Monday, February 8, 2021

Book 'Em, Lucy!

While Stilton is taking a short hiatus and wearing Groucho glasses in an undisclosed country with no extradition treaty, please welcome our special hostess for an exciting new feature...

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For quite possibly a limited time only, you can still download free PDF archives of political truths and accurate history to hide from the authorities! These are large files (around 500mb and 350mb) filled with thousands of pages of commentary, cartoons, and (any day now) contraband. Act now!

8 years of Hope n' Change Cartoons: click this link to download

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M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Enjoy the break, Stilt! :)

Brie Camembert said...

I hope that you have plenty of Clan McGregor in, and that the RSI on your wrist goes away. Have a good rest, Doc!

Jerryskids said...

Be careful out there, I'm not sure it matters any more whether or not the US has an extradition treaty with any country, the law is such an old-fashioned concept.

Rod said...

Stilt: I procrastinated at first; but I've done it; (downloaded). Now I get this feeling we're marked and if/when THEY call on you with the big black SUVs; they will be calling on us.
We downloaders can have a hellofagood time turning boulders into gravel together; but might have to learn how to bitch in chants. THAT kind of sounds like the Blues and the Blues are GOOD; so maybe we can get a break on the hard time. But I also think we will give better than we get in the reprogramming sessions and that will screw us good. And Lucy: If I manage to escape; I'm coming for you.

Sortahwitte said...

Have an excellent rest, Mr. Stilt. You certainly deserve it.
I am mindlessly sitting here looking at the com poot er this am as it's 19 degrees outside and freezing rain falling now and forecasted for the next 3 days. I live on a business route of the hiway and currently have one semi and two pickups in my yard. I'm pretty sure I get to keep them as possession is still 9/10s of the law or so I have heard. I'm waiting for a beer truck.

igor said...

Well, a 1TB Thumb Drive (about $10) should be a good repository for your data download, Stilt.

Sit back, relax, enjoy your staycation. My wife and I are prepping for our CHurch Service Mission at Maple Rise campground (Camp Hosts) in the Wellsville mountains just South/West of Logan, UT. Get the RV fixed up, tunde up and gassed. Lots of little stuff to do, we're shooting for mid-April until mid-September for the "vacation"!

Ah, retirement!

John the Econ said...

You're right, Lucy. Two minutes simply isn't enough. After all, TDS sufferers just went through a solid 4-year hate.

Although, that may have been enough for some: A few weeks ago, a level-11 TDS sufferer (not-blood) relative of ours actually complained that after two weeks of Trump being out of office, he was sick and tired of all the Trump news that was still the mainstay subject on MSNBC, and wished that they'd find something else to talk about. Was he finally realizing that Trump hate was all they had at MSNBC for the last 4 years? Just what are they supposed to talk about 24/7 now?

If this guy who for the last 4-years has been doing little more than regurgitating the vile spew of leftist hate media is sick and tired of it, there must be tens-of-millions of other lesser-suffering left-of-center Americans who are sick of it as well.

America is now supposed to unite behind this guy?: One of the more talked-about ads during yesterday's Superbowl featured Bruce Springsteen (I didn't know who this was until I read about it later) hopping in his well-worn topless Jeep in the middle of winter to light a candle at a church at the geographic center of the continental US in Kansas. Lots of talk of freedom and commonality. The theme was "The ReUnited States of America".

Never mind that since his heyday as the voice of blue-collar America, Springsteen has shared more commonality with his hip and super-wealthy coastal leftist celebrity friends and has been a faithful advocate of urban Progressivism that has nothing but scorn for the deplorable-class Americans and their values that he made his fortune singing about. To me, this ad seems more like it was saying "Okay you dumbass hicks in flyover country. You had your 4-year temper-tantrum. Now it's time for you to get back on board with the elites and hipsters who know what is better and shut up".

Were the PR people behind this ad as tone deaf as it seems? Besides, urban Progressives absolutely hate flyover hicks in their non-Range Rover SUVs, who was Jeep really talking to here?

Fish Out of Water said...

I personally watched neither the game nor the accompanying adverts. All professional sports have fallen prey to the quasi-religious frenzy swirling about us now. If I should want to or need to be preached at, I'll attend a religious service, not watch a sports event.

Keep that in mind for 2021 NFL, NBA, NHL MLB.

Colby Muenster said...

@John the Econ,
Near as I can tell, the TDS sufferers are now on a 4 plus year hate, seeing as how they are trying to impeach a man who isn't even in public office anymore, simply because they want to get one last dig at him. And all of this talk about re-uniting? Do these a-holes really think the people they have continually bashed for the past 4 plus years, and continue to bash, are the least bit interested in joining their socialist movement because Orange Man Now Gone?

I wish I could meet Bruce Springsteen in person, so I could remind him that 75 million people think he's a dickhead and tell him to kiss my big ol' hairy butt. I'll ask a rhetorical question again. Why are companies (like, apparently, Jeep) willing to alienate half of the people who might buy their products? Seems like a piss poor business model.

Old Cannonballs said...

I think the office of the reality (cough cough) czar should be called the Ministry of Propaganda.

John the Econ said...

"...the TDS sufferers are now on a 4 plus year hate, seeing as how they are trying to impeach a man who isn't even in public office anymore, simply because they want to get one last dig at him."

That certainly does seem contrary to this phony "It's time to come back together" narrative they're otherwise trying to sell us.

"Do these a-holes really think the people they have continually bashed for the past 4 plus years, and continue to bash, are the least bit interested in joining their socialist movement because Orange Man Now Gone?

Of course not. They don't have any genuine interest in coming together with any deplorable. The real point of this show trial is to make the point that any democratic insurrection of the type that took place in 2016 (meaning a lawfully elected non-insider) will not be tolerated again. This is the treatment that any outside the political establishment candidate can expect should they actually win. They will destroy you professionally, economically, and if even remotely possible they'll get you thrown in jail as icing on the cake.

Would you run for President knowing that this is how the rest of your life was going to be?

Trump was arrogant, an asshole, misogynist, and all kinds of other things, so it made treating him this way relatively easy. But they'd do the same to Mother Theresa if they had to.

Springsteen: He's old and has long since accumulated a half-billion or so, most of which I am sure he assumes is well sheltered from any wealth-zapping agenda the Democrats are now trying to sell. I seriously doubt Springsteen cares a whit what you or I think. He's been well-ensconced in his bubble of hip, wealthy Progressives for decades who shower more than enough love on him without our contribution.

An aside: He hit it big when I was still in high school. I had many friends who idolized him with a religious furor, and daring to criticize him in any way was a sure way to start a fight. It still seems to be that way. I thought he was a good writer but mediocre performer. I thought that most of his singing was basically just wailing. I recall a record review I wrote as a writer for my school paper, which described what I thought was one of his better songs, "Point Blank" as "Sounds like he is dying from ingesting a slow acting poison". That did not make me popular in certain circles!

John the Econ said...

Jeep: Still not sure what they were thinking, other than perhaps virtue signalling for their corporate peers or government benefactors. There may have been a shrewd political calculus involved. How may Jeep fanatics will not buy a Jeep because of this one ad? Not many, I suspect.

This is not the first time we've seen shrewd political gamesmanship from the company. Remember at the beginning of Obama's first term when the Obama Administration basically upended a century of established bankruptcy law to hand over the bankrupt Chrysler corporation to Fiat to save UAW contracts? (That act alone was largely responsible for much of the corporate malaise that lasted through Obama's term, rendering corporate bonds impossible to price for risk)

The Obama Administration was having wet dreams of Fiat using Chrysler as a conduit to flood America with those awful little Fiat 500s to replace the planet-killer SUVs that deplorable Americans actually want to own. In reality, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne couldn't care less about selling the handful of 500s that Americans might buy. What he wanted was the Jeep brand and the RAM Truck line to be able to sell the Jeep SUVs and RAM Trucks that Americans really wanted both domestically and world-wide. Obama got played, bigtime.

So now they're probably working a similar game with the Biden Administration and their alleged plans to outlaw the internal combustion engine.

Dan said...

@Colby: Remember: Jeep is owned by euroweenies now. Springsteen feels right at home with them.

Pete (Detroit) said...

John the Econ - could NOT agree with you more about Bruce - didn't hardly 'get' his writing, and his vocalizations were worse then Bob Dylan (who I also personally don't much care about). the only song of his I actually LIKE is 'Blinded by the light' (written, apparently, when he was 16 and playing w/ Manfred Mann) His supposed "Patriotism" has always felt phoney, forced, and libtarded.
SO glad I didn't see the commercial.
The few I did see were mostly all awful, tho I thought the 'godfather of subs' was amusing.
Not sure if ti applies to Jeep or Ram, but I have it on good authority that all Chrysler product is now done by Fiat engineers, who apparently have NO concept of QA testing. As a result, build quality and durability are apparently on a par w/ vehicles built in the 60s.
Specifically, FIATS built in the 60s. But hey, Ford has given up on sedans, focusing on SUV, Truck and Mustang, so they are dead to me. GM is dedicated to a 100% Electric (ie, coal fired) fleet by 2035 - they are dead to me. Guess I'll be buying used, or Japanese going forward.

Rod said...

Reminds me of the old joke about Jeeps: They're made of compressed rust. And I still have one of those; an older CJ-5. One of the several things it needs to be a bit more drivable is a much more solid floor under the body tub.

Anonymous said...

I need to crank up my short wave radio again. It’s a receiver. Not broadcaster. I am sure we can all find the correct frequency.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I saw the Jeep ad on another site. Springsteen did not sell me a Jeep. Jeep did not sell me a Jeep. I will stick with my '48 CJ-2A, my '89 Wrangler (purchased brand-spankin'-new March 31, 1989) and my 2004 Grand Cherokee. I was thinking of a new Gladiator, but not any more. Jeep just shot themselves in the foot with the Springsteen ad. Screw 'em.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Good comments! I'm still taking it easy and trying to (mostly) not think about politics for a few days. I don't want to be overly tense when I get my prostate exam tomorrow (really - because that's how "time off" works out in real life). Carry on!

Sortahwitte said...

Remember what I said. If there are two hands on your shoulders, it's time to leave.
Just sayin'.

SpectreRider said...