Friday, July 16, 2021

Knock-Knock Jokers

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Okay, this cartoon isn't subtle and we're not even sure that it's funny. But Joe Biden's call for the United Nations to investigate (and eventually "control") racism and white supremacy in the United States is beyond the pale. If there is a less racist country than ours in the United Nations, we'd sure as hell like to know what it is.

But no, our alleged president is now saying that racism is at its worst since the Civil War, owing in part to the fact that Texas wants to pass regulations to help ensure honest elections. And it's worth noting that what the media is calling the Texas "voter suppression" law would actually institute less-restrictive voting practices than those in Joe Biden's home state of Delaware.

As a case in point, one of the worse-than-lynching proposals in Texas is to offer drive-thru voting for the convenience of the disabled, but NOT to jam those drive-thru polling locations with able-bodied people who just don't want to get out of their idling, fossil fuel-burning, pollution-belching cars. And somehow this common sense policy is considered racially discriminatory, which raises an interesting question: how are people who allegedly can't get photo IDs legally driving cars?!

But facts don't matter. The Dems have decided to run with the imaginary racism football as far as they can go with it - including, apparently, asking the members of the United Nations to adjudicate our nation's morality while failing to stop ethnic genocide and slavery within their own borders. An idea so insane and offensive that it rockets past hypocrisy and should instead be considered just cause for Joe Biden's immediate removal from office.

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, biden, racist, racism, UN, liar, dementia


JustaJeepGuy said...

I can't even put into words the contempt and loathing I have for Gropey Joe and his puppet masters and pretty much all Demo_Rats.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Ballad of the Blue Berets
(Tune: Ballad of the Green Berets)

We look to
That happy day
When they send in
The Blue Berets

There is one thing
They do not say
Bright blue can be
Seen miles away...

Blue beret
Upon his head
Single shot
Now he is dead

We don't need
to spray and pray
We just aim
For the blue beret...

(Wrote this thirty years ago. Still holds up.)

Alan said...

With all the things 16 cents Biden is doing, it's comforting to know that our Senator, Miss Lindsey Graham, is going to war for Chic-fil-a.

Jerryskids said...

Being a Democrat means never having to be consistent in your arguments. That's because none of your arguments are actually good-faith arguments, they're just whatever it takes to win the day.

Bobo the Hobo said...

And the cherry on top of This Week in American Degradation: Russia and China have warned America to keep her big, honking nose out of Cuban “interference”. I guess that whole Monroe Doctrine doesn’t work anymore.

Fred Ciampi said...

M. Mitchell Marmel, I was going to allude to the blue helmets making such nice targets but you beat me to it. Plus, if I say that I can hit one from a whole klick out, the black SUVs will be coming up my driveway. So I won't say that. (After 60 years I still remember my USMC training.) I think that if Buck Fiden keeps poking the bear he (and others) will soon regret it. Mmmmmm, bears.... "Nuff said (for now) Oh, and Stilt, good to see you and the granny with the M16 is priceless. My nose is coffee clean now.

Snark said...

My response to a knock like that is similar to hers.

The dhimicrats should change their name to the Hypocrit Party.

Fish Out of Water said...

Indeed, the steady drumbeat of "progressive" woke neo-fascist outrages;

Proposing an international group of the unelected and unrepresentative decide how we a sovereign nation of people are going to be taxed in the future,
the character and quality proposed and nominated political appointees,
Ordering immediate reversal of previous administration acts without even pausing to consider they may have done some good,

You know this is beginning to sound much like the bill or particulars in our Declaration of Independence, no?

Either the Obama sock puppet president is showing a hitherto unknown streak of "progressive" woke neo-fascist tendencies, or he's the mouth slack drooling puppet who waits for the worst electoral mistake since the peanut farmer from Plains, Ga to give orders.

And to this in the WSJ"s Opinion section I have written and written and written, given what we knew before the election, what would come if President Trump was not reelected, why the shock and outrage now? Especially from the NeverTrumpers such as the WSJ's Peggy Noonan, who has an all-consuming, pathological hatred of all things Trump.

What sustains me now is the hope this gross "progressive" woke neo-fascist overreach will next year come back as an electoral deluge.

TrickyRicky said...

Stilton, I'm always glad to have a fresh post from you. The converse is that, in your current posting protocol, a new post means that the insane-o-meter has pegged again. The idea of having the UN pass judgement on our country in any way shape or form is so abhorrent as to be literally unthinkable. Likewise, the door-to-door vaccination squads. Not to mention LA county mandating indoors masking, even for those who have chosen to accept the jab. I could go on and on, but I really can't take it......

Now where is my "coffee"?

John the Econ said...

He lost me at "UN". Minus America's cash, the UN would be nothing.

I really don't have much to add to what you've said here, @Stilton. Facts don't matter. The Biden faithful seemingly live in an alternate reality fueled by a defacto state media that faithfully delivers an mostly unchallenged narrative. The UN is a moral authority. Racism, white supremacy and global warming are our biggest problems. In the past, you at least had to dig up dirt on people. Now they can freely invent whatever they want out of thin air, from the Steele dossier to Bret Kavanaugh's rape gangs and the media will gladly reinforce this virtual reality while censoring anything narrative incompatible, like Hunter Biden's laptop. They can even turn the country's most embarrassing scumbags like Hunter into sympathetic victims.

And it will continue to work, at least until the power goes out and the grocery store shelves start to empty. You know, like they are in Cuba.

American Cowboy said...

Does anyone think that we will really see the coming of a new year in this country, that once was The United States of America, without a bloody confrontation between the left who is trying to finish the agenda of destroying what was the greatest nation on earth and the(up until now)silent patriots who wish to preserve freedom and this nation?

I don't.

Alej said...

@ American Cowboy -

Especially in light of General (Obamabumkisser) Milley's asinine statement about the US military taking down conservatives. I've been ammo-ed up since the Clinton era.
Not quite as mean, not as lean, but still a United States Marine -

Colby Muenster said...


I thought the cartoon to be pretty durn funny as Mrs. Muenster and I sort of resemble the granny with the black rifle. Still, the subject matter of the cartoon is disturbing. One thing that I wanted Donald Trump to do during his presidency was to withdraw from the UN, then tell them to get their sorry, US hating behinds out of New York. We really don't need a snake living in our house.

@John the Econ,

I wonder how different things might be in Cuba right now if Trump was still President. I honestly think he would have taken the opportunity to somehow help the protesters oust the regime.

Lee The Voice said...

I can just imagine foreign troops invading our poling places. To quote Admiral Yamamoto; "I fear we have awakend a sleeping tiger, and filled him with a terrible resolve".

Murphy(AZ) said...

At last! Now that I'm retired, I have so few things that occupy my time and give me reason to continue!

When I heard that the U. N. was being invited to come a-callin', I hit my arthritic old knees and prayed that they'd come looking for White Supremacist's in my neighborhood. I'd love to sit down and discuss all this rampant racism with then. Sure hope my neighbors will give me a shot, er, a CHANCE, at them.

j said...

Lest we forget, a communist was instrumental in forming the UN and sticking the U.S. with it: Alger Hiss. It's too bad he was only convicted of perjury and not the treason of which he was guilty. And I don't give a s#!t what his sons have to say.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Hey wait a minute, that last post was me posting there!

Rod said...

When my father was in his very elderly decline the minister heard me talking about his habits and asked if there would be problem with the minister going out to see him because some people could surprise him due to deafness. He wanted to be sure Dad wasn't sitting there with a shotgun across his lap and an itchy trigger finger. I assured him no worries; just don't sneak up on Dad... and also because the Old Fart he was describing was going to be ME. That got me a pretty strange look.

Bill the Cat said...


Beans said...

The first comic was very funny, in a fatalistic, WOLVERINES!!! style.

The second? Too close to the truth.

Thank you for expressing what so many of us think internally.

Jim G. said...

Buck Fiden

Gee M said...

A while back a gov't worker called me (senior on disability) to see if I wanted help getting a vax...I said no, I want to avoid killing myself and I'd rather go for the possibility I wouldn't get the Covid virus rather than risk a vax which has definite side effects proving fatal; and she said it was actually a common response among the elderly they had called...I try to eat lots of Deli sandwiches so I'll notice right away if I lose my sense of taste (lol) and stay indoors since I am disabled anyway and don't go out often.
I live in Denver so I don't know if door-dash vax hustlers are gonna be let loose here, but my door is heavy and makes a satisfying THUNK! when I shut it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Great comments above! The notion of UN forces in blue helmets monitoring our polling sites isn't acceptable to me. Granted, that's not on the table yet, but it's surely a matter of time. UN troops need to leave us alone and go back to what they're best at: sex trafficking and rape in impoverished nations.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll say one thing for Joe Biden... but then it would only be deleted.

John the Econ said...

Back on the grid after 4 days camping in a place lacking phone & Internet service and eschewed any form of electronic entertainment for the duration. Refreshing! Try it!

The day we see the blue helmet types having anything to do with out republic is the day we'll know it's officially over.

Fred Ciampi said...

John the Econ, the day we see blue targets ... oops, I mean blue helmets will be the day it officially starts. I count approximately 43,933,183 (approximately) patriots, veterans, and like minded folks headed our with go bags and the like. Semper Fi.

indianjim said...

be careful if uncle Joe is removed we get Kamala

Alan Donelson said...

A question for those of you of an age approximating mine: Doesn't Stilton's "granny cartoon" not remind you of an ailing James Bowie's last stand at the Alamo, armed with a gun and a couple Bowie knives as the Mexicans break down the door to his room? Fringe was good once, as portrayed in Disney's Davy Crockett series on TV!

John the Econ said...

That's basically what the federal government has been doing, except they don't require a bogus card to do it.

You might have more success with this on a site that caters to people who think that AOC earned an economics degree.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I'd pass that hacker's post on to the FBI but it's probably coming from them in the first place.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I nuked the post by the spammer, although I was tempted to leave it just because the responses from you folks were so on target.

I haven't completely dropped off the map, though am still not finding any great temptation to spend more time with the news than a bare minimum. Wall Street Journal in the morning, a taste of Tucker Carlson in the evening, and just a smidgen of whatever happens to be on TV if Mrs J is watching.

I had a doctor's appointment today in which he praised the state of my heart, which I'm only mentioning here in case any organizations try to Breitbart me. My ticker's fine! Honest!

Further bulletins as warranted, my friends!

Colby Muenster said...

@John the Econ,

I'm betting she couldn't even get a passing grade in HOME economics.


I sorta wish you'd have left the spammer 'cause I didn't get to read his (hers its) post. I assume it was the usual lo fo, libtard crap.

Anonymous said...

RE: Blue Helmets as Enforcers within the USA: HERE'S A TIP: Due to both cost, availability & noise: STAY IN PRACTICE mostly with rimfire; but have sufficient stock of rimfire & centerfire & buckshot, and broadheads for that matter.

It takes a real demented idiot to even suggest blue helmet here. And others to then put them on and go out.

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, at least left an expurgated version because it was pretty funny. They were hawking magnetic strip cards that would magically cause ATMs to spew free cash at you. The funny part was that for different amounts you could buy cards that would spew every greater amounts of cash.

I hope someone reported the Gmail address.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby Muenster- You're right. Just for fun (and because it seems as much like a liberal policy initiative as an over scam), here's the message I deleted...

Get $5,500 USD every day, for six months!

See how it works

Do you know you can hack into any ATM machine with a hacked ATM card??
Make up you mind before applying, straight deal...

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Cards that withdraw $100,000 per day costs $8,500 USD

make up your mind before applying, straight deal!!!

Good thing they called it a "straight deal" or I would have been a little suspicious. This scam reminds me of WC Fields classic adage that "you can't cheat an honest man."

@Anonymous- Let me be clear that I haven't seen any suggestions that blue-helmeted troops will be showing up here anytime soon. That's pure speculation on my part, applying the "slippery slope" principle to Babblin' Biden's initial request to the UN.

@John the Econ- Good thinking. I'll report that spammer's Gmail address right now.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

As for the Olympics, I can summarize my own opinion: WHO CARES? Pro athletes in general--- whether they be in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB or the Olympics---are the most pampered ingrates in the nation. Add those who grace us with "BLM" plastered on their shirts are beyond insulting. The only thing I cheered when watching the Olympics for only ten minutes (before turning it off) was a view of the empty stands. Lucky that there was a good 1946 film noir film available on the movie channel ("Dragonwyck"), starring that ever-luscious Gene Tierney.

Michael Riles said...


Songs? Oh when LIBS bite the dust with their own shit you bet your sweet ass there will be SONGS.

To the tune Auvoir Farewell Aufweidersehn Good-by

So long,
good by,
New York LIBs they are crying.
A big,
the dust he will be biting.

I see,
the DEMS
in off year get a lickin
If Mar-io
decides to do a Clinton

lay low
hoping storm will pass.

So what
he says
OK I played some GRAB ASS.

they feel
they deserve what they can get.

So what
they say,
if we squeeze a little TIT.

More more I'm still not satisfied.

To the tune New York New York

Start gathering them up
Cuomo is getting F(BEEP)ed
The legislator huddles now
will he
get dumped?

Seems like every day,
He sought T and A
He hated Trump
hoping that
would get him
his way.

He tried to spoon
with women
while at work.

He now will face impeachment
and say they wanted it.
Hash Tag Me Too
Cuomo royally

MARIO's going down.
For liberals after Cosby
watch them now

Come November twenty two
The DONKEY CONGS will get screwed.
We will now see

HWE? Hostile Work Environment.

How many women came forward? Eleven

Biden when he was asked if Cuomo should resign.

“You look like Daisy Duke. You should get a tattoo on your butt.”
Cuomo to a woman who claimed she was molested in the past and then confided in him.