Friday, November 9, 2018

All The News That Fits

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Excuse our scattershot approach, but this is one of those days when the news has, as Emperor Joseph II once told Mozart, "Too many notes."

Mixed situations and mixed emotions, all hitting hard and fast while we're still sorting through the emotional baggage left over from the midterm elections. And our immediate reaction is to simply stare and shake our heads as we try to incorporate these many stories into a cohesive whole.

Not mentioned above is Jeff Session's resignation as Attorney General, and all the wild speculation going on about what will happen next regarding the Mueller investigation. We're betting that will turn colorful in a hurry. And we expect some amusing showboating from Nancy Pelosi soon, as she struggles to demonstrate that she's still young and hip enough to wield the Speaker's gavel.

Two stories above do have an interesting connection: CNN's Jim Acosta lost his White House press credentials owing to repeated instances of being an aggressive, repugnant douche nozzle - and the mainstream media is going nuts about this "threat" to the First Amendment. But there is not a whisper of comment or complaint from these same sources after a howling mob attacked the home of Fox News personality Carlson Tucker, battering his door until it cracked, and screaming that he would not be safe.

We trust that if a masked mob staged a similar assault on the home of Joy Behar, it would be a major story in the mainstream press, and probably provoke an outright call for martial law.

It's all a bit overwhelming, which is why the weekend is arriving just in the nickel dime. May it be restorative for all of us and - God willing - the Republic.


She’s A Beauty said...

I’m thinking it might be a little tough getting close to Behar’s tower, what with the army of flying monkeys and all.

Dan said...

In none of the stuff I've read or heard on the assault on Chatsworth Osborne Junior's house do they mention any arrests.
Even though the cops were called and reported 20 bozos on site when they got there.

Brie Camembert said...

If nothing else its good to see Mis Ross agin.

Anonymous said...

Smash my front door and someone is going to meet Mr 9mm.

Fred Ciampi said...

While watching the nooze clip of the nice folks at Tucker's house I was wishing that I was visiting the house next door ... or sumptin'. That's only one of the reasons I have a 100 round drum and it ain't for music. And why, oh why did law enforcement do nothing? Could it be that they are owned by the nice Mister Soros? How can the LEOs of this country expect to get any respect if they just sit and watch while the left does their damage? What are they going to do when the patriotic veterans have had enough? So many questions, so few answers........

james daily said...

“The attacker who would break down my door would do so during the final five seconds of his life.” James Woods

On RBG, I have been reading that she will probably get pneumonia in the hospital. Rand Paul with his six broken ribs got pneumonia and he is a lot younger. Apparently, that could be a terminal illness in one as aged as she. "“Displaced rib fractures can lead to life-threatening injuries such as: hemopneumothorax, pneumothorax, pneumonia, internal bleeding, laceration of internal organs and lung contusions."

I think we of a conservative persuasion will be ecstatic with our new AG. One can already see the crooks running like rats. "in July 2016, before the presidential election, Matthew Whitaker penned an opinion piece for USA today where he argued that Hillary Clinton should be locked up." I look forward to His investigation.

Lastly, Mueller is already writing his Final Report.
It gets better every day.

Unknown said...

One short note Dr. Stilt, if you send a postal piece to Carlson Tucker, he may not get it. Nyuk, nyuk or what ever noise LL makes. Keep the column comin, you're agin just fine.

Geoff King said...

In Az. it now appears that Krysten Sinema will be our new senator. The late counting of the early ballots (how is that even possible) primarily from Maricopa County (the left-leaning wanna be like Chicago place where Phoenix is) has pushed her into the lead.
Oh well Sinema could make for great theatre.

Jess said...

I'm thinking Tucker wished he had a hand grenade, or two, around for such occasions. I know I would. That, or a flame thrower.

Sessions may turn out to be the biggest patsy in history. His recusal will look like collusion, the hammer will fall on some evil folks in government, and his infamy will be in history books for decades.

Meanwhile, Ginsburg has been offered enough ribs for a thousand person cannibal family reunion. I hope she gets better enough to retire.

Judi King said...

Well, you all have made me feel a little less depressed. Despite the awful news this morning, I feel the loss of the house is not really a big deal. Nothing will get done by them, but that is business as usual. We'll probably just have to put up with the leftist harridans blabbing more than usual but what else is new? Here's to a new AG, another new SC justice, and hope the the laws already in place will actually be enforced

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Psycho killer: Qu'est-ce que c'est?

RBG: I repeat: Allow me to also add to the best wishes for RBG's speedy recovery. I also hope she has a long and happy retirement, and I wish the very best to new Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett... :D

Tucker Carlson: 12 gauge OO buckshot. After all, Joe Biden recommends it. ;)

Jim Acosta: Couldn't happen to a nicer scumbag. Too much to hope it encourages better manners, I suppose.

Weekend: Hear, hear.

J Van Stry said...

Acosta did hit her! Go watch the damn tape, it's clear as day.

American Cowboy said...

Now the leftists are claiming that the WH "doctored" the footage of the film showing Acosta assaulting that young woman.

As for break-ins, my preferred "welcome" to the criminal would be a couple shots of Colt .44 magnum hollow points.

John D. Egbert said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel: re Jim Accosted . . . "Couldn't happen to a more deserving scumbag . . ." FIFY

@American Cowboy: I prefer .45 Colt -- 250 grain Hornady HPXTP on top of 9 grains of Unique. Magnum, quality with an honest caliber (.452 for the Colt as opposed to .429 for the mis-named .44 Magnum). Essentially equal results and much less wear and tear on the wrist.

J Van Stry said...

Remember two years ago when that journalist claimed that Trump's campaign manager had hit her and assaulted her? Remember how EVERYONE jumped on Trump to fire this Campaign manager? And then the video tape came out showing that she was lying? But she still used it to launch a new book and make a million dollars.

Now we have video tape evidence, and it was seen live by millions of people that not only did Acosta swing his arm at her (Assault) but he connected (Battery). And ALL of those people who screamed at Trump two years ago, are now SILENT. It's freaking crickets.

CNN should fire Acosta, just like they demanded Trump fire that manager. Anything less is hypocrisy. Oh way, it's CNN, hypocrisy is all that they know.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Section147- Not to mention the smell.

@Dan- Seriously, why in HELL were there no arrests? I hope the cops at least got everyone's name and ID in case Mr. Carlson decides to press charges.

@Brie Camembert- I concur.

@Anonymous- I'm pretty sure that's the proper response. Although I can pretty much guarantee that the instigator of this riot will let someone else (in the "cannon fodder" rank and file) do the actual door pounding.

@Fred Ciampi- When law enforcement won't enforce law, then it's time some big changes were made. Unless I soon hear some good reason for letting these violent assholes lose, I'd suggest that all the cops on the scene be suspended for dereliction of duty.

@James Daily- Woods has the right idea. Regarding RBG, I won't be surprised if this injury takes her out of the game (professionally if not permanently) but that's not how I would ever want such a transition to happen. I don't agree with her, but I do respect her and am sorry for her current condition. Regarding the new AG, I'm ready to see some hellfire and damnation unleashed. Trump's getting attacked anyway, so why not go for it? With REAL charges for REAL crimes, unlike the (ahem) trumped up charges being leveled against the President.

@Samuel Price- One of the people in the mob at Carlson's house yelled "Pipe bomb!" (it's on tape). Again, why aren't the cops treating that as an overt threat?

@Geoff King- I can't remember- how long is "late voting" in Arizona? (I'm guessing the answer is "as long as needed by the Dems").

@Jess- All Tucker really needs is a single tiki torch burning in the middle of his yard. Well, that and having his gas line hooked to his lawn sprinkler system... Regarding Sessions, I think he tried to do the right thing by recusing himself but, because of the insanity from the Left, it was exactly the wrong thing to do. As far as the "donating ribs to Ruth" idiocy goes, I wish some merry pranksters would pretend to be doctors and call these celebrities to schedule their compatability tests and rib removal surgery.

@Judi King- We still have much to be thankful for, and it's not like the Dems weren't going to act like a**holes anyway.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Yet again, we seem to be on the same page!

@J Van Stry- I've seen the damn tape repeatedly, thank you, and nobody "hits" anybody. There is fleeting (and apparently gentle) physical contact which isn't even clearly initiated by Acosta. It is a non-incident. Acosta still fully deserves to be dumped for lack of decorum.

@American Cowboy- I've seen comparisons of the footage tweeted by Sanders and it indeed varies (by only a few frames) from the original tape. More likely to be an electronic glitch than doctoring. Either way, it's a big nothing.

And regarding those hollow points, I was watching Youtube video yesterday showing what happens when those bad boys are fired through a door. You would NOT want to be the pencil-necked Antifa creep standing on the welcome mat.

@John D. Egbert- And that's the kind of expert advice you won't get on other sites (grin).

@J Van Stry- That WAS an egregious case. But c'mon..."assault and battery?" I know that skeevy lawyers are willing to throw down those terms if their client receives the equivalent of a flick from a butterfly's wing, but that's not a world the rest of us should want to live in. Here's a simple test: if the newsman was conservative and had a nano-second of trying to hang onto the mic, would you want him charged with assault and battery based on this tape? Let's take some deep breaths here. We've got enough dirt on the Left and CNN without getting bent out of shape over nothing.

Shelly said...

I don't know if there are any shenanigans going on in Arizona but they for sure are in Florida. At least the governor, soon to be senator, is not going the "sit back and take it" route of the usual namby pamby Republicans. You can be sure if the election is close, the Dims will commit any fraud necessary to find votes. They are despicable.

And, just like that Jeff Sessions has gone from white supremacist to liberal hero with a likely book deal. Also, thousands gathered in Times Square last night to protest the resignation and interim appointment. What is wrong with these people? We lost the fricking house and there were no protests. Again, despicable.

J Van Stry said...

@ Stilton - First off, I'm not asking for Acosta to be charged for what he did. BUT HE DID DO IT.

As for would I ask the same for a conservative Journalist? HELL YES.

Anyone in the press who does this should tossed out of the Whitehouse for life and fired from his job. He hit her, that wasn't a push, it was a strike. It was rude as fuck and he DID assault her. You can claim 'oh it wasn't a hard hit' or say 'it was a push' all you want. But that doesn't matter.

And if that was my wife/girlfriend he did that to, I'd be in jail right now for decking the bastard. Children to that. Adults DO NOT. Acosta is a prick and I also think that any journalist defending him should have their credentials pulled as well. If someone had done that when Obama was pres, you can guarantee Holder would have had their ass in jail. After all, how many Journalists did Obama have jailed? Phones tapped? Homes Searched? Journalists were damn near lynched just for interrupting Obama when he gave a press conference.

John the Econ said...

Psycho Killer: Finally, a narrative-compliant shooting for the Democrats to pick back up gun control; perpetrated by a straight-white male. The last shooting was too close to the election with the Democrats on the bubble, so they couldn't exploit that one. The previous mass shooting was by a non-white transgendered person, so they couldn't exploit that one either. Nope, only shootings by straight-white-males can be exploited for gun control, because, after all, it's straight-white-males who are the real threat to America.

RBG: Get well soon, then retire and enjoy the rest of your life.

The Mob: Funny how we hear all this talk about the sanctity of the media and how any threat people in the media is tantamount to treason, and yet this is not the top story. Once again just proving that it's not about the media at all. It's about Progressives and unchallenged power.

Acosta: Instead, this is the bigger story. If this had happened 4 years ago to someone from Fox News or some other non-narrative-compliant media, they'd be celebrating and accusing the reporter of hostility, violence, and toxic masculinity.

If Trump was the Nazi they repeatedly tell us he is, his press conferences would more resemble this.

Friday: Right behind you.

John25mm said...

I really wish you would quit calling Acosta a "douche nozzle". Those are useful items for making a nice place even better.

Also If I remember correctly didn't the esteemed ballistician Joe "the gropper" Biden once suggest to put a couple of rounds from a 12 gauge through the door to stop home invaders? I mean if the sitting Vice President can suggest this as a viable home defense method I believe the Carlson be safe from prosecution.

As to Ginsberg I also hope that she gets better, retires and enjoys a long book writing filled life someplace other than in the SC.

Rod said...

Add to all this: Broward County Florida is up to its well established pattern of election cheating, clearly illegal in many ways and with the same criminals as ever still in charge; and it has not been stopped. That county should have lost the right to conduct their own elections a long time ago; either that or just take the entire election team directly to prison and start over. Better yet: Put them in a box in the trunk of a car until the NEXT election.

Regnad Kcin said...

Why is it that the local authorities have prior knowledge of all these psycho-perps and have done nothing to prevent their heinous crimes ? Lots of unanswered questions there. RGB, time to head on over to the Shady Rest hotel and take up permanent residence. Tucker, you need to perform a pre-emptive strategy to keep the riff-raff and great unwashed away from your front portal. My plan would be a series of 'Bouncing Bettys' loaded with hydrogen sulfide planted in the front yard, either contact triggered or command detonated by remote control. Then, unleash the hounds, preferably pit bulls on crack. As for Mr. Acosta, have him flogged and staked out on a fire ant mound. Now, it's Miller Time !

Unknown said...

Well, the thing about Joy Behar...who would want to go near her, or near her house...? Also those who might be motivated to protest her have jobs and have time for that nonsense.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Thanks for bringing me out of my temporary depression, Stilt. After having to hear about the Marine who blew away the people in the bar at Thousand Oaks, and having to stay indoors to avoid the thick smoke that has blown down from the Paradise fire in Northern California (my wife and I live in Santa Rosa), plus listening to the highly questionable election results from such places as Florida and Arizona, I tried to drown my downer with a large Margarita. Doesn't work; in fact, I forgot that alcohol merely exacerbates depression.

To replace the booze, I have decided to become a "Stiltoholic." It's a far better way to handle bad the great Stilt cartoons offer laughs instead of hangovers, andpromises a cure for the effects caused by toxic leftism. The only side effect is a sore tummy from laughing so hard.

Geoff King said...

Honestly, I do not believe there is much, if any, voter fraud here in Arizona. McSally was in the lead until they started counting the mail in ballots from Maricooa County.
Why those ballots aren't tallied when recieved, I have no clue, but because Maricopa County is the main (if not only) leftest stronghold in the state, it only goes to reason that those "surprise" votes would go to the dim candidate Sinema.

Geoff King said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Geoff King said...

BTW, at least here in Northern Arizona, we use the old fashioned ballots, where you heavily select your choice with a felt tip marker. I do not see how that can be misinterpreted, but I also do not have much of a criminal mind.

Anonymous said...

Any ballots that are found in a private car should be burned. Maybe the people carrying them, as well.


Pete (Detroit) said...

Accosta - 'bout damned time.
Carlson - THIS, you gun grabbing a-holes is why we LIKE ARs w/ 30 rd mags. SEVERAL of them. That, and they're frikkin' FUN to shoot. Mine has an adjustable gas block, I can set it to just reliably fire, and it has less kick than a .22..
As I said, FUN.
Ginsburg - And me to the 'enjoy long retirement' camp. Really try not to wish ill on anyone, rebound is a bitch. Still, the chances of catching something NASTY in the hospital is comparatively high. It's no invasion caravan, but it *is* where all the best bugs live. You know, the 'Resistant' ones...

Dan said...

Broward County -- Rick Scott brought this disaster upon himself by not removing Brenda Snipes from office a long time ago. She's been known as a bad and incompetent actor for years and was even found guilty of premature ballot destruction a few years ago.

Regarding O'Costa, he's been a jerk for a long time. Yesterday, Dana whats-her-name on The Five said that Accosted's grandstanding and time wasting serves his fellow reporters poorly (good point). She also mentioned that among the White House correspondent gaggle, he's somewhat unpopular.

As far as Ruth Buzzy Gainsborough, I'd like to see her have to participate in a ruling on euthanasia (and I'm not talkin' about yoot in the Far East).

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REM1875 said...

If this BS is allowed to continue we are gonna have a tough time getting past the loss of AZ and Fla in 2020............