Monday, September 30, 2019

Slay Your Prayers

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Nancy Pelosi has announced that she is both heartbroken and prayerful about her decision to aggressively move forward with impeachment, a serious process which, we're fairly certain, requires the House Speaker to fellate Satan. Which probably won't be a party for either of them.

If you think that analysis lacks subtlety, all we can say is: "get used to it." This is going to be, by design, a long and stultifying nightmare in which the Deep State uses every dirty trick imaginable to get rid of Donald Trump. And frankly, Stilton's Place is not anxious to spend the coming weeks and months wading through this fetid quagmire and calling out all the lies (and trust us, their name will be Legion).

All we can say for now is that we hope the Trump administration will fight back, and fight back hard. Like, Armageddon hard. Because this is now as pure a clash between good and evil as we're likely to see in our lifetimes. And, if we lose, the last such clash to ever be seen in this nation.


(Originally published June 14, 2019)


Pat Cummings said...

If sacrificing babies is a Satanic ritual or sacrament, well, most Democrat politicians must be high in that priesthood. Many of those who advocate for abortion as "a woman's right" will also tell you "it's morally wrong to eat anything with a face."

What about the multitude of things with two faces, Nancy? When you finally sit down to dinner with Lucifer, will you go feet- or head-first into that maw?

(Sorry, in a Dantean mood tonight...)

REM1875 said...

As so many of us who have paid attention know " the Gospel of Nancy" is not in the GOOD BOOK.......... but way more likely in something Anton Szandor LaVey wrote ..............

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

The idea of Pelousy burning in hellfire almost makes me wish I were religious...

REM1875 said...

Ok so the news about Joe Bidens crimes surface and the media makes it about Trump doing wrong.
For heaven sakes Joe just got nailed and there is no way around it by his own statement !!! But this has been spun by the media as Trump committing crimes and Joe just slinks into the back ground to enjoy his ill gotten goods with Hunter.... while the media beats the hell out of Trump ???
And there so damned many in the media who will become outraged if accused of bias..........

Jason Anyone said...
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Jason Anyone said...

"This is a very sad time for our country. There is no joy in this.We must be somber, we must be prayerful. For now, I'm praying I still fit into my Samba dress. OK, see ya in 2 weeks. Hasta la vista!"

Yeah, I'm sure she'll spend the entire two weeks praying - the leader of the party that evicted God from their platform and his name was re-inserted despite losing "the popular vote" three times at their convention, in the course of 10 minute, when Villaraigosa gave up and just said, "Yes" wins.

Now that I think about it, awfully presumptive of me to think it's God she'd be praying to, eh.

Snark said...

It takes a vote by the entire house to start an official inquiry, so what SanFran Nan is doing is another rope-a-dope. Considering the number of dhimmicrats in the house, that's going to take a LOT of rope. As soon as she actually calls for the vote (which is what she is really praying about - that she won't have to) the few moderate ones - which means the ones that represent the districts that Trump swept in 2016 - will use that rope to hang themselves. It's all blather, but that's all she has anyway.

It's obvious that the first hand knowledge requirement for a whistle blower complaint was removed specifically for this opportunity. Perhaps TRDJT can borrow some of that rope to take care of both those who changed the rule as well as the culprits to assembled the complaint.

Rod said...

Roll Call vote on this topic will clear things up nicely for the next election. I will soon have the file folder labeled; bring it on.

Fred Ciampi said...

It's people like nan-nan and several hundred of her co-whores (see what I did there?) who make people like me keep their weapons clean, oiled, and loaded. Er, um, in case I need to go and hunt my own food, that is.

twocents said...

"All we can say for now is that we hope the Trump administration will fight back, and fight back hard. Like, Armageddon hard. Because this is now as pure a clash between good and evil as we're likely to see in our lifetimes. And, if we lose, the last such clash to ever be seen in this nation." He can fight back hard because of and with the likes of this blog and its readers. Good humor is truth and effective ridicule of our enemies helps give us insight and confidence (even as it helps us guard against our own foibles but also not take things too seriously). Thank you for being here.

james daily said...

Poor dumbocrats. Nancy is making them go one way and their constituents are telling them to go the other. This impeachment thing is going to get real nasty and the push back is going to get nasty. I think after over two years, President Trump has had his fill of these traitorous democrats and is now ready to start taking heads. His real problem is the AG not seating any grand juries nor bringing any charges against a slew of felons. Then, you have the deep state still very active in thwarting the laws at every opportunity. Then, the Senate that is in disarray with a RINO majority leader that has lied to us time after time and personally, I am sick of these sunobitches.

TrickyRicky said...

Wow, I'm old enough to remember when the left (which I once almost identified with in my misspent youth) actually distrusted the FBI, CIA, Power to the People and all that. So long ago...what three years? Hmmm...I wonder what happened in the interim???

Pat Cummings said...

@TrickyRicky: It isn't about principles, it's about power. You're not alone—liberals and the principled left split away from the progressive power-mongers long ago.

It is interesting to note that when the choice came down to whether to trust or distrust authorities, the superficial "trust no one over 30" and "fight the man" were ditched for "trust me—I have your best interests at heart" and "fight anyone we paint a target on."

@Fred Ciampi: I have my own eye on a couple of De... um, bucks and birds. Mighty tasty!

John the Econ said...

I'm beginning to wonder if Nancy hasn't resigned herself to the reality of the 2nd Trump term. After all, a 2nd Trump term might be the only way she gets to keep her speakership. If she doesn't go along with impeachment, then the lunatic left wing of the party will jettison her. If she does go along with it, the moderate wing will pay at the polls next year and then she'll be gone. If a far-left Democrat wins the Presidency in 2020, she'll likely be gone. But she knows that will be unlikely, given that the Biden is now dead, the big-money donors that fed the Hillary machine will fund Trump before Fauxcahontas, and everyone knows that Sanders is toast in a general election.

But by just stretching the theater out, she gets to continue the ride indefinitely.

Shelly said...

I long for the day I never have to look at that deer-in-the-headlights, botox-stretched face again. I long to never hear her voice again. She is evil. And she tops the very long list of evil in Washington, D.C. I hope the president cleans her clock.

Bobo said...

When are the R's in Washington and the R governors in the states going to say enough is enough? Why doesn't the Senate start their own investigation/inquiry into Joe "Bogus" Biden for corruption, Schiff for saying he had hard evidence about the Russian fiasco when it was an outright lie? When are the American citizens who support Trump going to stand up and say enough?

Its time to start to fight back against the liberal left and other democraps the way Tom Homan did. Why do those testifying just sit there and take the shit, insults and derogatory comments from the democrat committee members? Fight back instead of sitting there gutless! Get up and walk out if nothing else. Your career is probably over anyway, so what do you have to lose? What are they going to do to you, lock you up in chains and drag you to the dungeon never to be seen again?

Damn! Be a man or a woman for once. Member of congress and senate are not kings and queens, stop treating them as royalty. They are no more important than the dog catcher in the town they crawled out of to get to Washington. They need to be reminded they can and will be replaced at some time and nobody will miss or recall who they were. Term limits are needed. Accountability is needed. Pay cuts are in-order if they aren't doing the peoples work and only serving themselves and their seatmate.

Ah,..I feel so much better now.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pat Cummings- Rather than using knives themselves, I believe that most Dems like Pelosi simply farm out the work to Planned Parenthood, and that Satan is well pleased.

@REM1875- Plus, Nancy's bible is written in orphan's blood. I checked it on Snopes and it's true!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Same here.

@REM1875- And where the hell is Hunter Biden these days? Maybe he could clear all of this up by explaining what valuable services he provided to a Ukrainian energy company by sitting on their board.

@Jason Anyone- It sure as HELL ain't God she's praying to.

@Snark- Good points. And the fact that the rules for a whistle blower complaint were changed just before this pulls the curtain back on what a widespread conspiracy we're looking at here.

@Rod- I agree...that roll call vote will be VERY interesting!

@Fred Ciampi- Yeah, I'm starting to think about hunting my own food, too.

@twocents- I do believe that humor is a weapon, so I keep throwing stuff out there. Plus, it's really good for me to know that there are like-minded people on this blog. That keeps me going on rough days!

@james daily- The Dems want political war at this point, and I'm all for returning metaphorical fire.

@TrickyRicky- Yeah, what DID happen to that non-trusting relationship? Oh yeah...effing Obama weaponized the intelligence agencies against conservatives.

@Pat Cummings- "Fight anyone we paint a target on" is exactly what the Left is saying...and doing.

@John the Econ- That's the best "glass half full" opinion I've heard today. Hope you're right!

@Shelly- I, too, look forward with considerable enthusiasm to Nancy withdrawing from public life.

@Bobo- I'm standing at my desk and applauding!

Grana said...

@ Bobo: Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!! To everything you said.

james daily said...

When anecdotal evidence is valid, I have a feeling the IG, FBI and CIA will be inundated with anecdotal evidence of Hillary, Slick, and a hundred more and it is just as valid as if we were holding their coat what these crimes were being committed.

Colby Muenster said...

So, how exactly do the whistleblower "rules" get changed without Congressional approval? Stinks to high heaven that does. And all because it might look a bit too obvious if Brennan himself submitted the whistleblower complaint, right?

My parents were Kennedy Democrats, and its pretty sickening to see what the party has become. Many Democrats throw the "Nazi" word around when referring to Republicans, but that is almost exactly what they have become. Killing innocents by the millions, grabbing guns, grabbing working people's money, grabbing power and ensuring it by corrupting law enforcement... I'll bet we would be horrified (but not surprised) to see the dirty dealings going on in the back rooms of DC.

There is likely no way they are going to be successful in this impeachment quest, and I expect Trump to get re-elected in a big way, but this shit is really hurting our country.

Good rant!

@james daily,
Anecdotal evidence is valid, apparently, in both the gubmint and the press. Except if you are a conservative or Republican. Then it's just hearsay to be mocked and immediately dismissed. Hell, with this crowd of turdballs, you can present hard evidence, and it's mocked and dismissed (i.e. Joe Biden bragging on camera about extorting Ukraine using our tax dollars).

Y'all have a nice day! I think I'll head up to Fred's for some liquid refreshment.

John the Econ said...

A follow up on a post from a couple of weeks ago:

Justin Trudeau shamed by fresh blackface video as future Canadian PM filmed leaping around in afro wig and dark makeup on boating trip

That more video keeps coming up with Canada's most-woke prime minister in blackface is hardly a surprise. And neither is the Progressive spin on the topic:


Got that? That today's most-woke Progressive leaders seem to have had a thing about dancing around in blackface with bananas in their pants isn't the problem. YOU ARE! America and Canada are racist countries that literally made these people do it. Never mind that I bet nobody in this room ever considered this a cool or even socially acceptable thing to do, you are the problem anyway and by resisting Progressivism in all its forms, you continue to be the problem.

So get off Justin's, Ralph Northam's and whatever Democrat that gets exposed for this tomorrow's case. They've embraced their racism and know it's bad. You haven't, and that makes you the evil ones.

If you want to kill 10 minutes, here's a great video of Justin telling Canadians that they need to clean up their act, which of course they can do by re-electing a guy who has a repeated history of running around in blackface.

While I'm talking about utter and complete chutzpah:

Hillary Clinton says staying in her marriage was 'gutsiest' thing she's ever done

Once again, an example of Progressives playing the 180-degree card. In fact, staying married to Bill was the least gutsy thing she could have done. For one thing, had she divorced Bill any time before 17 or so years ago, she'd be but a mere footnote in history, if that. She needed Bill to ride his coattails to nearly the top.

Oh, by the way, this came out whole doing a book tour with white privilege poster child, daughter Chelsea. The book? “The Book of Gutsy Women.”

Can't make this **** up.

graylady said...

Yes, yes, yes. Term limits, Accountability, Pay cuts for no results. YES, YES, YES!!!!

Dan said...

Got thinking today (my brain still hurts).
We've been hearing a lot this year regarding various revelations regarding our supposed betters: Everyone knew...It was an open secret...General knowledge amongst the cocktail party circuit.
Has anyone put together a list of these? Just from memory I can think of a handful.
Weinstein. Epstein. That guy from that show. Prince whats-his-name. Senator whats-her-face and the Chinese. Hillary and her foundation slush fund. Aunt Esther and her banker husband. Shakey contributions from Gaza to Obama's campaign. Algore getting contributions from Chinese monks. Technology transfer to China, authorized by Clinton admin, giving the ability to make quieter submarine screws.

Crooks and perverts.