Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Whirled Health Organization

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The WHO has spoken, but (wait for it!) we won't get fooled again. Once more, they've opened their inept, over-funded, Chinese-owned yaps to spread completely incorrect information about SARS-CoV-2, then issued an immediate retraction when their lies were challenged.

In this case, we're referring to their announcement several days ago that there was virtually no risk of contagion from asymptomatic spreaders, as such cases were "very rare." Which meant that society could reopen fully and, as long as someone wasn't running a fever or hacking up a lung, social distancing and masks could be forgotten. Hooray, right?!

Only they've now issued a "clarification" that what they really meant to say was that up to 40% of coronavirus transmission might be due to asymptomatic spread but "more information is needed." Information which they apparently get by spending way too much time on Facebook.

Let's be clear: Covid-19 is still a critically serious world crisis...and one which gets worse every time blatant misinformation from the World Health Organization spreads virally.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, george floyd, kente, democrats, kneel
It's official: "cultural appropriation" now only applies to sombreros.
To show their support for George Floyd and, apparently, their African heritage, on Monday Democrats solemnly pretended to kneel on a black neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Which brings the total time they've been kneeling on black necks to about 100 years, 8 minutes, and 46 seconds.

We marvel, and not in a good way, at what the thought processes must have been behind this repugnant idea:

"Maybe we should finally allow black kids to go to good schools?"
"Nah - teacher's unions."
"Close the borders so illegal aliens don't take jobs from black Americans?"
"What - and lose our nannies and lawn crews?"
"Why don't we stop paying Planned Parenthood to abort black children?"
"No way - we'd lose the women's vote!"
"Okay, let's finally renounce Senator Robert Byrd - the longest-serving Democrat senator in U.S. history - for being an Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan!"
"C'mon, let bygones be bygones."
(A long pause as brains are wracked. Then...)
"Let's pretend that George Floyd was from Africa and we can all dress up as Africans!"
"BRILLIANT! Now let's raise taxes and get lobster bisque for lunch!"

For this very sincere ceremony which was in no way a cheap, transparent, condescending grab for black votes, Nancy Pelosi was given the tribal name "Kunta Kente." Kente is the traditional African fabric seen in the neck wraps the Democrats were wearing. And Kunta is, well...let's just say that it fits Nancy Pelosi perfectly.


Sortahwitte said...

What a circus! Nanzi couldn't get back up without help and "nadler the hut" didn't even try to go down. Oooh! You know what I mean. So, I don't believe polls any more, but is this their complete strategy; to have joe the turnip showing to be leading in those same polls? Well, it almost worked for the wicked witch of arkansas. Register and vote often. They are.

Brie Camembert said...

The WHO - won't get fooled again. Nice reference.

Cultural appropriation? Nah!

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

You know, I was trying to AVOID seeing that kow-towing image. And, frankly, adding Rafiki and Simba...okay, that improved it a little, but not much.

As for the WHO, I hope they die before I get old.

Fish Out of Water said...

This morning's laugh: democrats now want investigations into the use of police force on the store-looting, molotov cocktail throwing, property destroying 'protesters'.

My instincts tell me they are about as sincere about any 'investigation ' as a phone scammer wanting to help you with your credit card debt: it's all about trying to find a hook to use to defeat Trump's bid for a 2nd term.

Last weekend, as I was driving wife unit home from work, we passed through one of the small incorporated towns here and the public square was filled with protesters, who their credit, were peaceful.

I'm going to say the few hundred packed into that square were mostly democrats/progs, and go even further to say many would describe themselves as secularists. And that's what to me is so laughingly incongruent.

These and the many, many others protesting either peacefully or not demonstrate to me they believe because they are not people of color, they have the permanent stain of some nebulous 'orginal sin', and thus a protest-be it in a small public square on a nice weekend, or within the Capitol- is a contemporary version of wearing the hair shirt, ashes and sackcloth, public flagellation as of course those centuries ago did in order to make themselves feel better about the biblical original sin.

Humankind hasn't progressed that far at all, have they? Or put another way, "progressives" would actually have us go backwards instead of forward.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Kneeling in supplication to the BLM is like a mini skirt: it looks good but we all know what is being covered up.

Marty said...

I guess cultural appropriation isn’t a thing any more.

TrickyRicky said...

Kunta Kente Klownshow. You do the acronym.

McChuck said...

The Kung Flu is in no way a global, or even national threat.
The political reaction to the opportunity it represented, on the other hand...

Fred Ciampi said...

And now police departments all across the country are dropping charges against the property destroying looters. Hmmmmm, I need to do my Christmas shopping. Where's my ski mask?

Murphy(AZ) said...

This morning, as I add an extra shot of Jack to my coffee, there is something that is rolling around in my head.

All these people: politicians, news services, knee-bending corporations, sports legends (in their own minds, anyway,) you name it, who are "donating" (more like paying ransom) to all these BLM and other "woke" causes; is ANYONE running a tally as to where the money is coming from, where it's going to, and who's scooping up handfuls of dough as it passes by?



All that guilt cash being thrown onto the pile to clean up the riot damage, rebuild businesses, support inner city businesses damaged by the overly excited "protesters; anyone willing to bet that there won't be enough, won't EVER be enough, to fix anything, and thirty years from now all those burned out businesses will look just like L.A. does now.

Kent Neal said...

Did you notice that not only could Pelousy not get up and Nadless not get down, but Kamela Roundheels Harris was the only one who was comfortable on her knees (lots of experience?).

Fritzchen said...

Just when you think think the Democrats have reached the limits of obsequious pandering, they come up with this! What's next?
Nancy dressed as Aunt Jemima? Schumer as Uncle Ben?

Is it any coincidence that WHO is but two letters short of WHORE?

Fish Out of Water said...

Another thought. He ain't perfect, but President Trump is the only thing standing in the way of a rapid free fall into the abyss of "Great" Cultural Revolution-like, mob-driven, mass insanity.

Matthew W said...

Should change their name to " whaaaaaaa???"

Gonzo'57 said...


I'm so damn mad at the people who see and here the B*** S*** antics of Pelosi and Schumer and actually believe that either of them believe it themselves that blood is shooting out of my eyes. The American people have failed themselves by allowing the left to take over our schools and colleges and social intuitions and turning our children into mind dead, pussified, snowflake zombies.

And, I am ashamed of we on the right that have allowed this to happen while sitting on our hands and telling ourselves that it "Will be alright. It's just a small shift to the left. It won't matter that much in the grand scheme of things" as our country was dragged downhill one bump to left at a time. Death by a thousand cuts.

OK, I'm going to quit now before I say something that will get me arrested or Stilton's Place taken down. Don't think that "They" aren't watching and waiting.

John the Econ said...

Has anyone else noticed that as our society has become almost totally dependent upon (or enslaved by) the opinions dispensed by these incredibly highly funded "expert" bureaucracies, that these expert bureaucracies have continually been failing us at a galactically incompetent or even criminal level?

I mean, other than most of us simply dying, what could possibly be worse than crashing the economy of the entire (or at least non-Chinese) industrialized world?

Of course, in private industry such levels of incompetence result in bankruptcies, or at least the firing of those responsible. But not in government. Nope. In government, the only rational response is to give those responsible even more money. So instead of those working at the the incompetent bureaucracy facing bankruptcy, the rest of us get to.

The only world leader who seems to get this is Trump. Did you see how unhinged the left became when Trump suggested that the WHO should be defunded for being little more than a puppet for the interests of the leadership of Communist China? Apparently to these people, the notion of continued bad science and advice is more important to the world than a world without the bureaucracy that dispenses it.

If there is any upside to the Wuhan Flu crisis, it's new skepticism of these massive expert bureaucracies from the general public. If they screwed up with the Wuhan Flu so badly, what else are they screwing up? Or better yet, if the WHO was basing its reaction to the virus on provincial political or ideological interests instead of the supposed interest of public health, why should we expect that all the other expert bureaucracies are not doing the same?

Say, like with "Climate Change"?

Because as we speak, the "experts" behind "climate change" are currently planning just how the "recovery" should take place.

Floor Show: I guess it's not "cultural appropriation" when they do it.

And brilliant summation of the Democrat's plan of inaction, @Stilton. The Democrats know they are toast without the black vote. With an improving economy along with a growing awakening that beyond more welfare crumbs the left had absolutely nothing to offer the demographic that they transparently admit to owning for generations and the emerging "blexit" movement, the Democrats were doomed. Then George happened.

The trick now is to convince black voters that Democrats can deliver more than the crumbs they have been promising. It's going to take more than yesterday's kabuki theater.

Anonymous said...

I was unable to take part in any public Virtue Signalling like the above.

However, I did enter a small Room of Meditation adjacent to my bedroom. There I sat on the Great White Throne of Remembrance and tried to clone a sacred image of George Floyd into the Holy Waters below.

My strained effort towards George's memory came forth defaced like some Confederate Statue, spoiled by corn embedded on his likeness of his face.
Saddened by my failure, I sent the imperfect likeness of the Sainted Mr. Floyd spiraling down to a better place.
Maybe I lacked enough White Privilege to do the job correctly?
I'll try again tomorrow!

John25mm said...

You say she might go by the name "Kunta" however she lacks both the warmth and depth to have that name.

ringgo1 said...

My Generation; WHO knew? Not the WHO, that's for sure. Floyd's family is "in the money" now. A-awk (AOC) want a cracka and got one. Will she share with I. Omar?

udaman said...

Kunta Kente was the character played by Levar Burton (who went on to play Geordi on Star Trek The Next generation, among other things) in Alex Haley's "Roots" back in the 70's. I never knew the name held such significance, or is that BS also?

Oort Zone said...

Today I truly feel I've been transported to a Dumpcrap penal asteroid in the Oort Zone to await final punishment if Nasty Nan is ever able to stand up and give (Oops, QPQ) homage to her Ice Creams & cake.

Boligat said...

I loved the pic and the injection of The Lion King. I've seen enough trailers and posters, etc., to know kind of what is happening, but I have to admit that I have NEVER seen the movie.

I guess I should add that I have never seen Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, High School Musical, Cars and Frozen, either.

Does that make me a bad person?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sortahwitte- I detest polls. They are reported as "news," but the only thing they actually show is how successful the media is in shaping the narrative.

@Brie Camembert- If a Hispanic man, born in the US, was the victim of a police killing, would it have been appropriate for those Dems to kneel while wearing serapes and sombreros? What a sh*tshow...

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Oh, it's a disgusting image to be sure. But the scoreboard is lighting up for your M-m-m-my Generation reference!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fish Out of Water- Well said. And backwards is exactly the direction the "progressives" want to take us.

@Bobo the Hobo- I just hope the Dems don't actually wear mini skirts next time.

@Marty- Cultural appropriation? Nonsense! They're just slaves to fashion! (see what I did there?)

@TrickyRicky- Subtle!

@McChuck- I still think we haven't seen the worst of the damage from Covid19. That being said, the political response has been effed up from the beginning and continues to make things worse.

@Fred Ciampi- When the bad guys are released without charges, the nation's faith in law enforcement and justice erodes. So far, the Left is winning this battle by a wide margin.

@Murphy(AZ)- You raise an excellent question: where does all that money go and how is it spent? My guess is that, like the Clinton Foundation, only a tiny fraction of the money goes to a good cause.

@Kent Neal- She had to be told when to get up, though. Usually she's reminded by being given a $5 bill.

@Fritzchen- Both are great points.

@Fish Out of Water- I agree, not that I'm happy about it. It is the excesses of the Left that basically put Trump in office, and their abuses over the past 3+ years that have made him into something of a parody of himself. But he genuinely appears to be the only one standing between chaos and freedom.

@Matthew W- They would, but they can't come to a consensus about it.

@Gonzo'57- I hear you. We're definitely not seeing a small shift to the Left. We're seeing Taliban-level cultural destruction at this point. And at the risk of seeming misogynistic or homophobic (and I'm neither), I'll say that the pussification of our "leaders" on the Right is pretty much complete.

@John the Econ- I'm thinking that the old phrase "beware of false prophets" needs to be updated to "beware of false experts." Because right now, they're causing immeasurable damage.

On a side note, I still think SARS-CoV-2 has only begun to screw with us. Current estimates are that only 5% of people in the U.S. have had it. There's no guarantee that there will ever be herd immunity, but if such is to be achieved we need 70-80% of the population to have had it. At current death rates, that will put U.S. fatalities over a million. And for now, social distancing and masks are our only defenses, but most small businesses can't survive with only 25% or 50%
of their normal business. There is still Hell to pay both medically and financially, but people can't seem to see that through the smoke from burning cities.

And for years now (too damn many years) I've been calling the Dems plantation owners, and I won't budge from that rhetoric. Sorry if anyone finds the antebellum reference "offensive," but what offends me is still seeing black Americans held as slaves.

@Anonymous- Sounds like you need moral fiber.

@John25mm- But what about her dry wit? No wait, that doesn't help either...

@ringgo1- If AOC doesn't share with Omar, she's a racist.

@udaman- I was absolutely making a reference to the Kunta Kinte character from "Roots." I'll note that Kinte is not the same as Kente (the cloth), and that I have no idea what Kunta actually means. I just couldn't resist "going there" with Pelosi.

@Oort Zone- I feel the same way. I think.

@Boligat- Actually, The Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, and Cars are all pretty good movies. I've never seen High School Musical, but I did see Frozen and (wait for it!) it left me cold.

John the Econ said...

"Current estimates are that only 5% of people in the U.S. have had it. There's no guarantee that there will ever be herd immunity, but if such is to be achieved we need 70-80% of the population to have had it."

I actually believe the opposite may be likely. Over the last month I've started to think that well over 50% of us may have had it and we may already be nearing or at herd immunity levels. This is because the large percentage of people who get it who remain relatively asymptomatic. But until a statistically relevant number of people have been tested for the presence of antibodies, we'll have no way to know for certain.

In fact, Mrs. Econ and I now suspect that we may have already had it. Back in mid-February, Mrs. Econ came home from a business trip in the mid-west with a rather unusual bug. When the mass hysteria from the Wuhan Flu hit in March, we never considered the possibility that this was the same infection that Mrs. Econ had caught because her symptoms were nothing like those being described in the media at the time. She never had difficulty breathing or was in severe pain, but was quite uncomfortable and spent a few days resting and was slow for a week or so, but that was it. It was only much later when the larger list of symptoms were reported and that many people present mild to no symptoms that we finally made the possible connection. And if Mrs. Econ had it and it is anywhere near as communicable as we've been told, then its almost certain that I was adequately exposed, although I had no noticeable symptoms at the time beyond my normal environmental allergies and a seasonal cough.

So the only way to know for sure is a wide sampling of antibody testing. And fortunately, that's about to happen. Beginning June 15th, the American Red Cross along with other blood services will begin testing donor blood for COVID-19 antibodies, and will report the results back to the donor. The wide sampling of blood from donors all over the country will provide the best sampling to date about exposure to the virus. Donors will be rewarded with actionable information. And the Red Cross will build a list of people who are capable of being plasma donors for people who are suffering extreme symptoms to COVID-19.

Unfortunately, I just gave blood last week, so I won't be eligible again until the end of July. But hopefully by August I'll have definitive proof if I've been exposed or not, and will no longer have to limit my activities. It's my hope that this is the case for most of America.

But @Stilton, I wholly agree with you that we are no where near out of the hole as far as the economy is concerned. And am even more concerned and disgusted that there are many in our country working overtime to see to it that the state of crisis remains indefinitely, or at least into November.

Rod said...

Things are moving so fast on all this health science that I want to mention (and ASK, if anyone really knows) about the so-called antibody tests for COVID19. Every public healthcare advisor I've asked says it covers COVID19 but when asked about it they don't; to seem to know or have even thought about specificity. Meanwhile a physician-neighbor tells me the serum antibody test is not specific to COVID19 and will report "positive" for antibodies for any of several Corona viruses including several annual influenzas, pneumonia, etc So MAYBE a positive result may not mean COVID19 at all. Even if that is indeed the reason for the antibodies; it's still undetermined how effective will be any immunity. I'm sorry if this is troublesome and I'd like to get some solid information about before even submitting to the test. I've not had time to search deeply on this topic and as the 'toon says: Much of what is found in hardly believable anyway.

Pat Cummings said...

@John the Econ: There was another respiratory ailment extant in late 2019/early 2020, according to "experts"—an ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), likely caused by a seasonal coronavirus, but not actually SARS-CoV-2. Many of the people who had COVID-like symptoms in that time-frame have since been tested, and some do have antibodies to the Wuhan bug in their blood. But if you test positive today for COVID-19, well [placing tongue firmly in cheek], that exposure could have happened anytime, so it doesn't prove you had the exposure way earlier than the first official US cases!

With all the Monday Morning Quarterbacking going on, it's easy to forget that the original good reason for quarantining was to allow time for hospitals to ramp up supplies and add beds to cope with the influx of victims, not to prevent anyone from dying of the disease!

Now the ongoing focus-of-fear has shifted from deaths to "confirmed cases," which can only continue to climb as testing increases... Neat, that.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Boligat - Lion king was pretty good spin on Hamlet style revenge story, Aladdin (Or El'a'Din) was well done, largely due to comic genius of Robin Williams as the Genie, and Gilbert Godfrey as Iago, the treacherous parrot. I thought Mulan was brilliant, and b/c I didn't know the original, I had no yardstick for how badly they messed w/ it. Agree w/ Stilt on Frozen, only two scenes I liked - in the beginning, where they're 'mining' the frozen lake for ice (I have relatives that did that, a century ago, in upper MI) and the backdrop for 'Let it Snow' where she's weaving her ice palace out of the energy of the snow and air - a thing of beauty, to my eye. Olaf, the ugly, dumbass, JarJar of all snowmen needs to have gasoline poured on him, set afire, and pissed on until totally melted... also, eff the Trolls.