Friday, September 28, 2018

Shame! Come Back!

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Thursday's Kavanaugh hearings were compelling, heartbreaking, enraging, and disgusting. It was a naked display of the depths the Democrats on the committee will go to in their attempts to destroy a good man...while blithely also ruining the life of Christine Blasey Ford, who they callously used as an expendable political pawn.

Dr. Ford's testimony about an attempted rape 36 years ago was riveting, emotional, and made a convincing case that she believed what she was saying. But over the course of the hearing, it became quite clear how ruthlessly and dishonestly she has been used by the Dems.

She had requested anonymity to avoid having her life shattered. But her identity was leaked to the press when only Dianne Feinstein, her staff, and the legal team they quietly arranged for Dr. Ford had the information about her complaint.

Dr. Ford didn't want to appear in the spotlight to be grilled by politicians, but her handlers knew that a woman in emotional distress would make for good TV, no matter how damaging the experience might be for her. Which is why she showed clear surprise when she was asked why she hadn't agreed to give her testimony privately, have members of the committee fly out to her home, or simply answer questions on the phone: her legal team and handlers had never told her that these were options.

In a moment of perfect irony, when questioned on this matter, the woman who claims to have been traumatized for a lifetime by having a hand clamped over her mouth was cut off from speaking by one of her handlers who suddenly clamped her hand over the microphone.

When it was Judge Kavanaugh's turn to be questioned, he revealed himself to be a man on fire in the best possible way. In his lengthy and passionate opening statement, he went on the attack about the disgusting and dishonest spectacle that his confirmation hearing had become. He choked up when describing the nightmare this has been for his family, and the undeniable fact that his good name has been stained, if not ruined, forever.

While Ford's testimony contained not a scintilla of actual evidence (all of the "witnesses" she named have said, under penalty of perjury, that they have no recollection of any such event), Kavanaugh was able to produce an abundance of exculpatory evidence about his past, his whereabouts during the time period of the alleged incident, and overwhelming testimonials about his character.

In return, the sneering Democrats stuck to a carefully scripted playbook, asking Kavanaugh repeatedly why he seemed unwilling to put the nomination process on hold and march into the Oval Office to demand that President Trump call for a full-blown FBI investigation of Ford's utterly unsubstantiated and unprovable claims. Note to the Dems: it is not the nominee's job to conduct the investigation.

And in fact, the committee has investigators at their disposal who can check out anything the Senators want checked out. Tellingly, the Republicans on the committee did use these resources to check out every allegation against Judge Kavanaugh, while the Democrats refused to participate.

In the end, we believe that Dr. Ford was sexually attacked many years ago and is sincere, but that she is wrong about Brett Kavanaugh's presence or involvement. We further believe that Kavanaugh would, and hopefully will, make an extraordinary Supreme Court justice.

But the whole sickening spectacle of this Grand Guignol confirmation circus will leave indelible scars, not just on Ford, Kavanaugh, and their families, but on the entire process of confirming future nominees (assuming anyone is even willing to go through this meatgrinder again). The stench of this shameful spectacle will linger for decades.

The Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are, to a member, unspeakably vile. We can only pray that the November mid-terms don't add to their despicable ilk.


Didn't see the hearings? Lindsey Graham sums things up clearly and forcefully...


Sortahwitte said...

The repubs on that committee are lower than pond scum. Almost as low as the dims.
Little lindsey finally found his voice? Too damned little and too damned late.
Color me disgusted. The dims planned, plotted, rehearsed, and paid big money.
The repubs sat on their thumbs and hired a "judge" sympathetic to the liar.

james daily said...

GoFundMe campaigns have raised more than $500,000 to cover Blasey Ford's costs.

I believe Ocrap was also a well paid liar. Interesting point: Perjury, will it be prosecuted?
Palo Alto bldg permit records raise questions about Ford’s testimony she completed an “extensive remodel” of home in 2012 & that this was seminal event that led her down path to coming out against Kavanaugh b/c she needed to add an escape door. Permit was issued in 2008.

Dan said...

I'm glad Graham has found his voice. I was very favorably impressed by his statement. Now he needs to keep it up.

Oh -- Someone noticed Sheila Jackson Lee handing out a Christmas Card to Ford's lawyer:

Or maybe it was a Veterans' Day greeting for the lawyer to pass to Blumenthal. Enquiring minds want to know.

REM1875 said...

Remember when they get back in power we are just gonna sit down and shut the f*ck up and be nice as they roll over us.... just reach across the aisle, let bygone be nice and let the past go....... and come together to support their issues..........

In a friken pigs eye

REM1875 said...

I missed the part where "he almost killed me"........

FlyBoy said...

While I'm not a big fan of Lindsey Graham, I do agree w/ him 100% on what he said. Leave it to the Dems to turn that whole process into a three ring circus. Can't wait to see who's gonna be put through the meat grinder to replace Ruth Buzzy Grinchberg....

Sandra Gray said...

Ford may be a doctor and college professor, but listening to her talk makes me think she has little common sense. How does she feel - now that her promised anonymity has turn into national spotlight? When Kavanaugh gets voted in, he will certainly remember every second of this. And when Ford gets back home - She will have plenty of time to reflect on her seemingly foolish choices of the last few months.

Judi King said...

I watched the whole shameful circus and was never so disgusted. The dims get a talking point and never let it go. And, I almost stood up and cheered when Ms. Feinstein got taken down. She WAS taken down and should have been. A good portion of this insanity can be laid at her feet. Ms. Ford seemed sincere and compelling until I saw Kavanaugh walk down the hall to the chamber. The look on his face was something to behold. You could tell he was prepared to fight and fight he did. Also, Sen. Graham was stellar. All that nonsense of what high school kids did or said, over 35 years, was totally pointless. Most HS kids do silly and stupid things. Big deal! It's what kind of an adult you become that matters and I'd say Kavanaugh's life has become outstanding. He needs to be confirmed and the dims need to be voted out of office.

Bobo the Hobo said...

My cousin and I texted back and forth while we watched the entire show, from Ms Blasey Ford’s little-girl-voice to Senator Graham’s man-on-fire takedown. Perhaps I am an outlier but I didn’t believe Ms Blasey Ford’s story at all; she did not seem “sincere”, she seemed determined to destroy Judge Kavanaugh.

Let’s recap;

1. The gathering/“party” downstairs was quiet
2. She was “dragged” from the bathroom doorway and shoved into a bedroom where music was played
3. The music was cranked up and she was yelling while struggling
4. Several attempts to escape resulted I. ‘Tumbling” from the bed, thereby creating a racket
5. She “escaped” to the bathroom where she slammed the door and listened to the boys as they “pinballed” off the hallway and down the stairs
6. She ran out the door and miraculously made her way home - she does not remember how

And still no one remembers this party


Call me heartless but I just don’t buy it

Jim G (Edited by Stilt) said...

I listened to the entire monkey shit slinging circus today on my am radio. What a disgrace of due process and the American way.

I do feel sorry for Dr. Ford. She was probably assaulted by someone, but was it Kavanaugh? I doubt it.

People, we are in a civil war, make no mistake about it. Pray for President Trump, for Mr.Kavanaugh and his young family, and for our country.

Peace. Out.
Jim G.

Sandra Brown said...

Sandra Brown (Edited by Stilt) said...
Macarthyism is alive and well. This is a travesty of justice, Jim G. Get on with it, nominate this man and shut up.

Fish Out of Water said...

I specifically did not watch the hearings as a.) its a sham and b.) need to watch my blood pressure. However, t here is an image I wish I could post here, not directly related to the issue at hand but I believe very pertinent.

Its a copy of an old Soviet poster regarding the so-called doctor's plot, showing a smiling, kind doctor being unmasked by the masses as a vile demon. If I were clever enough and skillful enough to manipulate the image to show the unmasking of the democrats to show what they truly are, I'd do it, but in any case unless one has nothing but earwax between their ears, this farce should be sobering.

And the democrats aren't done yet. Note this from Politico: "Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) on Wednesday announced that he’s seeking an injunction in federal court designed to stop a final vote on Brett Kavanaugh, asserting an obstruction of his constitutional duty to advise and consent on nominees."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim G and Sandra Brown- I had to edit your comments owing to some specific calls for violence. I fully appreciate the passions of the moment, but that's pretty much the only rule I strictly enforce in this comment section. Hopefully you'll be okay with the "redacted" versions of your comments.

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

@Sandra Gray: How right you are! Ph.d.s and college professors, of whom I've known many, are humans and represent the full range of human types, from living saints to full-on psychopaths. I have a Ph.d. and was for a time a university professor, and I've done some breathtakingly stupid things in my time. All of Ford's credentials don't add a thing to her inherent credibility (hmmmm, I just realized "credential" and "credibility" have the same root. Odd that, but it doesn't change the fact). Her credentials lend some credibility to her work in her narrow academic field, but nowhere else. Same here and I wouldn't claim otherwise.

Laura D said...

My question is this: can Feinstein be censured by the Senate and removed from the committee as a result of her handling of this whole thing? Because she should be...

Emmentaler Limburgher said...

Ugh. And the "honorable" Merkley, in his attempt to circumvent the Constitution through abusing it, is using the 9th Circuit as his venue, I bet - a bunch of fair-minded democratic communists are seated there...

I don't wish them (the ds) voted out as you all do. I wish for them to be exposed and prosecuted. I will probably experience neither, though I pray for at least the first to come to pass. Unfortunately, there is still a passel of useful idiots out there to vote 'em back in, or manipulate the means of voting to ensure they remain.

Tots said...

I'm sickened by what went on yesterday, and leading up to yesterday, but yesterday was the crowning achievement of this travesty.

I felt Kavanaugh's pain when he mournfully stated his reputation was ruined. He's correct. A chunk of the country is absolutely convinced, without a shred of evidence other than the accusation, that he is a serial sexual predator.

I have even seen an accusation that Kavanaugh said, "She thinks I'm in a gang? I'm not black!" When called out on it, the poster said, "I saw it, why should I have to prove it to you."

There we are. The sickness has spread and is malignant.

I don't know what is next, I only know that the course we're on is one which ends in violence. I pray things change before then, but with the monsters we have leading half of our government, I do not hold out much hope.

Geoff King said...

Interesting and ironic that the party known to be full of gropers, rapists, and murderers should hold a Republican candidate to such high standards that a possible minor infraction close to half a century ago should be so dwelled upon.
The sad thing is that the average Democrat is evidently incapable of discerning this blatant hypocrisy.

Jess said...

I think they should go after Feinstein. She's the leader of this farce, concealed evidence from the committee for political gain, and can't be trusted with anything requiring security.

I doubt that happens, unless some of those in the Senate forgot to return their borrowed pair.

steve on the left coast said...

....a beautiful summary Stilton - thanks!

Greg B. said...

Every woman has the right to be believed...
Unless you're RAPED by Bill Clinton,
BEATEN by Keith Ellison,
GROPED by Cory Booker or
KILLED by Ted Kennedy.

The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds and was on its full ugly display again here. I strongly suspect Soros' dirty paw prints are somewhere to be found in all this charade. I have to wonder if Dr. Ford's bank balances will soon be increasing by a large amount?

I think Trump should announce that if they don't confirm Kavanaugh, then his next nominee will be someone far more conservative, such as Jeanine Pirro. If Pirro was on the court, Ginsberg would likely have a stroke or heart attack within a month. Trump then gets another pick. He nominates Andrew Napolitano. Liberal heads explode. THAT would be fun to watch.

Jack Colby said...

I've heard complaints about how the prosecutor that questioned Dr. Ford handled this. But she established, clearly, that Dr. Ford's accusation was made before Kavanaugh was nominated. She saw his name on the "short list." Her rationale was that, given her recollection, she could cause someone else to be nominated. And what did Sen. Feinstein do? She sat on Dr. Ford's letter during open hearings, closed sessions, even during a private interview w/ the nominee. There are not a lot of matters in life that can't be summed with a quotation from the cinema classic "Animal House." What Sen. Feinstein should tell Dr. Ford is this: "Hey, you f*cked. You trusted me."

IPrefer2BAnonomous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alan McClure said...

Wasn't there a report somewhere that during the time Feinstein had Ford's letter and before she announced it Ford's social media accounts were "sanitized"?

Boligat said...

I watched as much of the hearings that I could stand (not much, but enough). Dr. Ford has been assaulted twice. Once when she was young, but not by Kavanaugh. And once by the democrats and her 'beach buddies'. The latest assault is ongoing.

She is too timid to stand up for herself. In spite of her 'courage' in coming forth, she is not courageous enough to put a stop to her current assault.

This supposedly happened when everyone involved was under age. Don't we routinely seal the records of juveniles so that youthful stupidity will not come back to bite you in the butt? Or is that an old fashioned and situational concept? (Rhetorical question when the left is concerned)

Last of all: My wife thinks Kavanaugh is a hypocrite because of his role in the Whitewater investigation (which would explain his reference to revenge on the part of the Clintons). Anybody know anything about this?

Bruce Bleu said...

OK, we have a "PhD" which is usually respected as a learned and smart individual. This one, however, reports of a "drunken" Brett, nearly "falling down" hammered, being able to overpower HER, (who only had 1 beer, ILLEGALLY since she was under age). She was not DRUNK, however, so had better use of her balance and decision-making abilities, but could not rebuff the advances of Brett, whom she can't even be sure was the one who attacked her, (even though she only had 1 beer)? No doubt, because this was such a heinous crime, she reported this attempted rape to her devout moral parents who immediately filed a police report while the miscreant Brett moved to Mexico to avoid arrest? The reports of her screaming "RAPE" and calling for intervention by the other party goers seems to be missing, but I'm sure it will surface as soon as she has a visit by a "personal injury" lawyer.

SAM said...

Innocent until proven guilty seem to always be forgotten when its a Republican or a Man who is not a high ranking Democrat.

Fred Ciampi said...

I didn't watch the circus as my blood pressure would have topped 386/192 and then my head would have exploded. I did, however, read all about it here on this blog and on farcebook. Besides, my wife made me hide all my ammo so that I wouldn't shoot up the television and she wants to watch doctor shows later on.

I suppose, Stilt, that you're correct in editing calls for violence so I will refrain from calling for "Night of the Long Knives" or to pull Dan White out of retirement.

Got to go now and pick up a gallon of 180 proof 'shine because I may well need it between now and November......

John the Econ said...

I watched most of the s***show yesterday, and was predictably disgusted.

I agree that after Judge Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford was the biggest victim in that room. She was clearly used, and when the dust settles she'll be tossed aside. Maybe she'll get a book deal, but her personal life will certainly be no better because of this. I feel for her family, just as I feel for Judge Kavanaugh's.

DiFi is going to be a big loser here. Watching the hearings now. Minutes ago while Cornyn was outlining how Feinstein leaked Dr. Ford's letter and set her up, the camera was on Feinstein. She couldn't look up. She also knows that after this beclownment theater is over, she's gotta go home for re-election while dealing with the scandal involving her staffer (who got demoted to mere "driver" when the story broke) who was actually a spy for the Chinese communists for the better part of two decades.

But look at it this way: Finally, Democrats have an actual, legitimate reason to vote against Kavanaugh; Kavanaugh is now on the record for really, really hating Democrats.

Just heard Whitehouse almost literally say that!

And it's really funny to see Democrats now present themselves as the teetotalers in America.

Whitehouse is still on the FBI investigation thing, saying they should find the house that this party took place somewhere in the metro-DC almost 40 years ago based upon Dr. Ford's vivid description. Apparently, the FBI is capable of knowing exactly what the inside of every house in in the metro-DC area looked like 40 years ago.

(BTW, Sheldon Whitehouse has long been my list for arguing that those who don't accept global-warming-justified eco fascism should be arrested)

Senator Lee is now introducing hearsay as evidence. Hey, Senator Lee, I can imagine all kinds of crimes you could be responsible for that would be more than enough reason to have you impeached from the Senate.

Lindsey Graham: Who know it was possible for a RINO to grow balls? Probably the best part of the afternoon right there.

Remember, to most of these people, this is all about "abortion". So what's destroying a handful of mature lives in order to continue killing millions of immature ones? It's all just broken eggs to these people. Which is why we need less government instead of more run by people like this.

Which is another reason Kavanaugh should be seated.

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King, I would love to see the "Kavanaugh Standard" applied to all of Congress. Every member should be judged based upon the flimsiest of evidence and hearsay. It certainly would be effective in clearing the swamp. It will also never happen.

Progressives are never held accountable.

Also a lot of talk about "sworn statements under laws for perjury". When's the last time someone was prosecuted and sent to jail for that?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I find myself pleasantly surprised. GO LINDSEY GRAHAM!!!

John the Econ said...

And remember, most of the people outraged about Kavanaugh voted for a Clinton at least once.

John the Econ said...

Jeff Flake just lived up to his name, and the FBI gets a week to find this mystery rape-room. So we get to live through another week of insanity that makes the Salem Witch Trials look rational. Also gives Creepy Porn Lawyer more time to pick up some new clients.

Next feminist outrage: Kavanaugh left the toilet seat up in in the '80s.

Judi King said...

Outrageous!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL these Rinos and dims need to lose their "jobs".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sortahwitte- As the Republicans should have learned by now, when you bend over backwards to please the Left, you eventually find your head up your ass.

@James Daily- In fairness, we've already established that Dr. Ford isn't good with dates. Or facts.

@Dan- Well THAT was a skeazy looking move! I've seen drug deals transacted more visibly!

@REM1875- Exactly. They have no idea what "resistance" really means.

@FlyBoy- If Kavanaugh doesn't get the seat, the Dems will see that there won't be ANYone appointed before 2021. But what happens if Ginsburg leaves the job (so to speak)? The Dem impasse would leave a 7-member court with a conservative majority - they wouldn't like that.

@Sandra Gray- Kavanaugh should never have trusted Democrats or, God help her, the lawyers they "arranged" for her. I don't know if she was violated 36 years ago, but she damn sure has been now.

@Judi King- I didn't want to watch the whole hearing but I couldn't look away from the carnage. And yes, the high school yearbook was pretty much the dumbest piece of "evidence" that anyone could possibly imagine.

@Bobo the Hobo- I noted the "little girl voice," too. But just to add to the confusion, that's sometimes emblematic of women who were sexually abused at a young age. I don't think it's the case here, but who knows? That being said, I don't think she was lying - I think she's confused.

@Fish Out of Water- As you probably know by this time, the Senate has agreed to postpone a floor vote for at least a week so the FBI can run the magic investigation the Dems were screaming for. And if no evidence is found against Kavanaugh, just how many Democrats will vote for him? Will even ONE be swayed? I think not.

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- Interestingly, I had a college psychology teacher who told the class that most people get into the psychological profession out of a desire to understand their own issues. Is that the case here? Maybe.

@Laura D- In a perfect world Feinstein would pay a price for this. Considering the world as it actually is, she will more likely be applauded.

@Emmentaler Limburgher- I, too, have fantasies about the Dems eventually being seen for what they really are, but I'm afraid that my faith in our ill-informed and disinterested populace doesn't give me much hope.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Tots- I wish I could disagree with anything you wrote, but I can't.

@Jess- I think we've already seen that the Dems don't care about the mishandling of "secure" information. To put it mildly.

@steve on the left coast- Thanks! By the time I finished watching the hearing I was emotionally drained, and didn't feel like I could bring my "A" game to writing the commentary. So I just did my best to report what I saw.

@Greg B- The Dems don't give a rat's ass what men on their side do (although Al Franken was offered up as a sacrifice to keep the #MeToo momentum rolling). And if Kavanaugh's nomination fails, I really wonder if we'll see anyone seated to the court for several years at least.

@Jack Colby- I thought the guest prosecutor did a fine and fair job. And I think much of what Dr. Ford said was validated (with the glaring exception of who the culprit was). But there's no question that this woman who wanted to quietly do her "civic duty" was dragged into the spotlight's glare through deliberate actions of the Dems. Her life will never be the same.

@Alan McClure- I remember reading that Ford's social media was cleaned up before anything went public. Just more evidence that the Dems micromanaged this whole thing.

@Boligat- I don't think there's any minimum age limit on being traumatized, but it does seem like there's usually a closed door policy on idiocy that people do in their teens - as long as it wasn't overtly criminal. In this case, various authorities have said that even if Ford's allegation is true, it wouldn't quite amount to a charge of criminal behavior.

Regarding the Whitewater matter, I'm in the dark. I can only take so much politics on any given day.

@Bruce Bleu- In fairness, at the time of the alleged attack, Kavanaugh was avidly into sports and working out. So even if blind drunk, he would probably have the strength to hang onto a girl once he had a grip on her. I'm certainly not saying that's what happened, though!

@Simon Maguire- According to the Dems, there's no presumption of innocence necessary for a "job interview." But this was no job interview. With a job interview, if you're not hired you move on with your life. In this case, the process has ruined the Judge's name and reputation, caused immeasurable harm to his family, and - at least according to the Dems - made him eligible for a jail cell. Making this seem more like a "patience of Job" interview.

@Fred Ciampi- Yes, I've got a "no explicit violence" rule here, but I'm only reminding folks, not chastising them. And in fairness, lots of folks (including me, certainly) like to flirt with the limits. But in my mind, references to "pitchforks and torches" is pretty clearly metaphorical. So I guess if anyone want to express a violent thought, just remember to do it whimsically. For instance, I would have no problem with saying that the Dems on the judicial committee should be marched out of the building, lined up against a wall, then pelted with banana cream pies.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- As you'll surely know by now, there IS going to be another FBI investigation delaying the floor vote on Kavanaugh. I'm pretty sure if the FBI can find even one house in the area that has an upstairs bedroom and bathroom, the Dems will say it's proof that Kavanaugh is guilty.

And wow, I would love to see the "Kavanaugh Standard" applied to Congress. Here's a good place to start: let's out all of those who have been accused of sexual misconduct and had the victims paid off quietly with tax dollars. I've got a pretty good idea which party would feel the pain most.

@Woodsterman (Odie)- I frequently have problems with Graham, but not yesterday.

@John the Econ- In the sacrosanct week for a new investigation, I fully expect new accusers to come forward with outlandish stories. What downside is there for the Left in insisting that every anonymous tip get another investigation?

@Judi King- To quote a great old song, "what a wonderful world it would be."

dr said...

Look at the bright side. Just think of all the Democrat votes that the judge will get after the FBI doesn't come up with anything!

Fish Out of Water said...

Personally, I am not concerned over a one-week "investigation" into the still yet to be corroborated allegations. If nothing else has been found after all this, I can't imagine what the FBI could possibly uncover in a week. If that's what's is needed to get enough votes for full Senate confirmation, Godspeed.

PS: Wonder how the democrats feel now that thanks to uber weasel Harry Reid, they do not have the option of a filibuster?

Beans said...

I believe that Dr. Ford believes she was attacked at some point in her life. The critical word there being 'believes.'

Quite frankly, I doubt very sincerely that Dr. Ford was raped, forced, groped or even mistreated. I have been around women who have been, and none of them act the way that Dr. Ford does.

Now, surprisingly, Dr. Ford does act like a lot of middle-aged women who have drowned way too many braincells in alcohol, leaving a trail of partially destroyed memories from her youth to piece together. I have seen lots of party girls and party boys whose 'real memories' include everything from parts of television shows to books they've read.

And, unsurprisingly, they truly believe that the 'real memories' are in fact real. And, unfortunately, unscrupulous therapists and advocates can manipulate these memories to fit practically any instance. Sad, but true.

As the saying goes, "Sorry, but not sorry." I am sorry that Dr. Ford is this farked up. And I am sorry that she allowed herself to be manipulated. I am not sorry that her personal embarrassments, which she and others tried to use to destroy a good man, have gotten her and her handlers into deep kimche. As another saying goes, "Sucks to be you." 'You' in this case being Dr. Ford and her handlers.

For shame, shame upon the people who used and abused this broken woman for their own purposes against Judge Kavanaugh.

Rod said...

All these assholes are hyper-sensitive and quick protect their turf. I have a dollar of my own money on this: In the full Senate McConnell and Schumer will do something else about the floor vote (probably opposing things as well; IE not bipartisan & coordinated) if for no other reasons than to show they can.

The several ways to explain why Republicans are so careful & considerate of the opposition (but then often fail to get the job done) are: They are sensitive about vunerabilities during campaigns; know that someone has dirt on them; are on someone's payroll; or are just cowards. Democrats on the other have no fears because their associates and base is either ignorant or crooked as Hell; the press is with them; and their transgressions have no consequences.

What a mess. But now in 1 week's time the FBI is going to clear it all up. OMG that's rich.

MAX Redline said...

This'll be the seventh time that the FBI has vetted/probed Kavanaugh. Dems must be gamblers; betting on "lucky 7". Thanks, Flake.

Dan said...

Flake, once the vote is complete, should be stripped of his committee assignments and any seniority assignments or perqs he might have. He's leaving soon. And may the door slam him in the behind on his way out.

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

There's a question about this whole mess that's been bothering me, and to my knowledge hasn't been asked: If Ford asked and expected to remain anonymous as the author of the original letter, what was the point of sending it? It would have accomplished nothing. I suspect the plan all along was for her to go public, with the fiction that she was unmasked against her will designed to generate more sympathy. While she went along with this, I don't think the poor dingbat had any idea what she was letting herself in for when she turned her life over to Feinstein et al.

Valvenator said...

Velveeta PCF
I think too that it's a load of BS.
I said to my wife, who is a victim of sexual abuse, this is the reason why real cases of rape get ignored and she said YEP. I believe it's mostly in her mind.

"Beans said...

I believe that Dr. Ford believes she was attacked at some point in her life. The critical word there being 'believes.' Now, surprisingly, Dr. Ford does act like a lot of middle-aged women who have drowned way too many braincells in alcohol, leaving a trail of partially destroyed memories from her youth to piece together. I have seen lots of party girls and party boys whose 'real memories' include everything from parts of television shows to books they've read."

Reminds me of a woman I used to work with who used to come in with wild stories she saw on TV the night before which were line for line bits and pieces of movies I'd had seen before. She was convinced that these things really happened as if she saw them in a documentary.

Joe Jetson said...

It is uncanny how many days I say to my wife, "The Democrats cannot sink any lower." Only to routinely witness them burrow even deeper into their bottomless effluent.


It doesn't matter anymore. This country has marched too close to civil anarchy and/or civil war for the FBI investigation to matter. However it turns out, the losing side will keep agitating and pressing until we get to the "Fort Sumpter" moment. I pray that I am wrong for the sake of my children and grandchildren. I spent 32 years as a law enforcement officer. All of Mrs. Ford's "evidence" would not get a district attorney to issue a criminal complaint. If alive, my grandparents and father would be packing up to return to Germany. How stupid can the dims be? What do they think will happen when it is their turn to nominate someone? Who in their right mind would want to go through this? Imagine, not being confirmed to the SCOTUS because you missed a church choir practice, or you had an "F" in behavior in 2nd grade? If all 100 senators were told that something they did when they were 17, true or not, would be divulged in 72 hours, BK would be confirmed 100-0 at 2:00 AM the following morning.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit it during a drunken party 36 years ago Moooochelle ground her penis into me. I never told anyone about it except for Fred and Willy, the voices in my head, about the incident because I was so ashamed. I mean who'd believe me after the frontal lobotomy and 16 charges of soliciting at Boy's Town?

Anyway after being involuntarily committed and seeking help, I revealed during therapy, not shock because after 16 sessions they burned out the generator, I revealed that I had been sacrificing small furry puppies to the dark Lord because of this incident. Now the shrinks decided that this was the perfect time to inform the press that some guy whose name starts with a K was guilty of attempted rape. The shrinks explained to me it was really this man in an Mooochelle mask that had terrorized me so long ago.

They even told me if I learned this story, it only took another 20 shock sessions, Soros bought them a new generator I learned what they wished me to. I have to admit I was beginning to enjoy those sessions. I enjoyed seeing them fry eggs on my belly during the sessions. Anyway they even allowed and funded my home improvement scheme. I loved the new rubber she shed, the secret room with altar for special ceremonies and sacrifices. I even got them to put in two front doors because I have nightmares about the man in the Moochelle mask telling me to suck it and her nasty friend Der Weinner, or something like that. The freak was always sending me his photos. Talk about a little willy and he always had this Kenyan freak sucking on it. Eeeeew.

So it all ended well because they took me to some freak show and circus and they let me tell me my story. They tell me next week I will star on Jerry Springer and the Kimmel show. I'm a star and they started a go fund me project for my retirement.

Almost makes the memory of that freak Moooocheelle disappear but late at night when I'm almost asleep............

james daily said...

Here is another one I came across, Ford is working with (for) the CIA, her father is a banker for the CIA and her brother worked at Fusion in '04. What bothers me is this came out 10 days ago and not a word has been said about it:

Jim G. said...


Jim G. here. I appolgize for the violent comments. I was a Navy Pilot for 20 years and was trained to kill people.

I'm sorry if that offends you or other Stilton Place fans, but that's the unadulteraded truth of being an operator in the military.

Support personnel are not trained for that and most don't have that mentality. Support personnel do all of the jobs that allow the operators to perform their mission...put ordnance on the enemy with extreme malice and vicious intent.

I swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I view the activities of the democrats today as domestic terrorism. Hence my unappreciated/inappropriate comments.

I again appologize and will in the future restrain my enthusiasm.

Nontheless, I still feel that we are in a non-shooting Civil War in this country. It's only a matter of time before that could, and may very well change! I hope you are all prepared.

Pray for our country and President Trump. I do pray for both every day.

Jim G.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

“America is at that awkward stage; it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

― Claire Wolfe

Unfortunately, that moment seems to be getting closer and closer. I fear for our nation.

Anonymous said...

The FBI is going to investigate Kavanaugh and clear this all up? Is this the same FBI that investigated Hillary Clinton?

Anonymous said...

Bret Kavanaugh - will go down in history as the first Supreme Court nominee to be raped by the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Ford's testimony had all the credibility of an Obama pledge to respect America.

Rod said...

@ Jim G., Stilt, et al: A correction is in order. The "hot" and often shooting part of this next U.S. civil war has already begun. It may have been even earlier; but it definitely was underway with the attack on congressmen on the ball field in Washington DC; the shooting of the Congresslady Gabby Gifford in Arizona; and quite possibly with several unexplained deaths & disappearances by others (which seemed to attract less investigation than Judge Kavanaugh). With respect and behavior having sunk to new lows since all that... I think it surprising the "war" has not already escalated. But THAT is reason for hope.

Gee M said...

Yes, the letter supposedly written by the American Bar Association calling for a delay while the FBI reinvestigate turns out to be FAKE NEWS...Judge Brett still has a high rating with the ABA and they still highly recommend him as a Justice.
Seems the president of the ABA bypassed the committee that votes on those things and sent the letter all on his own self.
Points for guessing which party the prez belongs to!

Dan said...

Christine Ford's body language made it blatantly obvious that she was lying....
NOBODY with the IQ of warm toast would actually spew such a pile of drivel
and believe ANYONE with two brain cells to rub together would believe such trash.

American Cowboy said...

@ Dan- Your comment pretty well sums up why the left DOES believe her.

Judi King said...

Ms. Ford stated she had ONE beer (at age 15) but couldn't say how she got to the alleged party or how she got home. Has anyone questioned her whether she was on some type of drug? Her memory is just too sketchy.

Susan Fineman said...

Once again, you've hit the mark! I wish I could be so eloquent in my responses to the vengeful, hate-filled Democrat congressmen and liberal women I once thought had a brain. Since the election of my President, Donald Trump, it has been one screaming, vicious protest after another. Judge Kavanaugh's impending confirmation will bring out the vagina hats again and I'll be sipping a congratulatory beer in his honor....and I don't even drink!! I LOVE YOUR COLUMN!!!!