Monday, October 8, 2018

It Only Hurts When I Adjudicate

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The nightmarish Kavanaugh hearings are over, Brett Kavanaugh has finally been confirmed and was immediately sworn in as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

So why aren't we feeling happier? After all, we won and the Left lost, right? Right...?

Well, maybe not. Oh sure, we got a great jurist on the Supreme Court, but that should have been a given with broad bipartisan support (as has traditionally been the case). We only got what was expected and, considering Kavanaugh's remarkable qualifications, more or less inevitable.

But what did the Left gain from all of this? Sadly, one heck of a lot. For starters, they permanently stained the good name and reputation of Brett Kavanaugh, who now begins a lifetime of being called "Rapey McRapeface" and being screamed at in public places. The Democrats have additionally sullied the perceived legitimacy of the Supreme Court itself, as well as insuring that in the future no sane person will submit to a similar character-destroying gauntlet for the "privilege" of doing public service.

On top of that, the feigned outrage displayed by the Democrats over allegations even they don't believe is generating millions of dollars in campaign contributions from sheeple who have more dollars than sense.

But wait, there's more! Utterly bereft of actual ideas for the betterment of our nation, the Democrat machine runs on inspiring fear, hatred, and division in their simple-minded, hyper-emotional electorate. And they've hit the motherlode with their Salem witch trial against Justice Kavanaugh. Men are bad! White people are despicable! And people who think it's even possible for a woman to lie or get facts wrong are Nazier Nazis than the original Nazis.

The Left is telling the dimmest of their followers (and their number is legion) that those on the Right don't listen to women. But we did - and bent over backwards to make Dr. Ford feel comfortable and unthreatened while she delivered every jot and tittle of her "recovered memories" testimony. And then, we listened to other Ford's lifelong friend Leland Keyser who, rather than being a witness for Dr. Ford, asserted that she had no memory of the alleged party, nor of ever meeting Brett Kavanaugh. And this despite heavy pressure to change her story to one less truthful.

Another woman we listened to was Rachel Mitchell, an Arizona sex crimes prosecutor who, presumably, is against sex crimes. She asked Dr. Ford a number of basic questions, gently and respectfully...and concluded that her story had unacceptable inconsistencies.

Democrats chose not to listen to those women, preferring instead to evangelize for a purge by fire of all men, white people, and Republicans in the November midterms.

And they are delighted with their Machiavellian mendacity, and have given not a thought to the destruction of the lives of both Justice Kavanaugh and the likely psychologically challenged Dr. Ford.

Still, even though we're feeling more melancholy than joy at the moment, there is a deeper and more profound feeling of satisfaction that we'd be remiss not to mention. Specifically, the knowledge that the Supreme Court has just taken a huge and hopefully long-lasting step to again become a moderate body which doesn't make laws, but rather carefully weighs the constitutionality of the laws brought before it.

That's huge - and we hope this truth burns those on the Left like Holy Water splashed on those who are demon possessed. Which, frankly, we think is pretty likely to be the case here.


Dan said...

The Kavanaugh debacle did not bring anything new to the stew of current politics.
It merely opened a curtain and shone the sunshine onto the ugly but true reality that America is totally divided along partisan lines. We have split into two different cultures ideologically and those beliefs are mutually exclusive. And while a 'divorce' may be wanted it's not practical. So what happens is we take one of two paths. Either the conservative realistic working right capitulates and allows the insane socialist left to retake power and control.....resulting in America rapidly devolving into an enormous version of current Venezuelan misery....
OR....we accept the reality that civil war II is in it's opening stages and decide to WIN IT by eliminating the socialist/communist parasites that are sucking the life out of the country. Neither path is pretty and both will result in massive death and destruction. The difference being that if we choose to eradicate socialism (and while we're at it lets boot islam out of America) when the ugliness is ended there will be at least some semblance of America left to rebuild. If we give in and allow the commie left to do what it wants...and HAS BEEN DOING with no repercussions....America as a free nation is DONE.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...
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M. Mitchell Marmel said...

I'm with Dan here.

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

Winston Churchill

Hoist a cup of sweet, sweet liberal tears, but gird your loins as well. We ain't out of this yet.

She’s A Beauty said...

Personally? I'm feeling fairly giddy about the "win." It rawly exposed to those in the middle
and on the right (who perhaps haven't been paying attention) just how despicable and
corrupt the Democrat party has become. Hijacked by Soros and his ilk, perhaps now they
realize this is no longer a game. If Republicans have been energized - even a little - this is
a win-win for us, and most importantly, for the future of the country.

TMay said...

I think that Ford did not mind getting $850,000 as a result of running a go-fund-me page with good timing.

Unknown said...

So well said!

Jim G. said...

Ok, call me crazy but I think Aliens have been monitoring all of this stuff going on here on Earth. They could be standing by waiting for us to go bat shit crazy and start this 2nd Civil War and step in to stop it. Their method may be devastating or if sent by God, maybe not.

I know what you're thinking, he has had way too many glasses of wine tonight.

Maybe so, but how do you explain all of these recent UFO sightings? From the International Space Station?

Could you imagine a Civil War in our country today? Seriously, millions would die.

I'm ready to contine to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic (and we have a lot of those in our colleges today).

But I would prefer to pray for peace.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

TMay said...

I think that Ford did not mind getting $850,000 as a result of running a go-fund-me page with good timing.

(wistfully) Wish my GoFundMe page was in that good shape. Maybe I should claim to be a female bi womyn of color? :)

REM1875 said...

It is not a 'living breathing document' that says what ever the left tells the media it says and means.

You not happy with the way it reads ???

There are LEGAL ways to change it.

Judaical activism IS NOT one

Jim Irre said...

We got the brass ring . . . this time. On to the mid-terms! Let's not lose sight of the big goal. We have to keep the House and more importantly the Senate, to keep Kavanaugh on the court and Trump in the White House. The battles must be won to have any shot at winning the war!

Bobo the Hobo said...

Go Fund Me has devolved into a Democrat money laundering machine

Judi King said...

This is a win only if those on the right stay fired up long enough to vote in the mid-term election. The unhinged, useful idiots on the left are already fired up and will be. We need to keep energized and fight back because this IS a fight and the prize is an entire country.

Fred Ciampi said...

There is a civil war coming and I hope and pray that we fight and win it with ballots instead of bullets.

Jack said...

A win for us should always be presumed to be a win for them as well. That's what separates us.

In text, we are the party of "for." They are the party of "against."

I monitor emailed newsletters from a variety of Democratic organizations. Majority of content is hate. There is very little that advocates for positive projects.

Unknown said...

Why aren't we happier??
Because many of us are GRIEVING that so very many Americans have not a clue how we got here and what keeps us in our position. Our situation is just so much worse than we thought. George Orwell's novel seemed preposterous and now we're living it. Wow.

Geoff King said...

The confirmation makes me happy for the Constitution, but worried for the future. Liberals, having the attention span of goldfish, may require another carrot to be dangled before the mid-terms next month or they may forget why they were told to be upset about Kavanaugh and not turn out to vote the evil Republicans out. That carrot, like this past one, need not be true - just spread on social media right before the election.
Of course, Republicans could use the same tactics, if they sank to the Democrat's level. On November 2nd or so, just spread the meme on Facebook that Nancy Pelosi was caught drowning kittens in her recycling bin and see what happens.

Boligat said...

Bobo said: "Go Fund Me has devolved into a Democrat money laundering machine"

My thoughts exactly.

We can't rest now, though. For the next SCOTUS nominee I suggest Janice Rogers Brown. It would be interesting to see what the howling mob would do to a black conservative woman.

Rogers13 said...

in such an event, i doubt russia and china will sit on the sidelines awaiting the outcome. they will certainly complicate things, or perhaps take the opportunity to trounce us once and for all. just a thought.

Fish Out of Water said...

"Utterly bereft of actual ideas for the betterment of our nation, the Democrat machine runs on inspiring fear, hatred, and division in their simple-minded, hyper-emotional electorate. "

From the Daily Wire

"Hillary Clinton Says Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Could Bring Back Slavery
"Now I worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s."

'Nuff said.

TrickyRicky said...

@Fish Out of Water- Hit the nail on the head.

JFK - “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

Daniel Patrick Moynihan - "There is one unmistakable lesson in American history; a community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any set of rational expectations about the future - that community asks for and gets chaos."

Tip O'Neill - "A good lesson in keeping your perspective is: Take your job seriously but don't take yourself seriously."

Hillary - well just.....Hillary.

The Democrat party no longer exists. It has morphed, inevitably into the chaos and anarchy party. Nothing to offer but hate and death. The sooner traditional Democrat constituencies recognize the facts in front of their faces, the sooner we can attempt to rebuild our constitutional republic.


steve on the left coast said...

Off to the ballot candidates only with "R" in front of name. It is critical we support the president all the way. I have many grievances with RINO Republicans, but the Kavanaugh episode is a good example of the importance of numbers. Go vote, and bring 10 people with you. If we all do a little extra it will certainly make a difference.

Geoff King said...

Here in Northern Arizona we woke to our first snowfall of the season yesterday morning. It wasn't a lot and it melted away quickly, but it cane earlier than usual and may point to an extremely severe winter. One result I did notice is that most liberals shut their mouths about Kavanaugh and all things Trump at the same time. I believe this is due to the sudden realization that it is Conservatives that own most of the snowplows, and are the only ones willing to pick up a shovel to clear a path for the lefties to make it to Starbucks.

Walter L. Stafford said...

Karma, boys and girls will take care those that lied, accused without merit or reason and the other breeds of asshole liberals that fought tooth and nail to try and prevent Kavanaugh's confirmation.
May their hemorrhoids fester into giant, scabby, oozing sores!

Rod said...

@ Geoff King: I like your comment. And after thinking about it: in my experience it's quite accurate that conservatives are those who are both prepared and show up to help in many ways.

The others are full of curiosity and nice, quick & convenient words of concern but that's about it. If they even offer any advice at all (like for instance how to obtain assistance for my very aging parents back when Mom was still with us) the only places they could recommend were agencies that involve government funding. Even though folks paid their taxes and added charity all their lives, if one has much money; they are not eligible. I suppose these agencies can't afford a lot of US, with the load illegals and those who knowingly never took care of themselves are adding. GET OUT THE CONSERVATIVE VOTE.

SpectreRider said...

Yes it has.

Sortahwitte said...

We must vote in unprecedented numbers. Nothing is won. The dims are renewed to continue scheming, plotting, and lying to get their way. As conservatives, we cannot go back again to the old way of waiting to see what these socialist/commie rat shits will do next. They are scared momentarily to see their court based legislation in jeopardy. We cannot rest. We must go on the offensive and keep them defending the indefensible. Anyone who witnessed the debacle of "innocent until proven guilty" should be incensed. And they should react.

james daily said...

This weekend, I came across this and wondered if I had missed it or it was just now being let out of the bag: "Judge Brett Kavanaugh met with Senator Dianne Feinstein on August 20, 2018. Feinstein did not mention the assault allegations against him at that time or for several weeks later."
So: Say What? I am sure it is accurate but it sure begs the question of what in the heil did they discuss? She had the letter in July. Is it possible that this whole Ford thing was a conspiracy? If this is true, Feinstein's ash should be hauled in front of the Ethics committee for this and other lies. Probably won't happen though. Then there is this, "Dr. Christine Blasey Ford reportedly can't move back into her home because of the amount of death threats she is receiving." Well, they are probably from the liberal activist for screwing up her 15 minutes of fame but $850K GFM money will let her ride AMTRAC where ever.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I think you need to look at the glass half-full, Stilt! I personally believe the democratic party has done irreparable damage to itself through this. They pulled out all the stops - all the hyperbolic, vitriolic, slimy, nasty, lower-than-the-swamp-bed stops - and lost. Lost big.

Yes: they'll still be around. Yes: there'll still be "useful idiots" on the streets, letting others pull their mindless, violent strings. And, yes: they will remain a threat to liberty. But I don't believe there will be much more than a blue trickle come the midterms. They've shown too much of who they truly are, and the mentally ill remain a minority in this country. A crafty, sneaky, vote-manipulating minority, but a minority nonetheless.

Crimony! Even SUSAN COLLINS spoke out against them! (Might qualify as one of the signs of a coming apocalypse, that.)

@Boligat: likely the same thing they did to Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas and Allen West and... ...pretty much anyone else who forgets their natural, democrat-gicven place in society...

John the Econ said...

Perhaps your problem @Stilton is that you're not used to #Winning.

Yes, everything you described has happened. But it was going to happen anyway. #Winning is not free. This is the first time I can remember in a very long time where conservatives pushed back hard against the Progressive agenda and strategy of personal destruction. What President since perhaps Reagan would not have backed down on Kavanaugh? Who knew Lindsey Graham had balls? How about that Susan Collins speech? Yes, Kavanaugh and his family paid a heavy price for this, as did the court. But where we are today is the logical progression of the strategy kicked off by Ted Kennedy 30 years ago when "Bork" became a verb. (Talk about #MeToo irony!) But what was the alternative? Only appoint squishy "living document" jurists to make law on a whim that are assured not to be challenged by the extreme left?

If Trump was elected for any single reason, it's because he's a fighter. And because of that, GOP senators fought for a change, and won. I hope they discover that this is better than being the squishy "get along" GOP that has been the norm for generations.

This has highly fueled the #WalkAway movement. (So much so that they're now targeting the #WalkAway guy) It's my hope that the GOP is rewarded for growing a spine next month. In addition to an unquestionable improved economy, the GOP has been seen for standing for something for a change. What are the Democrats offering? Drive-by character assassinations, repealing tax cuts for the middle class while restoring tax breaks for the rich in blue states, gun control, open borders, and socialism. Oh, and impeaching Trump, Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Pence.

Random Observations:

A "democratic" Supreme Court: Um, the Supreme Court is not supposed to be "democratic". In fact, it is supposed to be the exact opposite. The purpose of the Supreme Court is the reign in the excesses of Democracy; to make sure that the laws that are written by Congress and implemented by the Executive Branch are consistent with what is written in the Constitution. The Supreme Court is what protects us from "democracy", which is really just the polite word for "mob rule". At best, a "democratic" Supreme Court would be pointless. At worst, it would be a defacto dictatorship.

If only we were a Muslim country: An inrony-free tweet from a "muslim woman of colour" who is "literally shaking right now" because of the Kavanaugh confirmation.

Such a shame. If we were a Muslim country, Dr. Ford would have required 4 male witnesses to collaborate her story before it could be taken seriously. As it stood, she had zero.

Rod said...

@John the Econ: I like your "Random Observations as well. Thank you.

I had something to say about all this which probably should have waited until today. Instead it was posted on Stilt's previous edition later yesterday. (Thank you for the fix, Stilt. I still do not have the trash can).

Now I must put all this down for a couple of days and get other things done.

John the Econ said...

@Dan, I fear much of what you observe is true. What your average Progressive intellectual doesn't understand is that under the scenario you imagine and some cheer for, they'll be among the first to either starve, or find their backs against a wall.

@Fred Ciampi, I'm with you. That approach would be much better for all concerned.

@Jack Wiegman, if there's anything that can be said of the last 3 or 4 years, it's that the left has become quite comfortable showing the hate and tendencies for violence they used to accuse everyone else of. I for one am pleased with the new transparency.

@Geoff King said "it is Conservatives that own most of the snowplows, and are the only ones willing to pick up a shovel to clear a path for the lefties to make it to Starbucks."

This is what Progressive really should be scared about; the people who make a comfortable, modern life possible largely tilt conservative. I live in a state that makes food and energy. I can live a lot longer with just food and energy than someone from the coast can live on just apps and movies.

@Sortahwitte said "We must vote in unprecedented numbers. Nothing is won."

True. Progressives play the long game, and so must we. The battle may have been won, but the war goes on. If you thought the Kavanaugh circus was bad, just wait until it's time to replace RBG.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dan- I hope your worst case scenario is wrong, but as the divisions get wider and our ability to communicate logically diminishes, I genuinely fear for the future. How can this chasm be closed?

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Churchill had it right. History isn't really so much about beginnings and ends as an ongoing process. And as you say, "we ain't out of this yet."

@Section147- I hope you're right, but those who "haven't been paying attention" probably still aren't. The mainstream media was virtually unanimous in condemning Kavanaugh, and now colors his confirmation as a brute force effort by the woman-hating white power GOP. The truth will not be presented to those who've been marinating in ignorance - they'll have to seek it out. But few make the effort.

@Tmay- The money was allegedly for her "security." I've got to say I'd feel pretty damn secure with $850k in the bank!

@Don Brown- Thank you!

@Jim G- I'm with you on the "pray for peace" thing. And for that matter, I'm inclined to believe there's something real about the UFO phenomenon. I've had a little personal experience in that area (albeit never a sighting) that leans me toward being a believer.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Just to help sell the idea, you might want to wear some lipstick and eyelashes.

@REM1875- The genius and success of the Constitution comes from it NOT being a "living, breathing document." There is a process for making Amendments, but the Constitution itself must remain bedrock.

@Jim Irre- I'll be biting my nails until the midterms are over. Why did I think life would get more relaxing after Obama had his happy hiney removed from the White House? (sigh)

@Bobo the Hobo- The Go Fund Me project that most chapped my butt was the young Leftist female who COULD have afforded health insurance, but chose not to buy it. Then when she needed medical services, she appealed for enough funds to pay for insurance for "a month or two" while she was treated, after which she would drop it. Clearly she neither understands nor cares that the reason people have insurance all year long is to help even out the expenses for others in need. But no, this selfish b-word was only out for herself, and didn't even have the gumption to work for the money or take out a loan. Pure parasitism.

@Judi King- Amen to that.

@Fred Ciampi- I hope the same thing.

@Jack Wiegman- I agree; Kavanaugh's placement on the court should have been a win for both sides, as he has shown himself not to be an ideologue, and his commitment is not to a political party but to the Constitution. I don't expect him to be a reliable Conservative vote - rather, I expect him to be honest and impartial. But the Democrats can't even conceive of that as a possibility.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Neal Perkins- Well put. My happiness is definitely diminished by seeing what the Left has become.

@Geoff King- I'm sure if Pelosi was accused of drowning kittens, the Dems would produce a veterinary expert to explain that it was for the health of the mother cat.

@Boligat- I wish being a black woman would offer some small defense, but I think both of those qualities are thrown out when you add the label "conservative." If nominated, she will be savaged.

@Rogers13- I agree, although rather than seeing us fall entirely (which wouldn't be good for the world economy), I think those powers would take steps to assure which side wins...and share power with them (albeit not necessarily overtly).

@Fish Out of Water- I make a genuine effort not to use the word "hate" about people. But I hate Hillary Clinton.

@TrickyRicky- Great comment. I agree completely.

@steve on the left coast- You're right, we've GOT to show up at the polls and encourage others to do the same. I'm not nuts about the GOP, but I'm voting straight ticket for the foreseeable future and probably the rest of my life. The Democrats are that dangerous.

@Geoff King- How ironic that the liberals have such difficulty with snowflakes...

@Walter L Stafford- You have a poet's gift for the telling detail (grin).

@Rod- You're touching on a real sore spot of mine. I've scrimped and saved my entire life, avoided debt, always carried insurance, paid plenty of taxes, and contributed to a private retirement account. The good news is that all of this should provide for a reasonably comfortable retirement but, annoyingly, I lose many benefits (and a good deal of cash) because - on paper anyway - I'm one of the "evil rich." The money which SHOULD be coming back to me after a lifetime of paying into the system would eventually go to my daughter. But instead, I feel like I'm spending her eventual inheritance.

@B Martin- I admire your succinctness.

Shelly said...

I am optimistic about the midterms because of the despicable stunt the Democrats pulled to stymie Kavanaugh. This alone has energized the conservatives who have heard nothing but blue wave for a year or more. I am happy that Trump, Kavanaugh and, most importantly, the Senate Republicans did not roll over and instead showed some spine against the usual Democratic dirty tricks. Not for a minute do I think they would have done so without the leadership of President Trump in showing the tenacity he is known for. I also believe that had McCain still been alive, he would have thrown a monkey wrench into the whole thing because of his unbridled revenge. This also opened up the squishy Republicans who didn't have to answer to him at last. I won't say I'm not worried about the socialist Beto attempting to knock off my senator as he has unlimited funds from out of state. I will rest easy when he is dumped on the so-called dustbin of history.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

For clarity, let's please stop calling these people "liberals". There is nothing liberal in their thinking. An "progressive" suggests that they have something to do with progress - admittedly, they do, but not the progress of anything we want. Let's just call them what they are. Best terms are "socialists", "wannabe despots", or, my favorite: "evil doers".

Emmentaler Limburger said...

(And that last is *NOT* to be confused with evil Dewars.)

Fred Ciampi said...

Emmentaler, you're a lot kinder that I. My words for these people isn't even found in any dictionary. Except perhaps the Marine Corps dictionary. Or words that I invent when my 'shine isn't percolating well.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sortahwitte- I agree. Our side has been taking all of the below-the-belt punches without flexing any muscle of our own (I speak metaphorically, of course). We don't need to simply slow the growth of progressivism, we need to reverse it.

@James Daily- I found it particularly damning that Feinstein had a meeting in which she could have asked about the sexual allegations, but chose not to. She clearly wanted to drag Kavanaugh and the "victim" into the spotlight at the most convenient political moment rather than actually trying to get to the truth. I'm hoping for an investigation into all of this and whatever punishment is appropriate. The Dems have got to learn that there's a cost for this kind of crap.

@Emmentaler Limburger- I like your optimism but don't share it yet. I don't think the slime of the Dems was revealed to anyone who didn't already know it. And I don't think they "lost" at all, let alone "lost big." Then again, I'm sort of the Eeyore in this particular Hundred Acre Wood, so maybe I should try to be more positive. Oh, bother...

@John the Econ- Good points, all. And while Trump still makes me wince a lot, I have to acknowledge that at this weird time and this intense fight, he's the only man for the job. God knows that the Dems have never run into anything like him before.

@Rod- I, too, would like to forget this debacle for awhile (or at least not have it be top of mind). It has drained me, which again might speak to my lack of unbridled joy at the outcome.

@John the Econ- Okay, I can't really comment on your comments about other people's comments. It gives me a recursive headache (grin).

@Shelly- One thing that doesn't worry me is the polling about the midterms, because such polls have become irrelevant. If anything, I hope they continue predicting a "Red Wave" so that more Dems will stay home. And like you, as a Texan I'm anxious to see Beto go down. His politics don't belong in my state...nor does that tsunami of outside money he's taking.

@Emmentaler- It's hard to know the right labels for these people anymore. I've been using "Leftists" a lot, but "abrasive Socialist scum" might be more on target. And you're right - there's no such thing as evil Dewars.

@Fred Ciampi- While I try to keep my vocabulary family friendly online, within my home I express myself with great and unprintable clarity when it comes to these people. Nothing less really feels right.

Pete (Detroit) said...

In Re Space Aliens / UFOs, I've said for YEARS that it's binary... either in this who great big galaxy, we are truly and utterly ALONE, or we are NOT.
Forgive me if I find the 2nd option less frightening. Back when I had cable, a guilty pleasure was 'Ancient Aliens' - hard proof? no - but pretty compelling circumstantial evidence, some of it.
Also, if they're breeding w/ us, arguably they ARE us - perhaps time travelers, not space travelers... if we *do* have a nuclear catastrophe and have to move under ground, how long until we evolve into Greys? Not 100k years, I'd think...

In Re 2nd 'Civil War' - I *do* hope we can resolve it peacefully... otherwise, the stench of dead bodies is going to be pretty amazing....

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

Boy, there's gob of good stuff today. I actually had things to do today, so I'll late to the party.

@Econ: Your comments are always amazing. If you don't have your own blog, you should.

@Rogers13: You're right about Russia, China, and probably others as well. If the US starts fighting itself, they would take the opportunity to strike. They could probably even claim it's a humanitarian intervention to any of our "allies" who objectd.

@Stilt: You don't live near Marfa, do you?

@Emmentaler Limburger: I've had the same question about why we go along with the fiction of calling these monsters "liberal" or "progressive" for years. I've used "regressives," but that seems weak.

@Bobo: I had never thought about GoFundMe being used that way, but it's certainly possible and it's plausible it has been.

@Everyone: Too much good stuff to go back through and sort out. I'm so proud to be part of this community.

MAX Redline said...

I stopped by the local Thriftway to pick up a few items, and the guy working the checkout line I stumbled into had a name-tag that read "Brett". So as I picked up my sack of stuff, I congratulated him on his confirmation to the US Supreme Court. The folks in line behind me broke up in laughter, and even the clerk nodded and cracked a grin.

Hey, if I can make people laugh, my work is done.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I read David Horowitz' book, "Radical Son" 20-something years ago and he said that the red-diaper baby types started calling themselves "progressives" back in the early '60s or so. Whenever she calls herself a "progressive", I always want to ask Hitlary Clinton if "progressive" is still a code word for "communist".

Sandra Brown said...

"Over the back fence". The consensus in Australia focused more on the unfairness of the allegations, lies and the threat to any male who had ever met a woman. They were all appalled at the behavior of the so called 'Leaders in the Senate'. America does not exists in a vacuum. This farce was seen in living rooms all over the world and America was laughed at, derided, and lampooned with the result that Democracy took a body blow that it may not recover from.
You speak of Civil War II. Worry more about uneasy alliances with countries that used to look up to America as a guiding beacon of hope.
Please, I beg you, Vote, and take ten friends with you. This will show the outside world that our system does work, we may have a black eye, and a bloody nose, but we are still on our feet, and still fighting.

Anonymous said...

Having seen the result of prior GOP nominees such as Kennedy and Souter I will reserve judgement on this one till after at least a year has passed. These clowns seem to grow in office and exposure to swamp cusine. The net result is just another posse of crazy clowns in a galactic freak show.

John the Econ said...

@Shelly said "I am optimistic about the midterms because of the despicable stunt the Democrats pulled to stymie Kavanaugh."

I'm with you. While there's no question that the Kavanaugh carnival amped up the Progressive base, anyone else with any semblance of rationality had to be shivering at the implications of what we witnessed.

I note that the Progressive narrative is now that these hearings were not "a trial", but were instead a "job interview"; the implication being that the normal assumption of innocent until proven guilty and the right of cross examination did not apply.

Well, that was unlike any "job interview" I've ever witnessed. In fact I have little doubt that if I had ever been part of job interview such as that, I'd be party to a lawsuit by the interviewee, who'd inevitably would end up owning a fair chunk of whatever company s/he was being interviewed for.

And I also agree that had McCain still been around, the Kavanaugh nomination would have folded. This is the first sign that the Senate is going to be a much more effective place without the "maverick" around.

@Emmentaler Limburger & @JustaJeepGuy, right on. I now use "Progressives". Originally, the "Progressives" were the re-branded communists when communism failed to sweep the country as expected in the wake of the 2nd Russian revolution nearly 100 years ago.

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food, you flatter me. Over the years I've frequently considered it, but I still have my day job. And as @Stilton will confirm, for the most part running a blog isn't the most profitable of endeavours; And I'm sure he'll also confirm that it's hard to be "amazing" on a schedule. (That's one of the reasons I didn't continue to pursue journalism in my youth; Questionable career prospects combined with the pressure of always being clever on a deadline)

Two years ago when I was resigned to Hillary as "inevitable", I had every expectation to be at least semi-retired at this point. My assumption was that by now we'd have "free" HillaryCare 2.0. Since health care, our #1 family expense would now be gone and we'd have new high marginal tax rates to pay for it, working full-time would have become largely pointless. Running a blog would certainly have been likely with all my new free time.

But then Trump happened. Business is up, taxes are down. Working is highly profitable again. So, you can blame Hillary for me not having a blog.

@Anonymous, you may be right. The upside is that Kavanaugh now really hates Democrats. They went all out to make an enemy, and now their real fear is that they actually have one. At some point, expect that to be a valid argument for impeachment.

Colby Muenster said...

I'm late to the party here, but will blather on regardless because it feels good to vent.

Just when I thought the Democrats could stoop no lower, they find a way to do so. The Demo-limbo stick is now about 47 feet underground. So I hope my gut feeling (and others here have said as much) is correct, and voters will reject this new "uber-progressive" way of the progressives, come next month. Oh yeah, there are still the (hopefully small) crowd of nut-balls who are now all even more wee-wee'd up, but I also see a lot of disgust out there. The wee-wee'd ones will try and keep the emotion going, but I pray it peters out in a couple of weeks.

If this goes the way I expect, Republicans will turn out like they did in 2016, and to paraphrase Hedley Lamarr, "the Democrats will stay away in droves."

Rod said...

@Velveeta P.C.F. We don't live anywhere near Marfa but have been there several times when in West Texas. And we've seen the lights.

Geoff King said...
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Geoff King said...

K. Aliens. The Marfa Lights have pretty much been proven to be reflections of car headlights from a nearby highway.
Don't get me wrong, mathamatically speaking there must be intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy - let alone the universe, but considering that the closest solar system to us, Alpha Centauri, is slmost 4 and 1/2 light years away, unless Einstein was way wrong and warp speed really is possible, it is extremely doubtful that any race would be willing to make at least a 9 year round trip just to say hello.

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

@Econ: I know the stress of being "amazing," or at least mildly interesting on deadline. Many winters ago I was a reporter for a small daily and over the course of few years developed a weekly column that evolved from lame attempts to be profound to what I hoped was humor. It would take me the better part of a day to write one because I agonized over every word. Just coming up with a topic was a major obstacle. I was however getting to the point where I thought it might have some syndication possibilities when I quit one day after our worst reporter, who was really "friendly" with the publisher, was made editor. (The rest of news staff bolted soon after). This was decades before the Intertoobs and blogs, so that was the end of it.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Interesting - Local talker says Kevin McCarthy has announced plan to introduce a bill to fully fund Trump's 'border wall', leaving Dems torn b/n voting for it and pissing off the 'open borders' crowd, or voting against it and alienating every sane constitutant they have.
I'm thinking popcorn futures...

james daily said...

Geoff: The earliest anecdote commonly cited as an observation of the Marfa lights is that of the cowboy Robert Reed Ellison in March 1883. This was while he was herding cattle through the Paisano Pass southwest across the Marfa plain. The lights were next reported in 1885 by Joe and Anne Humphreys.
We are pretty sure this is somewhat before automobile lights on a highway.
Now, my favorit quote of the week: "I can see 2022 from my house." I would love to see a recall of Lisa Murkowski and an appointment of Sara Palin. Love that gal. Murkowski will dearly pay for being a turncoat.

TMay said...

Ford's fund kept going up and now it is $1 million or more.

However the hairdresser, now fired, who in the middle of a pleasant conversation between him a SJW and her, I have read was, a prolife pregnant female carrying a prolife poster with a prolife message, who was filming him, and he kicked her in the face with a martial arts kick, I don't think his go-fund-me is doing very well.
I guess we'll have to see if the now fired teacher with the "Kill Kavanaugh" message starts a go-fund-me, and see how it goes.