Friday, July 12, 2019

Missing Inaction

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Actually, we've improved quite a bit but not quite enough to do a real post today. We'll do our best to keep up with you in the comments, though!



Jim Lane said...

Feel better SOON, y'hear! That ailment is NO FUN,
I know, so you need to get back to your beer & Skittles
(or cheap Scotch whiskey) ASAP. All the best, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Please take care & get well soon! I do hope that you are under Doctor Care & on a prescription! Pay attention to what you eat, as there are a number of foods that add to the cause. mary ann rohde

Unknown said...

Now hear this:

Get well soon.

That is all.

Oh, one other thing. I just came by to say good luck, we're all counting on you.

Does Horsemouth Cortex whinny when she squeaks?


Brie Camembert said...

I guess when it comes down to it, we are all people of color. Me - I'm a kind of beige tan.
Linguistically, what is the difference between "people of color" and "Colored people"? NADA! Perhaps we should start using the term "People of blackness"?

BTW I drank your tot of cheap scotch today. It was my duty.

Get well soon old cheese.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of drinks of color, I'll have a Bob Marley for you in Jamaica next week. It used to be called the Flaming Bob Marley, but the beach bars no longer serve them flaming.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Do you think AOC will force Nancy’s “retirement” from politics? What’s the over/under on AOC being elected Speaker or House Minority Leader? I think Nancy’s headed for a fall. I toyed with the idea of sending her a letter expressing my concern for Congress but then read her advice to “God’s sparkling children” and thought, “Nah, I’m good”.

Feel better soon, Stilt. In the meantime I’m keeping a watchful eye on the scotch for you.

Rod said...

Funny joke but a bit less so to me because of the timing right now and the word "die".

One year after my mother passed away (@ 92), so did my father (@ 97); and very soon after him & 3 days ago so did my one of best friends & dive buddies (@ 83).

But all of them had wonderful long lives and their passing was a relief to what they were experiencing here. AND they all got there on their own money so we could afford the best care but I won't call it all good care. Also scattered along that last year or two there have been quite a few other deaths within extended family and circle of good friends. I'm not feeling survivor guilt; but it's getting to be a real bummer.

Part of what keeps the blood flowing in me right now is (when experienced up-close): The frustration, disgust & anger generated by our healthcare system in action for the very elderly... and the money grubbing of banks, insurance companies, taxing authorities, etc.

On the other hand I will say many kind things about the many front-line individuals who have to work with these situations and really try to help. But Law, Paper & PC work, Paranoia about breaking any rules, Commercialization, Lack of common sense and Incompetence can really create just the opposite of the love & care that is promised. And it all often has to be paid for up-front. Except for insurance benefits: They pay 30 to 60 days or more after the end-of-period and only if you fully comply with demands for more paperwork.
The absolute quickest you will ever see government at work is when they stop government pensions after seeing the required Death Notices. That happens often on the same day.

Think of it this way: Even in good circumstances every old folk who is napping in the same chair in the lobby of the nursing home or lying in a bed in drug stupor, very likely with pressure sores or wet or shitty pants, is generating 60 to 120 thousand $/year of cash flow within "The System" while draining most of their assets before they die.

But I think it's now up to only six states of the fifty that have Death with Dignity Laws. Consider WHY is that?

Joe Jetson said...

Thanks for what you do every day. Politics is aggravating and disgusting, your humor helps to deal with the frustration. Especially since automatic weapons are frowned upon. Get well soon.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Nancy Pelosi: Paleface.
Elizabeth Warren: Very Paleface.
Occasional Cortex: Pieface.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Lane- I am feeling better, I just didn't quite have the "oomph" I needed to do a regular commentary on a day where there wasn't a really compelling story to have fun with.

@mary ann rohde- Trust me, I'm seeing a doctor, taking my meds, and behaving myself!

@Rick- Thanks for the Leslie Nielsen reference! I once had dinner with him, which was a very surreal experience. His date was decades younger and had boobs barely contained by her gown, and throughout the entire meal he squeezed a handheld fart bladder any time a serving person came near the table. Not once or twice - EVERY time.

@Brie Camembert- Yes, we're all "people of color," especially since people who are lighter complected than many Caucasians are still considered "people of color." It's all a way for them to try to climb on the grievance wagon of those black Americans descended from slaves (many of whom still have legitimate grievances, albeit more from "Great Society" programs than actual slavery).

@Anonymous- I'm guessing that a Flaming Bob Marley must contain some very high proof Rum. I approve!

@Bobo the Hobo- The dynamic pitting Nancy against the young turks is interesting and I don't know which side will win. On the one hand, Nancy is a tough (and vicious) old bird who really knows how to play the game. On the other, AOC and her America-loathing freshman pals are all hooked into social media which is a pretty unstoppable force these days.

@Rod- Sorry to hear about all your losses. And I share your indignation (not to mention my personal fears) about the medical care of the elderly in our country. My daughter spent some traumatic months working in an "elder care" facility and her stories were nightmarish. People's legitimate cries for help were ignored by ill-educated and seemingly inhuman staff members. The treatment was little more than torture - and yet these suffering souls were big cash machines to the institutions housing them (and little more).

And the situation is only going to get worse as we baby boomer types enter the diapers and dementia period in our lives, while simultaneously fewer people are learning real medical skills. Frankly, I support Death with Dignity laws in principle, even though it's one of those "slippery slope" issues.

@Joe Jetson- I'm actually doing much better, just not quite 100% yet. Thanks for the good wishes!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Well played!

rickn8or said...
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rickn8or said...

Stilton, I agree with you; AOC is fast and scrappy, but Old Nanners knows all the inside moves.

And take it light until the diverticulitis no longer diverts.

Anonymous said...

@Brie camembert.Whenever I hear that phrase I ask what the difference is.But PC declares that we say it their way.I am the color of the now discontinued "Flesh" crayon in the Crayola box.

Sortahwitte said...

I have been around mixed blood all my life and have a heritage of Kanza native American. However, I was never called white until the new kids (mexicans) came to town. And most of them are lighter than me. Go figure. And I have a nose that was stolen from a buffalo nickle.

Please continue to be a good boy (can I still say "boy"?). Take your meds and refrain from visiting the Clan. You are in my prayers for a complete recovery. Your humor and sanity keeps me from the corner with drooling and gibberish.

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilt, A message from "Whine Country", (see what I did there)... Alexandroid Occasionally-Conscious probably doesn't read "Stilton's Place" so to write "you die" is too redundant and pedestrian for your other highly intelligent readers. You should have written "It's like regular Verticulitis, except it's fatal" and make them work for the payoff! Sorry buddy, but I recoil when things are brought to the lowest common DUHnominator to appease the dummies, please forgive me.

TrickyRicky said...

The best part of the AOC vs. Nancy cat fight is that finally Pelousy has been hoist on her own petard. One of her own caucus has now declared her to be racist! This is so great. After using that now meaningless term as a cudgel for so, so long the boomerang has turned. As has the worm. Pass the popcorn and brown whiskey, this is getting good.

Get well soon Stilt, this is becoming an even more target rich environment.

Mark McKinney said...


I suffered with Diverticulitis for years! A very good doctor in Pittsburgh told that what you eat (i.e. strawberries) isn't the real problem. Instead take a stool softener twice per day. Daily Metamucil is also a good idea. FIBER, FIBER, FIBER!!!! Eat anything you want - just include fiber as well. I always have antibiotics on hand (especially when I travel). At the very first sign of a problem I take them. That always takes care of it. It is easy to forget you have Diverticulitis. It doesn't forget you. Straining when having a bowl movement will likely bring it on. That can force matter deep into the diverticula. Then you have a problem. Good luck and God bless.


Doc said...

Stilt you can't die...cause then you'll vote democRAT...and probably more than once!

Get well soon my friend!

CenTexTim said...

I have a friend who suffers from diverticulitis. She faithfully follows her doctor's advice on diet, even though that's a lot to digest... (rimshot).

On the other hand, it's always a good idea to trust your gut... (another rimshot).

Seriously, though, I hope you quickly recover and get back to regular cartooning/commenting. Stilton's Place is one of the few rays of sunshine in an otherwise increasingly gloomy world.

Good luck, and take care.

Mikey said...

Hey Stilton, get better soon. I used to suffer from diverticulitis, found out that stress was a major component for me, learned to de-stress which helped a lot. Don't let life tie your gut up in knots. I read your blog every day and enjoy it greatly. Best wishes.

Jack Colby said...

Get well soon, oh finely-aged cheese!

We have a $.50 bet going here at the office. "Ace" says AOC will be a one-term wonder. I took the other side. Now I'm beginning to tremble. Thinking out loud: will the Dems find a way to "kick her(AOC) upstairs" and run her predecessor again in her Bronx district? Before she(AOC) can single-handedly re-elect DJT? I'm gonna need that $.50 some day....

Jack Colby

PS I have the distinct displeasure of living in Rep. Omar's district in MN, too. The district was gerry-mandered a few censuses back to include my town and St Louis Park(home of the Coen Bros.), which contain the highest concentration of Jewish voters in the state. No joke! I'll pray for you if you pray for me.

SteveO said...

Against women of teeth, too.

Shelly said...

Nancy regained power on the backs of those freshmen. What she didn't figure on is that they wouldn't fall in line but instead challenge her. AOC and her buddy WOCs might be what brings the old bat down finally. AOC is a media creation and is completely ignorant and thin skinned. When challenged by the leadership, she drags out the tired old worn out race card, which is what these losers always do when losing an argument. The Dims are imploding and I'm going to sit back and watch the show.

So the term Colored People is RACIST!! while People of Color is lyrical and charming. Such dumb clucks. I think the flesh crayon is now called peach which is basically what color I am.

Have a restful weekend, Stilt, and get back in fighting shape by Monday!!

Rod said...

I enjoyed the movie (cannot remember it's title) in which a Caucasian traveler/Explorer was facing the local Jefe. It was a long time ago; also can't remember if Jefe was a native Indian Chief, black African chief, Asian emperor or Mayan demi-God.. but the Jefe's comeback to the the white guy was along the lines of, "You're not even white; you're more like pink". I bet a bit of my own money some folks here know that movie.

John the Econ said...

I don't think most people appreciate how much effort it requires to create quality content. (It's one reason that Progressives can't meme) I would hate to think that when the history of this period is written that the turning point for the worse was when @Stilton got diverticulitis. Please recover soon. The fate of the republic hangs in the balance.

AOC - The revolution inevitably eats its own: Is AOC and her cohort staging a coup?

Blocked Tweets for me, but not for thee?: The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled Tuesday that President Trump is violating the 1st Amendment when he blocks his critics on Twitter.

A three-judge panel agreed with a lower court judge who said Trump violates the First Amendment when he blocks critics.

IMHO, this stretches the idea of the 1st Amendment which protects the right to free speech, but offers no guarantee that people are obligated to listen to it. Be that as it may, AOC too blocks her critics on Twitter. Alas, she too has now been sued.

I hope all Progressives in government get likewise sued. Alinsky #4 is a bitch.

Economic rant for the day: I'm am largely agnostic on the topic of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general. It's a fascinating topic. But IMHO, "investing" in Bitcoin at this point is still largely speculative. It reminds me a bit of the Beanie Baby mania of the late '90s. But at least when the secondary market for Beanie Babies went bust, you still had your Beanie Babies. If and when your crypto-coin goes bust, you've go nothing but a bunch of worthless numerical keys.

Turns out that Trump isn't a fan:

I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air.

He's right about the volatility; They are not yet a reliable holder of value. But he's also a bit unaware about the state of the dollar, which just like Bitcoin actually is based on thin air. The only thing that gives the dollar value is the expectation that when you accept one in payment for your products or services, that at some future date you will be able to exchange that dollar to someone else for a comparable amount of their products or services. That's it. At the end of the day, that is the only thing that give any currency value.

Actually, Trump's tweet was in regards to Facebook's proposed "Libra" virtual currency". Also IMHO, Libra isn't going anywhere either. Not because it's a cryptocurrency, but because its primary backer is Facebook; hardly a company that has earned much in the way of respect for their handling people's privacy. I really wouldn't want someone with the privacy record of Facebook having knowledge of every and any financial transaction I make.

Old Cannonballs said...

@Stilt -- "Death with Dignity" sounds so enlightened, much like "A Woman's Right To Choose." Both are such charming euphemisms. And with that "woman's right" to kill her offspring now having been extended to include killing babies after they're been born, it doesn't seem like much of a slippery slope from "Death with Dignity" as assisted suicide to "Death with Dignity" as therapeutic homicide. In fact, it's already become that in Europe.

MAX Redline said...

I've never had your malady, Stilton, but wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. Today is my first somewhat normal day after being bedridden for a week due to some kind of nasty bug. Oatmeal, Pedialyte, ramen noodles, and the dog all assisted in my recovery. It's amazing what half a cup of oatmeal can do for you!

james daily said...

Stilt: Is diverticulitis Contagious and I get it from reading about it? Just wondering as I may be coming down with sympathetic diverticulitis. Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying the urinating contest between AOC and Nancy. For many years, no one has had the gonads to call they insufferable retard out and live to tell about it but with her advanced age, this may go the way of old bull herd animals, pushed to the outside so the wolves will get them first. Now that is an enjoyable thought of her being eaten by young wolves.

Rod said...

@ Old Cannonballs: You surely voice some valid concerns about "so-called" Death with Dignity Laws. In IMO, and with some conservative controlling rules, they mostly just codify that it's NOT illegal or even a crime perhaps in some degree of murder to assist someone who has almost no life remaining, no chance of recovery, and want to go to the Light. Our healthcare"Industry" has pretty much already written them off for treatment but CAN keep them alive for cash flow purposes for a long time.

If they do not have a valid (Physician signed) DNR order and are stricken but not yet dead; the formal response WILL BE full code. That involves most likely fracturing their sternum for CPR, breacking ribs, a syringe shot to the heart, a tube down their windpipe, emergency run to hospital etc.. All for what? I think it's about charge codes.

If they even know about it, their life savings (if any) which they probably intended for kids, grandkids, or donations are being VERY rapidly drained, So if they last long enough they will eventually become broke and likely wards of the state. If such a person goes under the assistance of MedicAID; that is among the worst of service; and eventually those govt.folks come back at any remaining estate and property to get their money back.

So the old timer who just wants to let go might not only lose it all near the strung-out end, but the estate may eventually lose any property. It's common to have almost zero physical capacity, lucidity, or personal dignity remaining. I've seen it again and again in other families and I am batting 2 for 2 like this with my parents. Mom was worse: Without being able to move, talk, feed herself, hardly eat or drink and in some pain; yet her mind was still lucid, she was praying for and planning to die. She could not sign her name, say anything understandable, control bowels or bladder, nor move herself for comfort for quite a while. Some good Christian people would come in and tell her to GET WELL! ??? Meanwhile Hospice is about comfort and not care. When she was still able she often told me she was confused and asking, "What am I supposed to do?"

All I could think of was "Don;t be confused by well-minded people who do not understand; and that she is good person, Loved God and lived a good life. She will be good and it's OK to let go. We will be sad but we will be alright.

IMO "In God's time is BS; & death is a very human experience. Maybe Spiritualism takes over immediately after; I hope so... but no one in my personal experience has ever called back to confirm that. Maybe Jesus... and I'll stop there.

If able and especially if the person is a Believer they may be praying to die but the Angels aren't showing up any time soon. It's hard to witness in loved ones and I for one have no intention of letting it get that far with me. But once in the system it's hard to exit without Death with Dignity

Do you know who usually mounts the strongest opposition to Death with Dignity? Religion, Attorneys and Politicians. Think about it.

Rod said...

I'm hardly capable of a complete thought at the moment. Addendum: Of course add to the list of usual opponents to Death with Dignity aka Right to Die are the medical "industry". While I know of many care providers working on the first line who think it's a proper and right thing to allow; but they are not universally inclined to speak up. Do we need much more indication that this current system is big business?

DougM said...

Look, I don't want to appear insensitive by
taking advantage of your illness to post my
usual bullet-list of puns and jokes making
fun of your illness,
so I'll just keep it to myself

NVRick said...
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NVRick said...

I thought that diver ticulitis was lightly running your finger across the bottom of a diver's foot.

NVRick said...

No, you cannot refer to 'people of color' as 'colored people'.
That would get you a complaint from the NAAPOC.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@rickn8or- As long as she's in power, Pelosi is the one to really worry about.

@Anonymous- I'm pretty sure that Crayola "flesh" color is now called "white privilege."

@Sortahwitte- Yep, "color" doesn't determine whether or not you're a "person of color." Because that's the dumbass world we live in now. Regarding my health, I promise I'm behaving myself. I'm testing a few foods like mashed potatoes to see if I can handle them, and so far so good. And if I ever start another blog, I think I want to call it Drooling & Gibberish. You sure know how to turn a phrase!

@Bruce Bleu- Trust me, I have a very high estimation of the readers here. But I think it would be hypocritical of me to say "I'm a bit too delicate to work today, but I want you to work out my punchline."

@TrickyRicky- AOC went out of her way to declare that she wasn't calling Pelosi a racist, but it was much like Kamala Harris saying "I don't believe Joe Biden is a racist" before lowering the boom on him.

@Mark McKinney- Trust me, NOW is the time for everyone here to invest in Metamucil, because I'm going to be downing it like mad when I'm able. And I don't strain when having bowel movements because it messes up the colander. (grin)

@Doc- Oh, I'm not dying anytime soon (well, that I know of). And now you've made me wonder - when Democrats file votes for the dead, does that make them poll-tergeists?

@CenTexTim- Not to worry, I'll be fine. And I'll definitely be fully back in the game soon. As I said, I could have done a regular post today if there had been a nice juicy story I could sink my teeth into.

@Mikey- Glad to hear that you've learned to de-stress. I've been working on that myself for awhile now, and am making some progress. And I sometimes use a nice meditation program while wearing VR goggles. It's relaxing even if Mrs. J says it makes me look like a big nerd.

@Jack Colby- I can't read the tea leaves on AOC's future yet. I'd normally say she's a one-termer, but things are crazy now. And holy crap, you live in Omar's district?! I'll definitely pray for you! (And on a side note, I truly and deeply love the Coen brothers).

@SteveO- You just reminded me of an old joke, the last two lines of which are "See? No teeth down there" followed by "I'm not surprised considering the condition of these gums."

Dan said...

I think AOC will be a one-termer, but then go on to a lucrative second (third? fourth?) career as a commentator/subject matter expert on CNN, MSNBC, or some such. She may try for a second term mainly because I think I heard, years ago, you have to have two terms to "retire" from the House.

As for DNR, my dad had one, but it still took upping the morphine drip after the relatives voted him off the island. I couldn't. That was years ago and it still bothers me.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Shelly- I do relish the infighting we're seeing among the Dems. Good times! And when it comes down to "Colored People" or "People of Color," I find myself wondering how Yoda would describe them? (Did I mention I'm taking strong medicines? -grin)

@Rod- I'm not sure of the movie. Though there was a Mr. White and Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs...

@John the Econ- I'm not going anywhere. I'm having too much fun documenting our nation's descent into madness. Regarding AOC's Twitter account, it almost tempts me to get on Twitter just so I can write annoying things to her. But more seriously, I don't see how the heck the 1st Amendment comes into play regarding who you can and can't block on Twitter. Stupid judges.

And I'm not putting money into any cryptocurrencies, now or in the future. Although you make a good point that the U.S. dollar is practically as phony-baloney these days. As you say, it has "value" only because we all agree it has. And when that changes...

@Old Cannonballs- I completely agree with you! "Death with Dignity" and "A Woman's Right to Choose" both sound nice enough in the abstract, but can become Hellish in practice. I know I'd like to have that option (not that I'd necessarily use it) if facing a painful and inescapable end. But I sure as heck don't want the State to decide when to dispatch me based on what works best for their ledgers.

@MAX Redline- I've never been a big oatmeal fan (other than in cookies) but may be incorporating that into my diet soon. And glad that you're on the mend from whatever was attacking you!

@james daily- Diverticulitis cannot be spread simply by reading about it. You have to catch it from a public toilet seat like everyone else. And I like your wolf-eat-wolf analogy. Maybe we should watch Nancy and AOC snarling and snapping at each other on The Discovery Channel.

@Rod- Your comment is powerful and extremely well expressed. I've read horror stories about patients with a DNR who are subjected to all those painful and unwanted procedures at life's end because "the system" doesn't care if they turn a dying patient into a money pump. It's a sad and serious situation, deserving of better and longer discussion than I can contribute at the moment. And let me express my condolences about your parents. Mine went quickly, and though I'm sad about losing them I'm glad that they were spared the ordeal you describe.

@DougM- Please don't pull any pun-ches on my account! I can't very well write "Johnny Optimism" and then claim that my ailments are off limits!

@NVRick- The image of a giggling diver with air bubbles blowing out of his mouth makes me happy. And well-played on the NAAPOC remark!

@Dan- You're quite right that we're going to be seeing AOC for a long time no matter what happens to her in Congress. She has "presence" on camera, God help us. And I'm very sorry about your dad. It's one thing for me to say I support the idea of euthanasia in principle, but a much more difficult matter when we're faced with hard realities.

Fish Out of Water said...

Its Saturday morning and as the morning coffee buzz kicks in, could it be the medical distress you are suffering from is due to Russian colon-llusion ?

Please, don't throw any sharp or Harvey, blunt objects . 😏😏

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fish Out of Water- That would explain why I've been Russian to the bathroom...

Fish Out of Water said...

@Stilton: Toche. 😀

Valvenator said...

Fish Out of Water
I read that as Russian Co-Illusion for some reason
...and when I thought about it, it made sense.

bill said...

Happy you are better. Are you allowed essential liquids such as whiskey and beer?