Friday, July 5, 2019

Happy 5th of July!

We found some extra fireworks, so we're continuing our Independence Day celebration and taking it relatively easy today by letting the cartoons do the talking. Enjoy!

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Turnabout is fair play, right?
stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change,4th of july, trump, parade, tanks, portland, antifa
If only...


M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Yankee Doodle Dandy: Yes, she is.

Betsy Ross (another take by Stan Freberg):

Tanks: For the mummery?

FlyBoy said...

I’ve been flying a Betsy Ross flag on the Fourth of July for more than ten years. On Tuesday, I discovered that I’m a racist for doing so.

Anonymous said...

I like it when leading Democrat, Activist, Progressive, Pouting, EcoNut, Liberal, Socialists (IE "DAPPELS") keep shooting their mouths off. It will be helpful for target acquisition if/when any real shooting starts. Good Advice: They'd better not take it that far.

REM1875 said...

May The 5th be with you !!!

Fish Out of Water said...

Sorry to spoil the post 4th mood, but in prep for the event, Air Force One buzzed our and others houses twice before it flew over the event. Rather than feeling thrilled, felt uneasy echos of The Triumph of the Will . Believe the President grossly overplayed his hand yesterday.

Maoz said...

Wow, Stilt, that second cartoon -- you really know how to zing 'em. Love it!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Hahahaha! Portland! BRILLIANT!

james daily said...

If that double handful of fireworks were left overs, that must have been a great display. I thoroughly enjoyed the Salute especially since I am an old Coastie, having spent 3yrs, 9mos and 27 days in the USCG service. President Trump was the first President I have heard that give more than just a passing attribute to that fine overworked, low budget service. Some of places they go are unbelievably hostile environment.
Now, back to listening to the 'ner do well whiners and thrashers of this great country.

Bruce Bleu said...

It was good to get introduced to Busty Ross's grandma, thanks.
Nice to continue to display Trump's patriotism, tanks.

Boligat said...

Today is my birthday, number 75. Additionally, two of my granddaughters have birthdays this month, one on the 1st and one on the 7th. They are spectacular young ladies. July has always been special to me for obvious reasons. I did not watch the parade yesterday as I was with my family. Everyone was there except for one grandson, a son and two other granddaughters who are out of state. It was wonderful being with them, even my bat-guano crazy liberal daughter. She was outnumbered, so it went well.

I will say this, though, about the parade and military parades in general. It never ceases to amaze me to see (and hear) the pipes and drums of the Scottish and British military units when they are on parade. One of the bet things is to watch the old guys, past members of the marching units, tagging along at the end of the parade. There they are, marching right along, usually in step ;-). I'd like to do that, too, but no one I know has ever been invited. Oh well.

I hope all of you had a really good, and meaningful, 4th. Use this as a time to reflect on the blessings of liberty and what it took to enable them for us. As for the future, well, "gird up your loins" as they say in scripture, we are in for the fight of our lives. Let's make sure our grandchildren and their grandchildren will have at least what we have enjoyed, if not more and better.

Keep up the good work, Stilty, what you do is just as important as any other weapon in our arsenal.

John25mm said...

Stilton I LOVE the cartoon with the comment about the nike swish looking like a slavers whip. I hope that takes off.
To James Daily thank you for your service as a puddle pirate (I'm retired Army so I tease) and also to remind most that the Coasties served as a great number of the pilots of the landing craft during D-Day and we all know the life span of those vessels. Again thanks.

Thanks to all who have served since those militia men at the beginning of the revolution.

SteveO said...

So the fifth of July doesn't refer to scotch? I'm a little confused.

TwoDogs said...

They need to keep those tanks in DC in case pantyfa gets frisky tomorrow.

Fritzchen said...

Stilt. I had a ball helping crew on cannons fired on cue for Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture Solennelle" Beats any M-80's I set off as a kid! I believe the 10,000 people in the crowd attending would have cheerfully stuffed several pairs of NIkes up Colin Kaepernick's anal orifice and would have paid for the opportunity to do so.

Pat Cummings said...

We went to a free neighborhood pancake breakfast yesterday morning, which my diligent spouse got up at 5 am to help set up. The gathering itself started with a prayer, raising the flag—complete with the trumpet call To the Colors and the whole crowd reciting the pledge of allegiance, and an insightful reflection on the reasons for the Declaration of Independence—followed by excellent food. We watched the Salute to America on TV in the middle of the day. Then last night, we sat on a bench in our front yard and watched family fireworks displays at eight different locations to the south, west and east. If we had turned around, we could have seen more to the north, above the trees. It felt like Fourth of July in America, again.

John the Econ said...

Today's cartoon & @Pete (Detroit) gave me an idea: Who's to say that the Nike "swoosh" isn't actually a symbol of "white supremacy"?

The Tanks: It was amusing watching Progressive angst over Trump's tanks, but I can understand their confusion and concern. In the various Progressive meccas around the globe, tanks seen in public are usually used to mow down citizens as opposed to being seen as symbols of freedom.

Rod said...

I'm pretty sure Trump does this shit just to jab the opposition in the ribs and make them squeal. And his base loves THAT; so it all comes out the same.

I was also proud but as a practical matter less pleased to see the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber make a low pass over DC after coming from and before returning to their home base at Whiteman AFB which is nearby us. They are a common sight here and have practiced bombing the hell out of my cabin many times. It's spooky to see one go over low. But in fact there used to be 22 such 1 billion $ bombers until one was lost upon take-off in Quam while supporting anti-terrorist war in the Middle East. The reason stated for the loss (if even accurate) was flight operation fly-by-wire malfunction due to a faulty sensor which failed due to moisture penetration.. yet the DC flyover bird was flying low in rain. As Bush the Elder used to say: "That doesn't seem prudent" But I suppose they dry it off very nicely on the way back home? I may ask someone who works on them about that sometime. See if they can say anything.

Sortahwitte said...

What a wonderful 4th. Saw the kids and grandkids in the morning, then drove a hundred miles to eat all things bbq. My nephew is a world class pitmaster and he pulled out the stops. We had a antelope roast, pork ribs, beef ribs, deer sausage, jalapeno poppers, chicken, beef brisket, real beef bologna (made from a thousand pound bull). The rest of us brought the accompanying dishes. This is a home where the meal starts with prayer and thanks for the blessings of the country we live in. Later, each veteran told one story of their experiences serving this great nation. Happy Independence Day. We have a republic if we can keep it.

Driftwood said...

Thank you Stilton, it was very much appreciated.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel- As an old radio man (writing and production) I'm a big fan of Stan Freberg. Funny, funny guy!

@FlyBoy- Betsy Ross herself was an anti-slavery Quaker. Imagine her surprise at discovering she's a racist!

@Anonymous- I'm pretty sure that shooting their mouths off is all that group can do, with the exception of the occasional beating of an outnumbered, unarmed victim.

@REM1875- That's a beautiful sentiment.

@Fish Out of Water- Jonah Goldberg wrote a good piece about the "Triumph of the Will" type spectacle...and dismissed any comparison. Hitler displayed military power with an evil goal in mind. Trump displayed military power because it was fun for him.

@Maoz- I'm hoping that Trump will eventually appoint me Zingmaster General. If only so I can put that on a business card.

@Emmentaler Limburger- I'll bet the whackjobs in Portland wouldn't agree!

@james daily- It certainly seems that Trump genuinely loves and respects our troops, which definitely wasn't true of the jackass who preceded him in office.

@Bruce Bleu- Well played!

@Boligat- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm glad you got to spend it with family. And your thoughts about those marching in the parade and the challenges before us are very well said.

@John25mm- I was pretty happy with the gag about the Nike swoosh looking like a slaver's whip, and wish I had a bigger platform so that I could really leave a welt on Nike's back. And wow, when I think about the pilots (and everyone else) on those landing craft...basically big, slow moving targets. I am in awe of those heroes.

@SteveO- I'm pretty sure the fifth CAN refer to scotch.

@TwoDogs- I'm actually in favor of that. I'd bet a lot of antifa types think that the brave man who stood in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square forced them to leave and all the protesters lived happily ever after. Not hardly.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fritzchen- Wow, it would be great to "play the cannons" in that piece! And I agree about Kaepernick.

@Pat Cummings- I got goosebumps reading your comment. That's the way America is supposed to be. Thank you so much for sharing!

@John the Econ- I'm pretty sure the factory workers making those shoes see the "swoosh" as a symbol of white supremacy! And I agree that Progressives panic at the sight of tanks because of how they've been used elsewhere, but also because they'd be eager to use tanks themselves to suppress those with differing opinions, and are projecting their hostile impulses on us.

@Rod- Wow, that's a chilling though about the danger that stealth bomber might have been in. Of course, it's also chilling that our preposterously expensive jets these days can be downed by small imperfections and weaknesses.

@Sortahwitte- Again, I've got goosebumps. What a wonderful celebration you enjoyed, and now I feel like I had a seat at the table. I'm sitting here grinning like a ninny.

@Driftwood- My very real pleasure, I assure you!

Bolivar said...

@Sortahwitte- We don't have many vets in our family, my dad RIP, two brothers, myself and my son. We don't have many vet stories to tell either, at least not in mixed company with children, but my daughter-in-law's great uncle, Mervyn Bennion was captain of the USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor. He was killed in the attack.

My daughter-in-law, also an ex-guard, makes it a point to read to their NINE children about their great great uncle on the Fourth. She's doing double duty, raising the white population rate and instilling patriotism.

My own grandfather was a vet. He rode with Pancho Villa. Who knows, maybe he and Black Jack Pershing are trading war stories as we speak.

Angus ranch said...

"Tanks" for the memories. I love our country, may she persevere.

Alej said...

The "diet" advice pictures look like something that fell out of a cow's nose. I'll take tea and crumpets until the emergency is over !

Get well soon, our friend -

Susan said...

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with H. Ross Perot back in the early 70s....he spent an entire evening with me and a very good friend of mine whose son was a prisoner of war in Hanoi ....Mr Perot was an incredible man and will be missed greatly.