Wednesday, July 17, 2019

VP Phone Home

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"And wear a dorky helmet while riding a bike."
In Joe Biden's increasingly desperate bid to associate himself with Barack Obama in the public's mind, he recently trotted out a comment which is - even for Joe - jaw-droppingly stupid.

At a candidate's forum on Monday, the former Veep said of his "new" healthcare proposition that "if you like your healthcare plan, your employer-based plan, you can keep it. If you like your private insurance, you can keep it."

This is almost word for word what Obama said just before making it illegal for millions of Americans to keep their health care plans and, in some cases, quadrupling their insurance costs. Obama's oft-repeated promise is widely regarded as the lyingest lie told in eight solid years of lying. It probably has its own entry in the Guinness World Record Book of Lies and will likely never be bested.

Although it's entirely possible that Slidin' Biden (whose poll numbers keep dropping) is tone deaf enough not to realize his choice of words was salting a national wound, we prefer to think that Obama himself is secretly giving Biden hilariously bad advice on running for President and wondering when Joe will finally catch on to the joke.

We're guessing it may be when Barry arranges for Bill Ayers to drive Uncle Joe to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church for the annual 9/11 "Chickens Come Home to Roost" sermon.


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Those of you who've been here since the Hope n' Change days will likely remember frequent commenter Jim Hlavac. He's in a pretty tough situation just now with life-threatening illness and can use our help.

He needs to fly back to the United States from Mazatlan (it's a long but interesting story) to get medical care, and a very modest ($1000 total) Gofundme page has been set up to assist in covering his travel costs. Even small donations will make a difference and be much appreciated!

Click here to help out one of our own!


Pat Cummings said...

Oh, no, you dih-unt! Nothing makes women (of color or of no color) angrier than attributing their perfectly-righteous anger to the monthly visit from Auntie M.

Expect to be roundly chastised by the Squad...

james daily said...

Hilarious "Squad" cartoon. I had to clean up the spewed coffee. On that nitwit Slide'n
Biden, I think folks are figuring out what we figured out years ago: He is one of the dumbest politicians to ever hold office. It doesn't help his references that he is a serial groper.

j said...

I SO much wish I could help Jim- but since I retired and live form month to month, I honestly don't have anything left over. I am so sorry. Praying for him/

rickn8or said...

To be fair, Slow Joe was talking to a bunch of AARP people and figured they wouldn't remember hearing "If you like..." the first time.

Also, it's his latest example of his plagiarism.

Kay said...

Hi Stilt, I have never contributed to a go fund me...Do they take money out of PayPal? I only have 5$ for him but I do want to send it. Kay

Jim Hlavac said...

Thank you Stilton -- and to those who can't - that's OK -- to those who did -- my biggest love from my heart

Jim Hlavac said...

To the many Friends of Stilton -- to kind of fill you in -- Democrat Socialist Heterosexual White Liberal Progressive Women chased me -- an old gay man with AIDS -- out of my home in Central Phoenix -- they got me evicted from my apartment -- and so I ran away. Along the way in Joplin MO I broke my wrist after a swarm of wasps attacked me in a motel room barely 5 minutes after I got there. Then I had surgery in Peoria Illinois -- and then the woman there who offered me refugee -- wanted to take over my life -- so I ran from there! -- to Mazatlan Mexico -- were I am a beloved character for 13 years in "Centro Historico" (if you can't read that Spanish, you ain't trying)

Oddly, I now live illegally in Mexico -- getting free health care! On the Mexican taxpayers' peso! A young fellow I know for 8 years somehow got me 8 months of AIDS pills -- I don't know how.

But now - after 40 years with "it" as I call it -- AIDS nowadays -- I am returning to my native New York City (accent to prove trust me)

I thank you all from deep in my heart.

At Amazon is my book "Kafka Lives" about this Fraud and Lies in Arizona

At at Youtube -- is all the music I've been creating here --

Thank you --

Fred Ciampi said...

With the exception of President Donald J. Trump (I love seeing that in print) the whole election campaign is one big clown car.

Jim, you will make your goal with funds to spare!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Donation sent for Brother Jim. Hope to see you funded 100% by nightfall!

Biden is not the dumbest politician ever to serve. There are MYRIAD deeper in the depths of stupidity than he is - even if you discount plain ignorance. Take Ms. Occasional Cortex, for instance. Joe's apparent problem is that he is highly malleable and so desperate to be liked that he doesn't filter what he grasps at against anything other than "it worked for him/her". That, and his handlers must be among those circling the drain of the intelligence sink. Fill an empty vessel from empty vessels and you get... Joe Biden.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

I think there's a possible song parody here: "Hey, Joe, whatcha doing with your foot in your mouth?"


Q: What's the difference between The Squad and a band of pygmy hunters?

A: The pygmies are a bunch of cunning runts.

Jim, sent what I could. Best of luck to you!

Prarie Lion said...

Reading the comments is hilariously entertaining, just more icing on the cake.

Not a big fan of GoFundMe. The take a big cut and they kick patriots off the site. Can I send you a check for Jim?

TrickyRicky said...

It's safe to say that Uncle Joe Biden wasn't part of the team that put Apollo 11 on the moon. He's probably not a neurosurgeon either. Calling him an idiot is an insult to idiots everywhere.

Jim H.-that is some story! What a long strange trip it's been. Looks like your Go Fund Me has done the trick. Godspeed.

Jack Colby said...

Wait'll Uncle Joe has to unwrap himself from what's coming soon RE BHO's Justice Dept.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pat Cummings- "The squad" is so offensive to me that I felt the need to be offensive myself. I'm such a scamp.

@james daily- I knew when putting it together that the squad cartoon would have a spew factor. As far as Biden goes, does he have any "qualifications" other than loitering around Washington for so long?

@j- Happily, the fundraiser for Jim Hlavac has already reached its goal (though I'm sure anything extra will be helpful) thanks to a great turn out by the folks here. And I'm pretty sure that prayers offered on his behalf are also valued.

@rickn8or- I'm not sure even JOE remembers the phrase from the first time!

@Kay- I don't think Gofundme will take Paypal - I wish they could! I understand not wanting to give Gofundme a charge card number. I use a "virtual account number" created online from my card provider for extra security.

@Jim Hlavac- I'm so happy and humbled to see the way people have helped online. This is a damn good group of people, and I'm not applying that to only the folks who can send money. Travel safely!

@Fred Ciampi- One big clown car is absolutely right! Let's not forget that only days before this Tweet controversy, AOC was accusing Pelosi of discriminating against "the squad." Washington DC should have calliope music playing at all times. Thanks for your contribution, too!

@Emmentaler Limburger- Good summary of who Biden is! And good on you for your donation!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Are we still allowed to tell the cunning runts joke, or is that now a jail-worthy crime? It's so hard for me to keep up. And thanks for the donation!

@Prarie Lion- People who don't visit the comments section here are missing out on a lot. I love the interplay here! Regarding Gofundme, those rascals do grab a portion of the money by default - BUT you can manually change their share of the take to 0% to ensure that everything gets to the target. I'm afraid I'd have no way of getting funds to Jim directly, but for now he's reached his goal.

And while GoFundMe may be no friend to patriots, Jim Hlavac certainly is one. Don't tell GoFundMe! (grin)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- If Biden had been the first man to set foot on the moon, his historic first words would have been: "How do you pee in this suit? Oh, God love ya - is my microphone on?!"

@Jack Colby- Deep in my dark little heart, I think the separation between Biden and Barry on the campaign trail is for the very reason you suggest: damage control for Joe when the treason trials start for Obama's spies and operatives.

Dave said...

If the democrats can’t field more intelligent candidates than what we have seen, that entire voting bloc is lost. And I’m not sure about the other voting bloc. I think that our country has seen its best times and is going downhill quickly. What will our grandchildren inherit? Franklin was right about “A republic, if you can keep it.” And Jefferson about refreshing the tree of liberty from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots. Not too long and this country can be taken over by a reserve company of postal police from a third world nation.

Jim Hlavac said...

I don't quite know who you all are -- except "Stiltonistas" -- and while some family and close friends I've had for decades donated - the majority seem to be from this site -- I am overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks -- to Stilton for posting it -- and the many who donated. I sit here in Mazatlan Mexico in near tears -- so far $1,255 towards my $1000 goal has been raised.

My dear people - I am from a generation of Gay Guys back in the 1970s and 1980s -- of hate, and despise, bar raids, physical attacks, disdain -- of "it" as we called it before the term "AIDS" was created -- I watched 100 friends die! -- you can't really imagine (eh, maybe)

Thank you from the deepest wells of my heart :) all my love to you

Stevarooni said...

Safe journeys and a good recovery, Jim! People out on the Internet care, odd as that is to say.

Pat Cummings said...

@Jim Hlavac: I believe I will also go check out your book Kafka Lives... And think of you coming safely back to the US while I do.

John the Econ said...

Biden 2020: Make America 2009 Again!

Not to say there aren't aspects of 2009 that I'd like to see again. Gas was under $2-a-gallon. Teenage girls weren't being forced to compete with boys in athletic competitions and then shower with them in their locker rooms afterwards. Anti-fascist-fascists weren't roaming the streets looking for businesses or politically non-compliant citizens to assault with the blessing of local officials and law-non-enforcement. Drag queen shows were still limited to adults, publicly anyway. Starbucks served just overpriced coffee instead of overpriced coffee with virtue signalling. Nike made overpriced shoes and clothing. Police were still empowered to stop what appeared on the surface to be criminal activity when they saw it, regardless of race. People were still horrified by the idea of post-birth abortion. I don't think "sanctuary cities" for the law-evading was a big thing yet. I had a doctor I liked and the insurance I liked for my wife and myself was a reasonable and easily affordable $400 a month.

The only thing that Biden seems to have to offer is that he's not as wacky as the rest of his fellow contenders, and 2009. (Remember, he's the "sane", "adult supervision" of the party) And yet, I am real sure that Biden has no intent much less ability to bring back the relative serenity of 2009. Considering that he's already felt obligated to walk-back the only remotely good things he's done for America over his way-too-long political career to comply with current far-left Progressive mores, I have little faith that a Biden era would be any better than any of the Obama era, much less 2009. Since I don't think he's capable of a "Sister Souljah" moment to buy back any credibility in standing up to the insane wing of the party, I'm almost willing to assume he'll be gone by winter.

The Odd Squad: Calling Trump a "racist" wasn't any new or big accomplishment, but doing so to the Democratic party leadership sure was. Do you get it yet, white Democrats? You can spout all the feel-good pieties you like, but sooner or later the identity politics Borg you created will come for you.

Jim Hlavac: Was happy to kick a few bucks to Jim. Although his missives here were always longer than mine, he never insulted my intelligence. Good luck, Jim.

Ben Rumson said...

Great post as usual.
Has anybody else had recent trouble with the email link to Stilton's Place?
For the last week or so I click on it and get several lines of addree starting with Google, but it doesn't connect. Have needed to come here via bookmarks, but Stilton doesn't register clicks the same way.

Ben Rumson said...

Addresses...verdampt spell complete, and I didn't check first...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dave- I don't think we're going to see more intelligent Dem candidates because we're increasingly living in a post-intelligence world. Brains don't count; passion and social media skills do. In fact, brains are actually a negative in these odd times. And I don't know where it will all end, but it feels like we're heading toward some sort of "quickening" to something.

@Jim Hlavac- "Stiltonistas" sounds like I should be wearing a Che Guevara beret, chomping a Cuban cigar, and raising hell (grin). I'm so glad that things have gone well with the fundraising, though I'm not at all surprised. And I'm additionally glad that so much has changed since the 70s and 80s.

@Stevarooni- The Internet can be cold and impersonal, or the absolute opposite. It's times like this that I applaud the "humanity" of this odd electronic space.

@Pat Cummings- Kafka Lives tells the story of Jim Hlavac's recent years of nightmarish abuse from government bureaucrats who more or less declared him a non-person. I haven't yet read his book, but heard about it most it in real time through our friendship. It is no exaggeration to say that his experiences have been Kafka-esque to a nightmarish extreme.

@John the Econ- Your portrait of 2009 filled me with wistful melancholy. How did 10 years ago get to be so damn far away? And you're right that Biden is leading us back there or, really, anywhere. He doesn't have the presence to lead anyone, especially in this revved up radical political climate. I don't think the really rabid Lefties (but I repeat myself) were impressed by his challenging Trump to a push-up contest.

Regarding the Odd Squad, I almost got whiplash from this craziness. My cartoon one week ago was about AOC saying that Nancy Pelosi discriminated against these four "women of color." Which underscores your point that no one is safe from the accusations of these idiots.

@Ben Rumson- Sorry about the problem, and I'm happy to offer very little help (grin). Since others haven't been complaining, it's probably something on your end...or voodoo. You might try clearing your browser's cache in case it's getting confused with previously clicked links (but make sure you know what you're doing first). Of course, you can just as easily remember to visit the site every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The link I send out in the emails is always the same - just bringing you directly to the page.

NVRick said...

Two things:
Biden is running on "Hopeless Change". I imagine he thinks his 'health care' policy will be a "Big F-n deal.
I saw the other day that some billionaire has leapt into the clown car. I think that his main plank, if elected, will be to impeach Trump.

Bill from Wood-Ridge said...

Happy to help Jim out. Thanks, Stiltonian, for getting the word out. I see Jim exceeded his goal. Superb.

Valvenator said...

NVRick, Let me guess, it's that pasty faced hedge fund manager that spent over 50 mil for impeach Trump ads on YouTube. I always let his ad play out so he can waste more money on people who don't give a $#!+

John the Econ said...

I'm adding to my list of things that were different in 2009 that Progressives have since championed:

The streets of San Francisco, LA, and Seattle didn't look like Venezuela. (But then again, Venezuela didn't look like Venezuela does today either back when Bernie Sanders confidently proclaimed that the "American dream" was more apt to be realized there, unless that dream is "massive weight loss") "Woke" was something you only did in the morning or after a nap. There were still only two recognized genders. It was still "Global Warming" instead of "Climate Change". (and soon to be "Climate Disaster")

Please feel free to add to my list. I'll be using this eventually to mock the "progress" we've seen under Progressivism.

igor said...

Stilt, I just refer to the four hags as "The Squaws". It fits.

Fish Out of Water said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fish Out of Water said...

As we are all probably aware, one of the democratic party's many one-truck ponies, Rep. Green of Texas, got his butt handed to him again as the House voted down his latest attempt to start impeachment.

Have wondered if this Rep has done anything substantial in his Congressional career and wonder too if the district he represents is also a disaster area.

Meanwhile, a twice-repudiated, vile, venal pathological serial liar former democratic candidate for President continues to cackle.

Angus ranch said...

You fouled up that one! The right version is NSFW. It's funny anyway!

rickn8or said...

Fish, then I guess it's Mad Maxine's turn next week.

Shelly said...

@Colby Muenster, I too have Spectrum for internet, TV and landline. For the most part, it works well, but it is not without issues. One of my DVR boxes blew and had to be replaced. It recorded 6 shows at a time. The one they replaced it with records 2 shows at a time. When I complained, I was told they no longer have that kind so they went back to the old ones. About the same time, I got a letter with rate increases. So I get to pay more for less. It is so hard to change providers and there's no guarantee the one you go to will be any better. It's very frustrating.