nowhere as long as the Clintons stay around stinking up the place. The stench of "crooked Hillary" with her fingers still in the party lingering into 2020 will do nothing but be an argument for a 2nd Trump term, especially if the economy pumps along at anything better than 2% for the next 3 years.

The problem is that in the wake of the Clinton corruption, there's nobody left with any moral authority at all to claim the role of "reformer". Not even Bernie has that kind of cleansing ability.

New York Terror: Remember, being aware that there are thousands of turd-world Muslims who have contempt for everything this country stands for being fast-tracked into our country, and even when the FBI finds out about them nothing happens, or even if they are found to be "interesting" they lose track of them until bodies start piling up, and just being "concerned" about any aspect of this is "islamophobia" and that is bad.

But of course, the left has long declared that any semblance of "common sense" is now "bad".

As for the media: What is the endgame here? The trajectory of the kind and number of attacks is clear. It's getting worse, and there is no sign of change or abatement. As the body count continues to rise, just what is going to happen? Do the apologist Progressives and the media believe that they will be able to maintain this narrative forever?

John the Econ said...

Brazile-ian Wax: Seriously? In a microsecond, I can think of a dozen things that I could enter into Google that would instantly produce something far more "sexually provocative" than that. Good work Google. Apparently, they got the wrong message from their grilling on Capitol Hill this week.

John the Econ said...

Geoff King said "...this may be the first time they are involved in three separate scandals at the same time (DNC funding against Sanders, the Trump Dossier, & Uranium One), so perhaps they will actually get their greedy criminal hands lightly slapped this time."

I doubt it. The genius of the Clinton MO over the last 40 years is that by having so many scandals in play at any given time, that nobody can focus for very long on any single one of them enough to build enough of a consensus to effectively prosecute.

Of all of the corruption that these two have been the central figures over their careers, in 100-years time, the only history that most people will know of them be regarding Monica and the infamous blue dress. It's the only thing that most people have ever focused on and will remember in enough vivid detail. Sad, but true.

Plus this: For decades now, it's been my fervent belief that the Clinton's deal with Satan preclude legal consequences for anything they've done, in this lifetime.

I have to agree with @Snark; When yet another Muslim unrepentantly mows down as many people as possible we are not to judge his race, religion or culture. But all conservative white males are universally equated to pretty much each and every crime committed by anyone remotely similar. I considering the ever hardening bigotry of low expectations combined with simple straw man political opportunism and bullying.

As for their "tolerance" for deceit, subjugation, fear, pedophilia, misogyny, theft and murder masquerading as religion, I've long argued that if only white, male Christians were to enthusiastically embrace Islam since it actually does endorse what the left has accused the white, male Christian hegemony of being all about, they'd put a stop to Muslim immigration tomorrow.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- One thing you have to say for the Clintons' late enemies: when they kill themselves, they really go the extra mile.

@Jim Irre- Hillary won't use anything as obvious as a black van. I'm thinking a Fed Ex truck...or maybe an Ex Fed truck?

@Barry- if the Devil hasn't sweated in Hell previously, I'll bet he is now.

@Geoff King- It may be my increasingly feeble memory playing tricks on me, but I seem to associate the Clintons with the invention of "scandal fatique;" that is, so many simultaneous scandals going on that people just throw their hands up in confusion.

And while I HOPE Hillary will get nailed, I don't see it happening. Remember her very first act as First Lady? She hired one of her toadies from Arkansas to grab all the top secret "scandal files" on everyone in Washington - no doubt copying everything. She denied knowing anything about it, denied hiring the guy, and...of away with a library of blackmail files which I don't doubt she's been using ever since for power and protection.

@Fred Ciampi- Seriously, who could find that picture sexually provocative? Well, maybe Kevin Spacey - but why would he be looking at my blog for naked pictures of Barry when he already has so many of his own?

@TrickyRicky- I'm against violence, but I would hypothetically feel empathy for any Catholics who beat the stew out of the guy who suggested that they're just as likely to become radicalized terrorists as Muslims.

@Snark- I think EVERYTHING in Hillary's world, including covering up crimes, depended on her winning. A thought that makes me happy daily.

And I, too, am sick of the moral equivalency arguments which claim that ALL religions are equally dangerous if the believers believe strongly enough. When was the last time the Amish took down a skyscraper, or set a cage filled with people on fire? How many Lutherans saw the heads off of "infidels?" I'm not religious in the least, but I know the difference between good and bad, and the difference between religions which inspire people to move in one direction or the other.

@Bruce Blue- What, you never heard of foreplay?

@James Daily- Well put. I want to see the swamp drained and I don't care WHICH swamp critters (R or D) get the treatment. Trump worries me, but he's exactly the bull we currently need in this corrupt china shop.

@Pete (Detroit)- I don't doubt there are many good muslims. My community in North Texas is home to many of them, and we've had no negative incidents. At this point, encountering women in head scarves when I shop is simply a given and I don't think much of it. But there are a few women who show up in black, head to toe, sometimes with only mesh to peek out of. That just pisses me off, as it's such a blatant attack on American values.

@Jack Colby- I think you're right...but what in blazes can the DNC replace the Clintons with? Bernie got some traction, but he's yesterday's news now. Elizabeth Warren has a following, but is unlikely to galvanize the party. Maxine Waters? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! On the DNC side, the players are old, they're out of ideas, and - oh yeah - they don't have any real money coming in anymore. And while I do fear for our republic, I am enjoying this.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Stinking Bishop- Excellent point! I'll bet she's got a helluva lot of stuff "to be revealed upon my death" that the Clintons can't afford to have come out.

@Fred Ciampi- Barack Obottom. It's got a nice ring to it!

@rickn8or- I think they need to combine their war against guns and trucks by just outlawing cylinders.

@Emmentaler "I Like Shawarma" Limburger- There does seem to be a demographic trend around my own community that when Muslims move in, more soon follow. And all of them breed like rabbits (well, presuming the bottom rabbit is facing Mecca). I'd like to think the best of the situation, but it seems that in other places there is a "tipping point" reached when Muslims are no longer the minority in a certain area, and their behavior changes. True? False? I don't know. Just keeping my eyes open.

Regarding the Dems, my big fear is that Obama's destructive policies are still doing damage - particularly to healthcare - and it's not impossible that the demand for totally socialized medicine will empower the Democrats. Especially since the mainstream media isn't even pretending to present accurate news anymore.

@Pete Madsen- You just put two horrible images in my mind...

@Colby Muenster- My prediction (you read it here first) is that if enough crap hits the fan, Hillary will have Bill killed so she can be too "emotionally distressed" to testify for the rest of her life.

And like you, I'm getting tired of the "lone wolf" designation when these killers are linked by ideology and electronic communications. We need a new term. Perhaps the one that Nidal Hassan actually printed on his business cards: "Soldier of Islam."

@Judi King- The guise of religion conceals a lot of wrongs in our world. That's not a condemnation of religion, but rather a condemnation of its abuse.

@Anonymous- Just how many "Hail Marys" does a penitent need to say to be forgiven for one hundred murders or so?

@John the Econ- Excellent analysis! I'm not sure if Brazile's goal here is to make a run for office herself, or simply to split herself off from the Clinton debacle enough that she'll still be hired for her political expertise (ha!) in the future.

And you've smacked it out of the park with your observations on terror, monitoring terror, and "if you see something say something." Are we supposed to be COMFORTED by the idea that this recent killer "was on our radar?" And since the guy was here on a visa, shouldn't that have been grounds to ship him the hell out of Dodge?

Finally, despite my lack of religious conviction, my belief that the Clintons struck a deal with the Devil is much higher than 0%.

@rickn8or- This SO needs to happen!