Monday, October 28, 2019

Pieces in Our Time

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And if there are enough vests for everyone.
Saturday night "live" is what ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wasn't following a daring special forces operation last Saturday night. Troops went in, cleared the compound - killing those who resisted - then closed in on al-Baghdadi himself.

The ISIS leader scurried down a dead-end (literally) tunnel with three of his children, then blew all of them to bits with a suicide vest.

President Trump, in a statement Sunday morning, made it clear that al-Baghdadi "died like a dog. He died like a coward. Whimpering, screaming, and crying. The thug who tried so hard to intimidate others spent his last moments in utter fear, in total panic and dread, terrified of the American forces bearing down on him."

Trump's willingness to take a metaphorical leak on al-Baghdadi's grave stands in stark contrast to Barack Obama's more measured (to put it mildly) statement upon the killing of Osama bin Laden. Obama described Osama as a terrorist and killer, but did not further personalize attacks on bin Laden's character nor the manner of his death. And we should note that as an additional show of respect for bin Laden (and not Islam, because Obama specifically stated that "Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader"),  Obama ordered the terror mastermind's body to be washed and wrapped per Muslim tradition, then immediately buried at sea without further forensics.

We'll also note that Trump gave full credit and praise to everyone involved with locating and exterminating al-Baghdadi, while Obama's statement made it sound like he'd personally grabbed a headband and hunting knife and gone Rambo on bin Laden. Which hardly squares with reports that Obama had to have his happy ass dragged off a golf course to watch the bin Laden raid, and the raid might actually have taken place over Obama's objection. (It's worth noting that the White House later confirmed Obama's golf outing, but characterized it as a brilliant ruse to keep the press from knowing that something important was happening. Which, in all candor, strikes us as breathtaking bullshit.)

Be that as it may, we're pleased to see that American justice is being meted out with a firm hand, and that Mr. Trump is not allowing partisan (and likely criminal) domestic resistance to interfere with the performance of his Presidential duties.


We thought we'd said all we needed to say above. Then we saw this actual headline from the Washington Post...

We couldn't believe that ANY newspaper would really send this out, but we checked and double-checked and it's true. According to the WaPo, Trump is just knocking off "austere religious scholars" rather than ridding the world of murderous terrorists.

Which is why, if the Washington Post is ever burned to the ground by an angry torch-bearing mob (God forbid), our headline will be "Newspaper Writers Attend Barbecue."


Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

What's more, Katie Hill has already bailed, done in by the guys in pajamas at Red State. That was quick.

Pat Cummings said...

They might at least have changed the WaPo masthead for that day in honor of the event: "Scholar Dies in Darkness".

Except for the flash of C4 detonating, of course...

Anonymous said...

I noticed in that photo that Old-Buggerdad keeps his scepter close to his right hand. The Kalsahnikov if you didn't catch my drift.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Been happy dancing all day..
al-BagDaddy goes splat
Wazzername hairbrush quits
John Conyers (my Former reprehensitive - they re-drew the lines, and I'm now in a district w/ UofM, 30 miles away..) dies
Cuddle Girl safely home from vacation (not that I'll likely see her this week... but...)
and on line amigo from another site is GTFO CA for KC, MO!!! Go Him!
Happy dancing all day!

Also, 2x phone interviews (NEED new job!) on Mon..

Fish Out of Water said...

As offensive the WaPo story banner is to the many survivors of this now dead megalomaniac, my thoughts are it ran with it with a nod to the fairly sizable Muslim community in the two states which border The Swamp.

To illustrate. In our local elections, now just around the corner, a Muslim is running for a seat on the local school board (besides reviving school busing, sharia circulumn?)

And over the weekend, on a bench in a plaza of the main shopping venue here, spotted Arabic graffiti.....

Fish Out of Water said...

BTW, speaking of the legacy/enemedia news outlets, who like the UAW, still believe they operate in a closed loop, for all the Patriots fans out there, seems CBS (which carried a Patriots game) and later that evening, the NBC commentators just couldn't help themselves in their speculation of when the Patriots would lose this season..... A bit grating of the nerves me thought.

And as for President Trump being booed last night, whaddya expect? As boorish as it is, its The Swamp for Chrissake. On the bright side, perhaps this show of Swamp hospitality,, might be the start of a bambino-like curse upon the Washington Nationals.

Fred Ciampi said...

The sad part about WaPo is who owns it.

Rod said...

Wondering here if WaPo, NYT, & CNN (for starters) have any dead-end tunnels?

Anonymous said...

And what was even MORE fun, President Trump revealed that many Kongress Kritters residing in Mordor-on-the-Potomac were NOT informed in advance on the raid, lest that information be leaked and put the SOF operators lives' in danger.

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Pat Cummings: How about "I'm Getting Semtex Mental Over You"? ;-D

FlyBoy said...

@Bobo: It was Slow Joe Biden who outed SEAL Team six as the perps of that raid. He did so as though he was with them on the op himself.

As far as Trump keeping the Democrats in the dark, all I can say is the mission was successful, wasn’t it?

Alfonso Bedoya said...

The Washington Post is nothing other than a smelly fishwrapper that hasn't produced real NEWS for years. Jeff Bezos owns the rag, making it the perfect venue to spew his underlying socio-politico-economic/anti-capitalist views. It goes to show that PROPAGANDA---not real news---SELLS, and that if one has enough money (how many billions is Bezos worth?), one can try to sell lies and erase truth, and that there are enough Leftist morons around who are willing customers.

Old 1811 said...

Let's not forget that Obama's ball-spiking revealed the identity of the Pakistani doctor who fingered Bin Laden, who ended up sentenced to 33 years in a Pakistani prison for it. Where is he now?

SabaShimon said...

Washington Post, April 30 1945

Music lover, aspiring artist and gifted orator......Hitler dead at 56

How I hate the media, let me count the ways

TrickyRicky said...

Congratulation to all who planed and executed this raid and this sub-human a-hole. If President Donald J. Trump had informed Congress prior to the raid I have no doubts whatsoever that leaks would have occured and soldiers would have died. That is the world we live in. The comparisons to Obama's demeanor during the OBL raid and the absurd deference to his sorry corpse speak volumes about our present and past presidents.

On the lighter side.....

Colby Muenster said...

Pelosi whining about not being told...

1) Boo effing hoo. If Congress wasn't chock full of dirtbags that like a screen door, maybe he would have told her.
2) Didn't Obammy also keep the Bin Laden raid a secret from the congressional leadership?

Colby Muenster said...

Dang it! LEAK like a screen door.

rickn8or said...

"The thug who tried so hard to intimidate others spent his last moments in utter fear, in total panic and dread, terrified of the American forces bearing down on him."

An appropriate end for terrorists I think. And since al-Baghdadi died killing himself and other moslems but no infidels, "No virgins for HIM!"

I'm good with that.

And wasn't it Obama that released al-Baghdadi when a.B. promised to be a good boy?

igor said...

The Washington ComPost certainly earns it's nickname, doesn't it?

Hate to criticise you, Stilt, but al-Baghdaddy died like the cowardly little pissant he really is/was.

And SanFranNan and her Merry Band of Scum don't need to know nuttin' of what the CIC does to rid the world of another low-life terrorist scum (sorry for the repeat). My wife also read something about some pinhead whining that Obambi-boy wasn't notified either... Like DJT would give the nancy-boy the time of day...

The week is starting out pretty good, isn't it? Let's hope it keeps up!

Anonymous said...

The fact that he took three "potential" terrorists with him is a bonus.

Rod said...

And the movie! I can hardly wait. Oh, but that's if Hollywood will make this one.

John the Econ said...

Actually, I think we all should be giving the Washington Post tremendous credit here, even though what they did could at best be considered accidental journalism. After years of marching lock-step with the rest of the Progressive media in going to absurd degrees to deny that ISIS or Islamic terrorism in general had absolutely anything to do with Islam, the Post unwittingly equates the two. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was an Islamic "religious scholar" who lived an austere (and no doubt low-carbon) lifestyle, who just happened to rule the most oppressive religious/political state on the planet.

Thanks Washington Post for the accidental clarity.

Pat Cummings said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel: Ouch!
Actually, I wondered if he gathered up three children to make sure the C4 wouldn't be wasted...

@rickn8or: In 2004? I believe a certain "W" had just been reelected.

@SabaShimon and @John the Econ: Yep. Accidental or not, the connection is clear.

pilotlance said...

If this "dog" was a religious leader why was he dressed in a "suicide vest"?

Colby Muenster said...

Is that photo the one the WaPo published? If so, I couldn't help but notice the automatic rifle behind that table. Doesn't that pretty much confirm that al-Bad-Dad was a holy man and teacher of the religion of peace? To make my case, didn't Billy Graham always carry an AK-47 with him? Wouldn't Kenneth Copeland blow himself and his kids up if cornered in a tunnel?

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, ironic awareness is not a big thing with the Progressive left these days. I'm not a big fan of religions or ideologies that require enforcement at the end of a gun.

rickn8or said...

Stilton,this was what I was going by:

I don't know how reliable they are, but I trust them more than any U.S. news outlet.

L.C.Clower said...

I would hope that one particular body part could be recovered in order to receive a Hebrew National hot dog.

rosey said...

I wonder what our former CIA Director has to say. Brennan, the former communist turned Islam convert is probably mourning his loss of inspiration.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- Watch for Katie Hill to open the "Menage-a-Tress Hair Salon" soon.

@Pat Cummings- This incident reminds us that if we see light at the end of the tunnel, we should hit the deck to avoid being hit by al-Baghdadi shrapnel.

@Anonymous- All of your really austere religious scholars like to keep weapons in reach.

@Pete (Detroit)- Hope those interviews went great! And I'm not shedding any tears for John Conyers, who was another corrupt rat bastard. I wonder if he can be lowed into the same grave holding Elijah Cummings?

@MAX Redline- I agree, but apparently the choice of words was deliberate because Muslims consider dogs to be disgusting and unclean. Which, theology aside, is a real asshole move.

Unknown said...

Now the succubus Jamie Lee is doing what she is knowing for; screaming, but in this case that al-Badaboom suffered.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fish Out of Water- If the WaPo is publishing that crap to placate Muslims, then to hell with them.

@Bobo the Hobo- I can't recall if it was Barry or Biden who mouthed off about Seal Team Six. It is thought that the revelation led to the death of many team members not long thereafter.

@Fish Out of Water- I couldn't care less about sports, but will make an exception to give a big, non-foam rubber finger to the Nationals and their fans.

@Fred Ciampi- Because that owner doesn't need the paper to make a profit.

@Rod- I'm beginning to hope so.

@Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman Ill-per- I LOVE the fact that the Dems were kept out of the loop. Hell YES they'd have blown the mission, if only to make Trump look bad. I'm amazed at their Chutzpah claiming to be offended - of COURSE he's not going to share anything with those duplicitous, lying, leaking bastards.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I'd tell you to lay off the puns if you weren't so damn good at them (grin).

@Anonymous- The swamp seriously can't figure out to do with Trump. He's a wildcard...and that's who we need right now.

@FlyBoy- I thought it was Joe. I seem to recall he also went into a lot of detail about the intelligence we gathered from the site - making much of it useless.

@Alfonso Bedoya- I'm not sure if Bezos is even trying to make the WaPo "sell" and certainly not to provide real news. Rather, he wants to shape an image of the world which influences those who make the laws...all for his own benefit.

@Old 1811- That's right! That poor guy paid a terrible price for helping the U.S. Thanks, Obama.

@SabaShimon- Hating the media is only logical at this point.

@TrickyRicky- I believe this action would have ended very differently if the Dems were in the loop. I'd like to see the White House start planting fake "top secret" news with the Dems to see who's leaking what.

@Colby Muenster- Personally, I believe that the Bin Laden raid was kept a secret from Obama. A story which I can't validate suggests that Barry cancelled mission after mission, and it looked like Bin Laden would slip away one more time. So Hillary and Leon Panetta gave the green light to the operation, after which a clueless Barry was dragged from the golf course to watch the final denouement.

@rickn8or- Knowing he wouldn't be entitled to any other virgins may explain why he took some kids with him...

@igor- Wait, criticize me?! I sure as hell didn't imply that al-Baghdadi died as anything that a cowardly little bitch. And wow, someone said that Obama should have been notified ahead of time?! We need a new word for "stupid," because the old one just can't cover it anymore.

@NSF- I'm crying no tears for those kids. The less viable DNA al-Baghdadi leaves behind, the better.

@Rod- I wouldn't hold my breath on that movie.

@John the Econ- You're quite right that the WaPo had an accidental incident of journalistic integrity, although they erased it as quickly as they could.

@Pat Cummings- I've never really thought about C4 that way before...

@pilotlance- In Islam, they take collections by picking up all the pieces of the clergy.

@Colby Muenster- I'm pretty sure that IS the picture the WaPo used. And yes, it should have been enough of a head-scratcher that SOMEONE should have asked "uh...are we getting this right?"

@John the Econ- I'm not sure Progressives make any mental distinction between religion and gun ownership.

@rickn8or- That sounds right. Barry always loved returning warlords to the fight.

@L.C. Clower- I believe it was already given to the military dog as a "good boy!" treat.

@rosey- For lack of a more subtle sentiment, screw Brennan. I hope troops are coming for him soon.

@Unknown- What Jamie Lee are you referring to? I ran low on Clan MacGregor and have had to drink some of my "good stuff," which (thankfully) clouds my thoughts.

Rod said...

@ Stilt: I was just thinking of that today. (Exaggeration follows:) Plunder, Rape, Mutilate, Burn, Behead, Treat your women like livestock; Practice international terrorism, and Blow up your kids... pretty bad. But a group of folks who universally don't like dogs is just FUBAR.

Sam L. said...

You can call it the WaPo, but I think WaPoo is more correct.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I always read that the Bin Laden raid was cancelled 3 times by Valerie Jarrett and Barack Hussein did whatever she said. I can't believe Hitlary would have given the green light for that mission, either. I CAN believe the go was given while Barack Hussein was away from the decision-making moment. I can also believe bho was the one who made it impossible for the whole world to be sure Bin Laden was truly dead, and that a SEAL wasted the POS. And then I can also believe Gropey Joe "Quid Pro Joe" Biden opened his pie hole and that led to the deaths of SEAL Team Six and all the others who died with them. So there was good reason to let the Demo_Rats know of the mission only after it was over.

capt fast said...

tremendous amount of commentary on the subject if a dead isis member in the social media and news media. not just journalist, but people in general. suicides in the face of a female dog? how's that going to go over with bin laden and the other dead shitheads? the others went down fighting or doing those things that got them killed. this guy grabbed his three human shields and ran for the cave then blew himself to chunks when his escape was foiled by ...a dog.
people need to recall the realities of the mid east radical religious cults. they do not believe anyone other than themselves has a right to life. period. so if you are concerned that an "austere religious cleric" had a meaningful death, too bad. my hope is for him to have a pineapple shoved up his ass. at the least, one a day. for eternity.
having a fatwa declared on you will give you clarity in seeing your aspirations visualized.

Regnad Kcin said...

A hero only dies once. A coward dies a thousand times over. Eat it, WaPoo and all who praised that mad dog terrorist........

Jay Dee said...

The answer is simple. They're feeding their neighbors to the alligators with the sincere hope that they are eaten last.

Gee M said...

Ding Dong! The Scholar's dead. Which old Scholar? The Wicked scholar!
Ding Dong! The Wicked Scholar's dead.

Wake up - sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
Wake up, the Wicked Scholar's dead.
He's gone where the goblins go,
Below - below - below. Yo-ho, let's open up
and sing and ring
the bells out.
Ding Dong' the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
Let them know
The Wicked Scholar's dead!

i know, i know..."scholar" doesn't fit.
but if it didn't bother the WAPO...ehh.

Linda Fox said...

Twitter's got the #WaPoDeathNotices memes floating around.

Here's some great ones.

DougM said...

Attaboy, Stilt
Yours is the only escape-tunnel joke I've run across so far.