Friday, May 6, 2022

Blank Check-In

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Another week has passed, so it seems like a good idea to poke my head up and give a small status report so you don't think I'm on a bender and living under a bridge somewhere. Mind you, I've got nothing against bridges, but I don't want to share my Nutty Buddy Bars (my drug of choice) with any other derelicts.

The cartoon above really sums things up pretty well, so let me throw some random thoughts down just to pad things out...

• I opened that 30-year-old Scotch and gave it a try. Truthfully, it's okay but didn't send waves of pleasure coursing through my body. It was smoother than Clan MacGregor or my current dreadful plastic jug of "Inver House," but not enough smoother to impress me much. I prefer my "good stuff for cheapskates" Scotch, which is a 12-year old Grangestone aged in a Sherry Cask and sells for about $30 a bottle. Now that stuff is tasty. 

• My decision to avoid the (ahem) "news" was reinforced today when I flipped on the radio on my way to a long-overdue dental appointment. Galloping inflation, stock market nosedive, Roe v. Wade hysteria, Putin threatening to deploy nukes and chemical weapons, mystery liver failures in young kids, and yet another comedian attacked onstage. Hey, world, thanks a lot for the big effort to cheer me up!

• I've finally started working on my taxes (after filing for an extension some weeks ago). So I'm only days away from finding out how much I'm going to have to pay for some liberal nimrod's neglected college loan and useless degree.

• Although I already mentioned it in the comments section, last Friday I was successfully able to give blood and it was the best I'd felt any anything in quite a while. I now have to wait another seven weeks until I can give again, but in the meanwhile, I can encourage others to donate blood. So please, do it! There were times when Kathy was told she could bleed out if she sneezed or clenched her butt. The only remedy was a bag of platelets. The problem was that sometimes there wasn't one available. Donating blood isn't just a good deed, it's a great deed and easy to do. 

• As always, thank you for the continuing support you share with Daughter J and me!


Julian said...

Glad you are hanging in- as a widower, I understand the up and down, or perhaps, sometimes the down and downer, of the seasons passing. If you felt better about donating blood but can't do it again for a while, I can send you some leeches to maintain that feeling, after a fashion.
Seriously, keeping you all in my night time prayers. So try to press on, as you know your beloved would want you to do. Sometimes that thought keeps me going when those dark moments sneak up. Love and respect,

Fritzchen said...

The other day I was depressed until a little voice said "Cheer up! Things could be worse! Joe Biden could be President!" I explained things to my little voice and now IT'S depressed and my knuckles are sore!

All puerile attempts at levity aside, at age 82 I have had my share of losses in loved ones, family and friends and every one has hurt! With the support of my children and grandkids I've made it through some tough times and you will too!

Pax vobiscum

Dave said...

What those guys said, "all the feels," as the youngin's say, and thinking of you two often, Stilton.

Brie Camembert said...

Hi Stilton
Early days, man. Still praying for you. Don't loose the humour. After all its not as if there's some witless idiot around with his hand on the nuclear button, is it? (and I don't mean Putin)

jhsilcox said...

Thanks for maintaining contact. I always enjoy hearing from you.

Jerryskids said...

Keep on keeping on, you're not missing much out here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stilton....
You are in my prayers! (Sometimes words seem so hollow but we need faith). And thanks for plead for blood donors.
We have a good friend who has started a chemo regimen (Bill) and all prayers are appreciated.
It’s always good to read your column. (Column ? - newspapers? Say what?!?!)

Wayne in Indiana

Snark said...

Sometimes it's just better to not know some things. Mainly anything to do with current news events. Unfortunately some things Like the Infernal Revenue service are hard to ignore forever. I will NEVER forgive AlGore for personally inflicting income tax on SS payments. That zinc plated, cast iron asshole.

I hope that these irrational woke socialists (please pardon the redundancy) never have to find out that you can vote yourself into a socialist state... but have to shoot your way out.

Hang in there.

Be well

Elbarto said...

Still amazed that you maintain your sense of humor and a modicum of sanity, especially in the face of our current world.

Nancy Dickerson said...

Normal is a setting on the dryer or some other instrument of modern convenience, but someday you will just remember the good things about Kathy and remember how much she loved you and Daughter J. Until then, may God give you both peace and blessings of good health.

Random Wisconsinite said...

You can donate platelets twice a month, and get a big increase of that good feeling you got when donating blood. In fact, depending on your numbers you could donate a double or triple about a force multiplier!

Average Joe said...

Not much I or anyone else can say that would matter a single Biden intelligence point other than the often repeated time about time and all that. Those we lose would want us to go on, no matter how difficult that may be. Lots of us out here in the DNC netherland miss the humor and hope for the best for you and the kiddo. Hang in. It'll never go away, but it will find some sort of equilibrium.

Timbotoo said...

I tried donating blood in Madrid some years ago. The vampire looked at my UK passport and asked if I had been home for the mad cow years. I denied. Reluctantly she put me on the bed and asked what medication I was taking. I was on a blood pressure/diuretic combo. A slow smile crossed her face as she told me that combo medicines are not compatible with blood donation.
Win for Spain and revenge for Trafalgar and Gibraltar!

Daddy Dave said...

In the mid-1960s, my grandparents died as a result of a car accident and the lack of blood on hand at the local hospital. So began a rest-of-his-life habit of my father giving blood as often as possible. In doing so, he became a member of a 'club' named something like "Hundred Galloners". I've continued the habit, although not as rigorously, through my adult life.

Dad was the more useful Type O while I'm plain ol' Type A but the phlebotomists still welcome me heartily and give me as many Nutter Butter cookies as I want during my visits. I highly recommend giving blood in this fashion (as opposed to at the end of a 1040 gun held to your head ...). Already owning a drawer-full, I've quit accepting the T-shirts given out but our blood bank often offers a $10 Amazon or Walmart gift card in exchange for my half hour of service. Blood seems always in short supply and I'm happy to help.

Really Enraged said...

You and daughter have my deepest sympathies. I think I know what you're going through. I lost my true Soul Mate 12/19 of last year, 11 days before our 58th Anniversary. None of this is easy - nor should it be. I have found a bereavement group helpful - but everyone deals with this grief in their own way. I wish all of you my best and my prayers. Thank you for the pleasure you have brought me - and my bride - all these years.
Really Enraged

Murphy AZ said...

I was wondering about your 30 y.o. scotch, how would it taste, would you be impressed, etc.

It seems you were just as impressed as I have been with those aged "treasures." To me, they taste more like old-fashioned cough syrup, not fine, treasured, hootch.

12 year-old whiskey and some quality (not refrigerator,) ice will suit me just fine, ten-que!

It's where you drink it and who you drink it with that makes it special. Enjoy it while watching the sunset and making quiet conversation. You will be surprised how good it can taste.

Take care of YOU!

TrickyRicky said...

Stilton, thanks for checking in with your faithful internet pals. There are no words to help you get through your loss....hang in there.

I've been a faithful blood donor for nearly 20 years, and made my first platelet donation a couple of months ago, inspired by your blogging about Kathy. Unfortunately, they told me I could not donate platelets again because by platelet count is too close to the minimum threshold for donation. Back to giving whole blood. I agree, it does give a wonderful feeling that you are actually helping someone in a meaningful way.

tired farmer said...

You made my morning when I saw the new post. Thanks. Glad to see you're starting to gain a little traction. Stay out of the low spots and pause and enjoy the view from the hill.

VideomanSS said...

It is a slow road to walk by yourself but it is a walk I have been on myself. Slowly but surely the walk gets easier (and a bit of Scotch doesn't hurt). Been three years now after 49 years together and a memory can still bring a tear to the eye. Keeping busy helps. Thought I was retired but busier now that ever before. Keep on keeping on Stilt!!

Fish Out of Water said...

On being underwhelmed by the 30-year old scotch. Guess it all depends on what is expected and what the product is. My own lesson comes from log ago in Japan, I was at a party hosted by a factory owner and he pulled out an ordinary bottle of Moselle wine, which was okay. Then he pulled out and opened another bottle of Moselle, priced at over 1k a bottle, and O M G , was there a difference!

That said, I believe I see an Whiskey/Bourbon boom happening now and would agree some of the stuff on the shelves, particular from Big Vat distilleries, is over-priced and over-hyped.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

It's a good idea to avoid the news when possible. Screaming rage simply isn't good for one.

Me? I'm watching blackpowder revolver videos while Norma Bates Kitteh is curled up on my arm, purring... :)

John the Econ said...

Yeah, I wouldn't try the news in your present state. Let's just say that it makes the insanity of the Hope-n-Change days look downright sensible.

I'm tempted to stroll over to the university today to enroll in some sort of grad program just so I can then fill out the paperwork to borrow 6-figures in student loans that Biden will write off in exchange for votes at some point in the next 2 years.

And I doubt the recipients of your blood will care whether it was fortified with Clan MacGregor or the 30-year-old stuff.

Sortahwitte said...

Hello sweet bubba Stilt. So glad to hear from you. Yes, you don't want to look too closely at the events rolling down the hill out here. Concentrate on healing for you and Daughter J. We love and pray for you both. Love, Glen and Sioux.

John D. Egbert said...

Hang in there, big fella; we're all pulling for you. One foot in front of the other - one step at a time -- and all those other platitudes.

Don't know how tightly welded to Northernmost England (North of the wall) (HAH!) potables, but Scotch tastes like iodine to me (and tequila tastes like kerosene - ICK). However, just across the strait in "Wearin' o' th' Green" land you can find Kilbeggan Single Grain and The Quiet Man whiskeys. Available at your friendly neighborhood grog shop. You might consider a taste test or three.

All the best to you and DJ.


Glad to hear from you!

The Inukshuk said...

Mr. Cheese,
I’m so glad to read that you are still with us enough to care to update us. I have so many bottles of Scotch people have given me over the years. I wish I could teleport them to you.
You and your daughter are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

You can also donate plasma twice a week. I donated something over 350 times until the technicians gave up trying to push the needle through the scar tissue.

jimbro said...

The other advantage of donating blood, especially for men, is losing iron. Search "Dumping Iron" which is the name of a book. You don't need to buy the book to read about it and there are many blog posts about the book that will give you more than enough information. I donate 4 or 5 times a year and the Red Cross calls it a "PowerRed" donation ... two units of blood and you get your plasma and platelets back. Takes a little bit longer but I'm in no hurry.

As far as the scotch goes I agree there's a lot of good scotch out there before you get to the 30 year old versions. My fancy scotch is Balvenie Doublewood and my regular scotch is a blend called Famous Grouse. I've had the Balvenie so long that the cork disintegrated when I tried to open it and got cork bits in the bottle. I put a silicone stopper on it and need to filter it through a strainer to get the cork out which is a pain I'm not looking forward to in the least.

Thank you for your updates Stilton, I appreciate you and enjoy your posts. God bless my brother.

Shelly said...

My eyes always light up when I see your email in my in-box. You are such a dear heart to keep us apprised of your goings on because I think I can safely say all of us here really care about you.

KJM said...


I've been reading you for years; just wanted you to know that you and your family have and continue to be in my prayers - I pray for God given strength and faith; that is what will sustain us, we mere mortals. KJM

Gary said...


God bless you and I wish you all the best in this period of recovery from
your loss.

mamafrog said...

As @Timbotoo said, I'm now on a concoction (or cocktail) of the things they don't want to see. And let me tell you, I'm not taking them willingly but I know I need them. I went in this week and told her what was going on and I thought she was going to run me to the er, lol. Blood pressure is high (I can tell that without a cuff now), and the big black cloud at the back of my head is getting...cloudier. Hello Zoloft and Losartan. The upside is I'm sleeping pretty good as they make me sleepy. It may be placebo effect as I just started the Zoloft but I actually feel calmer and can deal with the irritations a little easier now, I'm afraid I'm going to be a mellow puddle when it really kicks in in the next four weeks or so.

I also found a sleep program on youtube that plays thunderstorm sounds with no ads, great for drowning out the attic trolls (feral cats) and the house monsters who have to play at night. I've also lost about 20 pounds because mom gets restless so we have to do a daily walk, ugh. It's going to be more like nightly since we are sliding into summer temps here and I get really grumpy at anything above 75, right up into doing actual violence if I'm dragged out of an air conditioned anything when it's that warm. Oh, and the iris are blooming here, like all of a sudden! Crape Myrtle should be coloring up soon too, and lilacs. The Redbuds, my personal favorites are done now.

Igor said...

Just like the dandelions, Stilt, you keep popping up!
And you're sounding better. Keep it up! Never give up. Up up up two three four... ;P

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Julian- Thanks for being a voice of experience. I've just come inside from doing a bunch of sweaty yardwork that I'd only be willing to do for Kathy. And it was a good thing to do to help me cope with a not-so-good day. I hope the things I clumsily planted today will survive and thrive.

@Fritzchen- Sadly there's no way to get to be 82 without losing a lot of dear ones along the way. It speaks well of you (and your kids and grandkids) that you've still got a positive attitude - I'll shoot for the same goal!

@Dave- Yeah, I've kind of got "all the feels" today, so the support here is a balm. Which makes all of you the Balm Squad, I guess (grin).

@Brie Camembert- If there's one upside to my current situation, it's that I feel no anxiety whatsoever about the possibility of nuclear war, asteroid strikes, supervolcanoes, or a Biden second term. Well okay, that last one is still worrisome.

@jhsilcox- And thank YOU for hanging in here with me!

@Jerryskids- I find that I miss the "news" not at all. Although reflexively, I sort of want to do a cartoon about the new White House spokesperson being a black lesbian who's married to a CNN reporter. Then again, what would I have to add to that?

@Wayne in Indiana- These days, I thing these blog posts can best be categorized as either a rant or a ramble. And Bill is indeed in my prayers; I know a lot of people for whom chemo has been lifesaving and I hope to add Bill to that number.

@Snark- I've got a whole list of things I'll never forgive Al Gore for, but taxing Social Security would be pretty high up the list.

@jpb252- My sense of humor is an essential part of me, as much of a reflex as a tapped kneecap in the doctor's office. As far as the modicum of sanity goes, I haven't yet decided if I'm for it or against it.

@Nancy Dickerson- I am so thankful that Kathy and I were good about expressing love for each other. The sweetest endearment I could get was "I love the buttons off you," aaaaaaand now I'm crying a bit. Plus, my buttons aren't coming off, damnit. But I believe things will get better.

@Random Wisconsinite- I didn't know that and will look into it! My only concern is that the procedure takes 3 hours and the only way I can get my veins to cooperate is by hydrating like mad. Which turns into a need to pee WAY shorter than 3 hours.

@Average Joe- I can already feel some of the slow adjustment (I won't say "healing") that time provides. And yes, Kathy would want me to go on, to be funny, and keep the house and yard looking decent. So those are the things I'm trying to do.

@Timbotoo- I was surprised that none of my myriad medications eliminated me from donating blood. I was also a bit surprised to be asked if I'd recently exchanged money or drugs for sex. Good thing they didn't ask about candy! (Kidding! Kidding! Though I may have to use that line in a Tickles the Clown cartoon...)

@Daddy Dave- Bless you, sir. I lost count of the number of bags of blood and platelets Kathy received, but I was certainly aware that it represented dozens upon dozens of people who had stepped up for a stranger. Even if I'm just starting, I'm proud to join their ranks.

@Really Enraged- I'm so sorry for your loss, and although those are kind of stereotypical words I hope you know how sincerely I mean them. Ouch, brother. I may consider a bereavement group at some point, although I'm an introvert and still worried about Covid so that's something of an obstacle. I joined a Facebook group for widowers, but outside of offering a "misery loves company" vibe it isn't really speaking to me yet. As you say, we each have to figure out what path will work for us. And I wish you success on yours.

@Murphy AZ- I really should treat myself to a bag of store-bought ice. It really does make a difference. Maybe I should use a clean glass, too.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- I salute you for your long history of blood donation! A pity about your platelet situation, but you're already doing more than your share. I don't know what my platelet count is. Does the blood donation place keep track of those kinds of things after a whole blood draw? I'll have to find out.

@tired farmer- I try not to go too long between posts, although I also hate to make a post when I don't have much of anything to say. I appreciate the fact that so many people are letting me do that.

@ALL READERS- Well THAT was interesting; just as I was finishing my comment to @tired farmer above, I suddenly lost 20% of my sight in my right eye. So I made a quick trip to the optometrist to check for a retinal tear, exploded blood vessel, or an infestation of eye worms, or whatever. Fortunately I had "none of the above," so I was diagnosed with having an "ocular migraine" which doesn't actually require headache or nausea. My eye is much better now, but still - do I need this sh*t? No. I do not.

@VideomanSS- Three years. Sigh... I can't imagine getting to that point currently, but I guess it will happen. "Busy" sounds good and I'm trying to figure out what form that will take for me.

@Fish Out of Water- I've had some extraordinarily good Scotch in the past that really was a whole different beast and worth its high price. And I have to concede that maybe my tastes just aren't sophisticated enough to appreciate the 30-year-old stuff. Which is probably a good thing.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- At this point, I can't even imagine myself sitting down to watch a newscast or even something as lighthearted as Greg Gutfeld's show. For now, I've had my fill of the world. I do enjoy browsing through odd Youtube videos at night, though.

@John the Econ- I have to give grudging respect to those savvy young 'uns who took out a big college loan with no intention of paying it back, didn't go to college, and instead invested the borrowed money. Assuming they got out of the market before this past week, they'd have made a fine profit and won't have to pay back their seed money.

@Sortahwitte- My current philosophy is to concentrate on things I can either tolerate or fix. Nothing in the news fits that description. Thanks for the prayers and support!

@John D. Egbert- I'm not really attached to any region when it comes to my liquor. I don't have a "sophisticated palate" so much as a "tightwad's tastebuds." I'll look for the brands you mention and try them out!

@Kelly From WI- Glad to be heard from!

@The Inukshuk- Say, that WOULD be a good use of a teleportation machine!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- I'll look into it. And I'm familiar with that scar tissue issue, as Kathy eventually had the same problem.

@jimbro- Thanks for the advice on blood and liquor and your overall support. They're all appreciated!

@Shelly- I feel like people genuinely care and that means the world to me. It's reciprocal, by the way - I genuinely care about all of you, too!

@KJM- Thank you for those prayers. We're grateful for all the help we can get.

@Gary- Thank you.

@mamafrog- I hope those meds are helpful (and for that matter, what's wrong with a placebo effect?) and that you're not reduced to a "mellow puddle." Although that doesn't sound bad to me right now. My own experience with antidepressants is that they didn't make me overly mellow or tranquilized, they just made me less hopeless. Your mileage may vary, but I hope you get similar relief.

Your Youtube program sounds relaxing; personally I listen to an MP3 of an oscillating electric fan blowing while a thunderstorm rumbles outside. Heaven! And nice to hear that various flowers and flowering trees are doing their thing for you. That's true here, too, and it's hard not to be favorably moved by the beauty.

@Igor- At the moment I look a lot like a dandelion, with a wild ruff of white hair sticking out in all directions (well, except for the top of my noggin where the fluff blew away a long time ago).

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, when you said

"I was also a bit surprised to be asked if I'd recently exchanged money or drugs for sex."

I remembered that when I first donated blood (1979 or 1980) I was asked only about 3 questions about my health and that wasn't one of the questions. As the years went by, the questions became more numerous (and weird: Have you been to Haiti?). They danced around but never asked the real questions: "Are you a homosexual? Do you have AIDS?" Had the blood banks asked those questions in the early '80s, Arthur Ashe and Isaac Asimov would have lived a lot longer. Ryan White might have, too.

The last time I offered to donate blood I was told that because I had been scratched by my cat the scratches had to have been healed for 6 weeks or more before I could donate. The cat I had at that time made that impossible. She was kind of mean...

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Stilton: I have found that, of all things, the collected "What's My Line" programs from 1950-67 on YouTube make excellent white noise for sleeping. It sort of sounds like you're at a party where everyone is having a good time... :)

mamafrog said...

When I have to give up during the day and stretch out for awhile (back is giving me grief or I haven't moved enough and I'm falling asleep) I turn on the Big Clive stream of videos on youtube. Mostly he has a somewhat soothing voice, slightly monotonic and at a level that doesn't distract me. I try not to nap because I have the weirdest dreams, today was dry cat food and I don't know what else. Yeah, they are...different, lol. Thankfully I don't always fall asleep, sometimes I just doze for about 30 minutes. I've also used Law and Order videos as a soporific, some TV channels play marathons of them all the time. I hadn't thought of looking for fan and thunderstorm videos though so will check for some.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- The questions they ask now are plentiful and quite specific. My butthole hurt just considering them.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I'll have to check those out!

@mamafrog- I just checked Youtube for "fan and thunderstorm" videos and this one about knocked me out just monitoring it for 30 seconds. It's lovely! (you'll have to copy and paste the link - I'm too pooped to figure out the html code!)

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Stilton: Here ya go:


mamafrog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mamafrog said...

@Stilton, thank you! I'm trying that tonight as the attic trolls are bouncing around again. So far the house monsters are quiet... And the video reminds me of living in Washington, no AC in our first couple of places so we had a box fan in the window most times, even during thunderstorms. Happier times for the most part, for me anyway.

And I'm feeling old tonight, my oldest sent me a pic of her oldest daughter (just 15) all dressed up and heading out for her prom. Hopefully step dad gave her date "the stink eye" so he behaves. She's a very pretty young woman if I do say so myself! I'm truly proud of all my grandkids, they are turning out much like their parents. I like my kids and would like them even if we weren't related.

Murphy(AZ) said...

STILTON: This is IMPORTANT! Concerning your temporary vision loss, (not to be screaming gloom and doom,) it may be a sign of a minor brain bleed, or stroke. I'm no doctor, but if it happens again, get your *ss to see one ASAP!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I am eligible I sign up to donate blood.

Chap said...


That Sheldaig stuff is not what you want if you want a nice old whisky. We should send you some.

Fish Out of Water said...

@ Stilton: Recently I was introduced to a Japanese-produced gin, Roku by name. I've usually avoided gin from past experince with the disinfectant-grade gins such as Beefeater. Not all that expensive either, at least here.

John D. Egbert said...

@Stilton: A few more submitted for your consideration: Fleishman's Gin (also Military Special Gin, if you can get it), Gosling's Black Seal Rum, Bulleit 95 Rye. All are well worth a test and reasonably affordable. Cheers!

John the Econ said...

An "ocular migraine"? WTF!

My prayer for today: "Dear lord: @Stilton has had enough for the time being. Please LAY OFF for awhile! Thank you, amen."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Well that's weird. I posted some responses (or thought I did) and now they're gone. SOooo, I'll try again...

@mamafrog- The MP3 I listen to at night, of an oscillating fan and a thunderstorm, takes me back to sleeping in my grandparents' screened room (common before air conditioning) in Paris, Illinois as a child. A simpler time.

And I'm not surprised that you like your kids and grandkids - look who they came from!

@Murphy(AZ)- I contacted my GP and he concurred with your opinion. As a result, I had a CT scan of my noggin this morning, and am scheduled to have an EKG this Friday the 13th (gulp).

@Anonymous- Good for you! It means a lot to me and is going to mean a lot to whoever receives your gift!

@Chap- No need to send me anything, though recommendations are always welcome. Well, other than things like "just stop being such a cheapskate!"

@Fish Out of Water- Gin is one of the few liquors I just can't stand, although I'd try a sample of the Roku stuff. Other gins I've tried taste like burning hair.

@John D. Egbert- Oh, boy! I've got a shopping list!

@John the Econ- Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel about all of this, too. Of course, the "ocular migraine" was just a guess from my optometrist (who's based at Sam's Club, so you know I'm only dealing with the best). But this morning I had a CT brain scan, so we can presumably rule out (or in?) aneurysms, tumors, and brain-eating parasites. Meanwhile, I'm driving Daughter J to an appointment with a new neurologist today to discuss her epilepsy meds. And as you can imagine, ANY contact with the medical profession triggers PTSD in us right now. Fun, fun, fun!

Colby Muenster said...

Unfortunately, for us "vintage" humans, doctors are a necessary evil. Too bad the days of house calls are over (well, for us non-Hollywood types, anyway).

I probably shared this before, but I read an article on aged whisky, and assume the same applies to whiskey. Bottom line, 30 or 40 year old jugs of hooch taste no better than the 12 year old stuff. Still, I imagine your 30 year old single malt tastes much better than average.

I hereby make a motion that gin is the most vile liquid on Earth. Do I hear a second? Vodka is first runner up.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Colby: Other way around. I like the occasional G&T, but haven't touched vodka since a spectacular hangover after my 19th birthday party...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby Muenster- I'm with you on gin being irredeemable in my experience, though I haven't tried them all. Vodka doesn't particularly bother me but I have no love for it. Though a decent screwdriver is always welcome.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- A really good hangover can be a life (or taste) changing event. I speak from experience.

Colby Muenster said...

Oh, I well remember a bachelor party when I was in my early twenties. We were doing tequila shots with lime and salt. I cannot bear to even smell tequila to this day.


"It is a curious fact, and one to which no-one knows quite how much importance to attach, that something like 85 percent of all known worlds in the Galaxy, be they primitive or highly advanced, have invented a drink called jynnan tonyx, or gee-N'N-T'N-ix, or jinond-o-nicks, or any one of a thousand variations on this phonetic theme.
The drinks themselves are not the same, and vary between the Sivolvian ‘chinanto/mnigs’ which is ordinary water served just above room temperature, and the Gagrakackan 'tzjin-anthony-ks’ which kills cows at a hundred paces; and in fact the only one common factor between all of them, beyond the fact that their names sound the same, is that they were all invented and named before the worlds concerned made contact with any other worlds."

Thanks Douglas Adams

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Colby, the Babelfish will make them all sound the same, right?

Tom Vaughn said...

Hi, Stilton,

I've read your musings and comic strips for a long time but have never commented before. My wife passed three years ago this week and the pain remains for me and my kids just as real as the day it happened. I do know what you're feeling, my brother.

Thanks for the tip on Grangestone scotch. Unfortunately, I live in Pennsylvania where whiskey is only sold in state-run stores, and Grangestone isn't on the list of available scotches - yet. I have contacted them to see if they will carry it, but don't expect a reply for a few days. After all, the Democrat governor is busy spending my tax money before he loses his office because of term limits.

Just remember that no matter how bad things seem to be, God is still in control.

Tom Vaughn