Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Do Me A Solid

We're making good progress with the Diverticulitis and have been given permission to drink "full liquids" (think chocolate Ensure, which is served in all of your really upscale nursing homes) and cautiously start the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce,  and Toast). Honest-to-gosh solid foods are still some distance in our future, which is why we're sharing these actual recipe cards from the past as a reminder that solid food sometimes isn't all that it's cracked up to be...

Yeah, suddenly the chocolate Ensure and dry white toast don't look so bad!


That soft sucking sound is other politicians on the government teat
We're saddened to learn of the passing of Ross Perot, for whom we once cast a Presidential vote. Long before anyone was paying attention to Donald Trump, billionaire businessman and political outsider Perot drew enthusiastic crowds with his honesty, patriotism, pragmatism, and straight-talking approach.

Even after his failed Presidential bid, Perot did a lot for America. He will be missed.


Okay, we thought we were done for the day, but we had to create a cartoon after hearing what Nancy Pelosi said about President Trump's "real" reason for wanting the census to give accurate counts of citizens and non-citizens in America.


Dan said...

What on earth does an "are you a citizen" question have to do with being an illegal alien or not? Geez.
That irritates me as much as referring to the President as the Commander in Chief of the country. He ain't. He's CinC of the Armed Forces, for Pete's sake, not the whole country. He's still Chief of State for the U.S. (including you three, Omar and Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortes.) If you're a citizen of the U.S., he is your president, like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Get completely well soon and please continue Stilton's place.It is amust read as soon as i receive ait and concur with all of your great comments 100%

Fish Out of Water said...

His passing is sad, but as I've said here before, were in not for his oversized ego-fueled Presidential candidacy, the two most evil, baneful, and corrosive public figures in our recent history would be a mere political footnote......The Clintons.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

If you think THOSE recipes are bad...

Ross Perot: Always thought of him as a spoiler as well.

Pelosi: Horrifying to think she's essentially the (D)'s adult in the room...

Anonymous said...

For variety, you can substitute sardines for tuna. They're like a pressure wash for your arteries.

Jerome Boyle said...

Really sorry you are unwell... BUT, should you go to cash in your chips, could you forward a phone # to America's Sweetheart, Busty Ross? Asking for a friend.

Fred Ciampi said...

It only took me 2+ weeks to get over my latest bout of diverticulitis, so hang in there, it won't be long. (That's what she said).

Too bad old billionaire soros wasn't more like Ross. Our country would be in a lot better shape.

Keith said...

Ross Perot had good ideas and was a good businessman. I worked for him at EDS but never met him. Very strict and expected results. If you showed up at the home office and weren’t in a suit and tie, you were sent home. His political foray was a disaster for the country. He had good ideas and would have done wonders for the country but running on a third party ticket holds him directly responsible for the Clintons election.... TWICE!

WDS said...

Tuna and waffles looks like something I stepped in once... Get well soon!

Marine4ever said...

In reference to Peelousy: the reason she’s still around is because there ain’t that much paper in the world to wipe her.

james daily said...

On Ross Perot, why he ran for President: I read this some years ago but have not seen it since but it actually fits pretty much his character and GWH Bush.
President Reagan ask RP to look into something or other and Perto did this using his own money for over a year. Then Bush called Perot into his office and fired him. Perot ask Bush if President Reagan fired him and Bush would not answer that so he asked to talk to President Reagan and Bush would not let him go see President Reagan. This highly pissed of Perot. If you remember, Perot spent millions getting vets out of Viet Nam and other stuff for vets. So, when Bush ran for Prez, so did Perot.

Perot actually polled better than Bush and that scared hell out of him because he had no intention of being Prez so he quit the race "because of his daughter's wedding," then a month later, jumped back in. Now his poll numbers was where he wanted them, @ ~10-15%. He knew if he could pull 8-10% of the Conservative vote, Bush would never have a second term as President. Why did he wait until Bush ran for reelection? I believe he just stewed over that firing and decided to get his revenge plus Bush did not continue with President Regan's programs but went liberal. Ross Perot was not someone to trifle with.
Anyways, That is basically what I read on this. Maybe a small error or so but factually correct.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dan- You're quite right that it's no admission of illegality to say that you're not a citizen. You could be here legally on a visa, have a green card, have married a citizen, etc. And here's a bulletin for Nancy: obtaining citizenship doesn't magically turn people white.

@Ed- Thanks for the kind thoughts. I'm not 100% yet, but I'm improving!

@Fish Out of Water- I thought the same myself for a long time, but an article in today's Wall Street Journal points out that it's no sure thing that Bush would have won without Perot in the race. When Perot briefly dropped out of the running, Clinton maintained his lead in the polls. Later analysis suggested that Perot's voters would have split 50/50 between Bush and Clinton...meaning Clinton would still have won. Of course, we can never be sure.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I'll enjoy going through those bad recipes, although the first one I saw - hamburger pie - looks delicious in my current condition! Regarding Perot, as I mentioned just above, he likely wasn't a spoiler. And Pelosi is a freaking open wound on the body politic.

@Anonymous- Looking at the tuna waffles, I darn near got a pressure wash from a completely different part of my anatomy.

@Jerome Boyle- I assume Busty would be at my wake, and you're all invited, so you can get her number yourself!

@Fred Ciampi- I know I can get over diverticulitis since I've done it before, but it's a SLOW 2 1/2 weeks. And you're so right about Perot and Soros. Perot used his time, money, and influence to bring back POWs (or their remains) while Soros is busy, busy, busy trying to destroy our country.

@Keith- As I mentioned above, the WSJ today has an article suggesting Perot may not have been a spoiler after all.

@WDS- When I looked at that tuna & waffles picture, my very first thought was that someone upchucked on their waffles. Actually, that may have been the way they were invented...

@Marine4ever- You're right, Nancy is too smeary to come off cleanly.

@james daily- Interesting insights into Perot. Thanks for the post!

Sortahwitte said...

Whoa! When I saw the tuna and waffles recipe I actually dry heaved three (count 'em 3) times. And the mention of sardines, I think I blacked out. I woke up and it was 1967. I too, voted for Ross P. It actually seemed a very good idea at the time. Show those politicians what for, etc. Who knew the levels of havoc, lawlessness and narcissism that would be released from the gates of hell. DC is still full of their minions.

TrickyRicky said...

I, too, think the world of Mr. Perot. I also wish that he hadn't paved the way for the Clinton crime machine to wedge it's way into our government. That being said, it's history now. If only Soros would please assume room temperature, along with his spawn.

As for the recipes, OMG, what were they thinking? I have some shallowly buried culinary nightmares from childhood, which could probably be unearthed with lots of expensive therapy. I can only hope Mom didn't try any of these on us.....

james daily said...

One last comment on that second election: After Bush and Clinton were out of the WH, Bush and Clinton were AH buddies so I am guessing they were AH buddies while both were in the WH. If that were the case, it made little difference who was elected between them and as George Wallace was fond of saying, "There's not a dime's worth of difference between them."
As I look back, Wallace was correct as Bush started his liberal policies and Clinton supercharged them. Now, when Bush 43 was elected little change was made in any of them except for the Desert Storm war where 43 was mopping up his dad's spillage.

One last comment on the above: I suspect that after President Reagan was out of office, Perot may have had a visit with him and learned the truth. That would have been a major factor.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

After viewing those disgusting meal selections, it was more than I could stand! Usually reserved for post-viewing of CNN and MSNBC, It took all my energy to refrain from opening my bottle of Ipecac.

Sortahwitte said...

Ho, ho, ho. I get it! "do me a solid". Right back atcha!

Pat Cummings said...

Hey, our regular Friday evening meal when I was a young kid growing up in a Catholic home was "Tuna-Noodle Casserole." The sauce recipe was identical, except doubled, with a package of cooked egg noodles instead of the waffles. (Takes a lot to feed a dozen kids.) You stirred the sauce into the noodles, dumped it into a casserole dish, and coated the top with crushed cornflakes before baking it in the oven long enough to heat it through and "brown" the corn-flake crust. Eating it required a calibrated wait between "crisp your tongue" and "cold lumpy grease" temperatures, which a few of my brothers managed to mis-time at each meal.

I was therefore ready when I encountered this offering in a restaurant, featuring a "fresh mushroom cream sauce with baked Ahi," over "papardelle," with panko bread crumbs on top browned in the salamander and "served sizzling hot at the table."

Yep, tuna-noodle casserole... Mom would be proud.

John the Econ said...

I really wish I had something more pithy to say about your digestive issues, other than when I first saw the title of today's post I had just assumed it was about how stuff was coming out of the other end. Good luck.

Ross Perot: A true American. And yes, I too voted for him in 1992. Even to this day I take heat from other conservatives for that. (Some of you here too, I am sure) But I don't regret doing so, even if I may have been contributing to the result was 8 years of Bill Clinton. IMHO, another 4 years of Bush's backsliding from the success of Reagan era wouldn't have been all that much better. And do consider this: It was the Clintons who were responsible for the Democrats losing total control of Congress for the first time in generations. That wouldn't have happened had the squishy Bush been allowed to stay another 4 years, and would have been happy to conduct business as usual with the Democrats.

The Census: Quite frankly, I don't see how this particular question or the lack of it is going to make America any more or less white. I wish someone would ask Pelosi that. Of course, nobody will because we all know that wasn't the point.

OpenTheDoor said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery, the emergency room docs were all ready to send me upstairs for the surgeons to chop my appendix out.
Cooler heads prevailed and they eventually diagnosed the dreaded die.
Only thing that saved me from the knife was a normal white cell count.
I call it die because the pain makes you want to.

Duane Spellecacy said...

Hmm... I've Always heard it as the BRAT diet... Exact same items, but for kids! I guess they rearrange it for Adult Kids LOL!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sortahwitte- I think it's the tuna & waffles that really wins the OMG prize amongst those recipes. And back in the day, Ross Perot was talking a lot of sense. What an interesting country this would now be had he won.

@TrickyRicky- As I've said above, there's a WSJ piece today which calls into doubt whether Perot's being in the race through it to Clinton. Regarding childhood recipes, I think my least favorite was when my Dad made a batch of scrambled brains. He got miffed when none of the kids would eat them, so to teach us a lesson he fed them to our dog, Lady. Who subsequently threw up (and not on a waffle).

@james daily- There are exceptions to the rule, but yeah - not a dime's worth of difference between the parties.

@Alfonso Bedoya- Interesting trivia: many of those recipes include Ipecac!

@Sortahwitte- Even with Death laying its skeletal fingers on my shoulder, I try to provide the funny.

@Pat Cummings- Oh yeah, my family was no stranger to tuna noodle casserole, which I actually liked just fine. Rather than the corn flake topping, we used crushed Saltine crackers. And now I'm all nostalgic.

@John the Econ- I don't think there IS anything pithy to say to someone with diverticulitis, other than "I hope it's not contagious." Glad to hear that you, too, voted for Perot - I got an email earlier today from someone honked off at me and calling Perot one of America's greatest traitors. Happily, after I sent a reasonable response, he calmed down.

The Pelosi thing just makes me want to scream. Citizenship is not about being white. Does Nancy want to claim that Black and Hispanic voters aren't "citizens" anymore? And if so, how the f*ck does that make Trump the racist?! AAAH!

@OpenTheDoor- Glad you escaped the knife! I don't know what my white cell count is doing, as my doctor skipped a number of tests because of my history and specificity of my symptoms.

@Duane Spellecacy- D'oh!!! Yes, it's the BRAT diet and I've since corrected it. I think the BART diet is where you're only allowed to eat while on the Bay Area Rapid Transit train.

Dan said...

The friendliness between Bush (either/any) and Clinton and even Obama. The intermarriage or blood relationships between academics, media people, politicians, bureaucrats, etc. Yalies. Skull and Bones. Hahvahd.
Things are so intermixed it's like Edwardian Europe. All our "crowned heads" are closely interrelated.
And you know what they say about the genetic results of incest.
Haven't tried lately, but I'm hoping it's still up and working. Just checked -- yup, different format, but it's still there.

RandyB said...

Try Muscle Milk instead of Ensure [that you'll barf]. Four times the protein, half the calories, and tastes...better. It's a generous curve. I convinced the cancer docs to switch my Mom to it (Ok, I brought it in and tossed the Ensure.) and it's about the only supplement she can keep down.

Best to you. DV sucks.

Cisco Kid said...

I had the pleasure of being the director of photography on all of Ross Perot's 1996 infomercials and commercials as well as the last of the 92' election run. I also built all of his sets and did all of his lighting. I was the only person in '96 allowed to light him, as he had a squint in one eye that did not look flattering if not lit properly.

He was the real deal! He was always professional, courteous and patriotic. My daughter, Hayley, played "Amanda Perkins", the "baby born this year that will pay an 80% tax rate in 30 years..." In that spot (which I shot when she was 11 months old) she was sitting in a diaper, crying, with one of Perot's famous charts displaying the escalating tax increments next to her. It's not every girl that can say that she appeared topless on national television!

Mr. Perot came to Hayley's one-year old birthday party at our home in north Dallas, much to the SHOCK of my parents, in-laws and family friends. He was a very genuine and caring person. America needs more patriots like Ross Perot. Rest in Peace! And yes, I know that many people saw him as a spoiler in the '96 election; I get it. I was one of the 19%(?) who voted for him, costing George Bush the presidency. At least we can all take comfort in knowing that Bill Clinton did not win his tainted tenure as President of the United States by a majority of the popular vote.

NVRick said...

@Pat Cummings
I loved tuna casserole! But I think my mom used bread crumbs instead of corn flakes.
There are so many things my mom made that I miss. Stuffed cabbage, liver and onions, salmon patties, spaghetti (her homemade sauce would simmer for hours) and many more.
Dear Wife doesn't care for some of those things, although she does make a very good spaghetti.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dan- "Incest" is the word that always comes to me when I think of these clowns (on both sides). And now Jeffrey Epstein is going to be prosecuted by James "Protect the Clintons" Comey's daughter?! No wonder people are cynical about justice these days.

@RandyB- First and most importantly, best wishes to and for your Mom. I really appreciate the Muscle Milk recommendation and will give it a try if I still need to be using such when I complete my Ensure (which I actually keep down just fine).

@Cisco Kid- Wow! What fascinating insights into Ross Perot and that election! Thanks for sharing all of that! And I was knocking around in the Dallas broadcast industry around then, though I wasn't able to sneak my daughter into any productions (grin).

Old Cannonballs said...

Oscar the Grouch thinks the tuna n waffles looks yummy!

But seriously -- that is the best photo I've ever seen of San Fran Nan. You must have spent hours hunting it down.

ringgo1 said...

I drove a Formula Firebird in a Ross Perot caravan through Denison, TX. Mr. Perot had a house on Lake Texoma at the time. Good times.

John25mm said...

A lot of you are complaining about the recipes but strangely enough they didn't really bother me but then I did have a fair amount of Army chow hall food along with MREs(Meal Ready to Eat, Mule Recently Excreted, or one of the best Meal Rejected by Ethiopians).

Glad you are getting better.

Anonymous said...

Tuna and waffles may be tasty, but give me SOS (chipped beef gravy over toast) any day, which any Marine will tell you is haute cuisine.

Geoff King said...

Totally off topic, but I got involved in an online "discussion" about Global Warming/Climate Change, and this was my response:

First it was Global Warming, now that the Earth appears to not be warming, it is called Climate Change. Clue: Climate Change has been happening since the Earth was formed. It was much warmer when the dinosaurs ran the place. I do not believe they rode around in gas guzzling SUVs though. Wanna bitch about something? How about the fact that the Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has more than a 23° axis tilt. That is why we have seasons, and that is why we have climate change. That is also, possibly, the only reason there is life on this planet in the first place.

Rod said...

Reminds me: Theirs was a road trip from Missouri up to Alaska partly to bring us a new 4x4 truck from the lower 48 when WE were already there on the oil pipeline project in the mid-70's. WE were about to have kids and needed a larger and more capable truck. It was also Dad's return to Alaska as he had been there in WW2. Mom wanted to see the place. They had a great trip then we flew them home. Less total cost than buying the truck in "bare" Fairbanks and they got great round trip out of it. One time We were all at Valdez and there was a sign at a bar & restaurant: "Tuna Casserole, Fresh from the Sea" Mom got the giggles over that and didn't stop laughing for several hours. Years later it would still get her going. It's a favorite memory.

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King, even though "climate change" barely shows up as an issue that most Americans are the least bit concerned about, the far-left remains bound and determined to make this their #1 issue going forward. The reason for this has been obvious for decades now; It is the grand excuse for every aspect of the fascist/socialist/communist Progressive agenda that Americans have outright rejected over the last half-century.

I just watched some senator (didn't catch his name) pester the chairman of the Federal Reserve about what the Fed is doing about "climate change". Yup. Instead of discussing issues like inflation or out of control debt (which the Fed does have control over via the direct management of interest rates) he's worried about what the Fed is doing about climate change.

Good point about "the tilt". That's just one of literally thousands of things that have a far bigger impact upon our climate than the emission of a trace gas that of all the gasses in our atmosphere makes for a really mediocre greenhouse gas.

Oh, did you know that "climate change" is responsible for last week's earthquake in California? The executive director of far-left enviro-fascist group thinks so:

“Our thoughts are with communities in Southern California who are facing these terrifying earthquakes, with the potential of more to come. California has for the last few years faced the catastrophic effects of climate change more than ever before in the form of severe wildfires. These earthquakes will cause even further devastation to communities already trying to recover from losses. We call on Governor Newsom, the State of California, and the federal government to act immediately to ensure that Californians are safe from further destruction. Furthermore, we call on California to set an example for the rest of the country by taking bold action necessary to limit climate destruction.”’

Climate change. What can't it do?

Colby Muenster said...

My mother in law used to make this stuff she called salmon soup that was nothing more than a can of salmon heated in milk, then salted too much. I give it an eleven on the PDD scale (pretty damn disgusting).

Global whatever it's being called today.... Liberals are adjective deprived. Do I believe in global climate change? Aboslutely! The Sahara has been a tropical paradise more than once. Man caused global climate change? Sorry, we didn't build that, nor can we "fix" it.

Or how about "Republicans are against immigration?" Get your adjectives in there, doofus. I'm against illegal, immigration. Julio wants to come in, fine, but Julio comes in through the door, just like my house (and AOC's house I'm sure).

Hoping you are up to solid foods very soon! And up to Clan McGregor even sooner.

Anonymous said...

Here's the "Tunnel of Fudge" recipe. It won a bake-off!
It isn't gross, just sounds gross. :D

Feel better soon!


Regnad Kcin said...

Well struck with the DJT 'toon. The job's not finished till the paperwork's done...

JustaJeepGuy said...

I remember back about 1976 hearing about a cooking contest using earthworms. The winning recipe was for something called "Applesauce Surprise Cake". I'm sure it was...