Monday, April 12, 2021

Deep In The Heart of Taxes

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This cartoon is a carryover credit from our 2015 risibility returns

While Tax Day has technically been moved to May 17 this year, the government still requires the self-employed to make a quarterly tax payment on April 15. So there's no way to know if you're making an accurate payment unless you've done your freaking taxes. So once again we're dancing with Turbotax and the always impenetrable language of the IRS. Seriously, it would be easier to interpret the language of dolphins than whatever the hell the IRS forms are talking about.

And we're feeling especially resentful about paying our allegedly unfair "fair share" this year while watching how the Democrats are spending like there's no tomorrow. And perhaps ensuring that very outcome.

When did "trillions" become such an easy-peasy word to toss around in spending bills? Joe Biden's proposals already total over four trillion in new spending, which is more than the total amount the government collected from taxpayers in 2019. So where is this "money" coming from? You'll find out soon enough as you watch the purchasing power of your savings or retirement accounts dwindle while prices rise on (we pause to check our extensive research)...oh, yes! Everything!

Then there's nonsense like New York's $2 billion plan to give away $15,600 in Covid relief to individual "undocumented workers who can meet strict eligibility requirements." Which makes us wonder: how can the "undocumented" meet any eligibility requirements? Are they excluded if they do have an I.D.? And is there any way to stop the Biden administration for making this the new standard for Democrat voting?

Still, there are even dumber ways to waste tax money.  Although Kamala Harris has yet to evince any interest in the non-crisis border crisis she's supposedly in charge of, she has suggested that she believes the best way to reduce the tsunami of illegals invading our nation is to make their countries of origin more desirable to stay in. Which is why the Harris-Biden administration is considering plans to just send Central American citizens the damn money directly and save them the long walk to our border.  Whether or not they'll still receive a complementary Biden t-shirt remains unclear.

Neither are we keen about writing another big check to the government (and we're lucky/unlucky that it IS a big check) in order to fund a CDC which believes that racism is a public health threat (hint to the CDC: if you can't culture it in a petri dish, then STFU). Nor are we happy about pouring money into the FBI, Homeland Security, and the National Counterterrorism Center - all of whom have declared "white supremacists" to be the greatest active terror threat owing to, and we're paraphrasing their report here, "all white people being bad." But if that were true, then we'd be making a tasteless joke (which we aren't) about NASA announcing that the best way to use our tax dollars is to put a "person of color" on the moon.

But despite all of the above, we're actually glad to pay our income tax. Because it still beats getting raped in a prison shower. 



JustaJeepGuy said...


I feel ya, as the kids say. The Demo_Rats seem to think that the money we earn doesn't belong to us and they've graciously permitted us to hold it until they expect us to give it back to them.

I would love to see every taxpayer find a way to reduce his income to the point where he either doesn't have to pay or has to pay a minimal amount. Then let's see what happens when there's nothing for the Demo_Rats to take...

Brie Camembert said...

Person of color on the moon? let's start with the Obamas - one way ticket of course!

White supremacists the problem? I can think of 3 that should be taken down for a start - Biden, Schumer and Pelousy. Incidentally, Africa had a problem with white supremacists, so they kicked them all out. Now African nations are a beacon for peace, tolerance and economic prosperity for all, right?

And finally, we've all seen what happens when governments start printing money by the bucketload. But hey, the wrong people were in charge, just like socialism ;-)

Maybe its time for the Jarlsberg clan to start applying for Canadian citizenship?

Ungood said...

Stilton, don’t pay your taxes and avoid showering. Easy. Problem solved. Sort of....

Cridge said...
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Roger Myers said...

Born in 1945, I am one of the luckiest people on the planet, it was the best time in the best country that has ever existed on the

Planet Earth. Buckle up Stilton, the ride to the bottom will be hellishly fast compared to the 245 year battle to the top.

Roger Myers

Bobo the Hobo said...

It’s not like your tax dollars won’t go to fight racist infrastructure. Wait ..... what?

Jess said...

Taxes are similar to extortion, except with extortion, there's always the possibility someone will go to jail.

Unknown said...

I agree with Roger Myers above (I'm 1950)...I'm always on the same page with YOU! You are awesome. I don't know how you do it, but this is the way I wish I could debate with the moronic Democrats in my life.

Fish Out of Water said...

Feel your pain Stilton. We owe as well in beaucoup $$ this year too. The cause is having lived many, many years overseas and having paid into my host country's version of Social Security, I and spouse also draw from this country's pension system in addition to SS. Unfortunately this is deposited untaxed and as far as I know there is no way to have taxes withheld from it. I have been told I shouldn't bother reporting it as the respective governments do not 'talk' to one another , but report it anyway as if there was an audit, well how would I explain the income?

But this has made me realize just how grasping our federal and (depends on where you live) state and local governments are. Wages are taxed, SS is taxed thanks in part to the Obama sock puppet president. Our cellphones are taxed, our cars are subject to a yearly state property tax levy, My house groans under an ever increasing property tax levy, our purchases including necessities are taxed, some states tax SS benefits, our gasoline is taxed, our utility bills are taxed, our entertainment is taxed. All this is just off the top of my head. I am sure a more comprehensive, mind boggling list could be compiled. Make me wonder if we as a people face the same crushing tax burden the people of France groaned under before the fall of the Bastille.

Fred Ciampi said...

How much is a trillion you ask? Well, let me try to explain. We'll do it in metrics, that simple but often confusing unit of measure. We'll start with a millimeter. How big is a millimeter? A dime is 1.35 millimeters thick. You can take it from there. We'll start with a million. A million millimeters is about 6 city blocks. And we all know that a million of anything is a lot.

How about a billion, which is a thousand million. A billion millimeters is about from here to Chicago. Wow, that's a goodly distance.

Now a trillion, which our government spends in dollars like it was water. A trillion millimeters will go around the earth at the equator twenty-five (25) times!!!! Can you imagine how long that is going to take to pay off? Never!

And that, boys and girls is what our government is doing to each and everyone of us as we speak.

TrickyRicky said...

@Roger Meyers- ^1,000

If we all paid our annual taxes in one lump sum rather than incrementally through payroll deduction, the Bastille would be stormed immediately.

Boligat said...

As long as we are talking about taxes, I have a serious question that maybe someone here can answer. I just found out that my last stimulus check was deposited over two weeks ago in my checking account. It puzzled me because previously the payments came as paper checks, which is also how my tax refunds come. So why this time in direct deposit? And, how did the IRS know which checking account to use? I have two at two different banks. I have never authorized direct payments and never given out any account or routing numbers, either.

John D. Egbert said...

There is a certain degree of logic to having Federal general elections on 16 April . . .

Anonymous said...

Answer for Boligat: I had the same question as it happened to me also. However, in my case I have direct deposit for social security. The Social Security Administration shares your information with the IRS for the "stimulus" checks.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

I keep saying that "billion" and "trillion" are meaningless words. You need to start drowning your opponents in zeroes; heaven knows they're trying to drown us in them!

1 million: 1,000,000
1 billon: 1,000,000,000
1 trillion: 1,000,000,000,000

Start spelling the numbers out! Get them to acknowledge the huge sums in explicit detail! It may not help, but it can't hurt.

John the Econ said...

I'm in much the same boat, @Stilton. I usually have my taxes mostly done by the end of March, but like last year with the inevitable extensions, I got lazy. Fortunately, last week the government sent us a $2,800 debit card made of phony money. So this week, I'll basically just be sending it back to them.

"When did "trillions" become such an easy-peasy word to toss around in spending bills?"

It doesn't seem all that long ago when when "billion" became the new "million" in terms of federal budgets. I honestly didn't expect to live long enough to see "trillion" become the new "billion", a 1000-times increase. I mean yes, American affluence has grown amazingly during my lifetime, but not that much. Perhaps government affluence, but not my affluence!

Remember how barely over a decade ago Obama spent a mere $787-billion on phony stimulus and other than the nation's balance sheet taking another hit, the economy went nowhere? How far we've come! As is typical with abject Progressive failure, the only failure was not spending enough!

But once the "trillion" barrier was busted last year, we should not have been surprised that the Democrats would have the pedal to the metal on spending with absolutely no end in sight. And it no longer even matters what they say the spending is for. For example, "infrastructure" now openly means literally anything Democrats like. So "infrastructure" is no longer just bridges, water projects, or highways, (which we can't actually do anymore because "global warming", but it does mean "Paid leave", "Child care", and "Caregiving", or basically everything that actually isn't infrastructure. And they haven't even yet promoted the promised "Medicaid for All" upon us yet.

Perhaps that was Trump's mistake: He should have declared that he was going to spend a trillion on "paid leave", "child care", and "caregiving", but instead used build a border wall. Because you can't afford "paid leave", "child care", and "caregiving" for your own citizens if you are too busy paying to accommodate everyone else's citizens.

John the Econ said...

So where is this "money" coming from?

You, silly! Oh, they don't have the balls to actually tax you directly for any of this. No, Progressives absolutely hate transparency, because that might accidentally wake up the people who will get bludgeoned the hardest by this. They'll do it via raising taxes on corporations, which will get passed on to you via higher prices, lower wages, or simply lost jobs as corporations retract or simply leave for friendlier environs. (This is why the globalists are so keen on a "global minimum tax rate" for a "more level playing field", which basically means everything moving to China & Russia)

Or more likely, they'll do it as they have been by doing absolutely nothing and letting inflation run rampant. Of course, inflation is the most regressive tax of all, decimating those who spend 100% or more of their income and goods and services. (It's much less harmful to the rich and ultra-rich)

New York & Kamala: If I was young and poor, I'd seriously consider renouncing my citizenship, shred all my ID, head south of the border, come back, and then just travel state-to-state to cash in on the insanity. Because working to accumulate wealth and freedom as a young person today seems more and more futile.

Defund the CDC: You'd think that in the midst of a global pandemic they'd have more important things to focus on. But this is now typical of the out-of-control deep state. We have the Federal Reserve fighting racism & "climate change" too.
So if the CDC now has the time and resources to fret about phantom threats that (brilliantly put) you can't culture it in a petri dish clearly the CDC has way too much time and money on their hands and needs some trimming. Whoever rises as frontrunner for the GOP should declare that any agency that spews such absurd outside their wheelhouse nonsense should get its budget cut at least 10%. That should keep them focused.

John the Econ said...

@JustaJeepGuy said I would love to see every taxpayer find a way to reduce his income to the point where he either doesn't have to pay or has to pay a minimal amount. Then let's see what happens when there's nothing for the Demo_Rats to take...

That has long since been my plan, especially once I am relieved of my biggest expense, health care. Unfortunately, the smarter Progressives at the reins of this madness know this, which is why they'll take the inflationary approach. They don't give a rats ass about the poor as long as the poor remain subservient. It's the middle class they need to destroy.

@Roger Myers, there are certain advantages to being old. I can't imagine how I'd feel knowing what I know as a young person today; entering maturity in an era where the ruling elite openly proclaim that it will be futile to expect a standard of living in any way comparable to theirs because of the various isms. Unlike the whiny woke types who complain about what an awful country this is and yet would never consider living anywhere else, I might.

@TrickyRicky, if all people had to write checks with lots of zeroes every quarter as @Stilton & I do, there'd be a revolution tomorrow.

@Boligat, I have no idea. So little of this makes sense. Since we pay our taxes quarterly nor do we get "refunds", the IRS has no direct deposit information on us. So last year we were mailed paper checks, which was fine. (Beyond than the infuriation that the government had taken out a massive payday loan in our names and then gave us a mere 10% of it, anyway) This year, they sent us these infuriating debit cards which you have to activate. I really didn't want to be basically carrying $2,800 in my wallet. Depositing these in our checking accounts was a pain, as I actually had to go into my branch where they basically took a $2,800 cash advance from it and then deposited that in my account. So basically time wasted and a supposedly otherwise unnecessary indoor COVID exposure opportunity for money I am just going to send back to the government this week. Thanks federal government!

@John D. Egbert, I've long argued that voting should be combined with your tax return. Your vote counts as much as the amount on the "total payment" line. We'd have a much different country today if the people actually paying the most had a greater voice than those paying nothing, or less.

Sortahwitte said...

After nobama hits the moon, I have two additional candidates. jesse jackson and al sharpton.
Your basic trifecta. Shoot 'em to the moon by june!

Boligat said...


Thanks. I checked with my bank and they backed you up. I do have direct deposit for my social security check.

Colby Muenster said...


We feel your pain! Whatever happened to all those tax plans floated by politicians (including Trump) that were going to simplify the tax code? "You'll be able to file your taxes on a postcard!" The DC types are all for simplification during election season, but seem to get a bit forgetful AFTER the elections.

Mrs. Muenster and I were self employed for a time, and I always thought the quarterly reporting BS was an intentional effort by Democrats to discourage independent businesses, which they loathe.


THAT really puts in into perspective. sir. If only the Congress Turds could actually THINK about that before casting their votes so damn frivolously. And, dumbasses like AOC are pissed about how small the spending packages are. Her sights are waaaaayyy higher. "We'll just take the money from all the billionaires!" says she. Sigh... isn't math a horrible thing to waste?

@Brie and Sorta,

What do you have against the poor, innocent Moon? Still, if it actually happened, Barry would immediately declare himself Emperor of the Moon, Al and Jesse would start protesting because Barry's half white, and Nan and Chuckie would get blamed for all the Moon's problems because they are all white.

American Cowboy said...

Another way of looking at what one trillion is, a dollar bill is 6.14 inches long. One trillion of them laid end to end would stretch to the moon and back four hundred and five times.
One trillion dollars stacked on top of each other would be about 67,866 miles high.

Math was never my strong suit in school, so I nay be wrong. But hey, wrong is the new right. . .isn't it?

Murphy(AZ) said...

^Boligat: Any time you make a transaction with the government, the instrument of payment is recorded. Over time, it is then cross-referenced to other transactions, matching names, addresses, account numbers, routing numbers. Any time there is a verifiable match (and very often when the matches are only partial,) the new information is added to your file. All it takes is a basic search engine and a screaming amount of storage space. Think only Microsoft has a Cloud?

Consider facial recognition programs and all they need to match to be able to pick one face out from tens of millions of possibilities.

Uncle Sam knows who you are, where you are, and how to reach out to you when they want.

Marty said...

During the election run, a commenter said they were voting Democrat because they “like the way they talk.” No expectation for them to actually follow through, though.

I likened it to having a rapist whisper sweet nothings in your ear. She didn’t appreciate the comparison, of course.

SpectreRider said...

Did they put into the same account that you deposited the paper checks into by chance? I'd bet that's the case.

Rod said...

I can suggest a shovel-ready project for several leading Democrats of late; more precisely a backhoe-ready project. The land can be an idle, fairly useless but environment - geology - hydrology acceptable piece of government land too remote for anyone to visit unless it's to hydrate & piss. No pipelines, cables, fiber optics; aquifer recharge zones or major access. A remote, scrubby looking land. The concept for a cemetery with deep-pit mass grave would make that land priceless; but no monuments would be allowed. The condition is someone else has to do the all the dirty work; I like life & freedom.

Or maybe we should all study-up, commit to it, and just legally fix the obvious problems.
Then let's all play fair and be nicer. But "All One Community" NOW? My ass.

John the Econ said...

I was really having trouble getting motivated to work on my taxes this morning. But then I thought of the prostitutes willing to do Hunter Biden with their feet while he smoked crack, and figured that if they could get motivated enough to do that, I should be able to get by taxes finished.

Rod said...

By the way (in catching up): I've been away and waited to get back to have access to controllable night video of that supposedly "horrid" drop of a poor little abused child from 14 foot high border wall. That's a news statement which I never saw or heard refuted.

Tt's a simple matter to scale two vertical distance on the prefect distant view in which to do that. In my screen image the top of wall to ground was 48 MM for a 14' high wall. The distance from the second girl's feet to ground was 14 MM so she was dropped from a still and stable hold straight down feet first to land upright on her feet with knees bent and immediately go on down to ground on her butt. She was up and had moved off within a few seconds. No sign of injury. This drop was probably practiced in advance. It's not much different then kids jumping off old fashioned porches or low retaining walls for fun.

It doesn't take long to see right thought all this bullshit. Do the script writers even look at the video? I wish our press was half as honest; and that WE were half as bright, tough & dedicated as these border jumpers.

Anonymous said...

Illegals get a free $15,000 plus free plane tickets, free welfare checks, free medical care, and free education for their children vs. we get a stingy $1,400 or much less, depending upon our incomes, plus we get to pay the bills for the illegals. Thanks, Uncle Joe, for caring. (Sarcasm).

Michael Riles said...

Newsflash: At least eight people were killed after a gunman opened fire at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis late Thursday before also killing himself, police said. Multiple other people were taken to hospitals with injuries, police said.

Then - FUCK? Medieval acronym that means Fornicate Under Consent of King.
Now - FUC? Family Unification Center – the set up by police after a mass shooting.

To the tune I Love Paris

I miss Deutschland every morning.
I miss that land every day
It's a place where you can stroll
on their main drag.
And not be worried about getting

I miss Deutschland when I switch on,
any news on my TV.

Every day,
same old crawl tag.
X number
met their fate.

Newsflash: New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s (D) campaign has shelled out at least $62,500 to a former staffer after he accused her of grabbing his crotch and laughing at him in front of his co-workers.

To the tune Walk Right In, Set Yourself Down.

She walked right in
dumped water on crouch
grabbed his unit on that day.

Democrat you know
and governor of
the great State of New Mexico.

She wrote of check for sixty two grand to drop it,
the guy or someone blabbed to press.

What do you know,
a female Cuomo,
the standards are dropping real low.