Friday, November 4, 2022

Triple Play Friday

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Depressingly, this is the actual state of our nation as we head toward Election Day. A president who can't speak without lying, and a major Democrat candidate who often can't speak period. Which isn't Fetterman's fault - the man had a stroke, after all. And it's rare to see someone who has the strength of will to immediately get back on the election trail without taking time for his brain to effing heal. Which it likely won't since he's been literally abusing it during the most critical window for recovery. Still, I don't want to kick a man when he's down...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, fetterman, biden, brain damage, special olympics

Okay, that probably LOOKS like I'm kicking a man when he's down, but I have a well-documented psychomotor condition that causes me to kick involuntarily from time to time and if you hold it against me you're an ableist and should be ashamed of yourself.

Of course, we're all looking at a brief period of disability following this weekend...

Some people may take exception to the cartoon above, saying "But Stilton, we get an extra hour of sleep so we'll be feeling great!" And I certainly respect your opinion and that of the horse you rode in on. But for me, personally, whether we're springing forward or falling back, I lose sleep and am out of sync with the world for at least a week or two while playing the "yeah, but what time is it really?" game in my head.

Nor does it help that suddenly it will be pitch black outside about the time I normally consider to be "late afternoon." But hey, I guess turning on all the lights for an extra hour a night won't kill me. It's not like anyone wants us to cut back on energy use to save the planet or anything, right?


Stevarooni said...

Mr. Fetterman is a sad, sad case. Sadder still, he still has a sizeable following in Pennsylvania. It's puzzling. Dr. Oz is no prize pig, but he's coherent.

Jess said...

If I had to guess, I'd guess Pennsylvania politics are very corrupt, or the majority of the voters smoke a tremendous amount of pot.

Rod said...

Stilt: I might have a solution to your DST problem; but you may want to check this before you go. That's because I have the problem as well. East or west? Forward or back? Lighter or Darker? Who knows?

For FALL: Suddenly one morning you are told you just got to redo an hour. It's earlier than you think; and there's a longer day ahead of you. This really sucks. But quickly fly EAST ~ 900 miles to one time zone over where they are told it's now the time you still think it is. They are all confused but everything will be fine for you there.

Then go back home slowly... about 65 miles per day if need to spread it over two weeks. Returning slowly will also keep your arms from getting so tired. Or ride a bicycle and your ass will be so sore you won't care what time it is. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

ARIZONA! We might not be the sharpest of the 54 (57?) tools in the national shed, but we're smart enough to NOT fall for that DAYLIGHT SAVINGS bullsh*t!

Beegee said...

Be sure to post the Blue Waivers and the Jean Pierre cartoons on FB.
I do agree with your daylight savings time, but since I prefer to keep standard time year around I have no sense of humor where that is concerned.

Snark said...

Now we are insulted and denigrated because we actually expect a person to be able to do the job they are applying for? Granted, there are more than a few senators that are not qualified for that job (in both parties) but at least while participating in the election they gave the appearance of being cognizant and lucid. Of course for too many that appearance was actually an apparition. Some might say "It's only a Senate seat" like it actually is an important position. It's not like being President, where being lucid, aware and awake (and woke) are critical aspects of the job.

On the other hand, if Brandon, Pelosi and Scheamer are considered qualified to be in their positions, dhimicrats might be satisfied with electing roadkill.

Since that's what they have now.

Garrett said...

It's really pretty simple for the left, Trump hate and genetics....

Bruce Bleu said...

OK, granted... she (but "Pierre" is French for "PETER" (like Pierre Delecto)... does she have a phallic member) seems to have a nice complexion, but why the hell does she wear a wig made from a WET MOP?

Gorgon Zola said...

...and why does she begin every sentence with "so"?

Elbarto said...

If you hate DST move to Arizona, we don't play that game.

TrickyRicky said...

Yeah, I truly hate November, mostly due to the pain of falling backward. The cold I can deal with but the lack of light, not so much. Feeling that it is time to go to bed at 7PM, coming home from work in the dark. On top of it all this year we will be entering a tough month and more of rehab for our Labrador's ACL surgery next Wednesday. Oh boy!

I truly hope for excellent election results to buoy our spirits!!!

CenTexTim said...

I always have trouble changing my digital clock back an hour.

It needs a hand...

LoneRanger said...

I'm in my 70s and never had a problem falling back, or springing forward. I do look forward to December 21st and gaining more light in the morning and evening. It is hard doing chores in the dark with an LED band on my head.

American Cowboy said...

A quick Google search indicates that there are as of October 2022 about 48 million registered voters who identified themselves as democrats.

That would mean about 68 million votes for leftist candidates, if every one of them voted.

An I have always referred to the "whores" you rode in with, not the "horse" you rode in on. Just saying. :-)

Fred Ciampi said...

I solved the problem of drowsiness vs daylight savings time by voting last week. And I think I was wide awake at the time. Yay. I had gone to the registrar's office to get a mail-in ballot for my wife who is wheelchair bound. The lady said I could early vote if I wanted to. So I did.

Dan said...

A few years ago I bought a new alarm clock. I was tired of the spring ahead/fall down rigmarole, so I got one that automatically set to Saving and Standard time.

Then DC changed when the times changed, there was no way to reset the firmware to adjust the clock so it's still out of whack for periods of time twice a year.

Speaking of Saving and Standard time, why can't car clocks, and stoves, and microwave ovens, etc., automatically update with WWV, Ft Collins?

robert kendall said...

you're back!! Grieving is brutal and takes time... you are inspiring you know... keep up the good humor and scathing wit

John the Econ said...

Content! Sweet, political comedy content!

Remember when there were media fact-checkers online 24/7 to expose the questionable truthiness of everything that passed the President's lips? Now they instead just go to Biden's staffers to get "what he really meant". Good times.

Also, remember when the Democrats were threatening to apply the 25th Amendment to Trump? Now they're openly talking about using it on Biden.

As for Fetterman, is it even possible to imagine the level-11 hysteria that would be echoing throughout the mediascape if the GOP had attempted to run such an empty suit? Seriously, even before the stroke the guy makes Beto look qualified. But I guess he is the model of the modern major Democrat; like Bernie, he made it well into middle age without the desire, capability, or need of having as real job. He's always lived off others, and yet feels qualified to tell other people how to live.

But at least he's qualified for what the Democrats will only require of him: Pushing whatever button Schumer tells him to.

PA, you should be embarrassed.

Speaking of Greta, she's gone full communist. Mind you, she won't actually lecture the supposed communists who are now responsible for the vast majority of carbon emissions on the planet. She'll just travel around the comfortable west lecturing us about how we need to embrace sweet poverty in the name of her high ideals.

Unfortunately, she hasn't yet figured out that she's no longer a novelty and that the only reason that she became a thing when she did was because she was spewing the narrative that the Progressives she unwittingly kowtowed to wanted people to hear. Now, she's just another shrew, ignorant, loudmouth kid who knows nothing about which she speaks.

If she had any education at all, she'd know that under "real communism", economically useless people like her ultimately end up in camps, or under the ground due to starvation. But then again, they'd all know that.

Joe Drypowda said...

Thanks, we needed a little humor before the A-Bomb hits. Great work !!

Anonymous said...

Once I lived about ten miles from Braddock PA and hearing Uncle Fester brag about it is laughable. I challenge any one in PA to drive slowly through there after dark. At one time it was booming then the mills shut down. One steelworks is still there and provides the revenue to keep this town of 1500 to 2000 going. Otherwise plywood is the big industry. Only reasons Big John is in contention is Philadelphia and the so called media. Interestingly the Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorsed Oz. They know the truth. Poll watchers in Philly best be alert. I just can’t believe my old PA friends can fall for this! But I may be wrong..

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Stevarooni- I truly don't understand how Fetterman is still a candidate, other than the unlimited crassness of the Democrat party. Granted, I'm pretty puzzled by Dr. Oz's candidacy too.

@Jess- Or both!

@Rod- Brilliant! I'm packing my bags!

@Anonymous- Maybe I should consider Arizona. It's got great scenery and has that whole Zorro "Z" thing going on in the state name.

@BeeGee- I wasn't going to post the Jean Pierre cartoon on Facebook because I figured it had about 3 different reasons I could be put into Facebook jail, but because you said I should I did it anyway. If I suddenly disappear from Facebook, send me a digital cake with a binary file in it.

@Snark- If any of the Dems calling me an "ableist" is willing to hire a blind, epileptic pilot for their private jet, I'll listen. Until then, they can STFU.

@Garrett- Don't forget insatiable lust and racism!

@Bruce Bleu- Well, she IS there to clean up Biden's messes...

@Gorgon Zola- She's discovered that it's better for her to say "so" repeatedly rather than "yikes."

@Elbarto- Moving sounds exhausting. Would Arizona like to make my home an embassy in Texas?

@TrickyRicky- In all truth, the earlier nightfall is emotionally oppressive to me. But what can a body do? And good luck with your labrador's ACL surgery. Our dog, Ladybug, had the surgery last year and did just fine with it. The tricky part was keeping her from overusing the leg while healing. I think we had her in a pen for 6-8 weeks and had her leashed when going to the bathroom outside.

@CenTexTim- If it needs a hand it can borrow the one I just slapped my forehead with after that joke.

@LoneRanger- An LED band?! I feel like a fool - I've been using a mariachi band!

@American Cowboy- No disrespect to horses was intended. And no disrespect to whores is even possible.

@Fred Ciampi- I voted early too. Although it saddened me to see Kathy's voter card and know that she wouldn't be canceling the vote of some Democrat a**hole.

@Dan- That clock sounds like a good idea although the fact that it doesn't work reliably (or that Washington doesn't) dims the appeal. And I agree that every digital clock should already have the time changes built in.

@robert kendall- I genuinely appreciate the sentiment, but no - I'm not "back." But I'm here and that's something. Humor helps and communicating with friends (that's you!) helps. And maybe this is a good place to mention that my little book project which honors Kathy in a funny way is still coming along on schedule. Yay!

@John the Econ- Yes, this was Harvest Day for low-hanging political fruit. Excellent remarks from you and, as always, I agree with every word.

@Joe Drypowda- Well, it's like the old saying goes: "Humor is the best medicine, except for iodine tablets, in the event of a nuclear attack."

@Anonymous- It makes me think of how "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg boasted about his great accomplishments in South Bend, Indiana when by every metric things got much worse during his administration.

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

Nice to see the coffee cup couple again. They look like the sort of folks you'd enjoy sitting down and having a cuppa joe with.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, if you're not actually "back", you're doing a fine job of making it look like you are. Keep on keeping on!

On another note, I was reminded of a song the old commie Pete Seeger used to sing, about 60 years ago: "What Did You Learn In School". There is a verse asking the question, and the boy answers:

I learned our government must be strong
It's always right and never wrong
Our leaders are the finest men
And we elect them again and again.
That's what I learned in school today...

It's funny that way back then, the commies sang that in order to make fun of the "establishment" and now that they ARE the "establishment", they mean it seriously. I guess we need protest singers again to sing that song at the commies now.

Paul Donohue said...

Good evening, Stilt.

Thanks for brightening my day. I hope that I feel even better on Wednesday morning - or Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or whenever they finally finish "counting" the vote. Since this will be my last election, I'm hoping to finish on the up side. Of necessity, I vote by mail and have received confirmation that my ballot has been received.

The mere fact that Fetterman can still win the election indicates just how screwed up Pennsylvania is. Oz isn't much of a candidate IMHO but a rock should be able to beat Fetterman.

Just as an aside, one of my six remaining sisters called the youngest to tell her that her next older sister is a gun-toting Republican. She laughed and said, "So, what? I am too." She then called me to express her shock. I'm sure that you can't imagine my response. Unfortunately, the other four sisters are all NY based Democrats but that doesn't bother me much because NY is pretty much a Blue State write-off.

I loved all 3 1/2 cartoons! I think Jean Pierre was my favorite. Excellent artwork and captions!

DST has always confused me because of the inconsistencies. Indiana had year round Standard Time until about three years ago when they went to DST. Now they're voting on whether to go to DST year round. That would be my preference. I hate it when the sun sets at 6:12PM and the following day at 5:11PM.

Still praying for you and Daughter J. I'm pretty sure that Kathy is smiling down at both of you.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- Thanks for the kind words. I do enjoy feeling "in the groove" again in fits and starts and keep hoping those times will grow longer and more frequent. Funny to read that Pete Seeger song and know how it all turned out, at least for the time being.

@Paul Donohue- Like you, I don't have any great faith that votes will be tallied legitimately. We'll just have to wait and watch - and I hope for ALL of our sakes the results will be to your liking. Being a Hoosier for the first part of my life, I enjoyed the fact that we didn't mess with DST and the only real difference was when our favorite TV shows would come on. For that matter, I miss having favorite TV shows. Thank you for the prayers, I assure you they're reciprocal.

Bruce Bleu said...

I applauded my digital clock and it didn't do a DAMN thing!

robert kendall, His FRONT too! (makes more sense as a verbal quip instead of a written one.)

Stilt, What I want to know is when Philly has a 4,794% voter turnout is ANYONE going to be suspicious, or will we have ANOTHER "most secure election in history"? If a blind man had video of the same events that were revealed in "2,000 Mules" I can guaran-damn-TEE you there would be fulminating democraps all OVER the place to decry the election as fraud!

Alan Donelson said...

Stilton, I arrived bit late to this party -- good to read|see you finding your groove!

I vote for NOBODY for each and every orifice, especially for POTUS, as Wavy Gravy once advocated over one-half century ago (!). It's very likely no one will miss me even if (((they))) mis-count my vote. Besides living here in Mexico -- unlike Mexicans living in the US -- I can't vote anyway for anyone.

All of which reminds me -- just diagnosed with late-onset ADHD, I confess, you and intrpid commenters would so guess -- of the time I sent one of your posts with cartoon to a Jewish correspondent living in Canada, where once I made my abode. He wrote back, disgusted as much with himself as with the CONtent (decidedly "CONservative", as I recall), thinking the attachment had to do with "the cheese". He seemed not at all mollified when I pointed out the "cheesiness" of our exchange.

Fish Out of Water said...

As election day is nigh and I in unbusy moments have begin to wring my hands in glee at the prospect of the 'harvest' that awaits the democratic party nationwide and hopefully also in the case of local school boards which have gone off the rails into the 'woke' concentration camp.

As to Fetterman et. al.'s candidacy, and why he (and Stacy Abrams) are on the ballot, I give you all the example of a neighbor, who dutifully and without much thought, posts campaign signs on his front lawn for every democrat running for election/reelection. Such people I believe would also unhesitating vote for "uncle Joe" Stalin if he was on a democratic ballot.

Thought of a start to a bit of doggerel which I invite the more doggerel-inclined readers to add to:

'Twas the night before the midterms and all through the House, not a creature was stirring, not even a 'woke' louse.

mamafrog said...

Oh Stilt, you could have had the fun I did this morning if you really dislike DST. You remember my mom, the one with dementia (sort of officially confirmed, mind you)? Yeaaahhh, that was a frickin' blast, lol. I got up early, for me anyway, and went around setting all the manual clocks while she was dressing, she was confused for awhile! I didn't even try to explain though. Worse yet, for some reason I woke up every hour from five to seven this morning which meant I was confused today too. I gave up at seven and got up.

The early dark here doesn't bother me, at least. Where we lived in WA state the winter dark lasts until about eight in the morning and starts about four in the afternoon. Those who worked can see to can't see jobs have serious issues there. Toss in the occasional foggy morning and most people just stay home if they can. Living in the mountains can be really weird sometimes. We would get snow at our house, town just a mile or so down from us got rain and the one another mile or two further down just got clouds, lol.

Rod said...

Since the entire time change BS gets ignored on day 1 except for it being darker that evening: This Monday is the day it hits. Just wondering how you're doing? Telling how I did would be Too Much Information.

John the Econ said...

@JustaJeepGuy, who would have thought that a half-century later, we'd now be the "liberals"?

Fetterman, Abrams, Beto, etc: Also a half century ago, could anyone imagine these people being taken seriously for candidacy for any office, much less some of the most powerful in the land? (They certainly wouldn't be if they were Republicans)

Speaking of unseriousness: Oprah endorsed Fetterman and then Beto. I've always had a certain amount of respect for Oprah as a savvy businessperson. But clearly she'd reached an age and level of wealth where she just doesn't care anymore.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bruce Bleu- Personally, I showed my digital clock an additional digit of mine. Regarding Philly (and most other places these days) I have no faith in the integrity of the voting process. None.

@Alan Donelson- So wait, you're in Mexico sending my posts to a Jewish guy in Canada? I can't even begin to process all of that this soon after the time change...

@Fish Out of Water- Your neighbor makes me think of friends and neighbors who boldly proclaim "VOTE BLUE," which I'm pretty sure represents the length and breadth of their political knowledge.

As for your poem: "The Dems were all doing weird things in their beds, as hopes for abortions danced in their heads..."

@mamafrog- I sometimes got that "mountain effect" when visiting my parents in Hawaii. The mountains on both sides created an artificially high "horizon" that added quite a bit of twilight to the day on both ends. As for my clocks, 80% of them still haven't been changed, and a few of the digital ones may just have to catch up six months from now.

@Rod- I'm coping with the time change, but I hate it. Hate it. For one thing, when Kathy and I were in the hospital and hospice together, dusk was the most depressing time for us. It was the dying of the day at a point when we didn't need reminders about dying, as well as a reminder that another endless, awful night was beginning. I still have that. And to be truthful, since the "reality" of my world has already been shaken to its core, I don't like playing "make believe" that time itself has just changed by consensus rather than physics. I already feel like I'm living in a bad fantasy and this just increases that sensation. So I guess I've just given Too Much Information!

@John the Econ- There was a time I respected Oprah. That time is not now.

John the Econ said...

I mean I could understand her enthusiastic endorsement of Obama in 2008. But the deadbeat & brain-dead Fetterman? And the equally deadbeat, empty suit that is Beto? Seriously, Oprah? You'd never hire either of these two incompetent clowns for anything in your organization. Exactly why would you want to foist them to rule the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

While I sympathize with your inability "handle" the time change, I really don't understand it. I've always lived within 100 miles of a time zone change. at least 10 times a year I travel accross it spend a few days, come home, and life goes on.

Perhaps you need more practice. take a vacation, travel through a time zone or two.

Point is, it's mostly in your head. 1 hour shouldn't make that much difference.

LenSatic said...

We don't have DST here in Arizona, but the nation's time zones shift in relation to us. So, TV and radio program times move left and right across us twice a year.

As an Airline Dispatcher, invariably, pilots would not show up on time on the shift forward and too early on the shift back. (Or visa versa.) And a new guy in Flight Control would change the UTC clock. :)

Fish Out of Water said...

Perhaps jumping the gun a bit on yesterday's election, but it does seem there was no 'Red Wave last night. Why? Personally, I believe:

1. Perhaps with conservative media, et. al., constantly shouting about the coming big red wave, was enough to energize the otherwise lethargic midterm democratic voter base. Perhaps had the volume had been toned down a bit?
2. Former President Trumps' presence. I saw a number of campaign-related job postings for "progressive" causes, all of which mentioned Former President Trump and the need to step up to stop 'Trumpism' as they called it. So did his presence also serve to energize the democratic voter base? Frankly while I voted for him twice, and see him as a trailblazer, who broke the traditional Republican candidate mold, he needs to step aside and let others take up the mantle now.
3. A deeper and a more concerning factor, voters in NY Michigan and Pennsylvania did not elect the democratic candidates for Governor and Senator. Narrow, urban, unrepresentative insulated blue areas within otherwise Red states did. This has and if unchecked, will increasingly tilt the balance pf power permanently toward the democratic party- something the democratic knows and perhaps the Republican party chooses to ignore. The way out of this problem of unequally electoral representation is to, as I have said before, to start thinking about a velvet divorce if you will, and redraw our legacy state lines to address this electoral imbalance.

John the Econ said...

Trump was no help, which is why the media kept him in the spotlight.

I really hate to say this, but I think it's a fact: Abortion.

The left successfully weaponized the overturn of Roe v Wade. I saw supposed pastors justify it. I watched middle aged women I know repeat the whole "they'll take our freedom" away narrative. It worked.

Fish Out of Water said...

@John: Perhaps it depends on the state and how close the races were. Here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, first neither of the two Senators were up for reelection. Second in my own voting district, the democratic incumbent really doesn't need to worry about reelection unless he's caught having sodomy with feral pigs and even then might still be reelected. So in my voting district, abortion was not an issue.
However in a nearby Congressional district, in which the democratic incumbent was deemed as vulnerable, abortion was raised, by the incumbent as an issue and the challenger attack over that, so you may be right.

And yes, Trump didn't help. As I said in my previous comment, he's blazed a trial for future, non-traditional Republican candidates for public office and now he needs to step aside.

John the Econ said...

I live in a deep-red flyover country state. For our up-for-grabs house seat which one would assume would easily go to the GOP, the Republican barely edged out the Democrat. The Democrat mainly ran on attack ads, (well, they both did) and the main sell was about "protecting our freedom" to abort. Little else concrete was offered.

Another interesting tell was that Democratic candidates here also always include a picture of themselves with a rifle, to assuage any notion that they might be anti-gun. This Democratic candidate didn't.

I've long argued that Republicans have been lazy articulating what they stand for beyond "less regulation and lower taxes". Even in the age of Biden and rampant incompetence and anti-Americanism, the GOP has to do better than just that and "look how lame the Democrats are". As Breitbart used to say, "If you can't sell freedom, you suck.". And the current generation of lazy Republicans do suck.

Rod said...

Trump has lost me. I liked his governance and tolerated his personality because we often have to do that in careers. RESULTS count. And I've been hoping he learned something from the first term and how he unnecessarily created a lot of his own problems.

But that has not happened; in fact it seems worse. He probably caused several R's to lose close elections this time. Haters just want to hate. It's not very bright of ANY of them.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I can only assume that Oprah supported Fetterman and Beto NOT because she thought they were competent, but because she thought they would take orders from above.

@Anonymous- The time change SHOULDN'T make that much of a difference to me...but it does. I don't know why. I don't even have a schedule to adhere to. Granted, I've traveled very little in life, so perhaps my body lacks the adjustment skills that you so clearly have.

@LenSatic- When I lived in Indiana, the changing of TV broadcast times was the only effect that DST had on us. I miss that. Especially since I don't even turn on the TV now.

@Fish Out of Water- Good analysis, and I sure as shootin' didn't see any "red wave" either. Although my reasoning was simpler: people are effing numbskulls and 2022 sucks like a black hole.

@John the Econ- I agree that abortion was a huge factor. The SCOTUS ruling was portrayed as putting women into slavery rather than returning abortion laws to the states. But to show I'm not a bad sport, I'm willing to compromise on my abortion stance. For liberals, it should not only be safe and easy to obtain, but also mandatory. And without age limits, so if any parents want to off their 30 year old jobless kids in their basement it's okey-dokey.

@Fish Out of Water- I agree that Trump should get the hell off the stage. He simply can not function as President even if elected. The forces against him are too great, and the great unwashed will never stop believing that he's Adolf Satan.

@John the Econ- Amen.

@Rod- Agreed.

Fish Out of Water said...

@ John: Yes, I agree the Republicans suck at elections and messaging and selecting candidates such as milquetoasts like McCain and Romney. There's another factor, pointed out by a commenter on a news site, that Republicans vote, then go home and back to their jobs, while democrats practice their politics like a religion 365 24/7, they never let up and it shows on election day.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, I've long been arguing that I'm all for abortion up to the 84th trimester. Up until that point from conception, most are just a mass of cellular material leeching off the resources of everyone else that just becomes more of a pain in the ass as time goes on.

As Mark Steyn adroitly put it, "politics follows culture", and over the last half century the culture has gone to crap. And it's impossible to reverse. The left has literally used sex to seduce the last several generations beyond the point of absurdity. If you're a guy who wants to pantomime what he thinks being a woman is in the name of self-actualization, not only can you now openly go for it, but now you can even force children to participate in your fetish. Barely a decade ago even most of the far-left would have decried that. Today, children who are made uncomfortable by this insanity are labeled the bigots.

In the last 30 years, we went from Democrats arguing that abortion should be "safe and rare" to "shout your abortion", and that it should be free to all up to the point of infanticide. Democrats running for the highest offices in the land now proclaim that if you're finding the inflation that they're responsible for problematic, then abortion is the solution!

This attitude is now fully ingrained in the culture.

In addition to that losing battle, the GOP offered no coherent alternative agenda. For example, after the COVID lockdowns millions of parents discovered just how horrendous the agenda was that was being forced down their children; everything from everything goes sexuality and grooming porn in the kids library to the corrosive "critical race theory" agenda. The GOP was handed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to push for "school choice", and they totally wasted it.

It makes me wonder if the GOP is actually against school choice just as much as the left is.

And you're right, @Fish Out of Water. On my local ballot, I saw no Republicans running for many lesser local offices like school boards. We've literally ceded control to the left, and I am as much to blame as anybody.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Fish, regarding your comment about the (communist) cities in the middle of the otherwise-conservative states, I have been wanting to find a way to initiate a state-level electoral college plan. The Demo_Rat-run cities of Denver and Boulder here in Colorado have ruined what was, only 30 years ago, a non-communist free state. The invasion of the California commies in the last 30 years has ruined a once-liberty-loving state and made it into a California East s#!thole place.

If we had a state-level electoral college across the coubtry, there wouldn't be too many states run by the big communist cities. Oh, how I LOATHE the Demo_Rats!!!

JustaJeepGuy said...

What's a coubtry? Oh, a COUNTRY...

I need a better proofreader!

Garet said...

Mr. Jarlsberg,

Good posting. I am a moderately well Decorated retiree--Vietnam to Afghanistan. (I wanted to go home. The other guys did not want me to. I got home. So, they gave me medals.)

When you have a helluva shock to the soul and psyche as you have had, the temptation is to go Tharn. You must not. Keep cranking them out.

Just a recommendation.