Friday, June 14, 2019

Eastern Double Standard Time

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Political leftists dropped to the ground yesterday while experiencing eye-bugging, spit-foaming, limb-wrenching paroxysms of pure joy. This was not because they had been drinking from a mini-bar in the Dominican Republic (unfortunately), but rather because they thought that Donald Trump had finally been caught admitting that he's a collusion-loving, election-stealing traitor beholden to foreign powers.

As always, they couldn't possibly have gotten the story more wrong, but that didn't stop all of the usual Fake News outlets from reporting a non-event as if it were the crime of the century (typical headline: "Every Member of Team Trump Now Enabling Treason").

For those with a taste for actual facts, in an interview with ABC News correspondent George Stuffanappleupyourass, Trump was asked hypothetically if his 2020 campaign team would accept information from foreigners about opponents, or call the FBI. Trump answered, "I think you do both. There's nothing wrong with listening. If somebody called from a country, Norway, with information, I think I'd want to hear it. If I thought there was something wrong, I'd go maybe to the FBI."

All of which is entirely ethical, appropriate, and standard operating procedure by every candidate in every election. Which is why we found it hard to believe when former (and probably current) Clinton hatchet man Streptococcolous feigned wide-eyed ignorance regarding the very concept of opposition research.

Trump has, of course, complained about the way the Fake News media is twisting his words. In turn, they will surely accuse him of being anti-semantic.


M. Mitchell Marmel said...

As George Stepinnapuddlapus will tell you, it's only cool when the Loony Liberal Left does it...


clperdue4342 said...

A hypothetical question and a hypothetical answer is fiction in the making.

Jim Irre said...

This is all so predictable. George Snuffleupagus is a pea-brained dope who rose to his position because of his association with the Clinton crime syndicate. If not for the Arkansas connection we wouldn't even know who he is.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Why, on God's green earth, would he have submitted to participate in an inquisition with the MSM?! They never interview anyone on the right - it always staged, sliced and diced to show the opposite of what occurred.

Elbarto said...

Gotta admit that the Democrats aren't lacking when it comes to chutzpah. Feigning outrage at President Trump's answer to a hypothetical question while ignoring the Clinton campaign paying Fusion GPS for the Steele dossier (actual collusion with Russians to influence the presidential campaign) takes the cake.

Unknown said...

Mind boggling that Trump would even allow Tiny George into the oval office....what could possibly be a benefit of opening up to this leftist spokesperson???

Anonymous said...

And who was it who submitted the Steele Report ? Some dude in Britain if memory serves.

And that was one of many foreigners who had 'the dirt' on Donald Trump. Did the media / Democrats have any problem using them for their purpose ?

Their response - Its okay when we do it.

james daily said...

Why the interview? After noodling on it a while, I believe it was to set the stage to let the Dems wail and moan over the talking to foreign diplomats. Two items here, one, it's the President's job to talk to foreign leaders and second to trap the Congress persons who talk to foreign lobbyist and businesses who do not report this to the FBI. They love their bribes as AOC so eloquently noted and attending the galas at foreign embassy's and never report the contacts as they prosecute President Trumps staff and such. Do not forget Feinstein's driver, the computer guys from India and on and on.

Then, there is setting the stage on the foreign research information on politics. That is a biggie because of Clinton's Pay to Play, selling assets and just plain treason in many forms. AS SS, Obama seemed to have encouraged her to commit these atrocities against the country so President Trump is laying another trap here.

Kitty said...

This is a companion piece to little George setting Mitt Romney up on contraception--made up out of whole cloth but providing click bait for the media.

Grandmaem said...

The comments here make my heart sing. Nobody with half a brain was fooled by this Dem/Lib/Commie exercise. But what I really want to know is, Stilton, how did you get the photos of Georgie sitting down? All the clips I've seen on TV show he standing over DJR. Somebody must have found his booster seat.

Sortahwitte said...

Georgie Staphlococcus is a "shining" example of the left wing msm of our nation. He should be one of the first to swing from a lamp post on Congress Avenue.

SpectreRider said...

Sometimes you gotta get them on the record. The entire MSM is now on record that taking info from foreign governments is bad.
Americans without TDS will notice the difference in reaction when the truth with proof comes out that the Obama administration had the British, the Australians, the Ukrainians and other foreign intelligence services spy on the Trump campaign on their behalf.

TrickyRicky said...

@SpectreRider- Exactly!!

All of the MSM Demonrat fluffers have now vociferously gone on record that ANY foreign influence in an election in this country is TREASON! They are really going to have to twist themselves into pretzels when the proof comes out about Obama > Perkins Coie > Fusion GPS > Steele > Brennan > Clapper > Susan Rice > Loretta Lynch > ad nauseam.

I may have to add pretzels and beer equities to my portfolio to compliment my popcorn position.

Anonymous said...

Reason # 5598 why NOT to watch the cheesy 24/7 media outlets. (incl. Faux Nooz)

John the Econ said...

IMHO, not the most erudite response to the question. On the other hand, Trump is a master at trolling the Democrats and this sure did achieve that. (Remember, Stuffanappleupyourass was Bill Clinton's spin doctor which qualified him for a prime spot at ABC) So over the last 24 hours it's been amusing watching Democrats be outraged over this and then asking them if it's okay to hire sketchy law firms to hire sketchy oppo-research firms to hire-sketchy foreign ex-spies to hire sketchy Russians to produce sketchy dossiers to then leak to the government to justify a covert investigation into an opposition party that the sitting President knew about. And when they object to that characterization, you can tell that that it's all in the New York Times. Fun times.

Happy Flag Day!

John the Econ said...

@james daily, so is AOC actually suggesting that she's susceptible to bribes?

@Sortahwitte, that Staphlococcus was hired at ABC says more about ABC and the supposed "mainstream media" than it does about Staphlococcus. And that people take him seriously says more about them.

@Anonymous, almost from it's inception, critics have lambasted television as a "wasteland". Media companies used to run their news operations at a loss to counter this argument and justify their existence as a whole. Today, most television news is just as much a wasteland as the entertainment portion. Personally, outside of business news I avoid 24/7 news, including Fox.

Dave said...

I believe it was 1961 or thereabouts, that Newton Minnow, Chairman of the FCC, said that “Television is a vast wasteland.”

John25mm said...

Regardless of the news this week and the democrats going in whatever way the wind blows(no Bill that is the wind blowing) and the platoon of candidates on their side running for office and tripping over themselves to slam one another(this is fun to watch) and go further to the left. This going further and further to the left will cause ore and more people to go WTH?
I want each and every one of you to remember and thank whatever God you believe in that because of the American voter and Donald Trump the Hildbeast hasn't been President for the last 874 days 22 hours and 9 minutes(as of this typing). Not that I am keeping track or anything. This again proves there is a God.
Hope everyone has a good weekend and remember your father. Some might have been great and some not so much but there are a great many of us that wish we could give our father a hug and say thanks for doing the best you could with the brat child you had.

Edam Wensleydale said...

And remember, folks: You can't have miasma without MSM!

Jack said...

Thanks for mentioning Watergate.

One of the things that news (even then) blacked out is that spying on political opponents was common. Candidates on all sides considered this a fun part of a fun game.

In that same era, the national Jaycees convention found the service group's candidate for national president had intense spying. They bugged each other's hotel rooms.

For them it was no more serious than clipping playing cards to your bicycle to hear the snapping as you rode. The popular fraternities and sororities surely did the same thing.

Colby Muenster said...

Trump is an expert at this, and it reminds me of that old song, "Troll troll troll your dope..." Poor widdle Georgie boy still doesn't know what just happened to him. He actually helped Trump gain ground for 2020.

As far as Trump getting these morons on record, that reminds me of the first thing I thought about back when Shrillary started all the finger pointing about so called Russian influence. In my little brain, a person whose been doing dirty deeds with the Russians, really shouldn't chose "Russian collusion" as their weapon of choice against an opponent. Glass houses and all that. I thought, "You better watch out, Shrillary; this is going to bite you in the ass eventually." ... and it just might. Sure hope so.

Shelly said...

I am simply amazed at how low the MSM and the left (but I repeat myself) will go to take down our president. I guess since Russia Russia Russia didn't turn out how they had predicted for over two years, they must grasp on something, anything to smear this man. President answers a hypothetical question and the leading Dim candidates scream treason and impeachment. They don't even realize how dumb they sound and have no idea that the whole country between the coasts is paying attention.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Exactly.

@clperdue4342- Yep. And Trump even specified that if he was offered information from Norway he might listen. So now the Left thinks the Norwegians are out to get us?! Give me a break.

@Jim Irre- I really dislike that little bastard. True story: I was once in the L.A. airport after just leaving the bedside of a dear friend who was dying of cancer, and I was emotionally distraught. I caught side of Stephanopoulus on the other side of the lounge I was in, and very, very seriously considered just walking over and cold-cocking him. I think, emotionally, that I thought this would bring a little more balance to a troubled world.

@Emmentaler Limburger- Trump agreed to the interview because he's fearless (and occasionally clueless). But he had to know going in that nothing good could come from it.

@jpb252- If you judge by the Dems' feigned horror, you'd think that it was illegal, immoral, and treasonous to talk to any "foreigners" about anything at all. Although it's fine to let them enter our country illegally.

@Unknown- I can't imagine any benefit to granting this interview. Maybe Trump was just bored and wanted a little toy to play with.

@Anonymous- Indeed, the Steele Report was from a Brit using his "connections" to buy information from the Russians, with the specific purpose of (in Little George's words) "interference in our elections." Hypocrisy much?

@james daily- I never know if Trump is setting a trap or just acting randomly. I've never seen the "4 dimensional chess" that some claim is Trump's specialty - although it seems to turn out well time after time.

@Kitty- Exactly. George knew that it would be standard, ethical policy to LISTEN if someone has opposition information, but also knew that he could spin the answer to make Trump look like Benedict Arnold to the hair-on-fire Lefties.

@Grandmaem- The interview took place in several locations, and when the dialogue in question took place it was indeed in the Oval Office with George standing and Trump sitting. But the pictures weren't very good, and the body positions were such that they wouldn't work for my cartoon purposes. Which is why I used the outdoors shots which had the two at even heights, and a nice empty space between them for word balloons.

@Sortahwitte- I'm going to assume you're referring to a tire swing...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SpectreRider- Excellent point!

@TrickyRicky- Maybe Trump IS playing 4 dimensional chess...!

@Anonymous- I watch a tiny dab of Fox News and none of the other channels, but the vast majority of my exposure to news comes from a combination of online sources.

@John the Econ- I agree that this has been fun to watch. Last night on Tucker Carlson's show, some Dem spokesperson was hilariously hard put to explain why paying for dirt from the Russians is okay, but accepting it for free (which Trump didn't) is a Holocaust-level offense.

And happy Flag Day right back at you, and to all else here! Our colors are flying today!

@Dave- Minnow was right. And he gets style points for calling television a "vast wasteland" rather than the more accurate "crap sandwich."

@John25mm- I am thankful every day that Hillary isn't in the White House! And yes, let me join in wishing everyone a happy Father's Day and the sentiment that you should hug 'em if you got 'em.

@Edam Wensleydale- And you can't spell "conniption fit" without CNN!

@Jack- Great point. Spying on opposing candidates is nothing new and was considered part of the game. Although it's better hidden now, I'm pretty sure that's still the case.

@Colby Muenster- I'm not sure George actually helped Trump gain ground (although I hope so). I think Trump's supporters just rolled their eyes and blew this nonsense off, while Lefties were throwing themselves on their fainting couches.

@Shelly- I don't think the MSM really believes there is a whole country between the coasts.

capt fast said...

lets see, who is it that is the chief law enforcement officer in the US. would that be potus, because all the fed law enforcement officers of any ilk work for him. don't they? or is that a stupid question? naawwww.
thats a pretty smart question. so no democrat would know to ask it.
the troll master at work shoveling in the grave fill and watering the covering turf with buckets of liberal tears. gotta get off this site so I can buy some more jolly time popcorn stock before the wall street market closes or the price goes up again.

Dan said...

Happy 244th to the U.S. Army!

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, I had a bizarre exchange with a (not blood, thank god) relative yesterday who was nuts about this. I rhetorically ask why buying information from foreign agents through shady channels (as Hillary did) was okay, but accepting a free tip was not. The response was that they are in denial that this is what actually happened. They've somehow concocted some sort of rationalization in their heads that the Steele dossier was real, and came to the attention of the FBI legitimately with only a passing involvement of the Clinton campaign. Links to various New York Times and Washington Post stories confirming such had no effect.


All I could say was "Well, at least you, I, and Donald Trump can agree on one thing: The New York Times and Washington Post are fake news".

Why do I think that if Hillary Clinton were to walk up to any of these people and ask them to wrap their lips around the business end of a 12-gauge, they'd actually do it? That's the level of sanity with these people. Hate makes people that stupid.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Even after all the information (I can't call it news) about how fake the RussiaRussiaRussiacollusionobstruction story was and the constant pointing out how the Electoral College works, the lefties all seem to think that if they can just get Trump kicked out of the White House that Hitlary will somehow magically then become president. These people need help.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I'd like to blame hate - blame ANYTHING - for what I see going on around me, but I fear we're simply nearing the bottom of the human gene-pool, and we conservatives are the only ones still able to tread intellectual water. And some more so than others. I'm convinced that liberalism is a mental condition. Without any obvious environmental causes to explain it or how widespread it seems to be, it all falls to (failing) genetics.

(Tongue only gently embedded in cheek.)

As for seeing Hillary even charged, let alone prosecuted: I think the statute of her longevity will expire before any of us see that happen. The clock is ticking on the hag's ultimate end game (though, maybe Methuselaic age was the price she demanded for her long-sold soul? Who knows...), and there is no overt action being undertaken to bring any form of justice (aside from her not sitting in the White House, which continuance is almost good enough for me).

james daily said...

I had a thought the other day that the democrat rioting, wailing and gnashing of teeth is very similar to what the 1789 French Revolution was about. Climate, unmanageable national debt, political mismanagement, storming the Bastille and loosing the prisoners, etc. Same thing today except modernized. This was suppose to lead to a Republic but it led to Dictatorship. One might equate the MSM to the Guillotine to take off heads. Just a random thought.

Wahoo said...

@ Grandmaem, Georgie's a real big man when he's sitting on a half dozen cushions.