Friday, June 5, 2020

Keep Comedy and Carry On

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We're doing our best to keep laughing these days, although it's entirely possible we're just hysterical. Our society is currently juggling a pandemic, racial strife, looting and rioting, ongoing proof of years of traitorous duplicity from the FBI, DOJ, and Obama administration, and a newly raging debate about how much tear gas is "too much" to use on one's way to church.

And yes, we know it wasn't tear gas - just friendly smoke bombs and mischievous eye-scorching irritants - but shoving all those accurate words into the paragraph above would have broken the comedic flow. And right now, that flow (and the flow of Clan MacGregor) is about all that's keeping us sane.

Well, that and the camaraderie of friends in the comments section (as always, just click on the title of today's cartoon to get there). See you there!

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, donners, donner party, riots, coronavirus

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A Time for Heeling

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We hope you enjoy the cartoon above because it's about all we're capable of giving you today. In complete candor, we're nursing a splitting headache (and jaw ache and neck ache) which we believe is related to our allergy to bullshit. And there's way more of that in the air than ragweed or mountain cedar pollen.

We have friends on the Left (beggars can't be choosers) who are inundating their social media with sniffy sentiments like "if you have to say you're not a racist, then you are one," that the violence (not just the protesting) in the streets is entirely understandable and appropriate, while simultaneously claiming that we are now officially living in a police state because Orange Man has brought down the full force of the American military on the citizenry. Which, frankly, is a news story we seem to have missed.

Whether from individuals, the media, or the PR Department of Soros World Domination Inc, there is  a choking pollution of lies that has us gasping for a BS95 mask capable of filtering the stench.

But here is a bit of fresh air from Monday night's broadcast by Tucker Carlson. It's 26 minutes long, but the time flies by as Carlson gives us his truthful, thorough, and insightful analysis of the riots burning through our nation. It will inform you, anger you, and hopefully inspire you. That's certainly what it did for us.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Ease of Destruction

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Nothing helps clarify the decision about when to return to a virus-ridden society like nationwide riots actively trying to burn that society to the ground.

The provocation of said riots, at least in theory, was the sad and almost certainly criminal death of George Floyd, an African-American who died after having a policeman kneel on his neck for an unconscionable amount of time. There was video of the incident, and all who saw it - of any race or political disposition - agreed "this is wrong. The officers involved need to face legal consequences."

Outrage and protest from the Black community and sympathetic persons of all races was and is completely understandable. Peaceful protests are absolutely appropriate. Our nation has real racial problems that run deep and need solving, though any longterm solutions are going to be difficult, multi-tiered, and involve hard questions for everyone involved.

But that's not what these riots are about. They are about anarchy, and the most violent offenders couldn't care less about George Floyd. Many are politically motivated antifa-style terrorists, emboldened by previous spasms of destruction that not only went unchecked and unpunished but were actively praised by left-leaning media. There are opportunists who want to loot whatever businesses the crowd chooses to pillage, stripping shelves like a plague of locusts. And there are those who are simply feral, getting a drug-like high from senseless violence and carnage.

All of that is bad enough. But where are the leaders - local, state, and federal - who are willing to take a stand against all of this? Police are told to stand down, government officials become apologists ("We think white supremacists have infiltrated the mobs"), and the many existing crowd-dispersal technologies go unused.

It is no stretch at all to imagine that there are many in power who want to see these riots continue if only to make Donald Trump look bad in the run-up to the election: if he doesn't react strongly, he'll be tarred for not protecting lives and property. If he does react strongly, he'll be pilloried as a racist.

We've seen all of this before, far too many times. What we haven't seen, and what we must see, is order restored to our streets by immediate and appropriate use of force (including, as a final resort, deadly force), and severe legal consequences for the agitators and anarchists who are setting flames not just to buildings, but to our nation's soul.