Friday, August 18, 2017

Glaring Idiocy (A Single Malt Diatribe)

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We only WISH there were glasses which could filter out the blinding, glaring stupidity which radiates constantly from mainstream "news" sources. But sadly, such filters are exclusively internal and, rather than shaded pieces of plastic, are composed of actual functioning brains. In other words, they're inaccessible to virtually everyone on the Left.

An aside: we've had a busy and sporadically frustrating day, and now find ourselves in the position of writing this blog post under the (very welcome) influence of our 3rd scotch. And not our usual sleazy-ass scotch: this is a pretty tasty single malt aged in an old Sherry cask.

And we earned it fair and square. Not just from the home construction stuff, which is frustrating but going smoothly enough. But from the brain-frying level of insanity galloping through our news media and popular culture at the moment. We're referring specifically to the total meltdown related to Donald Trump saying that all violent, racist hate groups are bad, and the President's apparently unforgivable assertion that he likes to have facts before making broad pronouncements.

As if that wasn't bad enough, various "business" advisors to President Trump have very publicly dumped him and their positions giving counsel on creating jobs in America, because they don't want to run the risk of being branded Nazi-sympathizers.

In other words, the Left has managed to create a ridiculous fantasy which now makes it less likely that Donald Trump can energize our economy and create jobs to the degree we'd all hoped. And how does Wall Street feel about that? Predictably, it's running around in headless chicken fashion. Seriously, every day that the media accuses Trump of Nazi sympathies - or suggests that he's now ripe for impeachment - we personally lose thousands of dollars from our retirement account, and it pisses us the hell off.

Mind you, we're not among the "evil rich" who can laugh (no doubt haughtily) upon losing a few grand here or there. No, we're members of the "unlikable upper middle class" (white privilege division) and when that kind of cash is lost just because liars have bullhorns, it tends to rankle.

(We pause briefly to stare at the page and ask ourselves two questions: 1) are we getting away with this commentary, and 2) should we go for that 4th scotch...?)

As if the news wasn't bad enough, we had the horrific ISIS terror attack in Barcelona today in which dozens were mowed down by a speeding van, hostages were taken, and more. About which, CNN had the unbelievable gall to ask "was this a copycat attack modeled after Charlottesville?"

THAT, my dear friends, is the sort of asinine question that sends good men back to their scotch bottles. And yes, that means we just poured a 4th glass.

We're not going to get deeper into the Trump foolishness: he's right, they're wrong, he's said and done the appropriate things, and we fully support him. Okay, his tweet about General Pershing's anti-Muslim pork-tainted bullets was a bit over the top, but we're going to let it go because A) his comment was amusing, and B) we should really be doing that.

Seriously, we propose the creation of designated "war pigs" who donate blood for the purpose of contaminating terror-targeted bullets. Pigs who are given the best treatment that America can give them for their entire lifetimes. First class slop, party privileges with pretty porkers, blue skies, green grass, and cool mud.

(Note to self: they're on to you - the scotch is definitely starting to show.)


All of the above is depressing, and we're about to depress you even more. But stick with us - we think we've got a way to make it all better at the end!

Today, daughter Jarlsberg, who is as good and sweet a soul as any ever put on this Earth, encountered an unconscious kitten baking under the hot Oklahoma sun. She tried to get the poor little creature to a veterinarian in time...but it was too late.

This was painful to her, and to her parents. What the hell kind of world is this, anyway?!

Well...maybe it's a pretty good one. Because even though she couldn't save that kitten, daughter Jarlsberg subsequently gave money to some charities that will help other little animals.

And then we did the same - writing an accompanying little note that in the kitten's too short life it had still made a difference by inspiring others to act.

Not only did it make us feel a little better, it sort of delighted us to think that all of the Left-wing loonies who are currently rock solid sure that we're Nazis would be stunned to know that we're really soft-hearted animal lovers who (unlike the Left) are willing to give up our OWN hard-earned cash to help rather than simply demanding that others do it.

The charity we support is called the Abandoned Animal Project, affiliated with the Texas-based Vet Ranch. They're genuinely great people who make wonderful Youtube videos like this one...

We're not going to exert any pressure on you to make a donation (at the link above). But if you would like to send $5 or $10 to help abandoned animals, it's an inexpensive and thoroughly enjoyable way of giving a metaphorical finger to those on the Left who don't actually have a shred of altruism or charity in their miserable little hearts.


Unknown said...

Vet Ranch. The best!

Mike said...

Stilton, Trump made no such comment about pork-tainted bullets. Perusing didn't support that. You got MSM'd.

Mike said...

And curses on autocorrect of Pershing

Jack Wiegman said...


The December First Society requests your input on whether or not the Montana city of Helena should be designated "City of Hate" for its removal of a small Confederate Monument.

Although most people generate and hold attitudes and teach others what they know, some cities choose to make themselves official arbiters of attitude. The purpose is to force opinion and to limit discussion.

We do not solicit input on racism or religious values (although we always listen).

Before we make a final decision, we would appreciate knowing your position.

John H. (Jack) Wiegman, President
The December First Society

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

The vet on Vet Ranch also has a Utoob channel called "Demolition Ranch."
Shoots big guns at odd things.

REM1875 said...

While I don't want to encourage blogging while loaded (you should be driving or playing with guns or power tools- while loaded -- it's often safer) I will say this was one of you best, Doc....

Anonymous said...

Aphorism Supreme: Ignorance can be educated...and INSANITY can be medicated...but there's NO cure for STUPIDITY.

Unknown said...

Amen Brother,make mine a Cutty Sark, straight up.

Geoff King said...

If only the sunglasses from "They Live" actually existed and liberals were forced to don a pair.
Then there's the ironically colored red pill/blue pill from "The Matrix". If only libs could be forced to switch to the red pill.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@S.B. Sweeney- I've been enjoying their videos, and occasionally contributing, for a long time.

@Mike- Well, MAYBE I got MSM'd, but I'm not sure. Trump definitely made the tweet about Pershing, and on the campaign trail he referred to the "bullets dipped in pig's blood" allegedly used by Pershing. I'd say absent some clarification from the White House, neither you nor I knows for sure what the hell Trump was really saying.

@Jack Wiegman- "City of Hate?" No, let's go with the more accurate "City of Ignorance."

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- How can you not love a guy like that?

@REM1875- Glad you enjoyed it, though "writing under the influence" will not become a regular thing here. For all of my jokes about alcohol, I do tend to restrict it to suitable times and quantities.

@Roger- You'll get no argument from me on that point.

@Thomas Beechler- I usually drink Clan MacGregor, which is cheap swill. But last night I was drinking better quality (for me) liquor because I've had no chance to get out to the cheap swill store.

@Geoff King- Both are very inviting thoughts. And entertaining movies!

Howmangodo said...

We'd love to donate, Stilton - but we run our own private cat rescue program. We've saved 26 neighborhood drop-offs, neutered/spayed about a dozen females, and continue to feed all that show up. Vet bills, food, and all that goes with it eats into the piggy bank, but do it we will.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Howmangodo- You're clearly doing more than your share already, and let me thank you for your hard work, financial outlay, and especially your compassion. Although we're currently an exclusive dog household, we still celebrate the memory of our beloved Ralph the Cat. She (yep, she) was the runt of the litter and never grew to be more than half-a-cat size, and kept her kittenish ways for her entire lifetime. She also didn't know how to meow, but made an interesting "nickering" sound when watching birds out the window. A portrait of Ralph, painted by my mother, is one of our most prized possessions.

Shelly said...

The only thing that gives me any comfort regarding this entire mess is the realization there are millions of people like me(us) who are seething with anger at the attempted crucifixion of Donald J. Trump, who is a good-hearted America-loving patriot just trying to do what he set out to do. And we vote and we are going to be even more motivated to vote the more they pour it on. I am disgusted with the entire media/Democrat party complex but even more incensed at the linguini-spined Republicans who are exploiting the issue purely for political gain, while at the same time doing absolutely nothing they promised repeatedly in order to get elected. And John McCain tops this list. This also includes the jerks at National Review with their conservative virtue-signaling and all the rest of the NeverTrump butthurts who can't get over the election. Terrorists are slaughtering innocent people in Europe and we are bickering over statues. It boggles the mind. I am steamed!!

SiGraybeard said...

When I first saw the Vet Ranch doc, I thought, "hey... he looks just like that gun video guy..." (not enough coffee - I can be dense) Then I saw it was him.

So I watched another video, where he brings a paralyzed kitten back to able to walk again.

Yeah, I'm on a tight budget too, but some donation will go to him.

MD Vickery said...

I appreciate your sacrifice in exposing yourself to all the iniquities of the msm. I refuse to do it. I salute your indulgence in a calming libation, one that is truly deserved and required after such a harrowing experience. As far as quantity - whatever is available is sufficient. As far as when - I only drink before five o'clock when I'm at the beach. I moved to the beach in 2003.

Shelly: HEAR! HEAR! I absolutely agree and am waiting for the meltdown of the dimocrits, RINOs and the media after the next election. Their response will make Chernobyl look like a cub scout campfire.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Thought I left a post earlier, but apparently it got eaten?
Oh, well, nothing so burning that I recall it...

Stilt, my cat, Sparky, chitters similar to a squirrel when 'tracking' - birds outside, bugs, pounce toys, and laser dots inside.
Had never heard of such a thing, but apparently not uncommon... and he 'talks' up a storm, meow wise...

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilt: Glendronach, by any chance? One of my absolute favorites. One of the few that are refreshed when the full measure of devotion has been had. (Most of my single malts are a one sip every couple of years fare. But THAT one. Yum! No one can have just one sip...)

We seem to be a cat and dog rescue as well. Every time I am out of town for any significant amount of time, I come home to some dog from the Michigan Humane Society, or some feral cat kitten filling my place in their hearts. Three dogs, five cats so far, plus one for my mom - and I've asked my employer to ensure my last gig before I retire from this place be local to preclude any further additions to the menagerie. Thankfully, neutering is arthroscopically done these days, and is significantly less money than it used to be. And my favorite out of the group of cats is the runt of her litter. Spent most of my life hating cats, until these guys moved in. Didn't know what I was missing!

I'm am absolutely dismayed at the closed-mindedness of the current batch of liberals. I am a Facebook participant, and get into political firefights regularly. None of these liberals can counter an argument; they all either defer to parroting common liberal talking points, or they block or unfriend you. As you say, a functioning brain is required.

John the Econ said...

In other words, Trump does not behave as their mindless puppet and that upsets them.

"...was this a copycat attack modeled after Charlottesville?"

THAT, my dear friends is why nobody with any degree of sentience left does not take CNN seriously.

But hey, at least CNN has finally (albeit unwittingly) equated acts of Islamic fascism with actual Nazis. You take your progress where you find it.

It's times like this that I turn to my little fuzzy dog for comfort. Suffering of all forms makes me sad.

Walter L. Stafford said...

I would strongly encourage all liberal Democraps, progressives, community organizers to take advantage of the FREE solar eclipse! Look at it without any glasses and you will begin to see the "LIGHT" of truth that has blinded so many in this country.
The sun will rise after this eclipse, but will this country be able to balance what has passed into history with the epileptic media having daily uncontrolled seizures?

Colby Muenster said...

Wolf Blitzer was trying his damndest to blame the Barcelona incident on Trump. What a useless piece of condensed owl shit!

@Jack Weigman
IMHO, the fate of things like controversial statues or artwork on public grounds should be decided by the majority, not some small group of offended activists. If a small group of city leaders decide to do things against the public will, the public should make their will known come the next election, and by calling/writing their so called representatives. I sort of doubt the majority of Helena residents are haters, but they apparently have some leaders prone to knee-jerk decisions.

AMEN! I've heard that all this bash Trump frenzy just may end up in a conservative landslide in 2018 and 2020. May it be so! If that happens, I'm going to be telling all the liberals I know to "keep it up!"

OK, picture this folks. Just try and imagine (and it doesn't take much) what might transpire if a mob of conservatives pulled down a stature of MLK Jr.

Pork bullets? I don't get it; what's the point? A dead terrorist doesn't know he's just been contaminated with pig blood. How about pork grenades? Or maybe fly over them and dump about a gazillion gallons of hog blood. Would they have to kill themselves then?

Scots whiskey... My favorites are Laphroig in the Winter, and MacAllan in the Summer, but they are all good, even the cheapy ones! Emmentaler, I have not tried Glendronach, but you just gave me an excuse to stop by the store on the way home!

NVRick said...

As well as glasses to see, I think the idiots (Progs, RINOs and even a sadly large group of supposed Conservatives) are in desperate need of hearing aids.
What part of Trump's condemnation of the evil on both sides can they not hear??? Hopefully in 2018, the RINOs will hear people calling for primary contests to rid the party of pseudo-Dimocrats.
As for McCain: I believe that in the Gaelic languages, the "Mc"="Son of". How apropos that John is the "son of" Cain. The original Cain killed his brother. The "son of" Cain killed a chance to finally do something to rid ourselves of the scourge of 0bamacare.

Crabby Old Bat said...

I live in CA but donated to the Ranch anyway. We have nothing but rescue animals and they are the best - well, except for the snake (ball python, not a native) who showed up in my kitchen. I just tolerate her. Greatest pet I ever had in my long life was a cat abandoned in my sister's neighborhood when his family moved away. It took her a few months to figure out that he was living feral and no longer being cared for, but she scooped him up and passed him on to me. Best. Cat. Ever.
Hopefully your plug will spike donations to the Ranch.

Judi King said...

@ Shelley: Ditto!!
@ Emmentaler: You can't have a rational debate with the irrational. It's wasted time because they'll never get your point. Collective mind set.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Jack Wiegman,

Montana became a state in 1889--more than 13 years after Custer's Last Stand. Why would there even BE a Confederate monument there? Perhaps it was put there by some Southerner who would still be fighting the Civil War now if he were still alive, but there is no real reason for a Confederate monument in Montana.

I have no use for the Ku Klux Klowns, but if you get a permit to hold a meeting or whatever, anyone who starts a riot to shut you up is an anti-American POS. Why is it that the Left wants to be able to decide whose 1st Amendment rights can be ignored? Do they REALLY want to start down that road? Because I'd be plenty happy if all communists were imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives (kinda like they were in, say, the old Soviet Union). You try to censor who you want and I'll censor who I want. Then who's left? Those with the guns...

Jack Colby said...

Stilt, I've found a very healthy strategy to daily drinking. "One a day, whether I need it or not." In fact, I'm enjoying a Bombay martini, extra dry, straight up, w/ a Roquefort-stuffed olive as I absorb your Scotch-laced but typically spot-on commentary. If memory serves, tonight's particular martini is for November 26, 2036.