Monday, December 18, 2017

Yule Be Sorry

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That's the way the Christmas cookie crumbles.
Following Busty Ross's appearance on these pages, it seemed only fair to offer an equal time visit from Lefty Lucy. Sadly, she seems to lack the proper focus (as is true of so many of her contemporaries) on giving instead of always receiving, which seems particularly egregious at Christmas.

To Lucy's credit, at least she realizes she's not landing on the "nice" list this year, despite the fact that those of her political persuasion almost always think they're "nice" because they're the ones writing the self-congratulatory lists, blissfully unaware that it's not their judgement to make.

Still, Lucy is young and we hope she gets some nice presents this year. We're thinking a nice history book might be a good start.


REM1875 said...

Despite lucy I hope we are all enjoying this special season.

I am also not so sure how I feel about lucy being on the same list I am on......year after year...

Anonymous said...

A history book, some less attention-whorish frames and a bottle of extra strength hair-straightener to help tame that rat’s nest.

james daily said...

I cringe when folks want free stuff. Obviously they have never heard of Milton Friedman. These imbeciles that run up loans for school and such to unimaginable heights deserve what they have. Yea, I got a BBA without a dime of loans: I worked. Then, too, poor Lucy doesn't understand just how fortunate she is the President Trump is in the White House - that's because she does not know anything about history, economics or politics. Keep'em coming Stilt. That cartoon says more than you think it does.

Dave said...

Having Ms Ross and Lucy's comments side by side is almost like being home for Christmas. Many of us have the exact same dichotomy of beliefs presented at family gatherings especially during holidays. The single malt has proven to be the only known cure for what ails me.

Fred Ciampi said...

To each and every one of my contemporaries, I wish the Merriest of Christmas, the Happiest of what the New Year has to bring, and Peace on Earth. May God Bless.

Judi King said...

ALL those lefties could use a history book or two. They certainly are as clueless as Lucy.

Geoff King said...

I'd be as jolly as Ol' Saint Nick if I had his list of naughty girls.

Mark Matis said...

I do hope you understand though, Geoff King, that if YOU had that list, Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom would have same as well...

Anonymous said...

Better give them an old history book cuz they're rewriting the newer ones!

Greywuff said...

Lucy could use a history book and a cluebat...applied upside her head!

Harry Hamid said...

Sounds like maybe she was hoping to talk to that white-haired Santa from Vermont.

txGreg said...

Speaking of a good history book. If you search your local used book shop, you might be able to find a copy of "A Patriot's History of the United States" by Larry Schweikart for a reasonable price. I've bought a few copies to share (as well as for my own use). There's a "modern world" follow-up as well.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

If Lucy follows the recent sexual harrassment hysteria as seen/heard in the MSM, I predict that her ire will soon bear fruit! Watch out, Santa; you may be next!

Gee M said...

Hey, Lucy Darlin'...
I am a VERY Liberal conservative...while I do like The Donald inna White House and approve of the US military, and find Antifa anathematic and BLM actually means Black Lies Din'T Matter, I AM Pro-Choice (with certain codicils) and just LOVE red hair!
Is "Darlin'" too sexist pig for ya? I can call ya "sweetheart" or "honey" know how gentlemanly us Southern boys can be!
(Did I just hear a head explode? OH NO!)

Igor said...

Wee Fish Ewe a Mare Egrets Moose,
Panda Hippo Gnu Deer!

Even you, Loser Lucy. Even you.

John the Econ said...

That Lefty Lucy has enough self-awareness to realize that she has not been good all year sets her apart from your average SJW millennial.

My gift to Lucy would be a ticket to Venezuela with a return of no sooner than a year. In fact, I think that would be a gift to everyone.

@James Daily, I'm with you. Like you, I didn't run up 6-figures of debt going to a 4-year-resort with a lazy river. I went to a nothing-glamorous-about-it hum-drum state school while working the whole time.

The problem with the entitlement mentality is that it never, ever ends. Today, they'll ask for free college, "living wages", and free health care. If they ever get all that, then they'll pine for the next level, whatever that might be; Free housing, free food, free vacations on Mars...


Franken urged to reverse his resignation

"At least four senators are urging Al Franken to reconsider resigning, including two who issued statements calling for the resignation two weeks ago and said they now feel remorse over what they feel was a rush to judgment."

Personally, I hope he stays so that he can be the obnoxious face for Democrat hypocrisy and the foremost icon of the real Progressive "War on Women". @Stilton, keep that "grabby" graphic handy; I think you (and every other conservative blogger) will be using it a lot.

But on a lighter note, Merry Christmas all!

Emmentaler The Sexist Limburger said...

I think Lefty Lucy is a sham. I've yet to meet a leftist woman who looks so pretty. Come to think of it: I've yet to meet a leftist woman who looks female...

Colby Muenster said...

But.... but.... but, those old history books are so racist and full of pesky facts!

@John the Econ,
Considering the Franken thing, are any of us surprised? Did anyone really believe he intended to resign? And even if he did, his replacement is just another self serving liberal. I'll give the Democrats credit for one thing, though. They are fully aware that the typical voter has the attention span of a grape. Three or four weeks down the road, they won't remember shit about Al Franken as long as he keeps a low profile. Sadly, there is no shortage of Republicans in the swamp that will follow suit.

College loans... I have absolutely no problem with a young person borrowing money to go to school if (big if) they get a degree in something that makes them more employable, become productive citizens, and repay their loans. Its the jerks who get degrees in Southern Central African Studies, then want me to pay off their $120,000 loans who piss me off. You wanna get a degree in something totally useless, fine; you pay for it! And don't expect the gubmint to force somebody to give you a high paying desk job!

Veleeta Processed Cheese Food said...

Seems Lucy has plenty of company:

BuzzFeed Editor: ‘All I Want For Christmas Is Full Communism Now’

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- Well one of you should clean up their act. (grin)

@Anonymous- I will admit that the green frames complement her red hair.

@James Daily- Folks like Lucy want Christmas to be all year around, without the obligation of "being good" (or, in economic terms, paying and receiving their "fair share"). As far as college tuition, I did have to take out loans, albeit not huge ones, and supplemented my college years with summer factory work.

@Dave- Technically, Ms Ross didn't make any political comments...although she clearly demonstrated that she understands the concept of giving.

@Colby Muenster- good points across the board.

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- I saw that same article and was tempted to link to it as a "PS" to today's cartoon. Insanity.
@Fred Ciampi- Right back at you, sir!

@Judi King- I'll go with the two history book idea: one for them to read, and another to whack them in the head with first to get their attention.

@Geoff King- You've reminded me of the old joke about the boy who goes into the confessional and tells the priest he had sex with a girl at his school.

"Was it Mary Murphy?" the outraged priest asks.
"Was it Lizzy O'toole, then?"
"Surely you're not doing the dirty deed with Irene McCarthy?!"
"No, father - none of them."

Upon leaving the confessional, the boy meets a friend who asks, "What did the priest give you?"
"20 Hail Marys," answers the boy, "and three good leads."

@Mark Matis- It's not so much a list as a subpoena.

@Anonymous- excellent point!

@Greywuff- Maybe a small conk with a wiffle bat. She's young yet.

@Harry Hamid- Sanders Claus?

@txGreg- Thanks for the recommendation!

@Alfonso Bedoya- I'm sure Santa can prove he only had a roll of nickels in his pocket.

@Gee M- I think Lucy just added a stress counselor to her Christmas wish list.

@Igor- Suddenly I want to hear "Carol of the Animals."

@John the Econ- I'm sure Lucy puts herself on the "nice" list, but realizes that she can't reach Santa's unfair standards of "goodness." And yes, a year in Venezuela would do her good. Along with a cookbook for rabbit.

The whole college loan debacle (which is the same as the college tuition scandal) is a mess. The value received for modern "education" is infinitesimal compared to the cost. We need to rethink the whole thing - and soon - to just remain competitive in the world.

I wouldn't be surprised if Franken stays, now that Moore is out of the race. If he does, I imagine he'll dedicate himself solely to women's issues.

@Emmentaler the Sexist Limburger- I think a lot of people, male and female, good looking or not, are Leftists when they're young because they're ignorant about the way the world works. Which is what makes socialism, communism, and revolution seem like a good idea to them. Some grow out of it, and we should give them encouragement to do so.

Dan said...

Franken, by not resigning, will be keeping Minn Lt Gov Tina Smith from ascending to the Senate. How sexist of him to prevent a woman from becoming a Senator.

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster said "They are fully aware that the typical voter has the attention span of a grape."

True enough. The typical Democrat voter does. But not all the voters do. Some of the smarter Democrats noted that over half of white women chose the pig Trump over Hillary. And they also voted for Moore too. Why? Because for the last two decades, the Democrats have made it clear where women rank on their values totem pole. Normal women want more out of life than just abortions, and have had it up to here being told that if they don't like sharing showers with guys with sexual identity issues, they are the ones with the problem.
That's why we've had the "pervnado" housecleaning. It's a waste for them if it all ends just because Moore lost. This is really about the midterms and 2020. If Franken stays, then it just demonstrates what a fraud the Democrats are on the issue; using it just for a short-term gain. They paid too much for an 18-month senate seat.

Speaking of, anyone think that MSNBC is going to jettison Chris Matthews?

Fritzchen said...

ME: Santa, my wife's been naughty!
SANTA: That's bad!
ME: No, that's good!
SANTA: Ho, Ho, HO!

Regnad Kcin said...

Poor Lucy. Rebel without a clue. Like all 'tards, if she had two brains, the other one would be lonely. BTW, why does Velveeta cost more than real cheese, hmmm ? Outside of queso dip, that crap has no value other than as spackle for wall lath.....

Fish Out of Water said...

Wonder what Lucy look like when she's not assuming the role?

Gee M said...

@Regnad Kcin
Actually, nothing says good like grits with some American "cheese" melted in...or a 3 pound pot of rice with the aforementioned orange stuff, some yellow-stuff-like-butter, and pepper; then it's good for 3 or 4 days of quick meals if real food is too time-consuming.
Smoking your herbs helps it taste even better (I heard.).

Otherwise...real food can be fun too!

John the Econ said...

Yeah, Franken's not going anywhere:

Trump Should Not Resign Over Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Jones Says

Democratic senator-elect from Alabama committed to working on ‘the real issues’

Like the "war on women", no doubt.

I think the smarter among them have come to the conclusion that Trump isn't going anywhere, so why should they sacrifice any of their own, especially now that they won another Senate seat over the issue. So I'd expect the housecleaning of Congress to be considered finished for the time being. So they're going to hang on to their creeps and yet claim moral victory for doing so, because Trump is still there.

Way to own the gutter, Democrats.