Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Room For Rant

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Even though I'm doing my best to avoid the news these days, enough of it still seeps in to annoy me. Which is why today I feel like venting. Fair warning: I may have stories completely wrong because I don't really bother to read them. I do this both to preserve what little mental health I have and also because why the heck would I believe anything the (ahem) "news" media is reporting these days? So the following topics simply reflect my ill-informed opinions which are still more likely to be right than anything else out there. Hey, it's my snug-fitting mountaintop so I get to make the rules!

TRUMP INDICTMENT - Complete BS and yet another crime against civilization in general and our nation in particular. Did Trump have a bunch of documents in boxes in a bathroom? Sure seems like it. Do I care? No. Should ANYone care? Again, no.

News outlets are having a lot of fun noting that Trump stored records in a bathroom, apparently forgetting that Hillary Clinton kept her illegal private server in the crapper too. And it's worth noting that foreign agents can't hack paper documents, but can (and surely did) hack Hillary's computer. And the Justice Department didn't care. Nor did they care about Hillary and her minions smashing phones with hammers or erasing computer files with Bleachbit software to prevent damaging evidence from being collected.

Another angle I've been thinking about is this: Trump is being charged with obstruction for not handing these documents over to law enforcement agencies right away...but who was it who waged the campaign of lies against Trump and rigged the last election by concealing Hunter Biden's laptop? The same law enforcement agencies. In my mind, handing classified documents to these enemies of the state would be a helluva lot worse than having Trump keep an eye on them while dropping a deuce at Mar a Lago.

BIDEN BRIBERY - So the FBI finally had to cough up a document they'd been hiding (!) that shows Joe Biden took a $5 million bribe from Ukraine while serving as vice-president. Which was one helluva good deal for Ukraine, because after that they owned Joe's corrupt withered ass. Which is why Joe has been so goldarn helpful about giving billions in blackmail payments (my money and yours, by the way) to theoretically bolster Ukraine's war efforts. Where the money is really going, nobody knows.

As a bonus, we've been dragged into a proxy war against Vladimir Putin that could go nuclear at any time. And it was purely the corruption of the Bidens and their Deep State enablers that has put us here.

(UPDATE: As promised, I've displayed some ignorance here that should be corrected. The person on the Burisma board who allegedly bribed Biden is thought to be a Russian agent. Although it's possible that Ukraine's Zelensky found out about the dirty dealing and has subsequently used that knowledge to blackmail Biden for additional support. Or not - what the hell do I know?)

WUHAN BIO-WEAPONS PROGRAM - It sounds like there's more evidence coming out that the Wuhan Virus Lab really was working on turning Covid 19 into a bioweapon for the Chinese military when it slipped out one of the lab's screen doors and killed 10 million innocent people, incapacitated many more, and brought the world to a halt for two years. 

And who was helping to fund that research? You were. And I was. Because Anthony Fauci was sending our tax money over there - and lying about it - in order to give regular old bat virus new superpowers. And no one appears to be doing anything about any of this. No reparations from China. No punishment for the mass murderers. No apologies for the lies and destruction of our liberties.

 Quite the contrary; Fauci is getting the highest government pension anyone has ever gotten from our increasingly stupid country. Personally, I would like to see Dr. Fauci receive a completely fair trial for crimes against humanity, after which his head should be displayed on a completely fair pike.

UFOs/UAPs - Personally, I believe we've got UFOs from "not around here" galloping happily across our skies and that they've been here a long time. I know people who've seen things. I know people who know things. But what I can't believe is that the government - or whatever body is a lot higher than the government - will let this information come out if they can stop it.

For now, I'm closely watching the whistleblower who is carefully trying to get information about all of this into the hands of the congressional investigatory body that has been charged with getting the real truth about UFO/UAPs without getting access to classified files and programs.

My best guess is that any aliens don't find us especially interesting or useful. If they have been here for a long time, they haven't bothered to blow up the Earth, disintegrate our cities (although Democrats have had a lot of success doing that), or eat us. Perhaps it's only our hubris as a species that makes us think aliens would even want to communicate with us. And maybe that realization could be a helpful reset to all the idiocy and division we've managed to create for ourselves. 

If nothing else, maybe Aliens could bring us the much-needed gift of humility.


Allen said...

the Burisma bribe was russian, not ukranian.

burisma is a jointly held company between the ukranian and russian governments. each gets to appoint their own people to the board, which they can remove at any time. the other country's appointees may be removed for corruption or other illegal activities, but a case must be made and brought to the board.

hunter was appointed by russia. this is why ukraine was investigating him. why would they investigate their own guy, that they could remove at any time?

ukraine removed the investigator at biden's demand...they stood to lose more than they gained by having hunter removed. but they didn't stop the investigation.

this is why the left freaked out so much about Trump's phone call to Zelensky. they knew Zelensky had the goods, and had been continuing the investigation since 2014.

now. we're being told to tell ukraine they should all just submit to the russians. "we could homeless veterans and stuff" with that money. even though we all know there is plenty of money to do that, and putting more money in will just line some democrat's pockets and not one vet will get a roof over his head.

the one guy who has all the dirt on biden, we're telling to go die. yeah, he'll give us the files with that attitude. sure he will. he's better off blackmailing biden into keeping his country from going up in flames. it's worked so far.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Allen- Interesting! The reports I'm seeing push the idea that the payoff came from a Ukrainian businessman. Still, if Zelensky got the goods on Biden, that would be all the leverage he needs to extort the tsunami of dollars Joe's been sending.

JustaJeepGuy said...

If only Demo_Rats' consciences would kick in, the country would be much better off.

Dan said...

Trump documents: I've read that all those paper documents were available to NARA electronically. Really important stuff is all supposed to be backed up off-site so it all should've been available anyway.

"My best guess is that any aliens don't find us especially interesting or useful...
Or tasty.

Bones said...

Alien info coming out now would be just another distraction to keep everyone from the brain dead things happening in governments around the world.

Bones said...

Love him or hate him, Tucker like Glenn Beck makes sense.

Anonymous said...

The downward spiral continues......
The “news” is mind numbing.
Once again, be reminded that Obama vowed “to fundamentally transform America “. ......mission accomplished.
Pray for America.

Wayne In Indiana

Bobo the Hobo said...

Just as an aside to this merriment, Tucker on Twitter has garnered far more viewers than his previous show on Fox News. I sincerely hope the network biggies at Fox are tossing their Post Toasties over that.

Allen said...

@Stilton Jarlsberg

it's not really the "tsunami of money" we're being told.

they're claiming the "replacement cost" of the equipment instead of the actual costs.

an example..a 20 year old hummvee sitting in a surplus depot in europe is at the end of it's service life, and due to be scrapped. it's worth about $500 in scrap metal.

we give that hummvee it ukraine, we CLAIM we gave them the as-new cost of $20,000. it's not worth $20,000 , that's what it would cost us to replace it. but we're not replacing it. it sounds good. the left gets the virtue signal, the right gets to point and claim $19,500 of "fraud and money laundering". both sides know it's a lie, but the lie suits their purposes. and almost none of us have the time and patience to actually look into the arcane machinations of military material assistance.

another example:javelin missiles. the missiles we're giving ukraine are block 1 and 2, made in 1995 and 1996. they have a 25 year shelf life, after which they can't be recycled so they're brought back to the US and burned. so they're expired and awaiting destruction and replacement. we give them to ukraine, figuring an expected 25% failure rate is better than nothing. they actually have a .004% failure rate. the next batch of javelins now have a 30 year shelf life. ukraine gets expired missiles we were going to destroy anyway, so it saves us the cost of shipping them back to the US. so in reality giving those missiles to ukraine actually saved us money..not much, just some of the shipping costs, but they were essentially free.

of course, the government claims the as-new costs of expired missiles against the amount of support we're sending, which is another lie.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Personally, I'd be quite content to see the entire Deep State worldwide with their heads on stakes pour encourager les autres. The mental image of thousands of heads on pikes decorating the National Mall brings a glow to my black little heart. :D

As for UFOs/UFPs, Calvin and Hobbes put it best:

"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."

Anonymous said...

Old Twilight Zone episode: "To serve Man" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

News Break over the last few days claims the the head guy at Burisma is a Russian SVR agent.

Patrick said...

The whole Trump epoch has both exposed our “representative government” as a sham - elections every 4 years appear to be kabuki theatre, and the true government is in the FBI, CIA, and various other apparatchik. They simply prefer to have like-minded socialists/communists in the seat. This also has a deeply chilling effect on the likelihood of those not in the inner circle one of the two cliques running for President…

But, as with the “nuclear option” put in place by that feckless democrat from Nevada, this, too, will come back to bite them. I simply wish it would not just bite them, but swallow each one of them whole…

UFOs… if any of it is to believed, they’ve been around forever and, to the best of my knowledge, have done far less damage to us than we’ve done to ourselves, and have also done nothing to prevent the damage we’ve done to ourselves. Makes the issue of whether they exist or not particularly unimportant to me.

As for Fauci and all: nothing will ever come of it. He was part of the apparatchik; a loyal “citizen”. He has been and will continue to be rewarded for his contributions to their cause…

Lee The Voice said...

Right on point Dr. Jarlsberg.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Okay, my two cents.

The Trump indictment. First, if this is about Trump having "classified" documents, if I were his lawyers, I want to know what's in those boxes. The government should have to offer proof that the contents were indeed classified and not just newspaper clippings, as seen in some of the photos released to the news organizations.

And since this is a trial about who did what with "classified" documents, and some of those documents are restricted for security reasons, shouldn't the judge, lawyers, court staff, and potential jurors be put through security checks? If some of the charges against Trump are because he showed classified documents to unauthorized people, how can the "evidence" be shown to people who aren't cleared to see it?

Biden Bribe: If I were FOX News (or any other similar news organizer or blog,) I would put out a call for anyone else who might have offered "donations" to Biden over the years. Everyone knows he's been on the take for as long as he's been sniffing hair. It's time the world knows just how deep in the sh*t he really is.

UFO's: IF they do exist, by now they've probably decided we aren't worth exploiting, we're not worth enslaving, we can't be educated, and we're probably not that high on the intergalactic vacation spot list. I think we're more like a roadside rest area where they come to stretch whatever passes for legs for them, and to take a p*ss.

mamafrog said...

And wait, everyone is completely forgetting about all the documents, in crappy boxes, that were in Brandon's garage!!! Okay? When is he going to be indited for that? Tell me, please.

Bill the Cat said...

Always great to hear from you, Stilt.

Tempting to say more but you've said all that is necessary. More would be details you and your readers already know :)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Allen- Thanks for the detailed information! I've updated the main page to reflect the fact that I'm an ignoramus (grin).

John the Econ said...

Trump: Is he guilty? Without a doubt. Is this indictment crap? Without a doubt.

Trump is being prosecuted under a totally different standard than the one that was applied to Hillary after she destroyed multiple smartphones and had her server wiped. And of course, the same deep state has turned a totally blind eye towards the Biden family racket.

I really don't care much about Trump. He should have known better and did this to himself. But I won't for a second consider this justice as long as the Democrats who have done the same, if not worse, get to walk free with no fear of such prosecution. Because they're (D)ifferent.

Biden: Could you imagine the s***storm had Jared Kushner been appointed to the board of a Ukrainian energy company for no obvious reason? Instead, Democrats all play "nothing to see here".

However, I do predict that the second that the string-pullers behind the Biden administration think that he might possibly lose next year that there will be an explosion of revelations about the Biden family that will dispatch them quickly and efficiently. In the meantime, the establishment will keep Trump on the front page to distract everyone from this.

What? You mean the Wuhan Flu was an engineered bioweapon?: For 3 years now, I've argued that the Wuhan flu was engineered as a social-economic remediation weapon to save China's economy. Thanks to decades of their "one child" policy, China's population is now aging (as our is) and that means more consumers and fewer workers. What better way to solve the problem than to eliminate your economy of the non-producers, which tend to be either very elderly or in otherwise bad health? COVID killed precisely the same demographic.

This approach would certainly save Social Security and Medicare.

UFOs: I have no problem believing that alien civilizations exist somewhere else in our galaxy or another. What I do highly doubt is that we'll ever meet one.

The problem is distance and time. Although our planet is somewhere around 4-billion years old, we have only existed as a sentient civilization for a few thousand years. That's not even a blink in time. Then there's the question of how long will we continue to survive as a civilization. At some point, something is going to wipe us out. Odds are that it will be some sort of naturally occurring "extinction level event" like an asteroid or mass volcanic eruption. Or we could do it to ourselves. Either way, our existence as a sentient civilization isn't likely to be all that long in universal time span.

Our civilization is not likely unique against those odds. If there are other civilizations out there, they too are likely faced with the same limited time spans of existence. So the problem with meeting another one isn't that they don't exist, but that we all exist in such tiny windows of time that they odds of two civilizations existing at the same time and having the ability and occasion to transit the immense time and space between habitable planets is next to zero. They've already existed and went extinct eons ago, or won't evolve until eons after we're gone.

As for the current frenzy over UFOs, I think it's just another engineered distraction from the current work of the left to lower the odds even further that we'll survive long enough to meet anyone else.

Paul Donohue said...

I've been thinking about writing this since I first saw your blog at around 3 AM, but I delayed knowing that with my newly acquired dyslexia, loss of concentration and focus it may be hard to understand.

To all of you whose replies and information have served to educate me and/or amuse me over the last few years, I thank you. You have helped to keep my mind working even while my body was confined to my home.

Thanks most of all to you, Stilt, for your friendship and for your astute views (political and otherwise) and unique sense of humor. Johnny Optimism is great and sometimes I felt like he was channeling me, or vice versa.

Last Wednesday at about 4:00 AM my Annie heard a noise in the living room and found me on the floor, incoherent. With the help of a friend she managed to get me off of the floor and back into bed. Since that time all of my meds, other than morphine, have been stopped. I might have a small snack every other day and sips throughout the day, when my mouth is dry. I'm fairly ready for the next leg of my journey.

While I appreciate all of your comments on Stilt's blog today, I will confine mine today to the subject of UFOs.

Yes, folks, UFO's do exist. Back in May of 1986, during the police part of my journey, I stopped the car at about 3AM at the highest point of the Village of Mamaroneck NY to get some fresh air and stretch. As I did, I arched my back and put my head back. And that's when I saw it.

Hovering silently almost directly above me I saw a disc emanating a peaceful, calming, steady, blue light. I don't know how high above me it was. It could have been 50' above me or 150' - or more. If I were to attempt a guess at its size I would say that it was somewhere between 25' and 75' in diameter. It just sat there - silent and motionless - for over five minutes.

Then, with no noise, it left. It seemed to run north alongside I-95 and then a sharp left (west), with no visible turning arc, above and parallel to I-295. It took about six seconds for it to move out of my sight - a distance of about nine miles. There was no acceleration curve. It was at full speed from the instant it moved. A quick calculation indicates that that would be about 5,400 MPH. I felt no backwash from its acceleration.

Throughout the entire episode I felt calm and at peace.

Did I ever tell anyone about this? No, not at the time. Who would believe me? About 15 years later at a family party my oldest son asked me if I'd ever seen a UFO. I just stared at him until he said, "C'mon tell us about it." And so I did, as I've told you here. I did not know until then that UFO's were one of his many interests. When I was done he nodded and told me that I had just described perhaps the most common UFO description and experience.

And so friends, with that I'll bid you all adieu. It just took me over an hour to cobble this together and (hopefully) make necessary corrections.

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
And rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

The Lord is always at your side. All you need to do is put out your hand and ask for help.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of Democrats and conscience used in the same sentence...

@Dan- This is all such unbelievable horsesh*t. I doubt Trump had any unique documents that were suddenly needed and unavailable elsewhere. This is blatant election interference and banana republic stuff. Biden and company should think seriously if they really want to promote the idea that changes in governmental power should be brought about by something other than elections.

@Bones- The UFO/Alien stuff would make a great distraction. The question is whether the UFO stuff is being leaked (or fabricated) to cover up other scandals, or whether the other scandals are taking advantage of having a big shiny object they can hide behind?

And I do like Tucker Carlson and am glad to see him back on Twitter.

@Wayne in Indiana- You're absolutely right that Obama succeeded in "fundamentally transforming" America. The damage he did, and continues to do, is beyond measuring.

@Bobo the Hobo- It's going to be interesting to see how Fox News vs Tucker Carlson plays out. They want to pay him to keep his mouth shut until after the next election (which pretty much defines Fox News as our enemy, right?) but Tucker may not be in violation of his contract by just putting content on Twitter. I hope Fox News ends up having to pay him every penny while he continues producing content that does Fox no damn good at all.

@Allen- As I acknowledged above, you clearly have a lot more expertise on all of this than I do. Very interesting to hear about the degraded equipment we've passed along to Ukraine (unlike the nice, new stuff Biden gifted the Taliban when we hightailed it out of Afghanistan).

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Regarding pikes, stakes, and scoundrels, I do believe it's time that a public display was made that reaffirms a return to core values. And helps feed the buzzards.

@Anonymous- One of the best (and corniest) twist endings to a "Twilight Zone" episode ever!

@Anonymous- Curiouser and curiouser...

@Patrick- Sadly, I now believe that "the system" is a sham and that power players call all the shots. After Trump squeaked into the White House against seemingly impossible odds, those power players will never again allow such "mistakes" to happen.

Regarding UFO's, I think that if they're revealed they'll just become a fact of life that we neither really understand nor can do anything about. And fortunately, they seem pretty disinterested in us. When was the last time you tried to make contact with the residents of an ant hill?

And the culprits behind Covid will never be punished. In much the same way that some institutions are considered "too big to fail," some crimes are so monumental (and so intimiately connected with finances and politics) that they are "too big to prosecute." Once again, the bad guys are enjoying a straight-up win.

@Lee the Voice- Thanks, Lee! Mind you, I'm just opining so the only real accuracy I can lay claim to is that all of this accurately reflects my state of mind.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Murphy(AZ)- I agree that every person involved with this legal proceeding should have the security clearance to view everything. Because nobody should take it on faith that those prosecuting/persecuting Trump are telling the truth about anything. That ship sailed a long time ago.

Regarding Biden's corruption, I have no doubt that there's plenty of evidence to be had. And can someone PLEASE really dig deep into Hunter's effing laptop and start unraveling all of the criminal Biden activity there?!

Regarding UFO's, I agree with you. Aliens probably find us to be of no use and little interest, but might be amusing enough to take an occasional peek at - rather like stopping at a roadside curio stand that offers BBQ, live alligators, and a taxidermy museum.

@mamafrog- Dang it, I'd meant to mention the boxes of documents in Joe's garage (and other places)! It is simply insane to ignore these other infractions and then go after Trump with such malice that he risks spending the rest of his life in prison.

@Bill the Cat- And a pleasure to hear from you!

@John the Econ- I'm in complete agreement about the Trump situation, as well as the fact that the puppetmasters will drop old Joe soon. Regarding Covid, your theory is exactly the same as my wife Kathy's was: that the virus was designed to kill off the old and weak who are a net drain on the government's larders. And is that a strategy our own government would be against? I doubt it. There are a couple of reasons that cigarettes are still legal in this country: the tax revenue is important to the government, and the cigarettes kill off a significant number of people who would otherwise be collecting money and benefits from the government. Partnering with Death is a win-win for the Washington beancounters.

Regarding UFOs, I think the possibilities of contact increase greatly when one considers the possibility (or IMHO likelihood) that we don't really understand how time or distance actually work. Quantum physics seems to be making hash of both concepts these days. All of that being said, the current flurry of UFO stories may simply be another red herring. There have been plenty already.

@Paul Donohue- I'm so glad to hear from you and you're still far more cogent than any Democrat I've ever spoken to. But that's unintentionally damning with faint praise.

Regarding your UFO experience, I believe you down to the tips of my toes. Why would you lie about this? How could you be wrong about this? And why have so many other people had similar experiences. I have trusted acquaintances who have seen "impossible" objects from relatively close distances. I know two guys who, as boys, fled from suddenly boiling clouds in the sky, saw a light emerge ("like the headlights of a truck") heading toward them as they ran, and...they don't know what happened after that. A good friend of mine, now deceased, was married to an engineer (also deceased) who worked on the stealth bomber and, oh yeah, worked on back-engineering technology from downed UFOs.

Does that constitute proof? Not in a court. But I tend to believe. I'd just like more detail about WHAT I'm believing.

Finally, and most importantly, if this is the last chance you and I get to correspond let me tell you that I love you and that your friendship has been such a gift to me and such a help in my ongoing efforts to learn how to live without Kathy's physical presence. Our respective circumstances put us in a place in which we could bond and communicate with humor and honesty. That's been a tremendous gift to me and I can't thank you enough.

You, Annie, and your family remain in my prayers and, I'm sure, many voices will be raised for you from your many friends on this blog. Thank you for being here.

mamafrog said...

Paul, I pray for you to have love and peace. Life can be a rough journey and it hits some of us like a freight train at times, all we can do us weather it with humor and tears and take in the wisdom, which you seem to have done. Blessings on you and your family.

Boligat said...

If Trump is found guilty, then whatever his sentence is should be put on hold until Hillary, Comey, et. al. are tried, convicted and sentenced. When they go to jail, Trump goes to jail.

Chuck said...

I firmly believe that aliens have visited us in the past. When they left, they put signs up all around the Solar System warning intelligent life to stay away from the insane asylum on the third planet.

CHamp said...

You nailed it! mystery solved: (UFO Aliens) -" they haven't bothered to blow up the Earth, disintegrate our cities (although Democrats have had a lot of success doing that), or eat us." That answers why the UFO inhabitants have not seen fit to destroy us. They planted the democratic party to do it for them!

Colby Muenster said...

I'm betting Trump could possibly throw a 1,000 pound wrench into the leftie's plan by suddenly pleading guilty. The deep state maybe does not particularly want him in jail (martyrdom), they want to publicly and repeatedly humiliate and ruin the man long enough for him to just go away. If he pled guilty, the whole shebang would be over, and by the time they came up with some other BS to "get him," he could be president again. Of course, there would be a sentencing, but he could hold that up in the courts for years with appeals.

OK, I'm back to reality now, but a man can dream.

TrickyRicky said...

Paul, blessings, prayers and kind regards.

Regarding the items in Stilton's fine post, I can't help thinking that this 240 some odd year experiment in freedom has run it's course. I firmly believe the founding fathers were divinely inspired, but we as a nation have become fat and lazy and have followed in the footsteps of Caligula and the rotten Roman Empire in it's death throes. May those who gave their all to save and fortify this country have mercy on us.

Bones said...

This is so sutle.I wish I had his way with words.

John the Econ said...

Know who doesn't give a sh*t? Hunter Biden. He can do literally anything he wants without fear of any meaningful repercussion. No wonder he's such a a-hole.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I wanted to do a post about Hunter today but I couldn't think of what the hell to say. He's getting away with everything and laws don't apply. Joe will get away with everything too. ALL the bad guys get away with it. In other words, it wouldn't have made for a very entertaining post.

Murphy(AZ) said...

As long as Gropin' Joe is Prez, Hunter and all the Biden family are golden. Joe might be down the road and around the corner mentally, but as long as he can make his mark on the Presidential Pardon paperwork, we will never see ANY Biden take a fall for breaking any law.

I don't know about anyone else, but I've had my fill of all the friction and commentary about how they're going to bring all these evil people to justice. It's just politics, plain and simple. Ain't nobody gonna do nuffin.

John the Econ said...

When Biden placed Hunter front-and-center during his inauguration instead of hiding him in the basement as any traditional politician would have done, he was making the very bold and clear statement that Hunter was an "untouchable".

But what this transparently different standard of "justice" does do is prove what those who believe in the 2nd Amendment have always argued: "Gun Control" is not about preventing gun violence or public safety. It's a tool for Progressives to disarm their political opposition. There is no intention to enforce these laws against anyone favored by Progressivism. It's the very reason that the 2nd Amendment exists in the first place.

Bones said...

A little video you may want to watch if you have time.Very interesting.

Good ol' Bob said...

Shel Silverstein is an antidote for sadness

Garet said...

Uh. This one was good, but it is beginning to get a bit moldy.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Garet- Sorry about that, and I agree. I'll try to shoot for a Friday post!

Old Navy said...

Always nice to See Busty!