Friday, September 20, 2019

True D'OH!!!

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He's also rumored to have bragged about grabbing beavers.
We actually couldn't give a flying fart in a cyclone about Canadian Prime Minister (and ultra-liberal) Justin Trudeau having worn "brown face" at an "Arabian Nights" costume party 18 years ago.

What's more interesting to consider is the way today's "woke" media is handling this non-event. CNN and CNBC flat out declare a snapshot of Trudeau in costume to be a "racist photo." The Washington Post and others are saying that Trudeau "must be dumped" from high office. And even Elizabeth Warren isn't buying Trudeau's claim to be 1/1024th Arabic.

But does an old photo in and of itself really make someone a full-blown and unforgivable "racist?" And is there really no gradation between being accidentally offensive once upon a time, and being an actual cross-burning, lynching, active bigot?

When even minor infractions are deemed to be ultimate and unforgivable, the Left de-incentivizes people to change their attitudes about racial issues or "evolve." But then, that's not really even what the Left wants. Rather, they want to use their indignation as a cudgel to bring down anyone whose ideology doesn't pass their new "racial purity" test.


Just for fun, and in the interest of filling additional space, let's enjoy a Friday edition of...

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Retractions Are Coming Five Minutes Apart

Well, there's egg on our face today, and we've got the journalistic integrity to admit it. We had a whole "Stilton's Place" ready to go which was poking fun at the New York Times for running a seemingly bogus story about a new (albeit not new at all) allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

A story which became so widely repeated that virtually every Democrat and news outlet started screaming once again for Justice Kavanaugh's immediate impeachment or, perhaps, burning at the stake.

Our skepticism about the story was related, in part, to the fact that the "sexual assault" described by the NY Times (and not remembered by the alleged "victim") did not sound like anything that was even humanly possible.

But then this morning, the NY Times printed an addition to the story that makes it all too plausible:

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Reaction to the update on the story was swift and dramatic, with Democrat presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke declaring, "Hell yes, I'll take his huge dick," ironically leaving fellow candidates Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg with nothing to say on the subject.

In the interest of providing a quick and thorough investigation of the NY Times' latest allegations, Justice Kavanaugh has agreed to be questioned by representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records.


Monday, September 16, 2019

Party Mouths

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Biden's homage to "The King's Speech"
Democrats in general aren't very happy that, in the most recent debate, candidate Beto "The Mean Kids at School Called Me Francis the Talking Mule" O'Rourke had an unexpected moment of truthfulness and bellowed out, "Hell yes, we're gonna take away your AR-15!"

While this kind of candor might not make for smart politics, we frankly found it refreshing and wish that more Democrats would open every pronouncement with "Hell, yes!" before saying exactly what they really mean.

"Hell yes, we're going to seize the means of production!"
"Hell yes, we're going to keep killing babies!"
"Hell yes, we're against the Bill of Rights!"
"Hell yes, we're going to punish white people!"
"Hell yes, we're going to destroy the middle class!"
"Hell yes, we're coming for your retirement savings!"
"Hell yes, we're trying to flood the country with illegals!"
"Hell yes, we want to encourage voter fraud!"
"Hell yes, we're an incestuous bunch of clueless, sociopathic idiots!"

Okay, they're unlikely to ever admit that last one, but it's pretty much implied.

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Of no great importance but considerable amusement value, it's worth noting that one of the odder moments in Joe "I'm Not Going Crazy" Biden's debate performance occurred when it appeared that his dentures (if they are dentures) had come loose.

While listening to a question, Biden can be seen trying to rearrange things inside his closed mouth using his tongue, puffing out his cheek, and making "nom, nom, nom" chewing motions - before finally opening his mouth to reveal gleaming choppers displayed so aggressively that they'd even give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's dentist nightmares.

Then again, maybe Uncle Joe had just finished a tasty piece of saltwater taffy and was caught off guard while he was trying to choke down the wax paper.


Here's Joe telling the story in 2017. Presumably, he's two years less lucid now...