Friday, June 14, 2024

The Boxed-Up Rebellion

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Maybe next year old friends...

Today, Friday June 14th, is Flag Day. Which would normally see stately Jarlsberg Manor adorned with multiple American flags, a proud display of the stars and stripes.

But not this year. That flag has long represented the ideals upon which our nation was founded, but current realities make that no longer true.

We're currently seeing the jailing of political prisoners, targeting everyone from a former President to grandmothers who tarried too long while "parading" on Capitol grounds on January 6th. Conservative political consultant Steve Bannon is heading to prison for (entirely appropriate) contempt of Congress. But Democrat Attorney General Merrick Garland has also been found to be in contempt of Congress and suffers no threat of imprisonment or even chastisement. The United States, once a beacon of hope for the oppressed, has become the oppressor - silencing and punishing its citizens for dissent.

Corruption, blatant and wholesale, runs rampant through the layers of government, the judiciary, and the alphabet agencies, undermining our principles of justice, fairness, and accountability. The institutions tasked with protecting our country now erode it from within. And you'll find an American flag atop every official building.

Meanwhile, the media's portrayal of our nation has skewed reality, encouraging divisiveness and perpetuating lies. A current Washington Post editorial makes the point that the Left should seize symbolic ownership of the flag from Trump and his malign MAGA misfits. But the Left wants only to steal a politically useful symbol rather than to rededicate themselves to the Constitutional principles that flag once stood for. It's not the cloth that they should be fighting over, but rather the virtues that formed the fabric of our nation.

To fly a flag that, in practice, currently represents these betrayals is something I can't bring myself to do today. I withhold my allegiance, not out of disdain for what the flag should represent, but to preserve that flag for a future worth symbolizing. Hopefully as soon as November.


Just so you don't think that I'm only posting today to suck all the joy out of life,  here's another homemade musical tidbit (sorry if you're sick of these) with a bit of a story to it.

Using AI, I made a pretty credible country song and opined to some folks that a person could turn out a respectable album in a very short time and attribute the songs to an AI generated artist. And to make my point, I made an album cover for shining new country star (and patriotic pin-up) Cassidy Bell. The album title was the name of her alleged hit song "Who Cares If It's Real?" - a bit of meta humor about the fact that none of it was real. 

But then I got curious about that song title. What would her hit sound like? And so I whipped up some lyrics, used AI for the vocal and illustration, then edited together a music video to go with it. If Cassidy Bell goes viral, mum's the word, okay?

Turn on closed captions for lyrics

Monday, June 3, 2024

My Felon Americans

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Having a grim time - wish we weren't here!
And now it's on. Donald Trump, the only real threat to the Deep State, is facing 136 years in prison after having been convicted on all counts for allegedly committing a handful of misdemeanors that had already expired under the statute of limitations. The only testimony linking Trump to the misdemeanors came from a known and repeat perjurer-under-oath who, by the way, embezzled $30,000 from Trump while an employee.

But the system worked. Because "the system" is now about power rather than law. And the Left is determined to stop Donald Trump by any means. And when I say "any" I specifically mean killing him if necessary. How else would you explain Democrat efforts to pull his Secret Service protection detail? Is the thought that he'd be perfectly safe in a nice, cozy jail cell like Jeffrey Epstein was?

Personally, I'd love to see Trump open every speech from now until inauguration day with the words "My felon Americans..." Because all conservatives - hell, all those who are even rational - are now considered thought-criminals to be dealt with outside the restraints of traditional laws and Constitutional rights. And by cheekily starting each speech with "My felon Americans" Trump simultaneously mocks the Left, unites the Right, and reminds us that we're all at risk now. Not just a risk of losing a job or being targeted with an IRS audit, but an actual risk of being disappeared in the night and whisked away to a political prison. Just ask the sightseeing grandmothers who toddled through the Capitol Building on January 6th.

This is not hyperbole. This is now.

Obviously, Trump must win for any of us to even have a chance or for our nation to have a future. And his winning doesn't guarantee anything (ask the President who made the mistake of taking a convertible ride through Dealy Plaza after pissing off the CIA) but it is the essential next step on which all else depends.

My actual feelings about Donald Trump haven't changed much over the years. I still think he's a goofball who nonetheless loves America and does our country great good when allowed to do so. Or to paraphrase actor Dennis Quaid, he may be an asshole but he's our asshole.

The sickening travesty of a trial in New York will forever be the norm if Trump loses in November. We can't let that happen.


Between politics, health challenges, and missing my late wife, Kathy, I'm not always the cheeriest sumbitch day to day, but I still make an effort to amuse myself and others. Hence, the cartoon above which illustrates the least-favorite advice I'm sometimes given.

Still, they say that when Life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade.  Currently, Life is giving us George Orwell, so in an attempt to make Orwellian lemonade I've taken a slyly naughty poem of Orwell's and turned it into a Broadway-worthy romantic ballad. The first half of the song is George's (including the punchline!) and the second half is mine. This could be the beginning of a beautiful, and pretty weird, friendship.

Closed captions are available for those who want to read the lyrics and titter in public places. Enjoy!

Monday, May 20, 2024

No Crowd Aloud

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Joe Biden has finally agreed to debate Donald Trump after establishing a few rules for the confrontation. Most importantly, there can be no audience at all - just the candidates, the moderator, and the small tech crew that will be operating the Biden animatronic. The lack of audience noise will also make it easier to edit sections of the debate later, patching together words that may make Joe look cognizant.

Another requirement is that the candidates' microphones will be cut off without warning at the end of their allotted speaking period. This is allegedly to keep Trump from interrupting Biden with zesty bon mots like "you're full of shit." But I suspect the actual reason is that it will establish exactly how much time Joe needs to ramble before his microphone is cut off and he (and his handlers) can breathe a sigh of relief. And he can easily fill the time; ask him about inflation and he'll launch into a story about his arch-nemesis Corn Pop. Ask him about America's border crisis and he'll list the many, many places where his son, Beau, was killed in action. Ask him about nuclear war and he'll share the jolly story of the day in the Oval Office that he confused the terms "lunch secrets" and "launch sequence."

While the debate should be a debacle for Ol' Joe, he admittedly fooled us when debating the last time around. Hopped up on God knows what kind of drugs, he presented himself dynamically and "politician clearly" by saying meaningless but seemingly lucid things he'd learned through a training program of treats and electric shocks.

Then again, people have been surprised that the first debate will happen so early in the campaign season - but maybe there's a reason for that. Biden's staffers may be planning to send him onto the stage unmedicated to have him self-destruct publically, thus allowing the Dems to substitute a different candidate who might stand a chance against Trump. 


I continue to play around with AI music generation for fun. Here's a recent creation that I'm quite happy with. Somewhat inspired by The Byrds "So You Wanna Be A Rock and Roll Star," this 60s-flavored piece of jangle pop has a warning for wannabee rockstars and anyone else who finds that old aspirations are standing in the way of new directions. I hope you enjoy it!


I want to apologize for my infrequent posting these days. I still care very much about this site and, especially, the wonderful community here. But being somewhat more fragile emotionally than I was previously (I pause to theatrically raise my wrist to my forehead, chin ever-so-slightly elevated in wistful martyrdom) I'm really not invested in the idiocy and fear-mongering of day-to-day news. Oh sure, I still mutter aloud about whose heads I'd like to see on a pike, but it doesn't seem like the kind of thing I should explicitly put in print.

Plus, Fauci's plague is still kicking my rear-end. I currently can't walk more than about 30 feet without getting breathless. If I make that a 60 foot round trip, I'll be gasping afterwards. Unsurprisingly, it's hard for me to get anything done: by the time I can walk to my lawnmower, I'm too breathless to push it. I have bags of mulch sitting on my porch that seem as immoveable as the stone slabs used to build the pyramids.

I've had oodles of medical tests and no one actually knows what's going on. Right now, the smart money is on micro blood clots screwing up my lungs and circulatory system. It's not an uncommon reaction to Covid and it can A) go away, B) become a chronic condition or, C) lead to stroke or heart attack. Currently there's no medical protocol for treating it, although I'm pretty sure we've got people in Wuhan working on it.

Side note: Congress has only now cut off funding for the EcoHealth Alliance, the group which funded (with taxpayers' money funneled through Anthony Fauci) the gain-of-function Covid mischief at the Wuhan Institute of Effing Up The World.  And in the most jaw-dropping show of chutzpah I've ever seen, this is the image you'll see when you visit the EcoHealth website...

And since they didn't answer their own question, the answer is "citizens with pikes."

Monday, May 6, 2024

Only You Can Prevent Dumpster Fires

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Based on the above, humorless Joe may be thinking about asking Kristi Noem to give Smokey Bear a personal tour of her favorite gravel pit. Although the likelihood that he's capable of thinking about anything other than ice cream time and poopy time (which is frequently the same time) is diminishingly small.

As are the odds that the world is going to turn saner anytime soon. Let's see, we still have Trump on trial for things that aren't crimes, colleges in chaos owing to demonstrations in support of anti-Semitic terror, Boeing whistleblowers dying mysteriously (meaning by causes other than standing under the flight paths of disintegrating Boeing aircraft), multiple fronts for possible nuclear war, Bird flu threatening to end mankind (and news about mRNA vaccines perhaps making the birds' efforts redundant) and, saddest of all, we've still got over a month to wait before "Deadpool & Wolverine" hits the theaters.

Which is why it's so important for each of us to occasionally take a deep breath and let go of our stress. Or, as this pillow from Amazon Vine suggests...

And really, shouldn't we all try to be more Hom Enow? Personally, I've been able to find some ongoing escape and enjoyment by fiddling about in the world of AI music generation. Because when we express ourselves in song, we speak in the voice of angels...

Monday, April 22, 2024

A Biden In Every Pot

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To paraphrase a very old joke, a young cannibal boy once sat at the dinner table and said "I don't like Biden." To which his mother said "Then just eat the noodles."

In this case, according to a heartfelt speech recently given by Joe Biden, the main course might have been the president's beloved "Uncle Bosie" who was a heroic World War II pilot whose plane was shot down (or perhaps speared) causing him to crash into cannibal territory in New Guinea. The savages ate every bit of him after first forcing him to watch erotic native dancers so there would be "more meat."

None of this happened the way Biden said, of course. His uncle, who was in the service, was a passenger on a military plane that had engine failure and subsequently ditched in the ocean. And that was the end of Uncle Bosie. You'd think that giving his life in the service of his country would be story enough for little Joey (he was 2 years old when it happened) to be proud of, but Joe just had to embellish the story to the point of utter ridiculousness. 

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who is in no way related to any flesh-eating tribespeople, found subsequent questions about the cannibal story to be tasteless. Presumably, unlike Uncle Bosie.

But as long as Uncle Joe has put the subject of cannibals on the table, so to speak, it seems an appropriate time to revisit a fond memory from my politically incorrect youth. I loved watching "The Little Rascals" and no episode made me laugh harder than the mistaken-identity romp, "The Kid From Borneo." I assume that there are many here who will remember that episode, which is why I've used AI to create this (suddenly topical) song about the chaos that occurred when "Uncle George" came to town.

And as long as I'm trotting out my AI songbook (seriously, I just can't force myself to follow the news closely these days), here's another little toe-tapping tune that only took me about 30 years to create. Back then, I got the chance to meet a famous cowboy vocal group and pitched them an original song that I thought would fit nicely in their catalog. They politely declined which is hardly surprising, considering that I can't play any instruments and so just had to sing a cappella on a cassette that I may or may not have recorded in my sound-enhancing bathroom shower.

But thanks to the miracle of AI, which is willing to play with us a bit longer before taking over, I finally brought the 30-year-old song to life this week (along with AI generated visuals - though I still had to do a bunch of video editing). It's not politically relevant (assuming that Biden didn't also lose a beloved uncle in a cattle stampede), but I think it's a good idea to kick off a Monday with a toe-tapping cowboy tune anyway!

Monday, April 8, 2024

Another Vine Mess

For those of you who won't be getting a total eclipse today (like we are in my part of Texas) it seems only fair to share something else that you probably shouldn't look at without eye protection. In this case, another collection of questionable products from Amazon Vine - the service that lets a lucky few select free items in return for honest reviews. Some of those products are actually great. Others...not so much. 


I haven't been able to post much lately owing to some oddities with my health which are almost certainly due to my recent (or ongoing?) bout of the Fauci Flu. Something is rather dramatically robbing my muscles of energy after the shortest of exertions, forcing me to use a walker much of the time, and I still have wracking coughs despite recent x-rays showing my chest clear. Blood tests and heart scans have been done and nothing has been discovered so far. 

I don't feel bad most of the time, but a trip to the mailbox can feel like a marathon. We may have to look at more obscure conditions to figure this out. Covid can cause "micro-clotting" which sends little clots throughout the body to block capillaries and cut the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells. And the laughably-named "vaccine" can stimulate the ongoing production of so much spike protein in the body that your tissues become suffused with it...and your immune system starts attacking your own muscles and organs. Hopefully I've got neither (let alone both) of those conditions, but it's an odd time. And big baby that I am, it hurts not to have Kathy here to take care of me or, more likely, tell me to quit whining and do something useful.

Like taxes, for instance. I haven't done mine yet and will be sending a request for an extension tomorrow. In hilariously typical IRS fashion, you can request an automatic extension just by asking for it, with the codicil that if you owe any taxes you still have to pay them by April 15. Well, if I KNEW I had taxes to pay and how much they were, my return would already be done, wouldn't it?!  Bah.

But on a lighter note, I've continued experimenting with AI music and now AI video generation. So just for the fun of it, I thought I'd share some recent works. The first being "Ten-in-One" which is my salute to the oldtime freak shows that fascinate me. The lyrics are mine and I've seen most of the human oddities mentioned in the song personally. Stars in my somewhat unusual pantheon.

On a more upbeat note, here's a fun rocker that is a reworking of a song played by a band I helped create, The Nukes, with my twin brother about 45 years ago. We performed in white lab coats and strange eyewear. These are my original lyrics (and the band's theme song) but the melody, music, and vocals are generated entirely with AI as were all of the visuals - there's nothing "real" in here at all. I edited the clips into a mostly coherent form but the credit (?) goes to artificial intelligence here. These are crazy times, my friends!

Sunday, March 31, 2024


(Click picture above to make it larger!)
I can't resist posting on the 1st of April, but it's pretty hard to come up with news stories that are more ludicrous than the ones we're routinely told are "real." Still, it's fun to try. Best wishes to all for a happy (and cautious) April Fool's Day!

Monday, March 18, 2024

Grandson of the Sod

Happy day-after-St. Patrick's Day! Whether you're Irish or not, I hope you enjoyed a fun day, wore green, listened to an Irish jig, and stocked up on potatoes. That's pretty much what I did, because my paternal grandfather was a red-headed musician from County Cork, so it would be blasphemy not to recognize the day somehow.

Mind you, Grandad "Red" isn't listed on my official family tree as his contribution to the family lineage was purely (or impurely) biological. He was hired to give my innocent young grandmother piano lessons but apparently threw in a free organ lesson and then skedaddled when she got pregnant.  Grandma quickly and quietly left town until she gave birth and could return. The baby, my father, was put in an orphanage for a few months to avoid scandal then legally adopted by his grandparents. He was raised believing himself to be an adopted orphan and that his mother was his sister, not discovering the deception until in his teens. All of which is my long-winded way of saying I've got plenty of Irish in me. As did Grandma, apparently.

Celebrating with other people would put my hermit status in jeopardy, so instead I decided to honor St. Patrick's Day by creating a new song to bring joy to future generations of green beer drinkers. In it, I tell the surprisingly little-known story of what the heck Saint Patrick did with all of those snakes he's so famous for getting rid of. 

I've also created a music video with large, easy-to-read lyrics so that you can sing along joyfully with your family and drunken friends. And maybe your red-headed piano teacher.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Clock Blocker

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Showing renewed energy, vitality, and wildly-dilated pupils, Joe Biden vigorously and youthfully urged the voters of Pennsylvania to go to the polls in November to send him to Congress. He also warned the crowd that January 6th was another Alabama, which is hard - no, impossible - to argue with. Go on, I dare you.

But he's fine, just fine. And we shouldn't really read too much into a slip of the tongue. Surely he meant to say that January 6th was another banana

Not that Joe did a lot better in his apparently meth-augmented State of the Union speech. Among the highlights, he diminished the brutal murder of Laken Riley by saying that "Lincoln (sic) was an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal. But how many thousands of people being killed by legals?" Yeah, how many DO be killed? I assume that Biden's ebonics moment was simply a calculated call-out to Black voters. And it's good to know that we can call border-jumping killers "illegals" again.

Joe also declared that in his next term he would, by gum, end cancer as we know it! Frankly, I'd prefer that he just end cancer period - not just "as we know it." He may only have his eye on introducing an exciting New Cancer featuring "metastasis like you've never seen it before!" But we know that Joe is the man for this job because he was given the same job by Obama back in 2016.  Joe spearheaded the "Cancer Moonshot" program, the success of which we would all likely remember if there had been any.

Joe also declared that our military was being tasked with building a new, temporary pier in Gaza so we can bring in humanitarian aid by ship because it would be superior to doing it by air. A point he subsequently underscored with an air drop of humanitarian supplies that crushed multiple people waiting on the ground below. Subtle, Joe.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Air Force Juan

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Fentanyl? Rape? Murder?

Parody is dead.  For years I've joked that if the Democrats are really concerned about the dangers incurred by people illegally crossing our borders, they should just cut out that long, hazardous pilgrimage and pick up the illegals in their own countries and bring them here in comfort. And we now know that's exactly what's happening.

Biden's laughably-named Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) has been using chartered planes to pick up unvetted illegal migrants in other countries then flying them directly to the interior of the United States for secret release. Although the new arrivals do have to pinky swear they'll apply for legal status within two years.

Part of Biden's plan was to artificially reduce the number of crossings being reported at the border. And by using our tax money to secretly fly in illegals and give them walking around money, he did lower that number by 320,000 anonymous illegals in 2023. Not that it made much of a dent in the total border crossing numbers - there are still nearly ten times the illegals strolling into the country under Biden than was the case when Trump was President.

But how do the illegals even know about the program and how to use it to receive free criminal airfare? Simple. They use a CBP app on their smartphones that lets them schedule a trip on Air Biden as easily as calling for a ride on Uber. 

I'd love to make some kind of pointed joke about all of this, but how can I? This is madness or, likely, something considerably more evil.

Rest In Peace, parody. You were fun while you lasted.


Hopefully, you're not sick of my posting AI songs in this space because I'll probably keep doing it from time to time. It's fun to play with the technology and while working my way through Covid Fatigue I'm not able to do much other than sit on my butt in front of the computer. Mind you, that was largely my lifestyle before, but at least then it was a life choice.

In any case, inspired by my lethargy, I composed the following smoldering, sexy, smoky bit of jazz. A torch song for those already burned...

Monday, March 4, 2024

Gone But Not Forgiven

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This past week, I have found myself in the uncomfortable position of having to decide whether I'm a hypocrite or an asshole. And the verdict is that I'm not a hypocrite.

The situation is this: for years I've had a Bucket List somewhat different than that of most people. Visiting Paris? Climbing a pyramid? Swimming with dolphins? Nope. My list consists entirely of people whom I want to see kick the bucket before I do. Being on the list seems to bring no harm to those named, as they tend to cling to life like withered Democrats who refuse to give up office after half-centuries or more of (ahem) "service."

But even the occasional scratch-off Lotto ticket produces a small win from time to time, and several days ago I learned that the person at the top of my Bucket List is not long for this world. Indeed, this person may be room temperature by the time you read this, though I wouldn't expect that condition to last long if you take my drift.

Something I should make clear: I struggle with grief every day and I would never want anyone to suffer. But dropping dead? Well, we all do it eventually, which seems like a waste of effort if no one is made happy. 

In this case, the individual is a lawyer who made my life miserable for years. A person who cost me and my family tens of thousands of dollars (and perhaps significantly more) while actively trying to sabotage my career for no discernible reason. This person was also not a very good lawyer and cost their (and my) employer literally millions of dollars in lost court cases. 

But as is too often the case, this lawyer continued to fail upward into other positions, some of national prominence and newsworthy incompetence. This person even did a TED talk about the secret of success: "being nice to the little people." A sentiment so far from their actual behavior that I'm amazed a lightning bolt didn't strike then and there.

Still, I'm not a heartless bastard. I have human feelings and strive to find forgiveness for those who have not only trespassed against me but taken a steaming dump while they were on my lawn. Which is why as a peace offering, I wrote the following song to commemorate this sad occasion.

Sorry, that was a typo. I meant sadly delayed occasion.

That lead singer sure is a good-looking guy...

Monday, February 19, 2024

Presidunce Day

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Alexei Navalny, a political critic of Vladimir Putin, died in a Russian prison this week owing to "Sudden Death Syndrome," which is more commonly known as "Political Critic of Vladimir Putin Syndrome." Bloody-knuckled prison guards huddled over Navalny's spontaneously bruised body but were unable to save him.

Meanwhile, in New York, former President Donald Trump, a political critic of Joe Biden, suffered an attack of "Sudden Bankruptcy Syndrome" inflicted by a judge so astoundingly and nakedly corrupt that he's presumably topping Biden's list of Supreme Court nominees in case Joe succeeds in stealing another election.

Let's be clear: the judge has ordered Trump to pay a fine of almost 500 million dollars after convicting him of a crime that never happened and had no victims. The "victim," in fact, spoke in Trump's defense and said that the financial transaction in question was legit, standard practice, and made a lot of money for the bank that gave Trump a loan and they'd be eager to do similar transactions in the future.

For this, the judge - who bears a striking resemblance to Bob Denver from "Gilligan's Island" - smeared Trump for showing a "pathological lack of remorse" for the non-crime in which no one was harmed.

One is a clumsy goofball who gets nothing right. The other is Gilligan.

But hey, such an obviously ridiculous verdict should be an easy appeal, right? Wrong. Because Trump can't appeal the case without first putting the $500 million into escrow and even he doesn't have that kind of walking around money. But since banks love to do business with him, he can borrow it. Just kidding! The judge also ruled that Trump can't do any business in New York for three years, which eliminates access to most major banking institutions. And, by design, may eliminate Trump from the November election.

All of this puts us in a situation where our nation has become no more than a banana republic. The "law" is being used to eliminate anyone who opposes the corrupt power structure in Washington. Our votes mean nothing. Our freedom of speech has been canceled. Our Constitution is in flames.

But apart from all that, Mrs. Lincoln, Happy Presidents Day!


I won't lie - I love this cartoon.

...if you want to sing the Blues. And as far as I'm concerned two weeks (and counting) of Covid and the general political malaise in the world are all the dues I need. Which is why I used aritifical intelligence to create yet another song. I wrote the lyrics, but legendary singer Cigar Box Jenkins brought it to life.

Want to download an MP3 of the song? Just click this link.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Snack Attack

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On Superbowl Sunday, Joe Biden's handlers decided that he shouldn't do a live interview during the game fearing that it could make him look like a senile nincompoop. So instead, they aired a professionally produced message for the American people in which Biden looked like a senile nincompoop.

Astoundingly, in unusually terse fashion, Joe pulled back the curtains to reveal the evil conspiracy that is playing Americans for (and we quote) "suckers." Specifically, the tendency of the Big Snack industry to charge us the same money for giving us fewer chips, crackers, and cookies in each package.

Mind you, this shouldn't be confused with Biden's inflation which has skyrockets prices across the board. No, this is "shrinkflation" which is, well, exactly the same thing. Only this isn't Biden's fault, it's the fault of the America-hating robber barons! But who are these traitors? Joe isn't afraid to say!

Buy stock now before their lawsuit settlements come in

These are some of the bastards singled out by the White House (with a Presidential Seal looming over their products no less) for ripping off consumers and treating them as "suckers." Products that are even now mobilizing their ecstatic legal departments. The frigging Keebler elves, Gatorade, Pepperidge Farm, Nabisco, Breyers, and Lays - all giving you less product just because your money isn't worth as much since Biden took office.  And are those really "Double Stuf" Oreos or are they "Stuf and Three-Quarters" Oreos?! Fightin' Biden is on your side!

Joe was especially angry that ice cream containers are getting smaller, because that's apparently a message his handlers want us to know he deeply cares about. Although the message we're mostly getting is that Joe's handlers have decided to let him look like a complete idiot so they can finally get rid of him. 


I'm glad to report that I'm well on my way to apparent recovery from my first dance with Fauci's Folly, though am still mildly symptomatic on Day 10. It hasn't been that hard on me, I'm relieved to say. Oh, I still honk like a trumpeter swan when coughing, but that's just my innate musicality.

The social isolation hasn't been too bad, what with me being a hermit anyway. But I still take it as a personal affront that this manmade illness finally got me - and surely will again.  And again.


Monday, January 29, 2024

The Tony Awards

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This would be a great place for me to say something glib or pithy, but those words aren't in me today. I hate this man and innumerable others who created a new and more efficient scythe for the Grim Reaper, then compounded their crimes with lies, power plays, and a "vaccine" that has a non-zero chance of wiping out our species. 

Side note: I know that sounds way over the top and I wish it were. And in fairness, I'm guaranteed that my fears are unwarranted by the same expert sources who assured us that Covid could not be spread person-to-person, that face masks were dangerous (before they became mandatory proof of political servitude), that packing Covid patients into nursing homes with senior citizens was a good idea, that the virus itself magically evolved from a bowl of bat wing soup from a wet market within coughing distance of the Wuhan virology lab, and that the new "vaccines" were safe, thoroughly tested, and effective.

Sadly, "Holocaust Remembrance Day" seems no more meaningful than any other Hallmark holiday in a sick world where equally horrendous crimes against humanity are being rewarded rather than punished.


I'm more than a little confused. Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro has just been sentenced to four months in jail for defying a congressional subpoena that required him to appear before the same Democrat-lead House Select Committee (and lynch mob) that conducted a Kabuki investigation into January 6th, then destroyed more than 100 encrypted files of "insurrection"-related evidence (no doubt of an exonerating nature) to keep them from falling into the hands of Republicans.

But if memory serves, Hunter ("Fingerpainting For Fun and Profit") Biden recently received similar subpoenas and staged a photo-op specifically to show him giving Congress the finger. For which he's been sentenced to exactly zero months in jail. Which is good for him, because it's not as easy to sneak coke into jail as it is to sneak it into his dad's White House.

Still, when it comes to matters of applying equal justice under the law, I'm amazed that in our trans-happy culture and an election year, the Republicans can't even pretend to have balls.


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Remember the Ala Mode!

Joe Biden seems to be preparing for a literal war against Texas and, as a Texan, I'd like to assure him that A) it's a bad idea and B) we triple-dog dare your ice-cream-licking ass. The man is sending troops to make sure that our nation's border falls. To make sure that the flow of fentanyl, sex slaves, disease, and potential terrorists continues unabated. 

Sooner or later, even the idiots on the Left are going to ask why - and it's going to boil down to corruption of a very high order. The cartels are clearly paying big money to keep their operations going and they're just lucky enough to be dealing with a president who's been comfortable taking bribes and selling out the American people for his entire career.

Personally, I would really and truly like to see my state of Texas secede and return to its status as an independent nation again. And I would hope this could be accomplished entirely peacefully. Still, if Biden keeps pushing us, I hope Governor Abbott sends troops to Washington to cut down the White House fences and see how Joe likes it.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Noose at Eleven

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As expected, Donald Trump crushed his opponents in the Iowa caucuses after which he made a live victory speech in which he said...(Bzzzt!)...he said...(Crackle!)...he said...

Sorry about that. The problem is NOT with your television set. Rather, if you were watching alleged "news" networks CNN or MSNBC, the transmission of Trump's message was cut off by an ideological problem that technicians are most definitely not rushing to repair.

Rather, the management of both networks decided to just not air anything Donald Trump says live anymore - even if it's a politically salient victory speech - because they claim they don't want to knowingly transmit anything that might be lies. Of course, they can't just leave the airtime unfilled while they're protecting you from whatever lies they've had premonitions about. So they open up the conversational floor to their (ahem) "news" people who then tell rock-solid truths like Trump has declared that he will be dictator for life, that if Trump wins he'll order the "crazies" who follow him to kill his political enemies, and that Trump will clearly destroy our country if re-elected because he forgot to do during his first Presidential term in which he was sending the economy through the roof, keeping us out of wars, improving employment and opportunities for minority Americans, projecting strength to our nation's adversaries, and giving away his salary to charity. The rat bastard.

This is among the most blatant acts of election interference imaginable and every minute of airtime devoted to talking up Joe Biden or talking down Trump needs to be listed as a political "contribution in kind" to the Biden campaign. Additionally, any special First Amendment protections applied to news organizations should be immediately yanked from these two propaganda mills. 

But why do CNN and MSNBC think they need to hide Trump's words from their viewers? If what Trump is saying is offensive, then the people should hear it to help them decide who to vote for. And if what Trump is saying is lies, then the networks should air those lies along with the proof that Trump is lying - again, for the benefit of their viewers.

Then again, CNN and MSNBC may believe that their viewers are such bone-headed morons that they'll simply believe any outlandish thing they hear on cable news. In fact, that's their entire market strategy.


I'm still fiddling around with AI programs and music generators (hey, I need to do SOMEthing when I'm avoiding the news) and I recently came up with a song that is...dare I say it...kind of good?

I asked ChatGPT to write lyrics that sounded like a Byrds interpretation of a Bob Dylan song. I then plugged those lyrics into and told it to generate a pop song with good harmonies. There were a lot of false starts, but then a good iteration. Which started a process of prompting the engine to add a little bit more and a little bit more until it was a whole song. And I added a music video (barely) so I could stick it on Youtube.

The song itself isn't intended to be a joke nor is it political. In fact, it's a bit of feel-good inspirational throwback rock that I've been listening to when I need a mood boost (hint: hourly). And maybe you'll enjoy it, too!

And for any Karaoke fans...sing along!

"Echoes of Tomorrow"
[Verse 1:]
In the whispers of the morning,
Through the mist of dawn's embrace,
Lies a truth that's softly spoken,
In the lines of every face.
Winds of change are blowing,
Across the fields of time,
Where dreams are sown like golden grains,
In the garden of the mind.
Oh, echoes of tomorrow,
Ring through yesterdays of sorrow,
And the songs of freedom hum,
Beneath the setting sun.
May the words we say,
Light the path and show the way,
For the echoes of tomorrow,
In our hearts will stay.
[Verse 2:]
See the river's constant flowing,
Past the mountains, through the plains,
Like the endless quest for knowing,
That in every heart remains.
Shadows of the evening,
Dance with the glow of fireflies,
While stars above keep weaving,
Tales of love beneath the skies.
Oh, echoes of tomorrow,
In the laughter and the sorrow,
Like a melody that flies,
Underneath the moonlit skies.
Let our voices rise,
Through the dark and stormy skies,
For the echoes of tomorrow,
Are the dreams that never die.
In every whispered wind,
In every songbird's call,
The answers lie within,
In the rise and in the fall.
Oh, echoes of tomorrow,
In the love that we can borrow,
From the chapters yet to write,
In the silence of the night.
Hand in hand we'll go,
Through the high and through the low,
For the echoes of tomorrow,
In our hearts will glow.

Friday, January 12, 2024

When Life Gives You Pangolins...

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Believe it or not, this really isn't just another crass use of the no-longer-copyrighted "Steamboat Willie" character. Because the story above is true and if that terrified rodent isn't the original humanized mouse, I'd like to know who is.

Having learned nothing from creating and releasing Covid into the world (other than that pandemics are awfully good for political tyrants and pharmaceutical companies), playful Chinese researchers have now modified a pangolin brain virus to make it completely deadly to humans, because such medical research is absolutely vital if you hate humans. 

So far (or at least as far as we know...) it's only been tested on "humanized mice" which have been scientifically altered to have human genes so they can be tortured without having the ability to file lawsuits. And the new virus has killed every last one of those little humanized cheese nibblers, presumably when their brains turn into an inflamed slurry and ooze out through their perfectly circular ears. Which is likely what would happen to 100% of infected humans if the virus escaped, so isn't it good that Chinese virus labs are so very, very secure except for their open windows, screen doors, and tendency to sell dead animal specimens to wet markets for soup stock?

There's pretty much no reason that researchers would want to create such a thing unless it could A) be used as an apocalyptic bioweapon, B) make a lot of money for companies coincidentally selling pangolin brain virus vaccines, or C) beat AI to the punch of killing us all, giving humans quite literally the last laugh. 

Which is why we should immediately be taking common sense safety measures including, but not limited to, calling together the world's leading gain-of-function researchers and, after careful deliberation, displaying their heads on pikes.

Until then, whether mice or men, we should all have the willies.

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, wuhan, covid, virus, brain virus, humanized mice, steamboat willie, Fauci


Here's the full story, but the first 60 seconds or so of the video tell you what you need to know.


Sorry, the video has been removed because its creator - who I truly, deeply trust - would otherwise have been thrown off Youtube.  Hopefully some of you saw it. And I'm kicking myself for not having downloaded it.

Friday, January 5, 2024

Breaking and (Barely) Entering

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Saturday is January 6th and I want to wish each and every one of you a glorious "Insurrection Day." Fly American flags, stroll around casually, take selfies with friends, then call it a day early and go to a nice restaurant for a 4 p.m. early-bird dinner special. You'll want to do all of this carefully, of course, because apparently, those activities could cause Democracy to fail, our nation to collapse, and be so generally apocalyptic that it will make the Holocaust look like no big deal - although in fairness, the former president of Harvard already thought that. 

Personally, I plan to hang my solar-powered American Flag LED lights and maybe a festive "Don't Tread On Me" flag. And what the hell, once I've done that I might as well leave them up until November...


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A long-hidden list of Jeffrey Epstein's (ahem) "associates" is finally being revealed in court proceedings, showing the names of the high-and-mighty who took advantage of his private jet and allegedly may have taken advantage of underage privates on Epstein's "pedophile island."

To no one's surprise, Bill "Stink Finger" Clinton's name is on the list. As are the names of legal eagle Alan Dershowitz, magician David Copperfield, Britain's Prince Andrew, and irrepressible party animal Stephen Hawking.  Everyone involved is denying participating in any sex trafficking activities and it seems likely that not much will come out of all this. After all, if these players could off Epstein in a locked and guarded prison cell, there's no way they're going to let unfiltered documents get to the public.

Rather, an old adage reminds us that "the Devil mixes his lies with truth" and I'm betting we're being fed just enough truth for things to look credible while the really explosive stuff remains buried.

(UPDATE: I owe everyone a huge apology! An earlier version of this mentioned Donald Trump being on a list because I fell for fake news. But we're talking professional fake news here: USA TODAY is even now billboarding this story with the headline "Clinton and Trump are named in Jeffrey Epstein documents." But if you read the whole story down to the fine print, you learn that Trump's name was only on "a document" that said Epstein planned to invite Trump to meet him at a casino. I'd say more, but I have a date with my cat-o-nine-tails for some self-flagellation.)


So this is legal now...

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"Steamboat Willie," the first iteration of Mickey Mouse, fell into the public domain on January 1st and everyone is now legally free to use his image for whatever fun and debauchery they like.  Multiple horror movies have already been announced and the Internet has been having a field day with inappropriate imagery. Not that I would ever do that...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, Steamboat Willie, Copyright
Does this one strike you as too out of bounds? If so, don't blame me, blame Walt Disney - because that final frame is lifted straight out of the "Steamboat Willie" cartoon in which the frisky mouse enjoys playing squeazy-peasy with the horrified sow after shaking loose her suckling babies. It was a simpler time. And often weirder.


Who can ever forget the innocent delight we old folks all felt back in the 1960's when a brand new song by The Stiltones debuted on our AM radios...?

Full confession: this is a one-minute song I created with the help of artificial intelligence while screwing around on the Internet. Most of the lyrics are old Burma Shave signs, I wrote the chorus, then AI produced the tune and lead vocal. After which I added harmony vocals using my computer's mic and made the video on another Internet website I was playing with. And I'm sharing it not because it's great, but because I had fun making it.

Considering that Burma Shave advertising signs haven't been posted in 60 years, I expect this already cryptic song to be absolutely baffling to anyone under AARP-age. But as an artist and musician, I care neither about their approval nor that of the horse they rode in on.

Monday, January 1, 2024

No Year is a New Year Anymore

My sentiments about entering a new year are somewhat less than enthusiastic because it's a virtual certainty that A) 90% of the new year will be the same crap as last year, and B) 10% will be a lot worse. And without that feeling of a fresh beginning, it struck me that "no year is a 'new' year anymore."

At which point the spirit of Guy Lombardo violently entered my body (I won't be able to ride my unicycle for a week) and when I awakened I found I'd somehow written the lyrics to a big band song. And thanks to AI, which was apparently possessed by Lombardo's Royal Canadians, I give you this new holiday anthem (closed captions recommended to savor the cynicism)...

And what a year it's going to be! Looking into my crystal ball (it's the one on the left)...

I predict the most screwed-up Presidential election in history coming. And I'm not talking about U.S. history - I'm talking history of the universe.

I predict the economy will appear to do pretty well until November, propped up by freshly printed and utterly worthless dollars. Unless, of course, the whole shooting match finally collapses.

I predict that the United States will have to borrow money from China to give to Ukraine.

I predict that AI will morph into something we can't even imagine at the moment and will embed itself inextricably in the world's cultural and business DNA, more or less like the damn spike proteins the mRNA "not-actually-vaccines" filled most of us with.

I predict that Anthony Fauci will have a really bad day if he crosses the street in front of my car.

I predict no successful new movies from Disney in 2024 or possibly ever again.

I predict that rather than risking stairs anymore, Joe Biden will be treated as cargo on Air Force One.

I predict a fun-to-watch continuation of liberal cannibalism as the woke Left devours its own people for not being woke enough

I predict that virtually every high-profile a**hole will continue to thrive, enjoying the fruits of their power and corruption and go unpunished for their wrongdoing.

I predict that honest peasants such as ourselves will be increasingly punished for right-doing using digital surveillance in increasingly invasive ways.

I predict ongoing delight from the friendships and camaraderie at Stilton's Place! Best wishes for the new year!